MKW Chapter 761

Chapter 761   [Title below]


“There is something even more magical? It is very magical?”

Zhang Meixin’s eyes are fixed on the bald eagle. Excitement and curiosity filled her eyes.

To her as a biologist, a human’s life is a difficult question that cannot be decoded.

Although there is cloning, but strictly speaking, it cannot be considered as a man-made life.

Life is the product of nature. Using the western saying, life is created by god. Using the eastern saying, it is created by Fuxi and Nuwa.

Can humans create life? Naturally not. If humans are able to create life, then wouldn’t humans start out as a god?

While Liu Yi is able to use his qi to forcibly create a living being! Is it really alive?

Zhang Meixin cannot help but stretch out her hand and attempt to touch that bald eagle.

The bald eagle let out a startled cry before flapping its wings and flies up.

But it notices that Zhang Meixin did not have any hostile intent, thus, it soon calms down. It then purposefully lands on her arm that she stretches it out.

At this moment Liu Yi stretches out his arm and blocks the bald eagle, letting the bald eagle lands on his arm.

The sharp claws of the bald eagle grab Liu Yi’s arm. Luckily Liu Yi’s body is very tough and he did not bleed from the grab.

“Idiot. You don’t even have a leather glove and you wish to play with eagles? You no longer want this delicate arm of yours is it.”

“Can’t I be curious!”

Zhang Meixin rolls her eyes, “You are actually able to create life, are you a god?”

“This is only a fake living being.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “It does not have any soul and only listens to my order. Furthermore, didn’t I say that this is not the mystical one. The mystical thing is coming up next.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he disperses the bald eagle back into golden mist before letting the golden mist wrap around his body.


In a blink of an eye, Liu Yi’s figure had transformed.

The golden mist disappears while Liu Yi had transformed into another person.

“Chen Cai!”

Zhang Meixin got a huge shock as she subconsciously wished to block her figure but she lowers hand upon recalling that this fellow is not Chen Cai but Liu Yi who had transformed into him.

“You, you, you…can change your appearance…wrong ah, your figure and everything had also changed!”

Zhang Meixin expressed that she is unable to accept it.

“This is the mysticism of qi. This is only so-so. Take a look again.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes a deep breath as his body starts to expand.

Following which he transformed into a nearly 3 meters tall man. His body is very muscular and these arms are like steel rods.

Zhang Meixin exclaims in shock, “You can transform so big?”


Liu Yi says in his heart, what you say is too wicked but my golden mist indeed can strengthen the intensity and thickness of my little brother…ah, if master knows that I use Heavenly Dragon King’s technique to do this kind of things, perhaps he might go mad in anger!

“Not only so. Take a look again.”

As Liu Yi speaks, four arms emerge from his body. In total, he has six arms like a Nezha.

[TL: Nezha is a protection deity in chinese folk lore]

“So…so many arms…then are you able to transform into Thousand Hand Guanyin?”

[TL: Guanyin is also known as Goddess of Mercy or Bodhisattva of Compassion.]

“If I have enough qi I am able to.” Liu Yi nods his head, “It is a pity that I do not have enough qi to form so many arms. With just this bit of golden mist, it is far from enough. If it was my master, he might be able to do it.”

Recalling how Han Yuxin’s mist covere the entire dragon tomb, Liu Yi cannot help be admire him.

But master’s grade is so high. My cultivation path is still very long.

“Than what can it transform into?”

Zhang Meixin is very curious.

“Let me transform it into something fun for you.”

Liu Yi clucks as golden light shines from his body in all directions before he transforms into a three-meter tall polar bear.

“Wah!!!” Stars shine from Zhang Meixin’s eyes, “Such a cute polar bear ah…”

Liu Yi starts sweating, bullshit, this Zhang Meixin’s taste is really heavy.

What is cute about polar bear…

“Too moe…quickly let big sister hug…”

As Zhang Meixin speaks, she leaps onto Liu Yi who had transformed into a polar bear. She grabs his body and rubs her face against his soft fur.

Liu Yi is rather helpless as he says, “Oi, oi. That’s enough from you…I am not a pet!”

“Aiyah, what is the matter, let big sister hug…wuwu,  so cute ah…why is it so cute ah…”

Zhang Meixin keeps rubbing making Liu Yi feel like she was possessed by Xiao Mi.

Liu Yi suddenly says wickedly, “Do you want to have human and beast sex? Let you have a taste of a polar bear?”

“Go to hell!”

Zhang Meixin gives Liu Yi a ruthless slap, “Can’t you be serious ah you! That part of a bear is so big are you trying to kill me ah!”

“A woman’s tolerance limit is very powerful. Do you really not want to try?”

“Try your sister!”

Zhang Meixin punches Liu Yi’s stomach fiercecly, “Don’t think that I am afraid of you after you have transformed into a big bear! Hmph, be careful I turn you into a bear gall pill!”

“Yes, yes, yes. My teacher Zhang you are the most imperious!”

Liu Yi smiles merrily at her before transforming back to his original form and sucks the golden mist into his body.

Zhang Meixin is a bit unresigned as she asks, “Are you unable to teach me?”

“Really unable. Your strength is not bad.”

Liu Yi pats Zhang Meixin’s shoulder and comforts her, “You possess the ability of a 12 zodiac beast which is enough to deal with an ordinary person. As for wanting to cultivate, if I am able to find a suitable technique method for you in the future, I will definitely teach you.”

Although Liu Yi had learned a lot of techniques, but there is indeed really not a single one that is suitable for a grown-up to cultivate.

If it was not for the influence of Lin Tong, he would also not be able to cultivate till his current stage today.

“Hmph, then you must quickly find it out!”

Zhang Meixin says hurriedly, “Don’t wait till big sister is old to teach me. That would be too late.”

“Relax then. Teacher Zhang, I know a place which specializes in teaching female cultivation methods. I believe that that place will be suitable for you.”

Liu Yi recalls the White Cloth Sect of Womanland. The cultivation technique of that place will be able to suit Zhang Meixin to cultivate.

At that time, not only Zhang Meixin, even Wang Lele ah, Murong Die, Wang Yuzheng, I will be able to teach all of them cultivation.

What is the point of me cultivating on my own? If there are no lovers to accompany me by my side, what is the point of me being able to live forever and not die?

Thus Liu Yi starts to have thoughts about Womanland’s cultivation techniques.

“Can you not call me Teacher Zhang?” Zhang Meixin pouts unhappily, “After everything that had happened and you are still calling me Teacher Zhang?”

“This…then what do I call you …”

Liu Yi is also a bit difficult. It seems like calling her wife is also wrong right…Zhang Meixin should also know about my girlfriends.

After all, the matter of the love triangle between me, Murong Die and Zhang Yuzheng is abuzz in KeDa and QingBei.

“First call me big sister.”

Zhang Meixin also does not know what Liu Yi should call her for now and uses this term.

After all, calling big sister sounds a lot closer than calling her teacher and the like.

“Oh, big sister it is then.”

Liu Yi nods his head when he suddenly starts grinning.

“You stinky brat, what you are smiling about?”

“Hehe, I suddenly recalled a sentence that I had heard before in the past, thus I smiled.”

“What sentence? Let me hear it?”

“First is big sister later it is younger sister. Finally, it changes into young wife.”


Zhang Meixin gifted Liu Yi a middle finger, “Take a look at how delighted you are! It is not like I am going to marry you! Want to make me become your wife? Dream on! Furthermore, don’t you have two wives? Hmph, hmph!”


Liu Yi can hear the jealousy in Zhang Meixin’s words and cannot help but be embarrassed.

“You are speechless, right! Men are nothing good!”

Zhang Meixin snorts and says, “Luckily I never had any thoughts about marrying otherwise, I would be angered to death by you.”

“What? Big sister does not wish to marry? Then why are you unhappy whenever people mention about boyfriends and the like?”

“Because everyone else had one!”

Zhang Meixin says angrily, “Even a junior from my university told me yesterday that she is going to get married and asked me to take part in her marriage! Damn it! Isn’t it because she wished to make me send her a gift! As well as wishing to show off to me!”

“Show off?”

Liu Yi does not understand these two words.

“You stinky brat does not understand. Back then when big sister was in university, I was a very famous school flower! The guys who chased after me, queued up to god knows where! This junior of mine ah, the guy who she liked back then chased me daily just that big sister, I, did not agree. Thus now that I am still single, she takes her boyfriend to show off to me! Right!”

Zhang Meixin suddenly claps her hand in delight, “That’s right! We can do it like this ah!”

“What do it like this? What is the matter?”

Liu Yi suddenly shivers in cold like something bad is about to happen.

“In two days it will be her marriage. I need to attend it. At that time, you shall pretend to be big sister’s boyfriend! This way, she will not be able to say anything! Hehe, this idea is wonderful! I am a genius!”

“Is there a need to pretend?”

Liu Yi wipes away his cold sweat, “I am your boyfriend, right?”

“How can you be considered as a boyfriend?”

Zhang Meixin stretched out a hand and gently grabbed Liu Yi’s chin, “At most you can be considered as my little lover! Hehe, that junior’s husband is said to be an…overseas Chinese who returned to China. Right now he is the CEO of a big company! What does he count as, my boyfriend…ah wrong. My little lover is a cultivator! Instantly kill him!”

Liu Yi starts sweating again, “That…us cultivators’ identity cannot be revealed…”

“Nonsense! Is there a need for you to remind me about this! It is not like I am an idiot, naturally, I know!”

Zhang Meixin rolls her eyes, “At that time, you shall fake your identity. Saying that you are a guide for university, they will mock me…back than those that chased after big sister, I also have those who belong to revolutionary second generation! Right, say that you are the boss of some company then. This seems to be not bad! At that time you better act properly for me, if your acting fails, big sister will not be finished with you!”

“Oh, relax then. I will act properly. But I have a condition.”

“What condition?”

“Right now feed till I am full. After I had eaten my fill then I can work!”

“Ah, still want, I  cannot …oi…wu…”


Chapter 761    [Hundred transformation Liu Yi]

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