MKW Chapter 760

Chapter 760   [Title below]




Both of them turn silent not knowing what to say.

Although Zhang Meixin had dated a few guys but she had seldom kissed the other party.

It can be said that what she had done the most excessive…was with Liu Yi .

Last time it was me who made a mistake and thought that my Illusion technique can work but in the end, I foolishly send myself up to him and let him take advantage of me!

This time…it also seems to be the same…

Originally I was here to threaten him for an anti-aging pill but in the end…I gave away my kiss…

But if I think about it carefully…if I am able to be youthful looking forever, kissing this fellow a bit…does not seem to be losing outright?

I heard a female teacher from a certain school went to the extent of luring little boys from her school and used their cum to bath herself as well as do facial, just to keep herself young-looking forever.

Damn, compared to this kind of vile thing, me kissing Liu Yi a bit…does not seem too much…just treat it as being kissed by a pig…

Thinking till here, Zhang Meixin feels much more comfortable.

If Liu Yi knows of what Zhang Meixin compares him to in her heart, he will definitely explode in anger.

It is a pity that Zhang Meixin will never say out what she is thinking about as her Anti-aging pill might disappear if she says it out!

Thus, it is better for this kind of thought to remain hidden…

Kiss then…kiss then kiss…mm…

But you kiss then kiss, why do you also stick your tongue in as well…

Wuwu…damn it…I cannot speak ah…

Some more, where is your hand touching!

That…you cannot touch that…scumbag…

Why do I feel so weak when you touch…like…I cannot summon any strength…

Wu…why is it like this ah…hateful…

Zhang Meixin also does not know why would she have this kind of feeling. In the past, she had only been close to Liu Yi that one time…once…

But, it was not as intense this time…

Don’t tell me…I am spoilt…

Wuwuwu, Zhang Meixin, what to do, how can I repair myself ah…

Zhang Meixin is currently about to turn mad. She is unable to control her body nor is she able to control her voice.

Her voice keeps trembling while her body also twitches. I clearly hate guys touching those places that should not be touched …but why, I am unable to reject…instead, I am slightly longing for it…

Too strange …Zhang Meixin, are…what are you poisoned by…

Wuwu…Liu Yi, don’t reach towards there ah…

Zhang Meixin suddenly feels like it is a mistake for her to wear such loose home clothing today.

Home clothing is too loose…as long as Liu Yi lightly stretches his hand, he will be able to explore inside my pants…

Wuwu…that place….that place cannot be touched…

Zhang Meixin feels that Liu Yi’s hand is a bit hot…especially when he is touching her butt, it will cause her body to subconsciously shiver. After shivering, she wishes to cry but she is not crying from upset…but…it is somewhat…due to happiness…

My god…what is the matter with me?

Zhang Meixin ah Zhang Meixin. Could it be that you are spoilt?


Zhang Meixin suddenly shouts because Liu Yi’s hand had reached deep within a forbidden region.

Inside of my home clothing, I only seem to be wearing a…thong ah…

Zhang Meixin’s voice rings out lightly by Liu Yi’s ear. She originally wished to stop Liu Yi but when Liu Yi heard this cry, it sounds more like an encouragement to him.

“The arrow is notched on the bow string …”

It had been a long time since Liu Yi had last tasted meat. Along with Zhang Meixin enticing him once previously, right now he is unable to control himself anymore.

This kind of sweet beauty lying in my embrace, how can I be able to refrain?

Even if I am able to refrain once, how is it possible for me to refrain a second time?

That weak cry that carries a bit of suffering keeps ringing in Liu Yi’s ear.

“Don’t worry…I’ll help you…”

Liu Yi revolves the Nine Yang God Qi in his body and slowly sends it into Zhang Meixin’s body through his lower body.

Nine Yang God Qi carries a bit of healing qualities. Although this qi cannot be completely absorbed by Zhang Meixin, but it is very beneficial to her body’s restoration.

Very quickly the pain from her hymen tearing disappears under Liu Yi’s qi.

Zhang Meixin can be considered to be very fortunate. Her first time was with Liu Yi. Not only is there none of that pain, but she is also able to enjoy it very quickly.

Along with Liu Yi starting to keep entering and exiting, Zhang Maixin starts to enjoy a pleasure that she had never experienced before.

She had to admit that this kind of pleasure is quite addicting to her.

Like the proverb, a woman in thirties is like a wolf while in fourties they are like a tiger. In the fifties, they are able to suck dirt while sitting down. Some girls are still fine when they are young but after they had start sampling the forbidden fruit, they might get addicted to it.

Not to mention when they reach a certain age, they will have intense demand for it.

Zhang Meixin is about to reach the wolf and tiger years. Although she looks like a youthful young lady on the outsider due to her gene, her age is there.

Right now as Liu Yi fucks her, her body’s gate of desire starts to be pushed open.

In less than ten minutes, Zhang Meixin had turned from receiving to taking the initiative to ride in a cowgirl position on top of Liu Yi.

Even Liu Yi is startled by Zhang Meixin’s enjoying manner. Could it be that she had former experience?

Not possible ah…there are still traces of blood below…it should not be fake ah!

“Teacher Zhang, I have a matter that I do not understand…”

“You….you ask…”

“Why is Teacher Zhang’s service so skillful?”


Zhang Meixin’s face turns completely red like a ripe apple.

“Even…even if I had not eaten pork…but, but I did see pigs run…when, when I am studying abord in USA, my roommate…roommate always pulled me along to watch western a-adult shows…”

Zhang Meixin’s reply is explosive!

Having such a kindhearted roommate… it makes people very gratified ah…

Liu Yi wipes away her cold sweat before supporting Zhang Meixin with his hands on her ass. The two of them continue their pleasurable exercise on the sofa.

This is a world that belongs to the two of them. Along with the fact that it is the weekend, no one came and disturb them.

The two of them fight violently from the sofa to the bed. They continue for three hours within which Zhang Meixin cums three times. Finally, she declared her surrender and lazily lies on the other side of the bed having no will to move at all.

While Liu Yi sits in a lotus position by her side, taking advantage that the virgin Yin that he had to absorb from Zhang Meixin, he uses his Nine Yang God Qi to refine the essence of it to supplement as well as raise his cultivation.

Nine small sun floats out behind Liu Yi as they revolve around him.

He breathes out streams of golden mist from his nose which floats on the ground. Along with his breathing, the golden mist gradually increases and soon, it floods the entire room.

“What is this…”

Zhang Meixin lazily raises her hand and seems to wish to wave away the golden mist revolving in front of her.

But after waving her hand a few times, the golden mist remains floating there motionless like the wind behind her hand movement is none existence.

“Oh? So strange…how did this happen…”

As a scientific girl Zhang Meixin is unable to comprehend why this is the case.

“This is my qi.”

At this moment, Liu Yi had opened his eyes. He had more or less completely refined Zhang Meixin’s virgin Yin qi which allows him to completely activate his second sunjade.

Indeed fucking a girl is the most impressive…this fake spiritual vein of mine, why does it seem more like a perverted plucking yin/supplementing yang technique ah!

Especially after having sex with Zhang Meixin, Liu Yi realizes that he had comprehended her illusion technique.

In the past, I needed to use Xiao Cai to be able to use an illusion technique but now…I have learned an illusion technique…

There is no other reason. It is because Zhang Meixin’s gene beast possesses the ability of illusion. After having sex with Liu Yi, Liu Yi learned it!

Bullshit ah…am I  a natural **rod?

Liu Yi does not know how to react to this ability of his.


Zhang Meixin had heard of it before in the past but as for seeing this so-called ‘qi’, this is the first time.

“Qi is originally colorless but I learned a technique which is able to turn my qi into a substance which is this golden mist that you are looking at.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out his hand and forms some hand seals.

Instantly the golden mist floats up before gathering together.

In almost a split instant, a golden girl condenses out appearing in front of Zhang Meixin.

The golden light disperses from the girl’s body very quickly and instantly turned into Zhang Meixin’s appearance. She is completely naked and she is no different from the real Zhang Meixin!


Zhang Meixin is so shocked that her jaws dropped. She climbs to her feet and points at the other her within wide-open eyes, 

“Who, who is she!”

“A person that I created from my illusion technique.”

Liu Yi says in delight, “When qi is turned into substances, there are endless uses for it. It can transform into a lot of useful things for example you see.”

He waves his right hand and that girl’s body suddenly explodes and turns back into golden mist. It then condenses together and forms a golden eagle and starts flapping its wing in the room.

“My qi is condensed into individual drops of water droplets like a cell. Through changing the way they assemble together, I can make it change into any form making it no different from a real object.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he lets the golden light disperse and a living bald eagle lands on the bedhead. It twists its neck like it had come into life. It is like it is a real living creature!

“Wah! So magical!”

“This is only so-so. There is something even more magical!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he smiles mysteriously.


Chapter 760    [Clever usage of magic]

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