MKW Chapter 759

Chapter 759   [Title below]


Zhang Meixin asks angrily, “Why are big breasts not suitable for cultivation? Who created such a regulation?”

This is the first time that I heard someone say that my big breasts are no good and not suitable. There must be something wrong with this person’s mind!

“Very normal ah, think about it.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and does a wrestling gesture before saying, “You see people who train in martial arts, they require their body to be in equilibrium. They can’t eat or drink unreasonably just to maintain their build. You see if a girl’s breasts are too big, when they do most of their techniques, they will naturally be affected. Lady, it is not that I do not wish to teach you but your center of gravity is unstable ah!”

“Get lost! Your center of gravity is unstable!”

Zhang Meixin immediately does a split. Her legs form in the word one as she sits there.

“I learned yoga for a few years. My body’s flexibility is very good okay? As for equilibrium and the likes, it is very simple to do it.”

Liu Yi pretends to look at her in surprise and says, “Oh? Lady, your leg splitting technique is not bad ah!”

“You are two-timing! Your entire family is two-timing!”

[TL: in chinese, leg splitting and two-timing are the same characters.]

Zhang Meixin clenches her teeth in anger. Why is this fellow so hateful! But he is also so strong!

“What I am concerned about is not about doing splits but big breasts …no it is the problem regarding cultivating okay?”

“Actually it is not that I do not wish to teach you cultivation, but it is lady, you are too old.”

“What did you say!”

When Zhang Meixin heard this, she instantly exploded and leaps at Liu Yi before pressing him down on the sofa with both her hands around his neck.

Regarding that sensitive question of her riding Liu Yi’s waist, Zhang Meixin had completely forgotten about it.

As Liu Yi enjoys the softness as well as clamping strength of Zhang Meixin’s tight, he pretends to be afraid which satisfied a certain ‘mistreating’ feeling in Zhang Meixin’s heart.

“If you got guts then you try to say it again!”

In this lifetime, what Zhang Meixin is most sensitive about is her age.

Right now she is indeed no longer young, around 27. In all honesty, a beauty like her should be dating someone or even married.

Just that with Zhang Meixin’s kind of nature, she had never found a boyfriend.

Or you should say that there has never been a man who is able to put up with that scary nature of hers!

That is why when Liu Yi mentioned about this matter, he unintentionally jabbed her sore point making her explode.

“This…I am not saying about the matter that you are an old maid….”

“Liu Yi! I am going to fight you with all I have!”

Zhang Meixin instantly explodes and bites Liu Yi’s throat.

“What the, are you a fucking vampire ah!”

Although being bitten by beauty is a rather joyous matter but if one was bitten too excitedly…perhaps some beastly matter might emerge.

That is why Liu Yi stretches out his hand and hurriedly pushed Zhang Meixin away.

“Hmph! I will not give up if I do not bite you to death today!”

As she speaks, Zhang Meixin opens her mouth again and bites his hand.

“What the heck!”

Luckily his body is no longer a human body. Although this bite is a bit painful but it is still within a bearable range. At the very least there is no blood.

“Damn it! Why is your skin so thick!”

Zhang Meixin becomes unhappy seeing that she is unable to bite him into bleeding.

“You think that you are a dog ah!”

Liu Yi does not know whether to cry or laugh.

“Hmph, who asked you to provoke me!’

Zhang Meixin does not seem to mind that she is basically sticking very close to Liu Yi’s body. As she rides Liu Yi, she continues to vents her dissatisfaction.

“You ought to know your mistake! Do you know that discussing about a girl’s age is wrong!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi blinks and asks, “Teacher Zhang is only in your early twenties, what is there to be afraid of?”

“Early twenties?”

Delight appears in Zhang Meixin’s eyes, “I look like I’m in my early twenties?”

“Ah? Isn’t that the case?”

Liu Yi is even more surprised, “I have always been curious. Teacher Zhang is only so young and should have only recently graduated from university ah…why did you become a teacher. I thought that your brain was very good and had completed your doctorate and the likes when you were very young!”

“This…my brain is indeed very good.”

Zhang Meixin coughs drily before saying, “But this is not the main point. The main point is that I am no longer in my early twenties…I am pushing thirty do you understand?”

“Ah…you don’t look like it ah!”

Liu Yi’s expression is that he does not believe what Zhang Meixin is saying, “Teacher Zhang how can you lie to people like this!”

“Really did not lie to you…I am 27…can you understand the mental state of a girl who is about to enter her thirties? When I think about how I am no longer going to be a girl in twenties…my heart….is unhappy to the max! Ahhhh!!!”

“Is that why Teacher Zhang wishes to cultivate to learn this longevity technique?”

“Of course. Which girl does not wish to be forever youthful?”

Zhang Mexin says, “All girls are like this. When they know that their youthfulness is about to disappear, they will start to feel horrible about this matter. You guys do not understand. Guys are more in demand for the older they get. As for girls, the older they get, the less wanted they become…”

“Honestly, it is also not that I do not wish to teach Teacher Zhang.”

Liu Yi says very seriously, “It is that I am unable to. Didn’t I say that Teacher Zhang’s age is not suitable, it is not talking about the matter of you approaching your thirties? Cultivation must start as a child. Start building the foundation from childhood and cultivate the constitution for cultivating. This is the same as martial arts training, which also needs to start from young. The moment you pass ten years old, wanting to cultivate then will become very difficult. Unless you had gotten some miraculous opportunity.”

Zhang Meixin cannot help but ask, “Then when did you start cultivating?”

“Er…16, 17 I guess.”

Liu Yi recalls that when he started cultivating, it should be around the second year of senior high.

“What the, didn’t you say that one cannot start after ten? You see you are 16, 17 when you started cultivating!”

Zhang Meixin immediately points out the hole in Liu Yi’s reply.

“Sweat. Teacher Zhang, just now didn’t I say that if you wish to cultivate after ten years old, it can only be done if you had obtained some miraculous encounter. It is because of a miraculous encounter that I had obtained, that is why I am able to cultivate until my current standard.”

“Then you say what should I do, I do not wish to become old!”

“Born, growing old, sickness and dying are things that cannot be avoided.”

Liu Yi attempts to enlighten Zhang Meixin, “You see, other than cultivators don’t all normal people have to experience mortality? Furthermore, Teacher Zhang, you had been injected with a mystical beast gene. I do not dare to say about others but you will definitely not be able to live longer than a tortoise, but living up to two hundred, three hundred, is definitely not a problem. You can still maintain this youth for a long, long time ah!”

“Damn it you are a bastard!”

Zhang Meixin clenches her teeth in anger, “I do not care! You are ridden by me so you must take responsibility!”

Zhang Mexin became unreasonable, “If you don’t teach me cultivation then you can forget about me getting off you!”

“What the heck! You are a female hooligan ah!”

Liu Yi and his little buddy were both started. If I am ridden by Zhang Meixin for a while more…my little buddy might stand up!

Yamate ah…you cannot play like this ah.

Liu Yi does not know if he should struggle or resist.

“Hurry and teach! Hurry and teach!”

Zhang Meixin is like a cowgirl as she rides Liu Yi and rocks.

“What the heck, I’m unable to teach you cultivation ah! But I can refine a kind of pill that can help you maintain your youthfulness forever okay?”

“Hmm…this is also okay.”

Zhang Meixin nods her head, “Since you have such a good thing why are you not taking it out immediately?”

“What the hell, do you think that this is a sweet which I can take out the moment you want it! I also need to go and find people to refine it for me ah, after that then I can pass it to you.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, did you think that I am Taishang Laozi ah?

“Hmph, it is best if you hurry up. Let me tell you that I do not have much patience!”

Zhang Meixin is like a queen very unreasonable.

Liu Yi also cannot do anything about her and can only use delaying tactics and agree to her first.

But this kind of pill is also not impossible as he had discussed about this matter with Huang Jie from Medical King Valley. Other than the healthy tonic, they also wish to expand into the market with a kind of anti-aging pill.

A single anti-aging pill can guarantee that a girl will never age!

But after it was diluted, it is enough to be turned into thousands or tens of thousands of makeup products. After a woman uses it, although she will not be able to maintain her youthful forever, but it is completely not a problem to keep it for a month. If the woman wishes to maintain it forever, then she must persevere and keep using this kind of makeup product.

This thinking is good. Liu Yi and Huang Lei have identical views which are, it can work.

There is no harm in taking out the pill to make Zhang Meixin happy.

Liu Yi comforts Zhang Mexin, “A single anti-aging pill will guarantee to make you forever young-looking. You can relax.”

“Hmph, as long as you are not lying to me! My mother had said before that the ghost from hell, a man’s mouth are things that cannot be believed in!”

“That saying is wrong! Who says that a man’s words cannot be trusted?”

Liu Yi looks at Zhang Meixin and says, “Zhang Mexin you don’t look ugly, you say can what I just said be trusted?”


Zhang Meixin coughs drily not knowing how to reply Liu Yi.

It seems like no matter how she answers, she will fall into the language pitfall!

Say that he is right, that means what I had just said is wrong.

But to say that he is wrong…that means that I am saying that I am ugly looking…

This is a twisted question ah!

“Teacher Zhang?”

Seeing Liu Yi’s wide smile, Zhang Meixin has the urge to bite him to death.

It is a pity that his skin is very thick…wanting to bite him to death is too difficult!

“Anyways, regarding the anti-aging pill, if you dare to lie to me, you will die!”

Zhang Meixin warns Liu Yi before getting off Liu Yi.

But it seems like she had ridden on top of Liu Yi for too long and her legs suddenly turn numb. Not only is she unable to stand up, but she also lets out a startled cry before lying on top of Liu Yi.

Right now, the two of them are basically sticking together. Furthermore, their lips are touching as well.


Chapter 759    [Anti-aging Pill]

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