MKW Chapter 758

Chapter 758   [Title below]


“Are you sure?”

Liu Yi laughs, “Fine then. This sect leader is going back.”

“Oi, oi! You don’t leave!”

At this moment, Second Princess is afraid, if Liu Yi leaves what am I going to do? Would I be small-breasted forever?!

No woman does not mind the size of their breast. Even the East Sea Dragon Princess is also the same.

Thus Second Princess says urgently, “Liu Yi…that…let us discuss properly ah!”

“What is there anything to discuss about with your attitude.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders indicating that he is unable to help however much he likes to.

“Must, must you make this princess beg you?”

Second Princess clenches her fist so tightly that her joints are turning pale.

“Of course. Asking for a favor to get things done. If you do not ask for a favor, how can things get done?”

Liu Yi crosses his arms and says calmly, “I, Liu Y am not your servant, secondly, I am not your helper. Based on what can you order me around as you please? Want me to help? Then first show your gratitude!”


Second Princess clenches her teeth so tightly that Liu Yi can hear the sound of her teeth cracking.

She must be angered to the max!

“Is begging people that hard?”

Liu Yi is unable to understand as he looks at Second Princess, “Your arrogance is not established on craftiness and willfulness. If you wish to make other people respect you then take out your real ability. Isn’t this what you said before? Could it be that your capability is that you have a very awesome father?”

“Liu Yi! This, this princess begs you, I beg you to help this princess change her breasts back to normal…”

Second Princess finally gives in. She is unable to accept the matter that she has small breasts.

“You see, wasn’t this very simple.”

Liu Yi laughs before patting Second Princess on her shoulder.

It is like he is encouraging her but in reality, it is to cast his spell and change her breasts back to her original size.

“Wuwuwu…finally came back…”

Second Princess hugs her breasts and weeps bitterly making Liu Yi to feel slightly bad.

I have seen so many girls but this is the first time I see a girl hugging her breasts and crying like this ah. Was my lesson a bit too excessive?

“Liu Yi! This princess and you cannot exist together!”

Just as Liu Yi planned to reflect on himself, that Second Princess releases her breasts and starts scolding. “This princess curses you to be unable to stand for your entire lifetime!”

What the! I had planned to reflect a bit but right now this thought is completely gone!

Liu Yi subconsciously raises his left hand causing the Second Princess to shriek and retreat. Finally, she accidentally kicked her clam’s shell and tripped over.

Luckily the clam bed is very soft thus she did not injure herself.

“You, you don’t come over!”

Second Princess shriek as horror filled her gaze. It is like what is coming over is not Liu Yi but a horrifying pervert!

“What the, it is not like I am going to do anything! What is with your reaction?!”

Liu Yi does not know whether to cry or laugh.

“Any-anyways, stay far away from this princess! Especially stay further away from this princess’s breasts! Let them off?!”

“I am not as bad as what you think. I only wish to make you learn how to respect others a bit.”

Liu Yi says, “It is not like you’re as bad as my first impression of you. Just that you do not know how to respect other people. Ao Na, if you wish to obtain the respect of other people then you must first learn how to respect other people. Otherwise, in this lifetime, you can only be a pitiful princess who does not have a real friend accompanying by your side.”

“This princess does not need friends!”

Second Princess says angrily, “My royal father told me before that the person with the highest authority will not have any friends nor do they need them! As long as one has the ability, strength then others can help handle other matters!”


Liu Yi cannot help but mock, “Is it that interesting to be a lonely monarch?”

“As long as one can possess supreme rights and power, so what if it is lonely?”

Second Princess has a different point of view from Liu Yi regarding this. “Only people who are empty in their hearts are lonely. This princess has never been lonely before!”

“Forget it. Do as you please then. In any case, what I ought to say had been said .”

Liu Yi can only shrug his shoulders indicating that he does not care.

This woman is poisoned by arrogance. I can’t cure her.

“Hmph! This is your night pearl. Keep it properly!”

Second Princess takes out a bag and tossed it to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi grabs the bag out from midair and opens it to take a look. Good fellow. Inside there are 7 shining pearls. Could it be that this is the rumored dragon balls? After gathering all seven of them, can I summon out the Dragon God?

It is a pity that this is only an ordinary night pearl and there are no stars carved on it.

Seeing how Liu Yi keeps the seven night pearls like it is normal, Second Princess is angered as she says, “Coming to East Sea and learning such a good technique as well as obtaining 7 best quality night pearls, don’t you know how to thank this princess?”

“That is true,” Liu Yi nods his head before saying to Second Princess, “Thank you for your present, my princess.”

“Hmph! That is more like it!”

Second Princess is finally satisfied. If other people know that Second Princess would feel satisfied with such things, perhaps their jaws would drop from their shock.

Even Ao Na herself is also curious. So many men try to curry favor from me but I would hate it to the max. But why, would I feel super happy from a minor thank you from this guy?

“Okay. I can no longer chat with you anymore. I need to return to River Song .”

“How, how can you be like this!”

Instantly, Ao Na became unhappy, “This princess had waited for you here for seven days and in the end, after you had taken the profits, as well as take advantage of me, right now you wish to pull up your pants and leave?”

After listening, Liu Yi lets out a bitter laugh. “What the, what is with this comparison, then should I take off my pants right now?”

Ao Na’s eyes brighten, “If you have the ability then take off ah!”

“What the, where are your princess’s moral principles? Arrogance?”

“For some matters, there is no need for moral principles .”

Second Princess lets out a weird laugh. “For example, you taking off your pants and likes.”


Liu Yi gifts Ao Na his middle finger.

Second Princess orders, “Anyways you must accompany this princess for a few days! You are not allowed to leave!”

“You see, you are ordering me again.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “What I hate the most is this kind of attitude of yours.”

Second Princess’s attitude turns soft as she implores, “That…this princess begs you to stay for a few more days to accompany this princess…”

Liu Yi feels thrilled in his heart. This arrogant Second Princess can request me like this, there is a feeling that my life is worth it.

But, how can a man stop for a gentle and soft home?

“Second Princess, although I also wish to stay behind and rest a few days and take a look at the scenery of this East Sea, but right now I have more important matters to do. If you wish to be the queen of East Sea in the future, then you should support me unconditionally and not hinder my steps here.”

Second Princess bites her lips lightly, this fellow…why is he so hateful!

I have lower my head and beseeched him and he still rejects me!

Could it be that I do not have any charm?

“Wait for me in East Sea. I believe that I will not take too long.”

Liu Yi plans to start unifying the four seas after he has obtained the Sky Splitting Spear.

“Hmph! What do you coming or not have anything to do with this princess! This princess is going back to sleep! Who cares about you!”

Second Princess stomps her foot and transforms into a white dragon before flying towards the East Sea Dragon Palace.

Liu Yi lets out a bitter laugh. Really is a woman who wants face. But this way is also very good.

After he keeps away the seven night pearls, he starts to make his way back to River Song.

At the same time, his conscious swapped and in a flash, he returned to his other body in KeDa campus.

With Little Black using the doppelganger technique, it is too convenient.

Liu Yi opens his eyes and realizes that he is sitting in a lotus position in the dormitory sofa.

Zhang Meixin is currently sticking out her butt like a small female dog as she sprawls on the carpet as she observes Liu Yi,

Seeing Liu Yi opening his eyes, Zhang Meixin’s face instantly turns red before she climbs to her feet in a flurry.

“What are you looking at!”

“What the…Teacher Zhang how is it me looking at you. It is you who is secretly looking at me okay?”

Liu Yi does not know how to react. It is obviously you who used such an alluring posture to look at me okay?

“Hmph! I only have good intentions as I was checking to see if you had died or not!”

Zhang Meixin is wearing a white home clothing which is close-fitting and snug. Her figure is also not bad, especially when she turns around, that protruding butt that appears in Liu Yi’s eyes that are wrapped up by white pants is very stylish like a gourd. It makes guys unable to help but to be emotionally affected by it, causing Liu Yi to have dry mouth and tongue feeling.

The collar in front of her breast is also slightly loose. Along with her breasts, that deep ravine appears in Liu Yi’s eyes from time to time. This…is too fatal !

Especially since she was sprawling in front of me earlier…so much so that I had seen her pink …

But recalling that he had seen it before in the past, it is no longer that stimulating anymore.

Perhaps if the male students in the school know that Liu Yi can sleep together with their beautiful teacher…ah no,it is live together, perhaps their eyes would turn red in envy.

Hearing what Zhang Meixin says, Liu Yi cannot help but laugh. 

“Dead? Which part of me looks like a dead person?”

When Liu Yi heard what Zhang Meixin says he cannot help but laugh.

“You had been sitting in a lotus position here for a few days !”

Zhang Meixin looks at Liu Yi like she is looking at a monster, “You did not eat nor drink anything for the past few days and you did not even go to the toilet as well! Gods, are you still a human?”

“Why does it sound like you are scolding me ah…”

Liu Yi’s lips curl up, “This is cultivating okay?”

“Is cultivating or tortoise ah?”

Zhang Meixin snorts, “Other than tortoise, I don’t know anyone else who does not eat nor drink for such a long time!”

“Oi, oi, oi. Cultivating and tortoise are two different things okay?”

Liu Yi corrects Zhang Meixin’s thinking, “Cultivating is a journey in defiance of natural order. Humans who live in this world will receive suppression from natural law. Every day one must eat to replenish their energy and experience aging, sickness and death before returning to reincarnation. Cultivation can let you stand aloof of all of this and achieve imortality and live as long as the world.”


Zhang Meixin is in slight disbelieve of Liu Yi’s words, “Is it that mystical, can you also teach me to cultivate?”

“You? You cannot.”

Liu Yi shakes his head.

“Why not? Why can’t I cultivate?”

“Your breasts are too big.”



Chapter 758    [Not suitable to cultivate]

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