MKW Chapter 757

Chapter 757   [Title below]


“Say, is what you are doing right?”

Liu Yi gives Second Princess and incomprehensive look, “You feel that your big breasts are a drag? How can this kind of action of yours not let me down, not letting down society?”


The Second Princess does not know what to say.

“Since there is nothing wrong with big breasts then why do you blame me? Not only should you not blame you, instead, but you should also thank me and worship me!”

Liu Yi stretches out his left hand and says loudly, “This Enlarging Breast hand of mine is enough to make all airport women worship me! That’s right. In the future, I shall be the Sect Leader, Large Breast Sect Leader! Any girls with small breasts, there is no longer any need to be afraid nor worry. As long as you join the Large Breast Sect, as long as you worship this Sect Leader, then large breasts are no longer a dream! Second Princess, in the future, you shall be the Left Protector of our Sect! This Sect Leader shall now bestow upon you a name. You shall be called ‘Twin Peak Can Also Be So Big So Fucking Big Watermelon Dragon Girl Left Protector’!”

“Fuck your sister! Right now this princess wishes to smash you to death with my breasts!”

Second Princess clenches her teeth, wishing to swallow him up alive.

“How dare you!”

Liu Yi glares, “To dare speak to this Sect Leader like this, you no longer wish to have big breasts!”

As he speaks, he breathes out two streams of golden water vapor. It then spread out on the ground and formed a golden fog, surrounding the two of them.

This golden fog rises to their knees, it is very pretty making this deep-sea area like a pretty immortal place.


Ao Na is so startled that she forgot to blink her eyes, “You, you learned Senior Han Yuxin’s technique…”

“That’s right. Right now he is my master.”

Liu Yi laughs, “Still not worshiping this Sect Leader? You must be very envious of this sect leader right?”

“Worship your sister! Turn this princess back to normal first!”

Second Princess points at her pair of large breasts and shouts, “Have you ever seen such a large set of breasts? Are these still breasts? This is more like two deep-sea bombs okay?”

“What the?”

Liu Yi is startled, “You know deep sea bombs?”

This precocious princess knows of an item from the current era?

“You are looking down on us!”

Second Princess feels that Liu Yi is making a molehill out of nothing, “Even the dragon race are not beings that know everything okay? We also learned of the current era of knowledge. When young, every dragon will enter human society to study in school.”

“What the heck…you dragons also went to school to study?”

Liu Yi starts guessing, back then which student could be a dragon?

Really is not science ah…to think there are such matters.

“Back then this princess was also one of the top students okay? You think that this princess’s thinking is still stuck in the cold weapon era? You idiot!”

Liu Yi coughs and says, “How dare to scold Sect Leader like this! You no longer want your breasts!”

“Wuwuwu, you scumbag! Hurry and turn this princess’s breasts back to normal! With these two deep-sea bombs, how can this princess meet other people now ah?”

“Then why do you still not obediently worship this sect leader!”

Liu Yi is delighted, “When this Sect Leader is satisfied, naturally I will help you reduce the size.”

“Damn it…this princess…this princess…”

“Enough already. I will also not make things difficult for you. What I hate the most is to make things difficult for other people.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says, “Since you like big breasts, then I shall let you keep carrying this pair then. In the future, East Sea Second Princess will definitely be the bomb when you go out. Wherever you go you shall be the focal point! When you become famous, remember to send this Sect Leader your signature ah!”

“Liu Yi! You, you’re shameless!”

Second Princess is about to go mad from anger. Why does this Liu Yi sound so reasonable when he speaks!

“I have teeth ah, you see, an entire mouthful of white teeth.”

[TL: basically a wordplay where shameless turn into no teeth]

Although he has some crooked teeth in the past, but after the enter the path of cultivation, these small problems are gone.

Cultivation indeed has a lot of benefits. This is a shackle that humans can break and a way for humans to challenge the heavens.

This is why mortals wish to cultivate and become an immortal.

“Teeth your sister! Immediately turn this princess back to normal!!!!”

Second Princess is about to go mad like she is going to go berserk at any moment.

“Fine then. This Sect Leader will also not make things difficult for you. Obediently call me Lord Liu Yi!”

Liu Yi takes advantage to threaten her. To deal with an arrogant woman, without properly teaching her a lesson, it will be letting down her tsundere nature.

“Base, based on what!”

This kind of address is somewhat unable to accept. For the arrogant East Sea Second Princess to call someone Lord, it is better to just kill her!

“Based on this mystical hand of this sect leader’s.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “Why doesn’t this sect leader help you increase the size a bit for? How about a Z cup? In the future when you, Second Princess wants to leave home, you can only be pushed out with a vehicle.”

“Liu Yi!”

Second Princess stomps her feet in anger, “What do you want!”

“Quickly call me Lord Liu Yi.”

Liu Yi is calm while Second Princess is about to grind down her teeth.

“This, this princess will definitely make you pay the price!”

“That is also in the future, right now you’re still not calling?”

“Lo…Lord Liu Yi…”

Ao No is like a mosquito. Liu Yi pretends to be unable to here as he cups one of his ears with his hand and says, “Second Princess what did you say? I am unable to hear!”

“Lord Liu Yi!”

Second Princess can only shout it out. The shout travels very far shocking the shoal of fish nearby into scattering.

“Aiyah, how can I accept this ah!”

Liu Yi’s eyes narrows into crescent moons. “This sect leader is unable to receive this ah.”

Bullshit! Unable to receive this then don’t receive ah! Then why did you still want this princess to call you like this!

This fellow is the most hateful ah!!!!

Why did I wish to cooperate with him in the beginning ah!

I must be having a fever! I definitely must be blind that’s why I would have plans!

“I have addressed you! Hurry and make this princess’s breasts smaller!”

“Are you sure that you want it?” Liu Yi narrows his eyes, “Really want it?”

“Rubbish! Do you think that this princess is playing house with you?”

Ao Na is so mad that she starts panting, only wishing to swallow down Liu Yi whole!

“Fine then. Since that is the case, this sect leader is going to show mercy and satisfy your wish. Alas, it is a pity that this world will be short of another big breast girl.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he taps Ao Na’s almost exploding breasts with a finger.

Instantly like a balloon losing air, Ao Na’s breast immediately starts shrinking making her delighted.

“It is great! It became small already!”

Ao Na’s shout causes Liu Yi to sweat. This is the first time he sees a girl who became happy when her breasts became smaller!

But Ao Na does not care about what Liu Yi is thinking. She is currently happy but soon she is unable to smile anymore as her breasts had already become smaller than her original size. Furthermore, it is still shrinking!

Very quickly her breasts that she is proud of had currently turned into two small steamed buns! It only protrudes out slightly!


Ao Na screams out like she had seen a ghost.

“You screamed again for what ah.” Liu Yi dig his ears, “What happened?”

“Gone, gone ah!”

“What is gone?”

“This princess’s breasts are gone! You scumbag!”

Ao Na cries in anger, “You are too much! This princess’s breasts are gone ah!”

“Oi, oi. My second Princess.”

Liu Yi looks at Ao Na curiously, “Aren’t you the one who wanted me to turn your breasts small? I am curious as to why would a person who would wish to be a washboard. Why are you mad at me again after becoming a washboard woman? Changing your mind like this again and again do you still have humanity?”

“Ah!!! Why is it that you are still reasonable ah!”

Flames are about to emerge out from Ao Na’s eyes.

“This princess doesn’t want to be an airport ah! This princess only wants my original breasts!”

Liu Yi waves his hand and says, “Why do you have so many requests? Just get by with it.”

“Get by your sister! Why don’t you be a washboard!”

“I was originally a washboard!”

Liu Yi rubs his breasts, “But my pectoral muscles are still very firm. Do you want to touch?”

“Touch your head ah! Quickly turn this princess’s breast back to normal ah!”

“If you say change then I’ll change, where would my face go? I am the sect leader!”

Ao Na’s expression turns severe as she says savagely, “Sect leader your head! Liu Yi if you are still not turning it back to normal, don’t blame this princess for falling out with you!”

“Fine then, fall out then.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms indifferently. “So be it if you find someone who can lock me up in your East Sea Prison.”

“Liu Yi can you not be so shameless ah!”

Second Princess feels like her entire person is going to explode in anger at any moment, “Just what do you want?”

“Very simple. Beg a person to help, beg then?”

Liu Yi hooks his finger, “Beg me then I will help you.”

“Are you joking? This Princess has never beg before anyone!”

Second Princess reject’s Liu Yi’s suggestion.

“Fine then. That is your choice. Don’t blame me then.”

Liu Yi stretches, “Aiyah, I stayed in East Sea long enough already. It is about time for me to return to River Song. Ao Susu definitely must be missing me. Although she is also a small breast girl…eh, but hers is slightly bigger than yours.”

Second Princess jumps up, “You, you…”

“What about me?”

Liu Yi does not believe that she will not capitulate!

The arrogant Second Princess who has no one in her eyes,  still wish to exploit me.

If I do not teach her a lesson, then I am letting down her nature!

“You, you  want this princess to beg you?“

“You think that I am playing house with you?”

Liu Yi learns what Second Princess says earlier and replied back.

Second princess clenches her teeth and says, “This princess…has never begged anyone!”

“That is because you have that East Sea Dragon King as your father.”

Liu Yi laughs coldly, “If you did not have that father will you beg other people? Ao Na, if you wish to make other people help you, naturally you need to learn what is respect. Beg me then I will change you back. Otherwise, don’t say small breast. If I have an urge, perhaps I might have you have one big one small breast. At that time, you will become famous in the four seas.”

“Liu Yi! This princess and you cannot exist together!”

[ED-Did we need a whole chapter on him changing a girls breast size?]

[TL: well…I kinda have to agree with you]


Chapter 757    [Beg me]

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  1. No wonder it took so long to translate. I can only imagine the amount of research required to accurately describe the events that happened. Fuji sir, I tip my hat to you.


    On a more serious note sorry to hear about the job but happy to hear about the hand. Please keep well and hope the job market is smiling down on you.


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