MKW Chapter 756

Chapter 756   [Title below]

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Liu Yi feels like he is firmly pressuring a clump of rubber. At the beginning, he can keep compressing it. But when it reached a certain point, it is no longer possible to compress it anymore…

Originally it was a patch of golden light. Right now, the golden light scattered around Liu Yi had all turned into balls of light like a few mini suns, letting out radiance.

“Keep it up!”

Han Yuxin’s eyes shine as he urges Liu Yi, “Don’t be relaxed. Take advantage of this time and continue to temper it! The moment you stop it will be even harder to temper!”


Liu Yi does not have any energy at all to talk back. His face is completely red as he puts in all of his effort to compress his qi.

Just as Liu Yi is about to use up all of his strength, it is like he had broken through some kind of barrier. These light ball suddenly was compressed into the size of a rice grain by Liu Yi!

Furthermore, these rice grains are in liquid state as they float by Liu Yi’s side.

“Not bad. But not enough.”

Han Yuxin seems to be even happier than Liu Yi, “Whenever you are able to compress it even smaller, you will have succeeded. Continue on then. Master shall stand guard around you.”

To continue refining, the difficulty is countless of times harder then what he had done earlier.

Liu Yi is not in a hurry. After all, he can pass it to his clone to do and toss this body here to cultivate here.

To see how mystical this technique is, he continues to start studying it diligently.

Liu Yi sits in a lotus position and cultivated for an unknown duration of time. When a person cultivates, the time always seems to pass very quickly. A few days pass while to Liu Yi who is sitting there, it was like a few short hours only.

When he reopened his eyes again, the surrounding rice grain size water droplets had already disappeared. It had turned into a lump of golden fog floating in the surrounding.

Although he is not able to breath out an entire screen of fog but Liu Yi is already very happy.

“Not bad, not bad! Interesting!”

Han Yuxin strokes his beard and is as happy as a little kid who had just obtainED the toy that he wanted.

“To refine your qi in just seven days! This kind of aptitude and you say that yours is bad?”

“It is very quick?”

Liu Yi is startled, “Furthermore, 7 days had already passed? Disciple thought that a few hours had passed only…”

“Hey, back then when master cultivate this, master spent 7 years.”

Han Yuxin smiles, “You say you used 7 days to finish, aren’t you trying to anger master to death?”

“This, this is really not…”

Liu Yi hurriedly shakes his head. How would he dare to anger his master!

But is my aptitude really that good?

{Perhaps it is because of the spirit vein matter.} Lin Tong is also secretly guarding over Liu Yi as well and at this moment she reminds Liu Yi, {False spirit vein’s constitution ability to hold qi is very good. Along with your Nine Yang God Qi, when you are in God Transformation, all of your technique is raised to the peak! When you were cultivating, your God Transformation had always been activated.}

{So that is the case…}

Only then Liu Yi understood slightly. My Nine Yang God Qi and false spirit vein is really blessed by heaven ah.

“Master can only pass to you so much. You need to slowly walk the remaining path on your own. But master infer that the Thunder God’s Sky Splitting Spear is about to come into being so you should go and get it!”

“Master also knows that the Sky Splitting Spear is about to come into being?”

Liu Yi is shocked. Master can calculate this as well? Could it be that master can predict the future?

“Of course master knows. Because the one who killed Thunder God was Heavenly Dragon King. That spear was hidden away by master.”

What the hell…so there is this kind of history!

“Sky Splitting Spear is rather overbearing. Wanting to be its owner is too difficult. Back then master was unable to subdue it and can only seal it up first. But after two thousand years, it should be coming into being already. You do not have a good weapon. That Sky Splitting Spear should be enough for you to use until the 9th layer of heaven.”

“I will do my best to obtain it master.”

Liu Yi lets out a sigh. He originally wishes to avoid this matter so as to not get involved in a conflict with those famous righteous sects.

But since this is something that my master’s ancestor had risked his life to obtain, I should go and collect it.

“Okay then. Good disciple, master also has nothing else to pass to you. You need to continue on your own.”

Han Yuxin points to his right.

The ground of the right split open as a snow-white dragon skeleton drills out from the ground and open its dragon head.

Inside the dragon head is ball-like object that is shining white.

Liu Yi takes a look, this thing is more or less around the size of the dragon ball in Dragon Ball! It is around the size of a fist.

The dragon eye is releasing a kind of ancient aura like it is summoning Liu Yi.

“Hurry up and collect all four dragon eyes and open the dragon tomb and inherited Heavenly Dragon King’s legacy. Master had waited for so long and had finally waited until a person who is able to topple the gods to appear…hope that you will not disappoint master. Back then, master was quite interested in that monkey, but it is a pity that he was just a monkey.”

“Master I will not let you down. But…that monkey…later on he had turned into buddha.”

“Oh, so what about that?”

Han Yuxin shakes his head, “Talking about that, the Sanskrit’s buddhas do have some abilities. They are able to transcend the six dao reincarnation but they are also not the opponent of gods. If you wish to defeat god, you can only rely on yourself.”

“I will master. I will do my best!”

Liu Yi had cultivated here for 7 days and had reaped benefits.

Originally he had thought that he might die here. But unexpectedly, not only did he not die, he had obtained fortunes after the disaster and learned a super powerful technique and also gotten a convenient master.

In the end, I had also obtained the dragon eye. Just need three more then I will have all of them and will be able to open the Heavenly Dragon Tomb.

“This place is very desolate. Not even have a single bird. You, youngsters, will definitely not like to stay here Go back, go back to your world and don’t forget about the hatred of our Heavenly Dragon King.”

When Han Yuxin finished, he sits there and closes his eyes no longer saying anymore.

He is like a statue, not moving at all.

Liu Yi knows that only with this way would his master be able to continue to preserve his vitality.

He did not say anything and kneels in front of Han Yuxin. He respectfully kowtows three times before taking the East Sea dragon eye and keeps it away before leaving this dragon tomb.

The moment he exits, he realizes that outside of the dragon tomb, there is an enormous clam.

The clam opens its shell. The soft meat inside turned into a soft bed as an enchanting girl lies on it.

This girl…isn’t it the East Sea Second Princess Ao Na?

It feels like she did not leave this place for the past few days and was instead waiting here?

No matter what, Liu Yi is more or less touched. Looks like this Second Princess is rather righteous.

“Damn it…”

That Second Princess is sleeping rather sweetly and seems to be dreaming and is also sleep talking.

“Why is he still not coming out…he would not be doing that inside right…wu…”

Second Princess’s sleep talk makes Liu Yi sweat. But he holds back his urge to pull the Second Princess out from the clam and restrains his anger as he continues to listen.

“Hmph, you are this princess’s pet…if you do not come out…what about this queen’s plan…”

Liu Yi’s cold sweat start dripping. Bullshit, and I thought that she is worried about it and was thinking about me ah!

Liu Yi suddenly has a thought and wished to toy with this Second princess.

He walks over in front of Second Princess and revolve his unique ability and lightly touched Second Princess’s shoulder before shouting into her ear.


Second Princess murmurs, “Wu…let this princess sleep for a while more..”

This lass is dawdling in bed!

“If you do not come out, Han Yuxin will be destroying East Sea Dragon Palace!”

“Ah? Don’t ah!”

Ao Na was instantly badly frightened. She opened her eyes and looked around panicky.

Seeing Liu Yi, she is immediately delighted and slightly angered, “You foe, you are finally coming out?”

Second Princess says angrily, “This princess has already waited 7 days 7 night for you! I am about to wait until I turn old! This princess’s time is so precious and it was wasted on you! Say it! How you are going to make it up for me!”

“Didn’t I already make it up for you?”

Liu Yi holds back his smile as he points at Second Princess’s chest.

“Make it up? How did you mak….”

Second Princess lower her head and was instantly frightened badly, nearly jumping up to her feet.


Second Princess’s breasts that she is normally proud of had currently turned into a pair of large ball!

Each of them is the size of a basketball hanging down her chest which is shocking!

“Liu Yi! Liu Yi! Ahhhh! What did you do to this princess!”

Second Princess is really about to go mad. Although having big breasts is good, but right now they are too big! Too, too exaggerated!

How is this still called breast? This is a pair of meteor hammers ah!

“Isn’t this rather good. You need to spend money to do breast surgery outside. I help you free of charge, aren’t you happy?”

Liu Yi gives a serious look as he says, “This kindness is considered as rubbish is it. Alas, my heart is wounded.”

“Wounded your sister! You carry these two fellows and give it a try! Are you trying to let this princess use these things as a weapon is it?”

“Oh? We can consider it.”

Liu Yi rubs his chin and says, “Then you want me to have a big chest then.”

“This princess does not know! If this princess knows, then this princess would have turned you into one okay?”

“How can you be like this ah…”

Liu Yi sighs faintly, “Second Princess, could it be that having big breasts is wrong?”

“This…of course it is not wrong, but this is too much!”

“Since it is nothing wrong, then why are you so angry against me ah?”

Liu Yi is slightly emotional as he says, “There are countless girls with small breasts who dream of having big breasts! But they have no methods and can only be looked down upon by other people, staunchly suffering despising gazes until they die! But you, Second Princess, you have this unique chance and you actually despise it so much and even scolded me! Do you know how just how many young girls are harmed by your actions? Do you have any conscience? You deranged women deserve to explode ten times!”

“This…this princess…this princess…”

Second Princess really wishes to have her tongue back. She wishes to retort but she does not know how to retort!


Chapter 756    [Ten explosions]

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