MKW Chapter 755

Chapter 755   [Title below]

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“Mm, disciple knows.”

Since I had become his disciple, then I can only carry this responsibility.

In China accepting disciple is just like this, bring up children for the purpose of being looked after in old age. Raising disciple is also the same.

A lot of martial master’s campaign all over the place when they were young, kicking down dojos all over the place and creating a lot of enemies.

When they were young, perhaps they could fight. If other people come after him, he is able to fight against them.

But when they are old, they will definitely not be able to fight. At this moment what if someone comes up to them to fight? Then let disciple step forth.

Basically, it is a constant of China’s martial studies methods. Liu Yi is also the same. Since he had become his disciple, then he shall carry this responsibility.

“But master, this disciple has some doubts in my heart. Don’t know if master can explain to disciple?”


Han Yuxin waves his hand indicating that he is okay with it.

“Master’s real appearance is very awesome…why are you still using this wretched-looking appearance?”

Liu Yi is curious about this question. If he does not ask, he will feel that he will feel very stifled.

“Haha…this matter was originally very hard for master to start talking about it. But since disciple asks, it is fine to tell you.”

Han Yuxin laughs bitterly before saying, “After breaking through 28 starjades, you need to go through the cultivation of the 9th layer of heaven.”

He stretches out his hand and forms a nine sign, “When you had just broke through the 28th starjade, your strength is considered as first heaven. At this moment the gods still will not come and look for you as you are of no threat to them. When you cultivate the nine layer of heaven, you will need to go through nine calamities, nine thresholds then you are able to break through once again. Generally speaking, very few people are able to breakthrough passed sixth layer of heaven as the higher you go, the scarier the calamity. After great difficulty breaking through to the sixth layer of heaven, congratulations at this moment the gods will come and look for you. Back then master was young and frivolous. When master cultivated to sixth layer of heaven, I had thought that I was unequal in the world but unexpectedly a god came down and destroyed my flesh body. I was just left with a small bit of soul as I hid in this old tomb. Because my soul needs to consume vital qi all the time, if I use my real body then in less than a month, I will die in this tomb.”

“Master’s flesh body…was destroyed?”

When Liu Yi heard this news, he is instantly shocked.

“That’s right, you did not expect it.”

After laughing bitter Han Yuxin says, “Master’s flesh body was destroyed. Right now this body is nothing but struggling at death’s door. Master can only rely on the dragon essence in the dragon tomb to maintain my life. The moment I leave this place, I will not be able to live long.”

“Master relax. I will definitely take revenge for this kind have huge hatred!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist in secret. So gods are this kind of trash. Wait till the day I have secretly cultivated to the ninth layer of heaven then go up and deal with all of them!

But right now Liu Yi is currently thinking of a question…that Great God Sect Sect Leader, just which layer of heaven is his cultivation? Shouldn’t be above 6th layer otherwise he would have been killed by the gods.

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “Then master, what should disciple do when disciple has cultivated to the 6th layer of heaven?”

This is also his worry. When I reach 6th layer of heaven and got instantly chased by those gods, how am I going to take revenge

“Disciple, there is no need to worry. Master had cultivated here for 2 thousand years and had  thought of this question a long time ago.”

Han Yuxin smiles, “Master will give you a method to let you restrain all of your aura when you reach the 6th layer of heaven! This way other people can only see that you are only in 5th layer of heaven. This way you would not attract the attention of the gods. Wait till you have completely cultivated to the 9th layer of heaven, it is not too late to go back up to take revenge. But, there is a point that master needs to remind you. Just based on your Nine Yang God Qi, it does not seem to be enough to fight against the 6 god races. If you wish to defeat them, you need to absorb Nine Yin Demon Qi!”

“Nine Yin Demon Qi?”

When Liu Yi heard this, he is instantly stunned.

Wouldn’t that means that I would need to take a sit and have a proper discussion with Zhang Susu?

But wishing to absorb Zhang Yunyun’s cultivation base …perhaps it is even harder than ascending the heavens ah…

“That’s right. This is the question that master had thought about over two thousand years before I understood it.”

Han Yuxin says, “Back then my ancestor, Heavenly Dragon King had forcibly obstructed the pressure and cultivated to the 9th layer of heaven. He was a very gifted genius and just relying on his powerful strength, he is able to fight the six god race into a standstill. Finally, he was killed by all six of them together. Back then the reason why he is able to block the six god race is that he had absorbed a Nine Yin Demon Dragon’s cultivation. It is because of this, only then did the gods take note of Nine Yin Demon Dragon this kind of scary race…Yin and Yang mutually oppose each other. Naturally, Nine Yang God Qi’s opposite is Nine Yin Demon Qi. Gods are worried that Nine Yin Demon Dragon would turn into a threat in the future, thus they took action first and exterminated the Nine Yin Demon Dragon Race.”

“The gods are …too barbarous !”

When Liu Yi heard this, he feel that he is unable to accept it. It is basically a group of butchers!

“To be honest, how are they any different from human?”

Han Yuxin sneers, “Master has lived for so long and has a detached point of view of the human world. When those humans realize the existence of some creatures that would threaten the status of their existence, didn’t they also execute an extinction policy? All of the creatures in the world are equal but in the mortal world, humans are the hegemon. Whoever shakes the position of the humans can only die.”

Han Yuxin’s words awaken Liu Yi. That’s right. Humans are also the same…but everything that I do which is protecting the existence of humans. Could it be that it is a mistake?

“Master, I feel that not all humans are like this.”

Liu Yi thinks for a bit before saying, “Among humans, there are good and bad ones. But I feel that there are more good people. Furthermore, humans did not start an extinction policy because of the threat. Regarding some rare species, humans are even protecting them. Humans would only treat those creatures that will destroy the existence of humanity as enemies. If it is possible, humans are willing to share the earth with other creatures. While the gods are different. Gods don’t care if there is a threat or not. As long as it passes that threshold in their heart, they will immediately start killing.”

“Perhaps then. Because you are a human thus you still like to speak for humans.”

Han Yuxin suddenly feels a bit exhausted, “Let us not continue to discuss about this issue anymore. In short, our enemy is only gods. Right now master shall first pass to you the ultimate technique of my Heavenly Dragon King. You must learn it properly.”

As he speaks, he stretches out his hand and plans to press on Liu Yi’s forehead.

As he stretches out his hand, even on tiptoes, he realizes that he can only reach Liu Yi’s chin and finally became angered, “Still not kneeling down!”

The old man is angered.

“Understood master!”

Liu Yi hides his smile and crouches down, letting the old man’s hand to touch his forehead.

Instantly he uses Transmission Technique to pass that Heavenly Dragon King Technique into Liu Yi’s soul.

After Liu Yi see this technique, he is shocked!

Heavenly Dragon King is indeed a genius to think that it is possible to cultivate in this way!

Similar to his earlier guess, Heavenly Dragon King is cultivating a water attribute dao technique. The technique gathers all of one’s qi and refines it into grains of small water droplets before storing it inside one’s qi sea.

While Liu Yi can also do the same. He can refine his Nine Yang God Qi into small droplets and store in his qi sea.

This way, Nine Yang God Qi can be tempered all the time, at the same time, also greatly compress his qi reserve!

It is like right now he is basin. In the basin, he can only store a basin worth of water. But right now, there is a method that is able to compress an entire basin worth of water into a single water droplet. This way, the amount of water that can be stored in the basin had become even more!

Really is in defiance of natural order ah! No wonder back then Heavenly Dragon King is able to block gods in the 9th layer of heaven when he was at 8th layer of heaven!

“Come, you give it a try.”

Han Yuxin says, “Right now your cultivation is 2 sunjades. Wait till you have cultivated the 9th sunjade your strength will be equivalent to 28 starjades. After you defeat the Realm Crossing Guardian, you will be able to go to other realms to enter the 1st layer of heaven! But even if you had learned so much, your future cultivation should only be around the six god race. If you wish to defeat them, you must find Nine Yin Demon Dragon and obtain its cultivation. Yin Yang interacting with each other. The moment you finish fusing Nine Yang God Qi and Nine Yin Demon Qi together, in this world, no one will be able to stop you anymore. Perhaps, even God Emperor will also be defeated by you.”

Han Yuxin strokes his beard as he starts to dream.

“It is a pity ah…Nine Yin Demon Dragon Race had been exterminated …if only we are able to find them…”

Liu Yi smiles bitterly, indeed can be found ah, but right now she and I are irreconcilable adversaries ah…

Dual cultivating with her…would it be easier for me to just go and fight against the six god race?!

“Come, disciple, temper your cultivation for me to see.”

Han Yuxin reseats himself on top of the stone before looking at Liu Yi, “You will feel something mystical.”

“Yes master.”

Liu Yi nods his head before taking a few steps back and sit down in lotus form and takes a deep breath.

Saying that it is a cultivation technique but it is more like a kind of mystical breathing technique. This kind of breathing technique is countless of times stronger than the breathing technique that Immortal Fox sister taught me.

Along with Liu Yi revolving his qi, nine small golden sun starts emerging from his back. Among which 2 are brighter while the other seven is dimmer.

All of the Nine Yang God Qi in his body starts revolving and along with the technique he uses, it circles the nine sunjade once before it is breathed out by him and transforms into streams of golden light flooding the entire dragon tomb.

Han Yuxin immediately shouts, “Right now, surround all of it and compress them into one! Refine all of this qi away!”

Liu Yi starts to revolve the latter half of the technique that was just passed to him. Those golden lights that revolve around Liu Yi’s body start to whirls rapidly before squeezing together like they were all squeezed by someone and starts shrinking together!

During this shrinking process, Liu Yi sensed very enormous pressure!

Very quickly his entire forehead is covered in sweat!


Chapter 755    [What routine]

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