MKW Chapter 754

Chapter 754   [Title below]


Liu Yi is speechless. Fighting until now, why did it turn into this?

The two of us had fought until like this and in the end, we became buddies?

This…this is too unreal.

Just now this old man who wished to exterminate me currently wished to cultivate me as his disciple?

“Wait till you finish your apprenticeship from me, that dragon eye will naturally be passed to you.”

Han Yuxin says as he sits on that large stone again.

Talking about it, it is also strange. The two of them had fought for so long and basically fought until this dragon tomb is in ruins. The surrounding dragon bones were all destroyed and scattered all over the floor.

“That is the descendant of East Sea Dragon King, right.”

Han Yuxin restores back to his old man appeared as he absent-mindedly continues to dig his toe.

“You go back first. I want to have a good chat with my disciple.”

Liu Yi shivers, this old man…is he a homo or not ah, why does he keep making me so worried?

“Understood senior…”

Second Princess does not dare to say anything and nods her head as she gives Liu Yi an envious look before retreating from the dragon tomb.

Liu Yi wished to pull this lass back…being alone with Han Yuxin, he does not feel safe.

“Haha, little doll, don’t be afraid. I will not do anything to you.”

Han Yuxin smiles as he continues to dig his toe as he lowered his head and says, “Where did your earlier courage go? Didn’t you keep shouting that you want to fight with me?”

“It is this junior’s glory to cross blows with senior.”

Although Liu Yi says his heart though words, he more or less is swayed by Han Yuxin’s meaning.

No one is unwilling to listen to nice words.

“But not everyone is able to have this chance to cross blows with senior. It is not just me, there is also that Victorious Fighting Buddha two thousand years ago right?”

“Hey, there is no need for you to give me a tall hat. It is useless.”

Han Yuxin strokes his beard. Although he says it like this but he is smiling in delight, “Although you say it like that, it is indeed the truth.”

Hey, still saying that he does not enjoy this kind of thing. Didn’t he still jump in!

Liu Yi smirks secretly as he continues to say good words.

“That’s why I say fighting against senior, not only is junior not afraid, junior is instead delighted! Perhaps junior’s bones are the same as senior who likes fighting!”

“This point is indeed not wrong. What I like is this point of your’s little doll!”

Hna Yuxin let out a weird laugh. That wretched figure and smile make this old man extremely outwardly cold but passionate inside.

“Although you possess god qi in your body but to me, it is even better.”

As he speaks he stretches out a hand as white fog floats above his palm. “The descendant of Heavenly Dragon King had broken at here. If right now I wish to cultivate a descendant, to me, it is very hard. While you are basically a present that had sent yourself to my door hahaha…little doll, do you know, you are an unpolished jade!”

“Not possible. Senior to be honest, junior’s aptitude is very bad.”

Liu Yi says honestly. “The reason why junior is able to possess this body of strength, it is not relying on the face that I have talent or intelligence, but it is because of a series of opportunity and coincidence.”

“Luck is also a talent. Little doll, not anyone can have this kind of good luck like you.”

Hearing what Han Yuxin says, Liu Yi thinks in his heart, the things that had happened to me can they all be considered as luck right?

There is both good and bad right, alas…

“Especially you are a demi-god. In the future, you will definitely enter the nine layers of heaven and see those bastards.”

Cold intent flashes across Han Yuxin’s eyes, “That group of gods who killed Heavenly Dragon King, I will definitely not live under the same sky as them!”

“Junior feels that…senior’s strength seems to be very high…”

Liu Yi daringly says his guess, “It seems like…it has exceeded 28 starjades  right?”

“Oh? How did you know?”

Han Yuxin is slightly shocked, “Indeed. When I was fighting against you, I had only use less than 10% of my strength. If I had used all of my strength to attack, you would have been turned into dust.”

“As expected…”

Liu Yi is startled in his heart, I  guessed correctly…

 Regarding Han Yuxin’s real strength, I am only just making a rough guess. Originally I thought that he is only around 24, 25 starjades. Just that what he said earlier made me have thought thus I say he had exceeded 28 starjades.

In the end…I  got it right!

Exceeding 28 starjades…my god…what is going on…is there a need to be so fierce ah!

Liu Yi suddenly feeles that he is indeed lucky enough to obtain the teachings of a powerful person!

My other cheap master Ma Hua, although he used to be 28 starjades and then when to challenge the Realm Crossing Guardian. But finally he was badly beaten and even his starjades were scattered.

While Han Yuxin is an expert who had exceeded Realm Crossing Guardian…this is precious. Not only can I learn cultivation techniques, most importantly is his unique combat experience!

Han Yuxin says, “Little doll, right now there is no one, why are you still not taking me as your master?”

Only then did Liu Yi understood the reason why he chased Second Princess away is to take care of his face ah.

Han Yuxin has a rather delicate heart!

“Master above, let this junior pay respect!”

Liu Yi takes a step forward and willingly kneels down in front of Han Yuxin.

Kneeling to heaven and earth, kneeling to parents, finally kneeling to master. A day as a master, forever a father!

“Good disciple, quickly get up.”

Han Yuxin seems to be very happy as he laughs loudly, “Being able to have you as a disciple, it is master’s fortune! Good disciple, you say that your aptitude is bad,  it is the opposite. Those who are able to learn Nine Yang God Qi are people who possess huge luck! As long as you huge luck sooner or later you will be able to kill your way into the nine layers of heaven and represent master to take revenge!”

It is revenge again?

Liu Yi recalls that he is still carrying the revenge from another master. Which is a sect destruction revenge?

Although he does not know who destroyed Ma Hua’s sect, but Liu Yi had more or less guessed it.

This matter is definitely related to Liu Haisheng.

Right now, I am carrying an even larger hatred from Han Yuxin and that is to oppose the gods!

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “Gods are very rotten?”

“Rotten? Those fellows are bastards!”

Han Yuxin clenches his fists which lets out cracking sound.

“Do you know what kind of existences are gods?”

“They are gods who are living in the nine layers of heaven right?”

Liu Yi says according to his impression, “It is said that they also appear personally to eliminate some devils, for example, Nine Yin Demon Dragon ah, Great God, Wu Li, this kind of existences.”

“Hahaha, these are something that they had purposefully disseminated!”

Han Yuxin sneers, “Do you know what will happen when a mortal cultivates to 28 starjades?”

Liu Yi shakes his head and says, “Ah, this disciple still had not thought about it.”

“When a person cultivated to 28 starjades if he wishes to break through to an even higher existence, he must go to other realms. Otherwise, your strength will forever be unable to breakthrough.”

“There is a fraudulent setting?”

Liu Yi’s eyes widen, “Than wait a year then take the opportunity to hide in the demon realm, wouldn’t it be a lot better?”

“Hey, do you think that you are able to breakthrough in any kind of place?”

Han Yuxin smiles again, “You are too naive little doll!”

He raises his finger and says, “If cultivators in the human realm wished to break through, he must go to buddha realm, or cultivator realm, devil realm. While if demon realm cultivators wish to breakthrough they must also go to these three realms. For demons, devils in the ghost realm wish to break through, they can only go to the human realm or devil realm. While the devil realm, immortal realm, devil realm people who wish to break through, then they need to come to the human realm. That is why, no matter which existence that cultivates, they must defeat the Realm Crossing Guardian and enter the place that they must go, to be able to break through into a higher level! If they do not break through to an even higher standard then they will not be able to cultivate for longer life and will sooner or later die.”

“What the, this setting seems to be quite bitter ah, is there a mistake!”

When Liu Yi heard this, he nearly bites off his tongue. So there is a need to challenge the Realm Crossing Guardian? This is too rotten!

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “But master, can’t those people in Heaven Realm directly go to immortal, buddha or devil realm?”

“Hey, that’s what all of them say. Do you think that they did not meet the Realm Crossing Guardian?”

Han Yuxin laughs, “Just that before these fellows had discovered the Realm Crossing Guardian, they had been killed! Those who had passed through, can only say luckily…how is it, after listening, don’t you feel that it is very cruel?”

“It is cruel ah…”

Liu Yi wipes away the sweat on his forehead, looks like in the future, I also need to walk this path. Perhaps back then when my master entered the devil realm, it is because he was lucky. But going over is easy, coming back is difficult.

“Haha, how is this over yet. It is only the beginning.”

Han Yuxin stretches out a finger and points at the sky saying, “Those Realm Crossing Guardians are nothing but some dogs that the gods raised. Even if you breakthrough in the future from your current state and become an existence comparable to god, those fellows will shamelessly descend from the nine layers of heaven to find you. Either you cripple your cultivation or be killed by them. You can only choose one.”

“What the, what are these people ah?”

When Liu Yi heard this he is instantly angered.

This is too rotten ah! This is basically like when I am doing my clan task online. While I had just become lv 10, in the end, a lv 70 slaughtered his way over and chopped me to death!

Where is there this kind of dog shit group of people!

Liu Yi wishes to curse!

“Back then Heavenly Dragon King also met them. But Heavenly Dragon King’s cultivation base was considered to be quite robust thus he was able to fight against that god evenly. Those gods are unable to do anything to him thus they finally invited out the 6 god race people and killed the Heavenly Dragon King.”

“This group of shameless fellows…”

Liu Yi knows why Han Yuxin hates god so much now. If it was me, even I would feel that it is too much !

“Master, I failed to live up to expectations. Even if I breakthrough 28 starjades, I can only hole up here not daring to go out as I am afraid of being discovered by god.”

Han Yuxin lets out a sigh, “So, my obedient disciple, you must learn all of master’s skill properly! Whether master is able to take revenge against the gods, master can only rely on you!”


Chapter 754    [Shameless gods]

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