MKW Chapter 753

Chapter 753   [Title below]

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“I have not used my real body for a very long time. This feeling is rather good.”

Han Yuxin loosens his bone, “But I seem to be wearing a bit less…”

As he speaks, he waves his hands as streams of fog immediately rise from the ground and wrap around his body.

Instantly Han Yuxin is covered with shiny armor. On his head is a bright silver-winged helmet. He is also wearing battle boots which have a dragon tooth carved onto it.

Bullshit…is this still that vulgar old man who was digging his toe earlier?

Han Yuxin says in delight, “Indeed this way is a lot better, isn’t it very cool?”

“How is it? After seeing my real strength, do you still wish to continue fighting?”

“Why not?”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and summons his Monarch Armour.

The black armor covers his body bit by bit. The carved scorpion on the armor causes Hang Yuxin to be shocked.

“Good fellow. Looks like I was still looking down on you. To have a Monarch Scorpion be your armor. But if it is just these, it is far from enough to defeat me.”

“Vacuum Cleaner, combine!”

Liu Yi takes out his strongest attack state. He places his palms together before spreading them apart. 

Instantly, black longswords start appearing in the sky. They are very close to each other and appear in a row in the sky.

In a blink of an eye, in the sky of the dragon tomb is covered with black longswords.

Liu Yi uses Vacuum Cleaner’s dark power to the peak and creates all of the black swords in the sky and used to attack.

“This is…dark power.”

Han Yuxin had seen a lot of things, thus he immediately sees through it.

“Good fellow. Just many mystical beasts have you subdued.”

“A lot.”

Liu Yi grins, “Just missing a Heavenly Dragon King’s descendant!”

“Aiyah, how can this be.”

Han Yuxin purposefully gives Liu Yi a shocked look, “I can only be subdued by a woman, how can I be subdued by a man? I am not interested in that hobby of yours.”

What the! This old gay! Too rotten!

Shouldn’t it be me who says such things, why did he snatch it over and say it!

Liu Yi is gloomy. Could it be like what the ancients had said, ginger gets spicier as it gets older?

“Less gossip, senior receive my move!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out Immortal Wine Gourd and drinks the immortal wine inside as his other hand points at Han Yuxin.

A powerful surge of wine intent surges out which is transforming into qi and surges into his finger, “Ask gentlemen how much worry can he have, an entire Jiangdong river flows eastwards!”

Instantly the black swords in the sky point at Han Yuxin.

“Seems a bit interesting.”

Han Yuxin stretched out his hand and strokes his beard and says, “But it is still child’s games .”

As he speaks, he breathes out white fog.

A silver spear instantly forms and lands in his hand.

Han Yuxin wields the spear single-handedly as he twirls it.

-clashing sounds-

Sparks fly all over the place!

Those descending black swords were immediately sent flying away by Han Yuxin’s spear!

So many black swords which stabs down like flowing water but is unable to break through Han Yuxin’s defense.

In a blink of an eye, the ground is covered with countless of black sword while only the ground within a 2 meter radius is empty.

“At the borders of Qin and Han dynasty, the war at the endless borders never ends!”

Liu Yi manipulates all of the black swords and changed his way of attacking!

Originally it was a move that sends the flying swords out to sever all of the heads of enemies within a thousand miles!

But right now so there are so many swords which instantly become horrifying!

These flying swords all increase in speed and shoot out at the speed of sound and once again attack Han Yuxin.

“White Rainbow Piercing Sun!”

Han Yuxin enters a stance as he holds the spear with his right hand. His stance is like he is going to throw the lance as his right hand pulls to his back while his left hand stretches in front of him.


He roars before tossing out his spear just like this!

The spear flies out straight as enormous force is condensed on the spear. It lets out a stream of light and nearly transforms into a ten-meter long white spear!

This white spear breaks the black flying swords that Liu Yi had created and finally penetrated the illusion barrier. It appears within the deep sea before continuing out of the sea!


Smith was proudly standing on the deck of the aircraft carrier, NW. Today is the day which NW is sailing in the East China Sea. Recently China’s and US’s can be said to have conflicting views!

Especially after working together with Japan, US had lost an important control point in Asia. Finally US and had decided to vigorously assist Taiwan. Before China can try and take back Taiwan, they continue to try and disturb the economy of Asia to guarantee his position in the world.

Thus US and Taiwan military start to put on a massive play in the East China Sea. Liberty Goddess is the US latest aircraft carrier. On top is US latest science and technology essence! For example the latest series Zeus shield which is able to automatically distinguish all of the current types of cruise missiles and can carry out an interception. There are also other weapon systems which can be rated as the apex of science and technology!

Drifting not far away from them is China’s aircraft carrier God Dragon. God Dragon is Liaoning grade version. After all Liaoning aircraft is only an instructor warship. The difference between the two of them is way too big. But God Dragon is the cooperation product of China and Japan’s science and technology. Although it is considered as the best, it is incomparable to Liberty Goddess!

Smith is this Liberty Goddess’s captain as well as this operation’s commander.

He is standing on the majestic Liberty Goddess as he looks at the faraway waters with a bit of despising the world.

By the side, a soldier that had just joined asked, “Captain, will our task be without a hitch?”

Smith looks at that soldier and counter asks, “Soldier let me ask you with the support of my USA and possessing this kind of elite navy vessel. What kind of operation would we fail?”

“This…shouldn’t be…”

“It will definitely not.”

Smith pats his shoulder and says, “Our army is impregnable, those China monkeys are only suitable for farming. Take a look at this Liberty Goddess under our feet! Only our US army is a real army!”


“This way is right. Let’s complete this show and let those China monkeys know how scary we are!”

Smith says confidently. But at this moment, they suddenly heard a warning from a crew member on their communications device, “A strong signal is approaching the ship! It, it is coming from below! My god! The speed is so fast!”

Could it be that a submarine had fired a torpedo at us?

Even if it is a torpedo, it is unable to break the defense system below.

That is why Smith did not take this news seriously. Just as he wished to console his underling the hull suddenly starts trembling.


This ship was claimed to be invulnerable a fort on water Liberty Goddess was actually split into two!

A white striped object penetrates through the deck and flies out like lightning and drills into the sky! The clouds in the sky were scattered!

“What, what is this weapon!”

“So scary!”

“Save me ah! I do not wish to die!”

Liberty Goddess instantly turns into scrap metal and turns silent faster than the Titanic!

“Gods…is this China’s secret weapon…”

Smith has a wretched appearance at he climbs up into a lifeboat. He looks at the slowly sinking Liberty Goddess and does not have any tears.

This kind of weapon, what kind of thing can block it…

Just how powerful is China?

How would Smith knows that this is not China’s secret weapon but a killing blow sent out by the descendants of Heaven Dragon King from the dragon tomb at the bottom of the seabed!

Don’t say a mere aircraft carrier, even if it is a real water city, it will also be instantly turned into ruins.

“This is too powerful …”


Liu Yi looks at Han Yuxin standing there as his heart is trembling.

His strength indeed is not something that the current me is able to compare to!

No wonder back then Victorious Fighting Buddha was unable to gain any advantage from his hand…

“Heavenly Dragon King’s descendant is indeed very scary…”

Second Princess shudders as she looks at Han Yuxin, “Liu Yi…let us..escape…”

“I will not escape.” Liu Yi shakes his head, “I want to continue to fight!”

In Liu Yi’s dictionary, there is no escape this word.

Even if Heavenly Dragon King’s descendant is even stronger, he will also fight till the end!

Liu Yi stretches out a hand and beckons Han Yuxin to bring it on.

“Come, senior, I will fight with you to the end.”

Second Princess covers her forehead, is this fellow is crazy or an idiot?

“Not bad!”

Unexpectedly Han Yuxin only nods his head in satisfaction, “You are very interesting. Very suited to my taste.”

When Liu Yi hears this, his body starts trembling, “Senior didn’t you say…that you don’t have that orientation?”

“What the you damn little doll, what nonsense are you saying!”

Han Yuxin scolds angrily, “What I am saying is accepting you as a disciple!”

“Ah, as long as it is a no homo act …wait a minute…”

Liu Yi suddenly trembles, “Senior, what did you say? You want to accept me as a disciple?”

“Your ears are  not spoilt.”

Han Yuxin nods her head, “I want to accept you as my disciple.”

Second Princess is stunned, what the, what is this luck of Liu Yi’s to actually be accepted by the descendant of Heavenly Dragon King.

Such luck why did it not happen to this princess?

“ are the descendant of the Heavenly Dragon King, while junior is a demi-god ah!”

Liu Yi blinks with his entire forehead covered in sweat, “Shouldn’t the two of us be mortal enemies?”

Han Yuxin asks, “Hahaha, let me ask you, do you have any goodwill towards those gods?”

“Not really…after all I have never seen them before.”

“That is even better! I have also not seen a god before. I only know that they possess Nine Yang God Qi . While I find you t pleasant so I shall pass you all of the things that I know. But you can only accept me as your master. If you dare to accept any god as your master, hehe…even if you hide at the end of the world, I shall kill you!”

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Chapter 753    [Cake that fell from the sky]

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