MKW Chapter 752

Chapter 752   [Title below]

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After the two attacks, Liu Yi had already determined that the cultivation of this descendant of Heavenly Dragon King is already in the Heaven Realm.

If I still use the peak of Earth Realm strength to attack him, it will be useless.

After two probings, Liu Yi more or less has some findings.

His strength is around the same as Demon Emperor, which is around the beginning stage of 20th starjades.

Heaven Realm experts have the right to step into Heavenly Courts. Just that even if they enter the Heavenly Court, they are only lower-class existences.

Thus Liu Yi is a bit curious about a matter in his heart. Heavenly Dragon King’s descendant’s strength should not be very powerful and can only be considered as a small god. Can this kind of strength fight against the Victorious Fighting Buddha who Wreaks Havoc in Heaven?

Carrying this kind of suspicion, Liu Yi enters God Transformation and takes out his full strength to fight against Han Yuxin!

Nine dazzling small suns float behind Liu Yi!

This light shines in all corners of the dragon tomb causing people to feel that this cold dragon tomb seems to have warm-up slightly!

“This, this strength…”

Han Yuxin senses the qi that Liu Yi emits out and his expression is slightly shocked.

“Senior you need to receive this move properly ah!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he gathers all of his qi into his palm.

“Glorious Sun Palm: Extreme Happiness!”

He hits out this ultimate palm move!

From the sky, an enormous palm print descends as fiery flames burn on top of it!

Water is able to restrain fire but if the flame’s strength is strong enough, it is able to turn it around and evaporate water!

Right now Liu Yi is going for broke as he plans to force Han Yuxin to use all of his strength!

This flame palm of his is over a hundred meters wide. It is earth-scattering like the end of the world as is it press down!

“Interesting…really interesting…”

At this moment, Han Yuxin is slightly emotional as his body starts trembling like he is delighted.

At this moment he once again breathed out white fog.

This fog swiftly condense son his body and instantly form an enormous white giant!

This giant’s arm is very thick. Each arm is twice the thickness of his tights!

The giant’s head is the shape of a dragon which lets out a roar as it stretches out its arms and uses its body like this to block Liu Yi’s shocking palm attack!

The ground starts trembling and shaking!

The fog giant, under the strength of Han Yuxin’s cultivation,  remains firm and upright as it blocks Liu Yi’s enormous flame palm.

“Little Doll, although this final palm of yours makes me delighted! But, the temperature is far from enough!”

Han Yuxin stands there as he laughs in delight.

“But senior, I did not say that I will not make a move after three moves.”

This voice came from behind Han Yuxin and at that instant, Han Yuxin’s eyes widen.

“Sorry senior!”

An enormous asura hand flies out from the void and grabs Han Yuxin’s skinny and short figure.

Following which, the asura hand smashes Han Yuxin onto the ground!

“Sky Supporting Pilar!”

Liu Yi instantly changes into combining with Sky Supporting Pillar. As a Golden Fur Ape’s chief, Sky Supporting Pillar is bad at anything but strength!

The strength of Sky Supporting Pillar enters the two asura hands turning it from purple to golden black in color!

Taking advantage that Han Yuxin had not gotten up from the ground, Liu Yi’s asura arms keep smashing down on the ground.

-boom, boom, boom-

It is like a person playing drums as the earth trembles.

This trembling is not weak causing Second Princess to rock and nearly fall a few times.

“Gods…this strength …is so scary…”

Watching Liu Yi who keeps swinging his enormous arms, Second Princess finally understood just how scary the man that she is cooperating with.

Liao Wang is unlucky. Of all people to provoke, he went to provoke this fiend…he is just seeking death…luckily, I am smart enough and did not anger his bottom line!

Seeing this current strength, he has stepped into Heaven Realm…a Dragon King who had stepped into Heaven Realm…is living humbly in a small dragon palace in River Song! Tsk, tsk if this matter spread out, who would believe?!

“Hit for me!”

Liu Yi controls the two asura hands and clench together and smash the ground!

Hundreds of cracks instantly appear on the ground while Han Yuxin was smashed gods know how deep into the ground.

Liu Yi withdraws his asura hand before taking a deep breath.

This old fellow should have received some injury…this time round, I attacked with all my strength!

Although a sneak attack is a bit disgraceful, but there can never be too much deception in war! If I wish to defeat Han Yuxin t, it is impossible with using some brains.

“Senior, sorry.”

Liu Yi cups his hands towards the deep hole on the ground.

“Is…he defeated?”

Second Princess feels dazed as the stimulation that she had received is too much.

“More or less…just now I used all of my strength.”

Liu Yi recalls his early natural and unforced attack and becomes delighted. Unexpectedly fighting can be so satisfying.

“Hahaha…I must praise you…”

At this moment, from that deep hole came a burst of familiar laughter.

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he hurriedly looked down the hole.

At this moment the earth starts to tremble again following which the earth split into two as a figure jumps out and floats above the hole.

Who else can this short and skinny figure be other than Han Yuxin!

“Little doll, I did not think that you would also possess God Qi!”

God Qi?

Hearing this Second Princess’s gaze towards Liu Yi changes into seeing an aline!

Isn’t this fellow a Dragon King? Why does he possess God Qi?!

Han Yuxin is standing on two clouds as he asks Liu Yi, “Really didn’t expect that after so many years, I would actually see Nine Yang God Qi again…little doll, who on earth are you? Could it be that you are the reincarnation of some god?”


Liu Yi says in his heart. Bullshit, Nine Yang God Qi was something that I had obtained by coincidence after nearly dying!

How nice would it be if I am the reincarnation of some god, why would I suffer so much!

Or you can say that counterattack too difficult!

“To actually let a mortal obtain God Qi through cultivation…”

Han Yuxin becomes emotional, “No wonder you are in this current appearance…even I was tricked by you!”

“That’s right, this junior is a mortal.”

Liu Yi also did not have anything to hide and says, “Just that I was lucky enough to obtain dragon qi and cultivated to today’s step.”


River Song’s Dragon King….is actually not a dragon…

Second Princess had fallen into a lifeless state. She is unable to understand this matter.

I brought another race into the dragon tomb…I actually cooperated with another race…

“Hahaha, as another race you entered the dragon tomb, do you think that you will be able to leave this place alive?”

Han Yuxin also asks the same question causing Second Princess’s heart to tighten.

Liu Yi, he will die here?

“Speaking seriously before I can go to the dragon tomb, I am slightly apprehensive.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “But hearing that senior is inside this dragon tomb, right now I no longer have another mood. I only have the thought to fight against senior.”

As he speaks he loosened his bones and says, “Perhaps, I was originally an old foe of you?”

“What an arrogant little doll. Just based on you, you dare to wish to be my foe?”

Unexpectedly Han Yuxin laughs loudly, “You are still too lacking. Go and cultivate for another thousand years first!”

“If senior only has this bit of strength, then I believe that I do have a chance of fighting against senior.”

When Liu Yi finished he appears in front of Han Yuxin as his palm strikes at Han Yuxin’s chest.

Han Yuxin is a dao cultivator. If I rely on close combat, I can defeat this fellow.


While Han Yuxin only snorts as a stream of fog instantly spurt towards Liu Yi and sent him flying several ten of meters away.

At the same time, Han Yuxin opens his arms and let out a roar.

Instantly those dragon souls swimming around in the surrounding suddenly gather towards Han Yuxin and was breathed in by his nose!

“What the heck! You are a Vacuum Cleaner ah!”

Seeing Han Yuxin suck in over thousands of souls in the surrounding he instantly was frightened into sweating.

Those are all dragon vital qi! So much dragon vital qi were all sucked in by Han Yuxin, wouldn’t that be like Popeye eating spinach!

Indeed after Han Yuxin had sucked in all of the dragon souls, his entire body suddenly started expanding!

Originally he is a bit short but right now is is over 2 meters tall! Furthermore, his clothing also burst open revealing his burly body. That rock-like muscles are like sculptures, making Second Princess who is watching by the side nearly smitten.

Not only did he became a muscled strong man, but Han Yuxin’s appearance also turned younger and becomes a 30 years old youngster. His sword-like brows are rather handsome.

What the…what technique is this, youth recovering?

“To force me to use this move, a bit interesting.”

Han Yuxin’s voice also became more magnetic as he crosses his arms in front of his chest and says, “It has been two thousand years already…in this world only that brutish monkey had forced me to use this move. Didn’t expect that after two thousand years there is another youngster who is able to force me to use my real body!”

As he speaks, Han Yuxin puffs out fog and stomps on the ground with his right foot.


The ground starts trembling and Second Princess instantly falls on her butt while Liu Yi barely manages to stabilize his body.

Bullshit…this old man has eaten a Vigorous Pill to become so strong!

Tentative estimation is that his strength is around 21 starjades!

And this is just tentative estimation ah! If he is 22, 23 starjades…instant killing me is not a problem at all…

Right now, how am I supposed to fight?


Chapter 752    [Real Body]

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