MKW Chapter 751

Chapter 751   [Title below]

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Chapter 751 Give me a bit of surprise



Han Yuxin nearly pucked out his blood, three hundred moves?! Your head!

That is deranged!

“Little doll, are you joking? Why don’t I stand here and let you beat me?”

“Ah? If senior has this though, this junior does not mind.”

Liu Yi immediately nods his head, “Although saying it out is ugly, but to satisfy senior’s wish, junior shall suffer a bit and lose some reputation. It is alright.

“What the! You are bad-hearted!”

Han Yuxin nearly vomits out blood in anger, “To actually have the nerve. You make me angry!”

“Senior, it was just a joke, why do you need to take it seriously!”

Liu Yi chuckles, “You are a famous senior, how is it possible for you to lower yourself to junior’s level right?”

“Hmph, you doll, don’t think of using words to spur me!”

Han Yuxin snorts coldly as he uses the finger that he uses to dig his toe to touch his beard and says, “Senior has lived for so long, how can I be tricked by a junior!”

He jumps off the stone and lands on the ground.

Originally he was already very short and the moment he stands up it is equally appealing.

Liu Yi takes a careful look. This old man does not appear to be above 1.5 meters tall and is also a bit stooping. Standing there, he is no taller than a youth.

“I shall let you make three moves. After three moves, I shall take action.”

Han Yuxin stretches out two fingers as he smiles and says, “Young man, cherish these three moves of yours properly. Because after these three moves, you shall say goodbye to this world.”

“Liu Yi…”

Second Princess also gives Liu Yi a worried look. She does not know if she was right to bring Liu Yi to this place.

Originally she planned to rely on this man and cooperate with this man and then become the Queen of East Sea.

But currently…it is already a problem if Liu Yi can survive or not!

This point makes people at a lost!

“Three moves? Thank you very much senior.”

Liu Yi cups his hand before starting to gather his qi on the spot.

Seeing Liu Yi standing there not moving, Han Yuxin says impatiently, “Hurry up. I do not have a lot of patience.”

“Senior has already waited here for so many years, how would you mind waiting a bit longer?”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “The main point is that I need my strongest state to fight against senior, thus you need to give me a bit of time to gather my strength.”

The old man is curious as he asks, “Oh? Strongest state, what is that?”

“Doesn’t senior feel that my current appearance is a bit weird?”

Currently, Liu Yi is in the first stage of Dragon Transformation. He is over two meters tall and his hands and legs are in dragon claw form. His body is covered with black scales while a pair of wings flap behind his back.

“It is a bit weird. Since ancient times, there was never this kind of half-human and half-dragon appearance.”

Han Yuxin says, “What is this technique of yours?”

“This is a unique method of this junior’s, called Dragon Transformation.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out a finger and says, “My current form is the first stage of Dragon Transformation. Thus you see I have these dragon scales, dragon claws. This is just the basic form the most imperfect dragon transformation.”

Liu Yi stretches out a second finger, “Right now is the second stage of Dragon Transformation.”

The dragon scales and dragon claws on his body fade away.

His wings became smaller and tuck behind his shoulder blades as his eyes start to glow with faint fiery red radiance.

Sensing the powerful aura that surges from Liu Yi, Han Yuxin’s expression changes.

In a split second, this fellow’s strength increased by nearly a hundred times! It is impossible!

“Next is Dragon Transformation Three.”

Liu Yi stretches out another finger as his wings completely fold back as a dragon horn grow out from his forehead filled with invasive nature!

At the same time golden lighting arcs around his body. These lightning arcs are none other than the solidification of his strength!

“Good fellow…your strength can still increase…”

Han Yuxin is shocked, “Slightly interesting!”

Liu Yi’s eyes start to turn golden-red from red as he stretches out his fourth finger and says, “Next is Dragon Transformation Four…”

“You can still increase your strength?!”

This time Han Yuxin can no longer stand still. His eyes are filled with curiosity, Interesting. This is really interesting.”

-roaring sound-

Liu Yi spread his legs apart as he enters a horse stance. His strength starts gathering from the bottom of his feet and surges through all of the sunjades in his body forming a few cycles!

“Senior watch carefully!”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn completely golden as two rays of light erupt out brightening up the entire dragon tomb!

From Liu Yi’s back, a pair of golden wings emerge. It is not flesh wings but a pair of light wings!

Along with Liu Yi unfolding this pair of wings, it opens up over 10 meters long!

After extending, this wings very quickly fade into nothing but a surge of dragon’s might still remains in the dragon tomb making Second Princess unable to raise her head as she starts sweating.

This man…is very powerful…this unique Dragon Transformation technique of his…just where did he learn it from…so scary!

“Not bad, not bad. Really not bad!”

Not only is Han Yuxin not afraid, but he also starts laughing loudly, “It will only be interesting this way ah! This strength of yours is almost as powerful as that brutish monkey! No, no, no…I should say you are slightly stronger than that brutish money…bring it on, quickly make your move! I won’t wait anymore!”

Hearing that impatient voice of the old man, Liu Yi only feel the back of his scalp turning numb.

This old man, don’t tell me that he is gay!

Liu Yi becomes slightly worried.

“Quickly, use all of your strength and make me happy!”

Liu Yi suddenly understood. So this senior Han Yuxin is not a gay but an old reciever! Furthermore, he is a 100% extreme receiver! A super M!

“Then senior, please pardon junior for the disrespect.”

As Liu Yi speaks two rays of golden light suddenly erupted from his eyes as he flashes and instantly appeared in front of the old man. At the same time, he hits out a Glorious Sun Palm, carrying the power of Desolate Flames at Han Yuxin’s forehead!

“Bring it on.”

Looking at Liu Yi’s imposing palm, Han Yuxin only smiles faintly as he raises his arm. His dried-up palm received that attack.


When Liu Yi’s palm lands, he had used 100% of his strength! The full strength of a 18 starjade cultivator smashed onto Han Yuxin’s palm.

The ground under Han Yuxin’s feet sinks down by a meter as an over ten meter large palm print appears.

His body is in the center of the palm print as he smiles.

Han Yuxin says in content, “The peak of 18 starjades, not bad, not bad. For a person like you, this strength is not bad. It is a pity that compared to me, it is still not enough.”

At this moment Liu Yi realizes that in between his and Han Yuxin’s palm, there is a faint layer of water ripple.

This water ripple seems to be one of Han Yuxin’s techniques. To completely block my attack…too scary!

“One move has passed. You still have two more attacks youngster.”

When Han Yuxin speaks, the water ripple in his palm suddenly flooded out and transformed into a stream of pounding water wave which crashes into Liu Yi sending him into the sky.

But this water wave did not cause any harm to Liu Yi. Looks like Han Yuxin is deliberately lenient waiting for Liu Yi’s second move.

“Looks like senior is a Dao system expert. Then let junior use Dao techniques to attack senior!” 

In the air, Liu Yi takes a deep breath.

Facing water dao techniques, using lighting seems to be better. Liu Yi immediately combines with Pikachu and Sky Flipping Dragon’s black lightning floods through his body, making him feel strength surge through him.

He gathers this strength to his dantain and lifts it up to form a whirlpool. He aims at Han Yuxin below and breathes out a dragon breath!

-roaring sound-

Black lightning forms a whirlpool and descends from the sky. It is nearly twenty meters wide and is like the end of the world is coming!

“Not bad. A bit interesting.”

Han Yuxin is below the black lightning dragon breath. But his complexion did not change, instead, he smiles and says, “But just this bit of interest is still far from enough!”

Han Yuxin snorts and breaths out a white fog.

This white fog condenses together, swiftly forming an enormous white dragon head.

This dragon head has a pair of dragon claw which is very huge as it rams into the black lightning dragon breath!

-rumbling sounds-

Cracking sound keeps exploding out as the dragon head keeps tearing the dragon breath into shreds.

“Heavenly Dragon King’s descendant…is indeed very valiant…”

Second Princess who is standing by the side observing is very shocked.

Liu Yi is so powerful but is unable to injure Han Yuxin at all. Furthermore, Han Yuxin’s water dao technique is very unique to use fog to such a degree!

Only Liu Yi understands that this fog is no ordinary fog!

What is fog? Fog is the small water droplets in the air. When gathered together, it will condense to form fog!

As for Han Yuxing’s fog, every single drop of small water droplets is filled with enormous qi! When these water droplets condense together, how would the might be weak?

Han Yuxin is indeed the descendant of Heavenly Dragon King. This kind of technique is unheard of but is super powerful.

“You still have one move youngster. Cherish this opportunity. You must give me a pleasant surprise.”

As Han Yuxin speaks he rolls a stick of tobacco and placed in his mouth.

“Senior, smoking is bad for your lungs.”

Liu Yi first two moves were easily broken but he is very calm as he makes idle talk, “If you smoke until your lung is spoiled, in the future, it will be ugly if you breathe out black smog.”

“You are concerned about a lot of things!”

Han Yuxin sneers, “You better care about yourself! This is your last move!”

“Thank you senior for your concern. Then junior shall be impolite!”

Liu Yi releases his final strength.

God Transformation!


Chapter 751    [Give me a bit of surprise]

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