MKW Chapter 750

Chapter 750   [Title below]

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Where do dragons go when they die?

Near every single Dragon Palace, there will be a Dragon Tomb which is meant for burying a dragon after it had died.

Dragons will also age and die. After all, cultivation, if you are unable to break through the final stage, your lifespan will have a limit. Even if you are able to live for over ten of thousands of years, you are in the end still a mortal and will reincarnate. To be able to transcend reincarnation, transcend death, either you cultivated to the realm of god or comprehend Buddhism’s ‘Knowledge of past lives’ and transcend reincarnation.

Otherwise, even if you cultivated to an immortal and entered the Heavenly Court, you will still need to go through the Man and Heaven Five Wane and finally die.

Although the number of dragons that had transcended Heaven Realm is very few, only the Heavenly Dragon King had managed to reach God Realm. Just that Heavenly Dragon King had already fallen in battle and did not live a long time.

Dragon race relatively cherishes their body. Their entire body is a treasure from their dragon pearl to their dragon scales. Not a single part is not a precious treasure.

That is why after they die, their corpses will be coveted by other people.

Thus they had created a dragon tomb for themselves. When they feel like they are going to die they will walk into the dragon tomb and then lie inside as they quietly wait for the arrival of death.

At the same time when they die, they will leave behind a trace of vital qi which transforms into a dragon soul guarding the dragon tomb not letting outsiders enter.

Furthermore, only dragons themselves know the location of the dragon tomb and they will not tell any other races the location of the dragon tombs.

Currently, the Second princess is leading Liu Yi to the edge of the dragon tomb. The two of them pass through a seafloor cave and arrived in front of an enormous dragon tomb.

In front of Liu Yi is two very tall doorposts. Similarly, realistic dragons are carved into the doorpost.

“Behind this two doorpost is the dragon tomb,” says Second Princess as she points at the doorposts.

“There was obviously nothing ah…” mutters Liu Yi as he looks at the two towering dragon pillar vertical from the seabed.

“Hmph, there are also times when you are so stupid?”

Second Princess mocks, “Dragon tomb is an important place. Naturally, it is placed within an illusion barrier! Only those who possess dragon qi can enter.”

She suddenly transforms into a white dragon before letting out a dragon roar and passed through the two doorposts!

It is like she had entered an unseeable world! Clearly, she passed through the doorposts but she disappeared from the other side!

“What the, I don’t know how to transform into a dragon, what should I do?”

Liu Yi starts to sweat, why did she go in so fast?

He takes a step forward and tries to fly in, but his body went past the two doorposts but he did not enter the Dragon Tomb.

“Looks like if I don’t transform into a real dragon, I am unable to enter it.”

Liu Yi thinks rapidly and lets out a roar jolting the surrounding water away.

He instantly enters Dragon Transformation stage 1, transforming into a half-human, half-dragon appearance.

Instantly the doorposts change in his eyes. The two carved dragons on the doorposts seem to have come alive and start revolving around the dragon pillars before letting out a dragon hiss.

From inside of the doorpost, the scent of death can be smelt faintly. Liu Yi takes a deep breath before walking through the two doorposts again.

This time round, he did not land outside. Liu Yi feels like he had passed through a muddy zone and came to another place.

In front of his eyes is a boundless grassland. On top of the grassland is faint white fog. While in the surrounding is filled with enormous dragon bones as well as trees all over the place.

“Oh? This appearance of yours is rather interesting.”

Seeing the half-human, half-dragon form of Liu Yi, Second Princess mutters, “Compared to your human form, this princess prefers this appearance of yours. Very handsome!”

“Your taste is unique.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, fucking hell, the esthetic point of view of a dragon race ah…right now what is handsome about this monster appearance of mine…

“There is no one here ah…”

By the side, as Second Princess speaks, she walks to the front of Liu Yi and sticks her fragrant body onto Liu Yi. After which her hand starts caressing Liu Yi’s cheek as she exhales into his ear.

“You can do…whatever you want to do…”

Fucking hell…dragon ** nature!

Looks like her sexual thoughts are sprouting!

If it was in the past, perhaps Liu Yi might really be interested to go a round with her. But right now, he does not have the urge to have sex! Because currently, his urge to fight is already about to burst out.

He takes a deep breath as a powerful radiance burst out from his eyes.

Right now, the violence that he wishes to display is another kind of violence.

“This is not a good place to have sex.”

Liu Yi pushed aside Second Princess before looking deep into the dragon tomb, “There are a lot of eyes watching us in the surrounding ah.”

“You hateful man, you like to joke around. How is there oth…”

Second Princess stops speaking suddenly as her face turned slightly pale.

Surrounding them in all directions are wandering translucent white dragons.

They fly out from each dragon skeleton before flying back.

“Really a group of loathsome seniors…”

Second Princess knows that these are all dragon souls and pouts unhappily, “Could it be that this group of disrespectful old seniors really want to watch a show so badly!”

“It is we who are disrespectful old seniors or you guys are too blatant?”

At this moment from deep in the fog came a deep voice.

The two of them were startled as they did not sense that there are other people in here!

As they look over in the direction of the voice, there is only thick fog in front of them and they are unable to see a trace of anyone.

“Since senior came out, why is there a need to hide?”

“Aiyah, after being alone for such a long time, I originally wished to watch a good show but who would know that you two would act coy and keep hesitating. Really dull!”

As the voice speaks, it carries a bit of ridicule making Liu Yi cough drily.

“Senior you are already so old, there is no need to play such tricks. It is best to show yourself and let us juniors see you.”

“Since you wish to see this old man’s real appearance then I shall let you guys have a look. The current younger generation’s character is really impatient ah.”

While he is speaking, Liu Yi senses the surrounding fog suddenly starts to drift. Following which all of them gathers towards a direction!

Like the drainage hole for a bathtub suddenly being pulled open, those fog rushes towards a direction and starts revolving. Finally, in front of Liu Yi’s and Second Princess’s shocked gaze, all of the fog that had been gathered was all inhaled in by a wizened small old man far away.

What the heck! This old man is not even 1.5 meters tall but this vital capacity is too astonishing!

Such a large expanse of fog was inhaled by him?!

Just how much can this old man store in his stomach?!

The old man is sitting on a stone as he digs his big toe while saying unconcernedly, “Don’t be startled, the fog in this place is nothing but the water vapor that I breathe out.”

When Liu Yi heard this, he is startled…what the, are you for real? All of the fog in the surrounding is just his breathing?

The descendant of the Heavenly Dragon King…he seems to be quite powerful!

Liu Yi can summon clouds and rain but turning his breathing into fog, he is unable to do it.

{The descendant of Heavenly Dragon King seems to be a water attribute dragon…}

Lin Tong deduced and reminds Liu Yi, {If you really start fighting, you must take note.}

{Mm, I know.}

Liu Yi nods his head as he became more vigilant of this unremarkable-looking old man.

The descendant of Heavenly Dragon King which is also Han Yuxin digs his toe as he asks, “Talking about this, the two of you are not the Dragon King of East Sea right? That imp should not die so quickly, right.”

Perhaps Han Yuxin is the only one who has the right to call the East Sea Dragon King an imp.

But if I count properly, I am more than 500 years old t. But it is still okay as my mind is still young!

If I grow into a small old man appearance… I’d rather not be this Heavenly Dragon King!

“That…senior, we are…”

Second Princess thinks rapidly and wants to say something but unexpectedly Han Yuxin waves his hand and cuts her off, “Little girl doll don’t say useless things. I have lived for so long what do I not understand? You guys wish to take the dragon eye, right? As long as you defeat me, you guys can take the dragon eye away as you wish. I will definitely not block you.”

Second Princess’s heart instantly sank, defeat Heavenly Dragon King’s descendant…this, how is it possible?

Back then even Victorious Fighting Buddha also did not obtain any advantages how can Liu Yi do it?

“How is it, little doll do you dare to fight against me?”

Han Yuxin chuckles, “If you do not dare to then you can retreat from this dragon tomb and I shall let the two of you live. If you wish to fight…then you must first be prepared to die!”

Will I die?

A haze flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes.

During his lifetime he had met a lot of very powerful experts. Back then that Demon Emperor as well as the current Great God Sect Sect leader…especially the later one which is an existence that he is unable to face at all.

But because of fear then I would not fight? If that is the case then perhaps a  heart devil will start to form in my heart and from then on it will be difficult for my cultivation to progress!

So what if the enemy’s cultivation is powerful? While a person is alive how can he not fight to his heart’s content!

Deep in Liu Yi’s soul, there seems to be something that keeps shouting, {Fight…fight!}

Seeing  Liu Yi’s uncalm manner, Han Yuxin asks, “Little doll, what is your decision?”

“We…shall temporarily go back.”

Second Princess pulls Liu Yi, “Wait till we go back then we can make a long term plan…”

Ao Na did not expect that Han Yuxin would be so unyielding and wished to fight.

This causes her to be at a loss, thus she wishes to bring Liu Yi back and slowly think over a countermeasure for this situation.

But Liu Yi shakes his head and walks forward two steps before saying, “Since senior wishes to fight then how can this junior dampen senior’s spirit? But senior is an expert that had become famous so many years ago while I am only a nameless junior. Why don’t you yield to me a bit?”

“You are quite quick-witted. Fine then, how many moves do you want me to let you have?”

Liu Yi raises three fingers.

“Three moves?”

“No, no, no. Not three moves.”

“Three moves still not enough? Okay, then how many moves you want?”

“Not much, not much. Three hundred moves!”


Chapter 750    [Yield me a few moves]

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