MKW Chapter 749

Chapter 749   [Title below]

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Towards the Second Princess’s lack of moral principles, Liu Yi is tired.

Now that there are no people, Liu Yi asks, “Talking about this. What is the matter of the Secret Keeper that you were saying earlier?”

“It is the Secret Keeper of the Dragon Eye.”

When Second Princess talk about this she becomes cocky again, “In the Dragon Palace of the Four Seas, other than the Dragon King, only another person can know the location of the Dragon Eye.”

She winks her eyes at Liu Yi, “The reason is very simple. If something happens to the Dragon King, there will still be another person who is able to ensure the safety of the Dragon Eye as well as pass it on. You can also say that this Dragon Eye Secret Keeper is decided behind closed doors to be the next dragon king. That is why as you have seen my older sister and younger sister both wish that I would die earlier. But younger sister is a bit foolish and shows it too openly. My older sister is two-faced and puts on an appearance of being friends with me. But in reality, she just wishes to obtain the location of the Dragon Eye from me. You have also seen the East Sea Dragon Palace is so prosperous, who does not wish to inherit it?”

“Although inheriting is good, but I prefer to rely on myself to work hard.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Especially being the son-in-law for you, it is destined to be bullied by you girls for an entire lifetime, so what is the point?”

“Hmph, male chauvinism.”

Second Princess sneers, “What is bad about being kept by a woman? Without woman where did you guys come from? A long time ago in this world, even humans were ruled by women! Let’s not talk about this, right now there is even Womanland where women hold full powers and are even more civilized than your human society!”

She placed her hand on her waist and says, “When this princess is sightseeing all over the place, I had once gone to Womanland. That place is sincerely harmonious, furthermore, the environment is very good. Take a look at your human society everywhere is mutual deceptions, darkness, and war!”

Womanland? In this era, there is actually this kind of place?

Liu Yi reckons that this kind of place should be almost the same as the sects in the cultivation world hidden within the illusionary barrier.

He really does wish to go to this kind of place and take a look. He is rather curious.

Liu Yi counter asks, “But women being together, wouldn’t there be fighting?”

“Hmph, if there are none of you men, why is there a need for women to fight?”

Second Princess hits the nail on the head making Liu Yi somewhat gloomy.

“Fine then, let us not discuss about these. I do want to know where is Womanland?”

“You wish to go to Womanland? As a man, you can forget it. You are not a woman so you are unable to enter.”

Second Princess sneers as she tries to make Liu Yi give up this thinking.

“Why? Why are men unable to enter Womanland?”

Liu Yi is curious, “Back then didn’t Tangseng and his three disciples enter? Furthermore, they were very well-received.”

“What you have seen is nothing but the beautiful side that was recorded.”

Second Princess sneer, “The author of the Journey to the West had only gathered these tales from the marketplace and then compiled them before beautifying it. You know what kind of place is Womanland? Do you know of its history?”

“I know. It is a place where everyone is a woman.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, the heaven of men ah. Even Zhu Bajie that super ugly man is a hot property when he went there. Wouldn’t that means that any ordinary man might die of excessive ejaculation when he went there?

“Indeed you are a  stinky man. Only know the first but not the second.”

Second Princess sneers, “Back then Womanland did not exist. At the very beginning, it was established by 12 celestial fairies who got demoted down to the mortal world as their hearts were set on the mundane. To punish them the Heavenly Queen shut them in Womanland not allowing them to go out. The people in Womanland could rely on drinking the water of River Mu to be able to reproduce their descendants and did not need a man at all. That is why there are only females and there has never been an appearance of a guy. Later on, when Tangshen and his three disciples went there, they attracted countless love debts. Especially Tangseng that lecherous monk who took liberties with the queen of Womanland. He cheated her heart before finally leaving making her wait bitterly for so many years and finally she went mad.”

“Wait a minute, what did you say? Tangseng is a lecherous monk?”

When Liu Yi heard this he got a huge shock, “I did not hear wrongly right! Isn’t Tangseng a senior monk who achieved the Dao? For all living things, he went to obtain the Buddhist text which is why he went on the Journey to the West?”

“What a joke!”

Second Princess sneers, “Tangseng is a senior monk? That was all beautified? He is the reincarnation of Golden Cicada, after reincarnating he became a dissolute monk! Finally, he was forced onto the mission of journeying to the west. The Buddha says that if he did not journey to India to obtain the scriptures, then he can only be a monk for a lifetime! To break away from this bachelor fate, only then did Colden Cicada make the journey to the west. But on the way, he, on the contrary, gained enlightenment and was conferred the title Buddha of Sandalwood! That heartless rat forgot about the love debt that he had left behind in the mortal world!”

“Cough, why is it that the Journey to the West that I heard from you turn into a sinister version?”

Second Princess’s mouth twitches, “That is because what you read is a novel. Novels are things that are beautified. The real immortal history is not like that. Wait till the day when you become the Heavenly Dragon King then you will know a lot of things that you do not know.”

“Fine then, but what is the matter with you saying that I will not be able to enter Womanland?” Asked Liu Yi again as he really wishes to go and take a look at Womanland.

“Because the Queen of Womanland, to wait for Tangseng, keeps standing that the entrance of Womanland to wait for the return of Tangseng. But the people from Womanland, ultimately will age. To let Tangseng return to see her youthful appearance, the Queen sealed herself into a large stone and keeps watch there. Thus from passion, Womanland started to loathe men so much so that they abhor them! The current entrance of Womanland is defended by an ancient sect which are the cultivators from Womanland. They are called White Dress Sect. The people in the sect hate men and prevent any man from entering Womanland. Their strength is not weak and inside there is also the existence of Heaven Realm experts. If you wish to enter Womanland, hmph, it is super difficult!”

“So it is this kind of story…”

Right now Liu Yi is getting more and more interested in the cultivation world. In the past, he only saw those external sects and later he got to know of the inner sects. Right now he also starts to get in touch with the Four Seas, Heavenly Dragon King and even the characters in the Journey to the West.

No wonder mortals wish to cultivate. Other than living longer, it is an entirely new world placed in front of them.

This is…the dream of chunibyo!

Liu Yi cannot help but ask the Immortal World little Baidu in his body, {Immortal Fox sister, do you know of these matters?}

{I do not know a lot about these, can be considered as knowing a bit.}

Lin Tong says lazily, {After all this miss had always lived in the Demon Realm. I know most of the Demon Realm history. In the six realms, there are a lot of stories. Wait till you cultivate to the stage of Realm Crossing Guardian and travel through the six realms, then you would know.}

{Mm, I will do my best.}

Liu Yi feels like he has another reason to cultivate.

Liu Yi asks, “Right now where are we going? Go and obtain the East Sea Dragon Eye?”

“You are really anxious!”

Second Princess rolls her eyes, “You think that Dragon Eye is that easy to take? There is a very scary fellow guarding it…although this princess knows where the Dragon Eye is, but this princess does not have the privilege to enter! Only the East Sea Dragon King is able to enter it freely.”

“Scary fellow? Who is it?”

“He is called Han Yuxin. I also heard of him before…”

Second Princess is somewhat nervous, “Legends say that he was the descendant of the Heavenly Dragon King. Later he and East Sea came to an agreement and he stayed at the mouth of the spring guarding it. Back when Victorious Fighting Buddha came to our East Sea to snatch the Stabilizing Sea God Pillar, he also had some thoughts about the mouth of the spring but he was unable to defeat senior Han Yuxin…”

“What the, you are not joking with me?!”

When Liu Yi heard this he jumped to his feet, “Don’t tell me that you swindled me to East Sea just to let me say hello to an old monster?”

Second Princess says, “Nevertheless you do need to come right? It is not like you suffered a loss, perhaps there might be a way of getting past his guard.”

“What method?”

“That is your question, not mine. This princess brought you to East Sea and give you a cover. I will also bring you to the location of the Dragon Eye, what else do you want? Do you think that this princess is a god? If this princess is a god when would I still need to cooperate with you?”

Second Princess’s temper flares up as she fires off questions rapidly, making Liu Yi cough drily.

“Forget it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Let’s go and take a look.”

Descendant of Heavenly Dragon King is it? Thinking about it is rather interesting. Don’t know how strong he is. I do wish to challenge him.

It seems like there is a desire to fight in the bone of Liu Yi, making him excited as his blood sped up.

Sensing Liu Yi’s excitement, Lin Tong mutters, {Indeed gods are all warlike.}

Hearing this, Liu Yi’s heart is moved, {Oh? All gods are warlike?}

{Of course, all of them are fighting fanatics. How else do you think the six god race is chosen? That was chosen through fighting! In the nine layers of heaven, what the gods like the most is fighting. Every day they are fighting each other, there is not a day where they are idle! Whoever defeated the god race will become the new god race! Whoever who is able to defeat the God Emperor…cough, then you will become the new god emperor and obtain supreme prestige!}

{Sure enough ah…}

Liu Yi sensed the surging blood in his body. Becoming a quasi-god also has this kind of side-effect?

But…Han Yuxin, Heavenly Dragon King’s descendant, just how strong are you? Let me test you!

Liu Yi follows Second Princess to a place where there are few people. Finally, they walk out of the scope of East Sea Dragon Palace to a slightly dark sea area.

Within this place, Liu Yi seems to sense a surge of strength that seems to be beckoning him. 

His blood starts boiling as his fighting urge starts to be excited!


Chapter 749    [Womanland]

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