MKW Chapter 747

Chapter 747   [Title below]

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Right now Liu Yi understood why Ao Na is so arrogant.

She indeed has the capital to be arrogant. That East Sea Dragon Palace is battering his line of sight!

At this moment, only did Liu Yi know just how ‘small’ River Song Dragon Palace is.

In the past, he had always thought that River Song Dragon Palace is very big, but now he knows that it is just a small village!

East Sea Dragon Palace is incomparably large. The entire marine trench as far as the eye can see is an imposing palace! Around the palace are dragon pillars that reach towards the sky. These dragon pillars are nearly 100 meters tall reaching towards the top of the sea hiding a portion of it.

In the surroundings of the dragon palace, rows of soldiers are pacing back and forth. Liu Yi observes a bit, complete 360-degree coverage without any gaps!

The guards are so tight ah!

Liu Yi starts to contemplate. If my army starts invading, then where should I attack from first. If I want to withdraw, which direction is the best?

Liu Yi floats in the water and starts letting Little Jade scan the entire East Sea Dragon Palace’s map.

At this moment a shout comes from in front of him.

“Who dares to get close to my East Sea Dragon Palace? Report your name!”

Ao Na transforms back into her human form as she floats by Liu Yi’s side and starts scolding, “You dog slaves, don’t recognize who this princess is?”

When the prawn soldiers see Ao Na, they immediately salute at once.

“It is really this slaves mistake for not knowing that it was Second Princess returning! We request Second Princess to punish us!”

Seeing those prawn soldiers who are bowing and bending their knees, Liu Yi cannot help but shake his head.

Although these prawn soldiers look to be quite impressive but they have a gilded exterior while shabby and ruined on the inside.

Too weak. Don’t even have the courage of a soldier and are of a slave nature!

Perhaps this is the style of East Sea which really makes Liu Yi unhappy.

Being a son-in-law in this kind of place…perhaps it is just as bad.

One of the prawn soldiers look at Liu Yi and ask, “Second Princess, who is this person?”

Second Princess place her hand on her waist as she glares and berates, “How dare you, is this what you should be asking?”

When her princess temper appears, it frightened the prawn soldiers into trembling.

“So-sorry Second Princess. This slave knows my mistake!”

“Still not hurrying and lead the way for us!”

“Yes! Yes!”

How would this small prawn dare to talk back to the Second Princess? He immediately grovels and leads the way in front.

Second Princess gives Liu Yi a delighted look which clearly says, ‘This princess is impressive, right’.

Liu Yi did not reply and only stretches out a finger and points up.

This meaning is also very clear. Second Princess is very smart and immediately understood it. Liu Yi’s meaning is, ‘You are impressive because there is someone above you’.

Second Princess is very gloomy, damn it, would he die if he praised me a bit?

Since Second Princess cannot scold out loud, she can only swallow down this anger. Since young, the amount of anger she had suffered is more than in her entire lifetime!

Liu Yi follows behind that prawn soldier and walks deep into the East Sea Dragon Palace. From time to time, he would meet a rows of sentries. The defense is very tight.

Seeing this, Liu Yi cannot help but transmit to Second Princess, {Your East Sea is too cautious. Every ten steps there is a sentry, is this a prison?}

Second Princess shrugs her shoulders and replies, {There is no choice. Back then a certain brutish monkey caused havoc in the East Sea and also took away our East Sea’s Sea Stabilizing God Nail. From then one, East Sea’s defensive became a lot stricter.}

Liu Yi cannot help but laugh, {Hey! Even if there are these guards, if he really comes to create trouble, would they be able to block?}

{This…is better then nothing.}

Second Princess is also somewhat lacking in confidence. Indeed with his strength, these prawn soldiers and crab generals are indeed not enough.

{Although the Dragon Palace of Four Seas are very powerful but compared to the heavenly court as well as the Sukhavati it is nothing.}

Second Princess can only say, {Since ancient times, there had only been a single Heavenly Dragon King who is able to fight against the gods in the 9 layers of heaven. As for the rest of the Dragon Kings, there was not a single one of them that had stepped into the heaven realm. How are they able to fight against the Heaven Realm on the first layer of heaven? Speaking frankly we are just the small government under the heavenly court which is in charge of helping the Heavenly Court to look after the four seas.}

She sighs faintly, {Back then Four Seas were independent, furthermore, the powers were in a chaotic war. Everyone wished to the king of the Four Seas. Until finally when Heavenly Dragon King came into being and unified the Four Seas. But Heavenly Dragon King’s nature was slightly eccentric and always did things on his own. The rumors say that after he had subdued the Four Seas, he had never followed the request of the Heavenly Court to summon clouds and rain, instead, he caused floods and drought continuously. Finally, the Heavenly Court was furious and sent people down to suppress the Four Seas. With the strength of a single person, Heavenly Dragon King challenges the entire Heavenly Court and after which he fought all the way up to the ninth layer of heaven and started a war against the 6 great races and finally fell.}

Hearing this Liu Yi’s heart is moved. That Heavenly Dragon King actually had this kind of history?

This makes Liu Yi fascinated. Creating legend, creating history, is there anything more moving than this?

Back then I had also created a story of the Sword Emperor…just that it was a tragic story.

Liu Yi cannot help but praise, {Looks like this Heavenly Dragon King is equally as powerful as the Victorious Fighting Buddha ah.}

{What a joke. How can the Victorious Fighting Buddha be compared to Heavenly Dragon King?}

Second Princess gives Liu Yi a look, {Before gaining enlightenment, although that Victorious Fighting Buddha was very powerful but he can only fight to a stand-still against Erlangshen. In front of the Fourth Layer Heaven West Buddha, he got beaten. But later after his journey to the west to obtain the scriptures, he became the Victorious Fighting Buddha. Henceforth he comprehended powerful buddha qi and his strength increased by quite a bit. As for our Heavenly Dragon King, with the strength of a single person, he fought against the Heavenly Court and Sukhavati. If it was not for the Deities in the 9th layer of heaven taking action how would he have fallen!}

When speaking about this, Second Princess’s face became arrogant.

Liu Yi is fascinated in his heart, {Just how strong is that Heavenly Dragon King…I wish to experience it.}

Ao Na says, {Wait till you have gathered all the Four Seas’ Dragon Eyes and open the Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum then you will be able to experience it. But whether you are able to accomplish it or not, this princess is waiting to see.}

{Fine, let us watch and see together.}

While the two of them are talking, they had already reached the main hall.

An enormous door appears in front of Liu Yi. It is almost 100 meters tall with two dragon pillars by its side. On the doors, a realistic large golden dragon is engraved.

Above the door hangs a board with four ancient characters written on it.

<East Sea Dragon Palace>

By the side of the doors stand two enormous whale soldiers.

The two giant whale soldiers are around 40 meters tall each. They are wearing deep-sea refined golden armor as well as holding enormous axes, looking very majestic.

Liu Yi blinks his eyes as he had thought that he had seen a realm crossing guardian.

The interior of the main hall is a dazzling sight. Precious pearls are inlay all over the place making it very extravagant.

Liu Yi observes a bit and realizes that the ground is actually made from gold! Fucking hell, could it be that this East Sea Dragon Palace is super rich?

Could it be that back the Victorious Fighting Buddha came here to borrow magic weapons, isn’t it just asking other people to snatch?

After entering the main hall, he immediately sees two rows of water creatures standing by a golden red carpet.

The golden-red carpet continues onwards, stretching over a few hundred meters until it finally extends upward and stops in front of an enormous golden throne.

A tall and strong Dragon King is sitting in that enormous golden throne.

Different from Ao Huang that old dragon, this Dragon King in front seems to be in his middle-age. His body is sturdy and the dragon aura on him is very powerful.

Behind the Dragon King stands two beautiful clam women. They are holding a palm-leaf fan as they slowly fan the Dragon King.

Currently, it seems to be the court had just started. As a water creature is currently speaking to the Dragon King.

What the, this is basically like a small imperial court ah! How is that Dragon King any different from an Emperor!

Liu Yi’s gaze sweep around slightly and instantly sees a tall guy standing at the very front. That guy is bald and tall, his muscles are like rocks as his aura shows off his ability. As a dragon hunter, Liu Yi is very sensitive towards demon qi. He immediately is able to smell it and understands. Looks like this fellow is that deep sea god turtle that Ao Na says to be the prime minister.

Upon entering, Ao Na says, “Royal Father, daughter has returned.”

Liu Yi is actually a bit nervous in his heart. If Ao Na suddenly betrays him and says the truth, then he can only start a war.

Although he does not fear the strength of this East Sea Dragon Palace, but for the development of River Song, right now is still not the time to start a war.

“So it is Ao Na ah, it is good that you returned.”

The Dragon King glanced at Ao Na before saying calmly with a trace of prestige behind his voice.

A palace girl what looks like Ao Na but appears more mature slowly says, “How was your fun when you went out this time?”

Liu Yi glanced at her and realized that the man standing beside her appears similar to Ao Susu and immediately knows who he is.

The First Princess of East Sea and the one standing beside her is Ao Susu’s older brother Ao Tian.

Currently, Ao Tian had his eyes slighted closed and seem to be sleeping while standing.

“Still not bad, big sister. You should also stop nesting in the East Sea. Next time, you should go out with me.”

This Second Princess’s relationship with her older sister seems to be quite harmonious, their conversation is clearly normal.

The First Princess laughs bitterly, “There is no need. Me and Ao Tian still need to assist Royal Father to manage this East Sea Dragon Palace, how would I as carefree as Second Sister and go have fun all over the place.”

“Aoyah, Second Sister came back really in time ah.”

At this moment another girl’s voice appears.

Liu Yi turns to see a younger-looking girl who is wearing a brocade cloth and gauze skirt as well as wearing all kinds of pearl accessory on her hair, very luxurious.

“I still thought that older sister was avoiding me and was not coming back.”

“Little sister, how can you say such things.”

Ao Na bears with her unhappiness in her heart and chuckles, “We are family, why is there a need to avoid you. As an older sister, I am eager for you and your husband to come back a few more times. Isn’t that right, Third Fuma?”

[TL: Fuma is Emperor’s son-in-law]

As she spoke, she puts on an act and gives that Third Fuma all kind of coquettish glances.

The pretty boy by Third Princess’s side immediately trembles from head to toe before laughing.

Instantly the Third Princess’s expression turns ugly.

Liu Yi says in his heart, what the heck, it is a woman’s conflict!


Chapter 747     [Female war]

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