MKW Chapter 746

Chapter 746   [Title below]

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“You actually followed me here.”

As they journey towards the East Sea, Ao Na gives Liu Yi a weird look and asks, “Are you not afraid that this princess will betray you?”

“Isn’t your dragon pearl in my hand?”

Liu Yi plays with Ao Na’s dragon pearl like twirling glass marbles in his hand as he watches Ao Na’s panicking look.

“If you wish to reincarnate, you can give it a try.”

“If this princess insists on tricking you over into a life and death struggle trap?”

Ao Na’s says unresigned, “Is this princess like a person without any moral integrity?”

“NONONO!” Liu Yi wags his finger, “You are not like, you are that.”

“Damn it! To actually look down on this princess…be careful that this princess has a life and death struggle with you! Somemore, stop playing with it already! That is not marble, that is my most precious dragon pearl ah!”

“This thing is much more fun than marbles.”

Liu Yi continues to twirls Ao Na’s dragon pearl around as he says, “Furthermore, you need to know one thing. The reason why I dare to come with you is not that I am holding onto your dragon pearl. You need to believe that my strength can allow me to escape from the besiege of the East Sea Army even if you risk your life to have a life and death struggle with me.”

Right now, Liu Yi possessed strength in heaven realm which means that he can do whatever he pleases in the human realm.

If it was not to cultivate his army’s strength, he would be able to eliminate the Four Seas on his own.

Eliminating is easy while conquering is very difficult. And what Liu Yi wants to do is to conquer. This way it can allow his army’s strength to greatly increase!

“You are too conceited !”

Ao Na reminds Liu Yi, “This princess cannot be bothered to expose you but I must first tell you that the East Sea strength is not as weak as what you thought! Although we do not have a prince, but the strength of my older sister’s husband and younger sister’s husband is not that weak. Both of them are experts of earth realm. Liao Wang is nothing compared to them.”

Mentioning about those two people, Liu Yi recalls what Ao Susu mentioned to him previously before he left.

“Husband, when you reach the East Sea, you must be careful of my older brother.”

A woman is born to leave her family. After Ao Susu become Liu Yi’s, she wholeheartedly belongs to him.

“My second brother Ao Tian is a smiling man with evil intentions. You must never take what he says seriously!”

Recalling till here, Liu Yi asked, “That older sister’s husband and younger sister’s husband of yours, what kind of people are they?”

“This princess’s older sister’s husband is also the Second Prince from your River Song which is also my East Sea military adviser.”

Ao Na starts mentioning about Ao Tian, “Talking about this, although River Song is very small but those few princes are rather famous. The Crown Prince Ao Yan is currently an official in the Heavenly Court, eating the rice bowl from the Emperor. As for Second prince Ao Tian, he lives with his wife in my East Sea which is also considered as having a patron. It is a pity that that Third Prince Ao Lie is still young. Talking about him, I did not see him this time round when I went there, where did he go?”

This question from Ao Na causes Liu Yi to cough.

After coughing, Liu Yi hurriedly changed the topic, “That…other than those two men in East Sea, are there other impressive people?”

Where else can Ao Lie go? He got killed by me and his head was cut off as well.

Although it was not on purpose, but he is still Ao Susu’s older brother. Although about it it is also fate. If it is not because I killed Ao Lie, I would not have gotten to get to know Ao Susu, nor would I become the owner of River Song Dragon palace.

Although Liu Yi does not like fate, but sometimes he has no choice but to be rueful about the wonder of fate.

“East Sea naturally has a lot of impressive characters! But they are not dragons but other creatures.”

Talking about that, Ao Na becomes slightly delighted, “For example, our prime minister, his original body is that of a deep sea god turtle and he is extremely valiant! Within our East Sea Dragon Palace, perhaps other than royal father, he is the strongest.”

“A turtle can also be powerful?”

“You are looking down on us water creatures!”

Ao Na’s mouth twitches, “All creatures in the world can become a demon or an immortal or even Buddha! You who belongs in the cultivation realm, you actually do not know this kind of principle? Sun Wukong cultivated out from a stone!”

This sentence from Ao Na causes Liu Yi to tremble from head to toe.

It is like…I had sunk into the center of a misconception.

Everything in the world can become an immortal or buddha! Back then wasn’t I the same? With a mere mortal body, I stepped into the cultivation world!

As for a turtle cultivating to a large accomplishment, why would it be impossible?

Aren’t all living things equal?

Liu Yi feels that the Buddha Qi in his body seems to have faintly improved!

As his mental state promotes, his cultivation can promote as well!

Currently, Liu Yi’s state is that all of the different qi in his body are very abundant.

But he is like he had reached a bottleneck. For example, his body is currently like a basin. If he wished to contain even more water, he must change his body into a bathtub. Otherwise, even if even more water is added in, it will overflow that’s all.

Currently, even a single type of comprehension will allow Liu Yi to enlarge his current body’s container.

His strength had reached 17% transformation. With another 3 %, he will be able to completely light up his second sunjade and start lighting up his third sunjade.

“Thank you.”

When Liu Yi sensed his Buddha Qi improving, he turns around and thanks Ao Na.

“Thank me? Thank me for what?”

Ao Na is startled, no knowing why Liu Yi is thanking her.

“Thank you for growing so pretty.”

Liu Yi also did not explain more and only speaks idly.

“Hmph, glib tongue fellow.”

Ao Na more or less feels overwhelmed but she originally had the arrogance of a princess thus she still has a haughty look on her face and snorts coldly.

Liu Yi did not look into it as the two of them continue to fly forward.

The two of them are experts. Even though Ao Na still had not reached earth realm, she is not that weak. Furthermore, she is also a dragon thus in the water, she is like right at home.

Especially after entering the East Sea, Ao Na lets out a cry and transforms into an over 40 meters long white dragon and swims even faster in the sky.

After Ao Na transformed into a dragon, she turns around and asks, “Why are you not transforming into your original body? I still do not know what your original body looks like!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi hesitates.

How would I have an original body? I am a human ah…just that occasionally I can transform into a dragon, just that it is half-human half-dragon. I am unable to transform into a real dragon form.

Liu Yi follows by the side of the white dragon calmly and says casually, “I like the human form.”

Ao Na mocks, “How is human form good? Too weak !”

“What you say is too wrong .”

Liu Yi laughs and says, “Human’s body is the most perfect existence in this world, golden proportion. Furthermore, the cultivation speed is even faster and more convenient. You say your flesh body is strong but those Buddhist monks, they had cultivated an unbreakable body that is countless times stronger than of a dragon!”

Ao Na says unconvinced, “Hmph, we dragons also can cultivate! Dragons are also the king among demons!”

“You must admit to this point right? You are a dragon ah, how can you speak for other races!”

“Didn’t you tell me that all living things can become immortals or even buddha! Since you have this kind of awareness why think highly of yourself? Clinging to your race will cause your line of sight to be obstructed.”

“Tsk, why did you suddenly become so philosophical again. So boring!”

Ao Na suddenly has an urge to play, “If you have the ability then come and chase this princess ah, catch this princess then princess will admit that what you say makes sense!”

She swings her tail before suddenly speeding up and speeds away like a torpedo.


Liu Yi smiles faintly. Although he is unable to transform into a real dragon, but one of his cultivations is the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra.

It is an ice technique which is related to water.

In the water, Liu Yi also completely let go of himself.

Furthermore, he also combines body with Washing Machine. Water Qilin is the darling of water making swimming a piece of cake.

Liu Yi swims speedily in the water. He is like a shark braving the waves, his speed almost reaching the peak.

Liu Yi is like not affected by the water resistance. Those who do not know would have thought that he is flying!

Ao Susu is delighted. Without the streamlined body of a dragon that Liu Yi will not be able to exceed me.

She turns around and takes a look and nearly bit off her tongue.

That Liu Yi is swimming so speedily and instantly overtook in front of me!

How is that possible! He is clearly in human form and is faster than me!

Dragons are the king in water right?

I am worst than him in other things, could it be that I am slower than him in swimming as well?

Ao Na is unable to understand this guy.

Just what kind of monster is he? He does not seem to be an ordinary dragon!

[TL: well he is not a dragon but a dragon slayer]

Where did River Song find such a powerful fellow to be the Dragon King? That Ao Huang had been muddled for an entire lifetime, just how did he find such a good son-in-law?!

“Slow down…wait for this princess!”

Ao Na starts to feel strenuous swimming and no matter what she does, she is unable to catch up to Liu Yi.

“It is you who is too slow.”

Liu Yi is speaking relaxingly. He even turns around and swims backward as he looks at Ao Na. He smiles complacently making Ao Na clench her teeth.

This fellow…is too shameless! Really wish to beat him up!

But am unable to defeat him, which is the biggest problem!

Ao Na finally has no choice and can only plead, “Don’t be too fast, not far away in front is the East Sea Dragon Palace!”


Liu Yi turns around and slows down.

Indeed in front of him in a distance away is an enormous earth marine trench. Situated in the center of the marine trench is an imposing palace!

Although this dragon palace is at the seabed but there is a mysterious barrier protecting it that is why ordinary people are unable to discover it. Only cultivators are able to see it.

If ordinary people are able to see it, perhaps this kind of thing would have been reported in the news.

When Liu Yi sees the East Sea Dragon Palace he is shocked at the same time.


Chapter 746     [East Sea Dragon Palace]

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