MKW Chapter 745

Chapter 745   [Title below]

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Although the 2nd princess of East Sea is not the prettiest among the 3 three princesses, but she is the smartest.

Although this guy in front of her had killed her fiance but Ao Na, Liao Wang is originally not important as well. Their marriage is nothing but a way for Black Dragon River Dragon Palace to climb their way up the large pillar of East Seal.

Especially the fact that he is unable to satisfy Ao Na makes her wish to find an opportunity to get rid of him.

Right now he got done in by Liu Yi, can be considered as fulfilling her wish.

Furthermore, seeing the ambitious new Dragon King in front of her, Ao Na can only recall a sentence.

How can a golden unicorn be a person of no particular talent!

This man, in the future he will definitely be able to fight out a large territory that belongs to him!

I should make a gamble…otherwise, I might become the second sister that will always be looked down on by my youngest sister.

How can this be!

Ao Na is very smart. She understands that as a girl, if she wishes to have honor then she must have a powerful man!

As for this Liu Yi in front of me…it seems like he is a good choice!

Right, then let’s gamble! After all, even if I lose I would not lose anything!

“Right now I’ll give you a chance and let you be my East Sea’s son-in-law. What do you think?”

Ao Na’s sentence causes everyone to be shocked.

What did this woman say?

Her fiance just died…and she starts to seek for the next fiance?

This woman is too cold?!

“Really is a prostitute!”

6257 curses but considering she is the 2nd princess, he says it softly. Thus other than Liu Yi, no one really heard what he said.

“How is it? This is a one in a blue moon opportunity!”

Ao Na thought that Liu Yi is moved thus she tempts again, “Wait till you become the son-in-law of East Sea, then you can have anything that you want. Especially since my East Sea current does not have any male who inherits. My royal father only has us, three daughters. If you become the son-in-law, perhaps the one who will inherit East Sea might be you. Think about the East Sea’s strength. Wouldn’t possessing East Sea be even more impressive than being the prince of a small River Song Dragon Palace?”

Ao Susu becomes nervous clenching her fist as she stares at Liu Yi.

She cannot confirm if Liu Yi might agree to her?

One must say that what Ao Na says would immediately make any other dragon obediently board her car!

Becoming the son-in-law of East Sea is indeed a hundred times better than being coped in a small River Song! But if Liu Yi becomes the East Sea son-in-law, then I would have no status. At that time, perhaps I can only be Liu Yi’s concubine. But if that is the case, I will suffer from the bullying of Ao Na.

She does not mind being a concubine, but making her status be below Ao Na makes Ao Susu cannot stand it.

But it is a pity that the one who heard it Liu Yi.

He smiles faintly and says, “It sounds rather tempting. The son-in-law of East Sea, perhaps the other dragons would be snatching for this position until their heads burst, right?”

“Of course. There are too many people who wish to marry this princess.”

When Ao Na starts discussing about this matter, she becomes slightly arrogant. She props up her chin with her hand and says, “But right not this princess is giving you this chance and you are still not grateful?”

“Apologises, I feel that you have thought wrongly.”

Liu Yi looks at Ao Na and says, “Strength is not something that you can wait for people to gift to you. It is something that you should rely on yourself to obtain. I, not only have ambition, but I also have confidence. River Song Dragon Palace is my base camp. The Dragon Palaces of the Four Seas are the target of my invasion. If I abandon my base camp, wouldn’t I no longer have any foundation? Me without any foundation, how can I conquer the rest of the seas? Furthermore, River Song Dragon Palace is a group of brothers that I had personally lead. If I discard them, then what kind of empire can I establish? Ao Na, 2nd princess of East Sea, if you were me, how would you choose? A momentary honor and glory or companions that can fight alongside me till the end?”

Ao Na was stunned by Liu Yi’s question. She blanks out for a while not knowing how she should reply.

Only then did she realize that she is not smart. Instead, she had become confused. 

This guy is different from those guys that I had met in the past who try to curry favor from me. He is the very first guy who truly entered my discerning eyes!

In comparison what does Liao Wang count as? What does my little sister’s man count as?

Liao Wang is bold but not very astute. Furthermore, he does not have aspirations.

As for my younger sister’s man? Hmph, just a gigolo! What kind of future prospects does he have! As for this man in front of me, within the four seas, he will definitely have accomplishments!

That is why Ao Na says those things hoping to be able to lure him into her embrace!

You can also call it as an intelligent woman’s investment!

But the other party rejected her which is something that other male dragons are unable to reject. But Ao Na is very smart. She thinks swiftly and has a new idea.

“Fine then, even if you do not wish to be my husband, but I feel that you should take a trip with me back to East Sea.”

“Do you think that I am an idiot?”

When Liu Yi heard this he does not know whether to laugh or cry as he looks at her.

At this moment, Ao Na is calm as she says slowly, “Don’t be in a hurry to reject this princess first. Listen to what this princess says. In our East Sea there is an item that you must obtain. With my help, you will be able to do it with half the effort. If you do not take this item, you do not have the right to become the Heavenly Dragon King who unifies the four seas”


Hearing this, Liu Yi creases his eyebrows, what does Ao Na mean?

“This princess is not lying about this matter. You can ask the Old Dragon King as well.”

Ao Na stretches out her finger and points at Ao Huang, “Wanting to be the Heavenly Dragon King of the Four Seas, what kind of terms are required!”

Liu Yi’s gaze lands on Ao Huang as Ao Huang nods his head as well and says, “I indeed forgot to tell Dragon King. If you wish to be the Heavenly Dragon King that leads all of the water creatures, you must collect the four Dragon Eyes of the Four Seas. According to legends, this is something that the Heavenly Dragon King left behind. Only by obtaining this four Dragon Eyes then you would be able to open to Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum and obtain the inheritance of the Heavenly Dragon King.”

“There is also such a thing?”

Liu Yi becomes interested.

{Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum!}

Lin Tong who is on Liu Yi’s shoulder starts jumping about, {That is a good place ah! The legends say that it is a place where the treasures of the Heavenly Dragon King are hidden!}

{Immortal Fox sister knows about it?}

Liu Yi feels that his Immortal Fox sister is like a small Baidu!

{Of course, who in Demon Realm does not know about this Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum! If you want to talk about the two biggest hidden treasures in this world, then number one would be the 5 spirits hidden treasure while number 2 is the Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum hidden treasures! Legends state that Heavenly Dragon Mausoleum has the inheritance of Heavenly Dragon King. The person who obtains the Heavenly Dragon King’s inheritance will possess a great magic power to unify the Four Seas!}

{Is it so extraordinary?}

Liu Yi is a bit speechless when he heard this. A fellow who had already died could leave behind such large strength?

{Of course. This Heavenly Dragon King is an existence who had already exceeded the Realm Crossing Guardian. Legends say that back then he could fight the Water God of the Six Great Gods into a standstill! The hidden treasures that he had left behind, how bad could it be?}

{Sound like he is quite awesome…}

Liu Yi considered for a while as he mutters, “But why did she tell me this…”

Ao Na smiles, “Because this princess hopes that you will be able to unify the Four Seas. At that time, you will be the Heavenly Dragon King of the Four Seas and you will confer me the title of East Sea’s Queen!”

One must say that Ao Na’s sentence causes Liu Yi to be startled.

This woman has this kind of ambition?

Military Blade reminds Liu Yi, “Maybe this woman is tossing out bait. Her words cannot be trusted.”

Ao Na crosses her arms, “This is a gamble. After all, no matter if you go to East Sea or not, this princess will not lose out. But, if you wish to get the Dragon Eye of East Sea, you should make a gamble for this. In the East Sea, only this princess and my royal father know of the location of the Dragon Eye. After you miss this opportunity, even if you have the power to invade the East Sea and seize the position of the East Sea Dragon King, that stubborn royal father of mine will not tell you the location of the Dragon Eye. Without the Dragon Eye, you will not be able to open the Heavenly Dragon Maulousem.”

Liu Yi asks Ao Na, “Are you not afraid that after I have obtained the Dragon Eye I would kill you afterward?”

Ao Na only smiles, “You are excessively cautious. Didn’t this princess say that this is just a gamble? You are gambling while I am also gambling. If you really do not believe me, then no worries. I can give you my dragon pearl.”

Ao Na parts her lips slightly and spits out a white pearl.

That pearl floats in front of Liu Yi and lands on his palm.

When the pearl lands on his palm, Liu Yi feels slightly warm and at the same time filled with vitality.

“Right now my dragon pearl is in your hands. As long as you crush it, all of my cultivation will be lost.”

Ao Na’s challenging gaze lands on Liu Yi, “I had already placed the stakes, do you dare to?”

“Why not?”

Liu Yi waves his hand and withdraws the dragon pearl, “Just making a trip to the East Sea, why would I not dare to? Military Blade, you are in charge of the training of the Drawf Crawfish. Duan Feng, you and Old Dragon King shall work together and be in charge of the internal affairs of the Dragon Palace. Wait till I have returned from the East Sea then we shall make an expedition towards Black Dragon River.”


Since Liu Yi had already decided, the rest no longer say anything else.

They know that with Liu Yi’s nature, he does not like to listen to other people making thoughtless remarks. Saying it nicely is decisive. Saying it badly, it is obstinate and self-opinionated.

But Military Blade and the rest believe that what Liu Yi does have is his own reasoning.

“You are going to the East Sea?”

Ao Susu looks at Liu Yi with a bit of worry.

“Mm, there is no need for you to accompany me over. Carefully watch over our base and help me oversee.”

Liu Yi turns around and gives Ao Susu a hug before whispering warming into her ear, “Wait for me to come back…and we continue our dual-cultivation…”


Ao Susu’s face turns red, “You relax. I will protect this place properly as I wait for your return in triumph.”

“Haha, good! Second princess, let us set off!”


Chapter 745     [Dare to go to the East Sea?]

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