MKW Chapter 744

Chapter 744   [Title below]

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Old Dragon King stands there calmly and strangely, did not stop Liu Yi.

He knows that sooner or later the situation will raise. If River Song Dragon Palace wishes to develop, it is impossible to be peaceful anymore.

Since they are going to do it, then they shall do it bigger!

Liu Yi, the new Dragon King of River Song, we are relying on you!

“You, you dare to harm me!”

Liao Wang roars in anger, “You dare to harm me! I shall exterminate you, all of you!”

“No worries. You still have three more claws. We can slowly play.”

As Liu Yi speaks he stands up before his palm pressed down again.

Another enormous black sword descends and chops off another arm from the black dragon.

Liao Wang almost dies from the pain. His vision turns black and if it was not for the valiant body of a dragon, perhaps just from the blood loss he would have fainted!

“You, you are so daring! Ahhhh! I, I am going to kill you! Kill you!”

Liao Wang had very quickly lost all of his intelligence. When had he received this kind of pain!

But he does not have any way to retaliate and can only lie there being pressed down.

“You, you are a madman!”

Ao Na finally is unable to sit still as she stands up. She covers her mouth as she says to Liu Yi, “Do you want to lead your River Song Dragon Palace into ruins?”

“No. I am re-establishing the prestige of River Song Dragon Palace.”

Liu Yi stands on top of the Asura Door as he looks down at the East Sea 2nd princess, “The prestige of River Song has been thrown away for to long. From today onwards, no one is allowed to shame River Song Dragon Palace anymore!”

“Prestige is not something that you will get when you want it. It is exchanged from your strength!”

East Sea 2nd princess cannot take it as she reminds that slightly arrogant fellow above her. Just the dragon king of a small tributary river, daring to say such arrogant words!

“Strength? If you wish to see my River Song’s strength I can give you this chance.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stands on the Asura Door. He is carrying an unquestionable aura as he says, “I can go back and find your royal father or even bring your East Sea army to come and find me! I, Liu Yi shall let the world know that today, River Song Dragon Palace does not fear any challenge. Any water race can come and challenge us! No matter who it is. If they wish to defeat us then they must first be prepared to be defeated by us!”

“Arrogant! Too arrogant!”

Ao Na stomps her leg after being badly angered by Liu Yi’s attitude!

Growing up so big I have always been pampered. When had I been treated by other people like this before!

Liao Wang regain some consciousness and scolds, “River Song Dragon King! You bastard who is bringing about your own destruction! As long as I do not die, I shall get the Black Dragon River Dragon Palace to invade you fools! I shall destroy all of you!”

“Reaching this point why do you still not understand?”

Liu Yi jumps off the Asura Door and flips in the sky before landing in front of Liao Wang’s dragon head.

Liao Wang’s pair of yellow eyes glare at Liu Yi furiously as he keeps roaring as 

Liu Yi crosses his arms ignoring that black dragon roars as its enormous mouth puffs out 

“Looks like you still do not understand.”

Liu Yi sighs and raises his palm.

The Asura Doors were lifted up by Liu Yi before disappearing.

Black Dragon Liao Wang is startled and seems to understand something. He laughs as he flies into the sky.

“Hahaha, in the end, you are still afraid! My Black Dragon River creatures are an existence that you cannot touch! Now obediently hand over your life and I this crown prince will spare your woman’s life!”

As he speaks the black dragon twists in the sky before roaring and charges at Liu Yi, trying to use his teeth to bite Liu Yi, into shreds.

The black dragon has powerful physical attacks. But it is not that good in magic attacks. Their flesh body is strong with enormous strength.

But in front of Liu Yi, it is all useless.

He stretches out a finger and flicks it against the nose of the dragon.

At the same time, he combines with Sky Supporting Pillar as enormous strength surges through his body.


This nearly 100 meters long black dragon was flicked away by a single finger from Liu Yi and crashes into the ceiling of the Dragon Palace causing a large part of the ceiling to collapse.

“Alas did not control my strength properly and spoiled the ceiling…looks like I will be nagged at later.”

Liu Yi glance at Old Dragon King’s bitter expression as a chill runs down his spine. He then stretches out his hand towards the black dragon flying out.

“Come back for me!”

A purple asura hand appears from the void and stretches through the broken ceiling and grabs the black dragon like grabbing a small snake before pulling it back and got smashed into the ground heavily!

“God, gods…”

Ao Na’s leg softens and nearly collapsed onto the ground.

This, this Dragon King…just how strong is he?

Liao Wang is an earth realm expert but in front of him, he is unable to fight back at all.

What, what is going on…

Liu Yi points at the fainted black dragon Liao Wang and ask Ao Susu by the side, “Susu that fellow shamed you earlier what do you want to do to him?”

“Kill him.”

A savage light flashes across Ao Susu’s eyes, “Not only did he shame me, but he also shamed my royal father as well as you and even the entire River Song Dragon Palace! If we do not kill this kind of fellow then where is the honor of my River Song Dragon Palace?”

Liu Yi looks at Old Dragon King Ao Huang and asks, “Old Dragon King what do you think?”

“It is already like this, why don’t you just kill him.”

Ginger gets spicier as it gets older. Old Dragon King who had placed everything down thus he says fiercely, “If we let him off, perhaps Black Dragon River Dragon Palace will gather their strength and immediately invade us. Why don’t we just kill Liao Wang and cut off this tumor? At the same time attack them without them noticing!”

“I approve of Old Dragon King’s idea!”

Military Blade also raises his hand, “Let’s conceal this news first. Wait for me to train up the dwarf crawfish then…hehehe…we will be able to go all out!”

“Oh, good. Then what does everyone think we should do about this woman?”

Liu Yi waves his hand and delightfully cuts of Liao Wang’s dragon head. At the same time, he digs out his inner dan and tossed it to Lin Tong in his body.

An inner dan of a dragon is like a super-powerful supplement to Lin Tong. This way her cultivation will be able to greatly increase.

{Really great!}

Indeed Lin Tong lets out a delighted cry, {How nice would it be if we can get a few more dragon inner dans! This miss strength will be able to catch up with you sooner or later! At that time, we will be able to dual cultivate without problems!}

What the! Does Immortal Fox sister think that this thing is a condy, still wanting some more.

“Don’t, don’t kill me!”

When they look at Ao Na, this second princess of East Sea nearly falls apart. She is trembling as she sits there hugging herself with a pale face, completely horrified.

Old Dragon King says coldly, “Let’s kill her. Only by making her shut up would we be able to protect the secret of our Dragon Palace! As well as buying precious time for our development!”

Liu Yi sweat, Old Dragon King changes his way to quickly.

Military Blade also nods his head, “That’s right. Killing her is the best choice. If she does not die, her threat to us is big.”

“Don’t kill me…I beg you…killing me has no benefits to you! At that time, at that time when my royal father knows about it, he will definitely become mad and send his army storming over! You, you guys can first imprison me as a hostage first! There is no need to kill me!”

At this moment Ao Na seems to have become slightly smarter.

Liu Yi nods his head, “Indeed there is no need to kill you. After all, although you are slightly arrogant but you still have not touched my reverse scale.”

When he speaks about the reverse scale, Ao Susu’s gaze turns warm as she looks at Liu Yi.

Relying on this guy…is  good…

No matter what happens, he will stand in front of me and protect me.

Who would not love this kind of man?

“But we will also not let you off.”

Seeing Ao Na letting out a breath of relief, Liu Yi adds on, “If we let you go back, perhaps East Sea and Black Dragon River will instantly send their army over.”

Ao Na’s right hand trembles as she says, “I, I guarantee that I will not say anything…”

“Hmph…who can say that it is true?”

Liu Yi sneers, “From what I see, only the dead can keep secrets. You should be lighting up incense and praying as I have not killed you yet.”

“You,…are not afraid of my East Sea?”

Ao Na is unable to comprehend why is this new Dragon King is so arrogant.

When the strength of the four seas add together, even if it is the heavenly courts, they also need to be afraid of the consequences. Although their East Sea is not the strongest, but it is not something that a small River Song Dragon Palace can handle!

“There are some matters which are not like you will not do, just because you are afraid.”

Liu Yi’s eyes are bright as he looks at Ao Na and says, “Even if we turtle up in River Song will you guys let us off? Take a look at Liao Wang. He dares to think of seizing my wife. Why? Isn’t it because of you guys are “stronger” than us? If you feel that this place is a place where the strong eat the weak, then we can only do our best to climb up the food chain! I will not obediently be your food. I, shall top the pyramid!”

Liu Yi’s gaze is like two sharp knives stabbing into Ao Na making her shiver.

This guy is scary…

He seems to not be an ordinary dragon! 

From him, Ao Na sees something that other dragons do not have!

“I admire your ambition.”

Seeing that he would not kill her, Ao Na calms down before saying, “You are different from the rest of the dragons. You are filled with an invasive nature which makes me feel like you are different from the rest. So I hope that you won’t go and die.”

She narrows her eyes and looks at Liu Yi before saying. “You see, my fiance has died. If you are willing, I can marry you and let you be the son-in-law of East Sea.”


Chapter 744     [2nd princess’s terms]

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