MKW Chapter 743

Chapter 743   [Title below]

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“So what if she is married?”

 Liao Wang spits in disdain and says, “In this world the strong are respected! Even if I take her as my concubine you dare to say anything?”

He glanced at Old Dragon King before glancing at Liu Yi, “You as well, this so-called new Dragon King, you dare to say anything?”

“I indeed do not dare to say anything.”

Liu Yi pushed down his anger and waves his hand saying, “But crown prince please consider three times. If crown prince is determined to snatch away my wife, I will not say anything but I will risk my life and fight it out.”

Liu Yi’s sentence causes Ao Na to raises her eyebrow as her gaze lands on the new Dragon King.

“Oh? You dare to speak!”

Liao Wang stands up from the chair. He subconsciously releases his dragon aura. “As the noble crown prince of Black Dragon River Dragon Palace, would I be afraid of a small River Song Dragon Palace? Let me tell you. Letting your wife be my concubine is me respecting her. Just based on you, none of you are worthy of holding my shoes! So don’t force me to be angry! Otherwise, you guys will not be able to accept the results!

Watching Old Dragon King shake his head nervously, he endures it, “Crown prince please reconsider.”

“Reconsider your head!”

Liao Wang directly scolds, “Let that dragon girl come over! Don’t make this crown prince be angered! Otherwise, I shall let the Black Dragon River Dragon palace destroy this broken place of yours!”

Liu Yi gently presses down on Ao Susu’s shoulder before asking that arrogant Liao Wang in front of him, “Looks like crown prince is insisting on tearing off his face then?”

“What! Tearing away face? What do you mean by tearing away face? It is me who is giving you guys face? It is you guys who are not giving me face!”

“Since that is the case I shall also send you these words.”

Liu Yi straightened up and no longer bends his knees.

“If the crown prince does not put our River Song Dragon Palace in your eyes then there is no longer any need for my River Song Dragon Palace to be polite to you!”

He puts on the golden Dragon Emperor Armour as a powerful dragon aura surges out and fills the entire Dragon Palace. “Whoever who wants to be the enemy of my River Song, we will not let them have a good time!”

Ao Susu raises her fist and waves it around as she says in delight. “That’s right. Husband, I support you!”

The guy she loves is a guy with an indomitable spirit. He is not a fearful coward!

Old Dragon King covers his forehead as his expression turns very ugly.

“Alas…in the end they are still fighting…”


Liao Wang starts laughing loudly instead. “Really are a group of fellows who are overestimating their strength! Just based on you, you want to go against this crown prince? Do you know what a high-rank dragon is?”

As he speaks he lets out a dragon roar as a pair of horns immediately grew out from his head as his strength greatly increases!

“This crown prince is an earth realm expert! Among you these fellows, who can block a finger of mine?”

River Song is well known for being weak. It seems like other than the crown prince who is an earth realm expert, the rest were all rubbish.

Thus Liao Wang does not place them in his eyes.

This time Liao Wang wants to let them know what is called a difference in strength!

He exercises his joints and says arrogantly, “Looks like after my Black Dragon River Dragon Palace did not display out might for a long time, the ants are also starting to not fear us.”

Old Dragon King makes his last effort, “Crown prince, crown prince don’t use force! After all, my River Song is also the relatives of the East Sea…”

“Hahaha, you still wish to count as East Sea?”

Liao Wang turns around and looks at Ao Na who is sitting on the golden throne lazily, “Nana, what do you think?”

“Go and disciple your slave properly.”

Ao Na’s reply causes Old Dragon King to be slightly in despair, “But do it fast and don’t disturb me.”

“Nana relax. I would not take long to deal with this old thing.”

Liao Wang smirks causing Old Dragon King’s heart to chill.

“I believed wrongly…”

Old Dragon King kneels on the ground with a pale face, “I had always thought that enduring will get leniency…”

“There are some people that you can be accommodating. For others, if you are accommodating it will only make them feel that you are good for bullying and become more arrogant.”

Liu Yi comforts Old Dragon King, “But relax. From now on, River Song Dragon Palace will no longer be bullied by others. Even if it is the East Sea, we will not bow and fawn over them anymore.”

When Ao Na heard what Liu Yi says, she finally cuts in, “You are rather interesting. Don’t know if I should say that you are stupid or ignorant. Do you know how powerful the East Sea is? If our army comes over how is your River Song going to go against us?”

“Hahaha, 2nd princess you must be big boobs but no brain right?”

Liu Yi mocks coldly, “I do want to see how your army is going to come bearing down on my River Song. That army of yours, how many can survive in the river? Even if all of them come, how much fighting strength do they have left? Do you think that those race in the seas is as tyrannical as dragons?”

Most of the creatures of the seas are unable to survive in the freshwater body. Thus even if they come into River Song their combat strength will be greatly weakened.

Those that have real deterrent strength are the four seas Patrolling Sea Yakshas.

But Black Dragon River also has a number of Yaksha thus Liu Yi’s and Military Blade’s next step is to subdue those yakshas.

Yaksha is different from the rest of the races. They do not live together in large groups. Instead, they live alone. But even if he has to search the entire Black Dragon River, Liu Yi also wants to capture all of those Yaksha into his hands!

Yaksha is the strongest soldiers among the water creatures. For example, the rest of the prawn soldiers and crab generals are the ordinary forces then Yaksha is the special forces.

“What a large nerve!”

Hearing that Liu Yi actually scolds that she has big boobs and no brain, Ao Nu is angered as her princess temper appears.

“Liao Wang tear his mouth off for me!”

“Yes, my princess.”

Liao Wang smiles sinisterly as he clenches his fist walking towards Liu Yi.

“Scum you are asking for it yourself. Wait for me to take your head and peel off your dragon skin.”

As Liao Wang speaks, he flashes and appears in front of Liu Yi as he gives him a slap.

He did not hold back for this slap. If Liu Yi only had the strength of Old Dragon King then this slap will take his life.

It is a pity that Liu Yi is different from what he had expected.

Liu Yi only raises his arm and blocks that slap head-on.

At the same time, he raises his right leg high up and does an axe kick on Liao Wang’s head.


Liao Wang who possesses the strength of an earth realm was instantly smashed into the floor underneath him creating a large hole in the floor.

Liu Yi withdraws his leg as he looks at Liao Wang who is not moving.

“Whoever shall become the enemy of my River Song shall end up like this.”

Ao Na’s eyes widen in shock. Liao Wang is an expert with who had lit up 12 starjades! He was instantly defeated by the Dragon King of River Song?

“Damn…damn it…”

After Liao Wang regains his consciousness very quickly. He did not know what happened earlier, just that he was defeated by that new dragon king.

When he realized that he is sprawling in front of the new dragon king, other than pain, he senses deep shame!

Thus Liao Wang immediately roars and climb to his feet with red eyes and rams into Liu Yi’s stomach.

Sensing that this fellow is going to go to risk his life. In other words, it is like a street brawl!

Liu Yi who entered the Dao with martial is basically unparallel in terms of close combat fighting.

He did not dodge, instead, he raises his knee and knees Liao Wang in the face.

Liao Wang’s body raises into the sky, the blood from his nose flies up even higher.

Liu Yi stretches out a hand and grabs Liao Wang’s ankle before pulling him down and smashes him into the ground.

“Asura Door!”

A large door with ghost face covering the it descends from the void before smashing into Liao Wang pressing him down under the two meters tall Asura Door.

“You think that you will trap me like this?”

Liao Wang roars as he starts to transform!

Liao Wang’s original form is a nearly 100 meters long black dragon!

That black dragon lets out an enormous dragon roar before twisting his body trying to shrug off a mere small Asura Door.

Liu Yi forms a seal with a hand before roaring, “Big!”

Instantly the Asura Door starts growing bigger!

Instantly the originally two meters tall Asura Door becomes over ten meters tall, both thick and heavy!


Liu Yi makes another seal and it is another six Asura Doors which descend one by one with booms smashing onto the black dragon, pressing down on him until he does not have any temper left.

“What, what is this strength! This is not the techniques of a dragon race!”

“It is you who had seen too little of the world.”

Liu Yi leaps up lightly onto the Asura Door and sits on top of it as he looks down on the black dragon that was pressed to the ground unable to move and says, “Right now do you still dare to look down on my dragon race?”

“Damn it, what do you count as, to dare to ride above this princes head!”

Liao Wang is still unconvinced as he roars, “As long as this crown prince orders it, Black Dragon River’s army shall destroy your River Song Dragon Palace! At that time, I shall capture your woman and turn her into my slave! I shall chop off your dragon head and turn it into my chamber pot!”

A flash of ominous glint flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, “Idiot!”

He raises his hand as four enormous black swords appears in the sky, all four were created from his dark power.


His palm press down and one of the swords drop on one of the dragon claws of Liao Wang.

Instantly golden blood sprays out along with the shrieks of Liao Wang. That dragon claw was chopped off and blown to the side by the spray of the blood.

“My, my hand, my hand!”

Liao Wang screams as the pain keeps battering at his head.

“Do you still dare?”

Liu Yi sits on top of the Asura Door. His tone carries a surge of chill killing intent making everyone present tremble.


Chapter 743     [Unable to endure any more]

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