MKW Chapter 742

Chapter 742   [Title below]

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Since ancient times, Dragon Palace had rules.

A Dragon King can only be taken up by a dragon. As for the rest of the creatures, if they wish to become Dragon King, it is going against Heaven Laws~

Only dragons can summon clouds and rains. This is the millennium rule!

When Old Dragon King heard this his expression changes.

Liao Wang swings his sleeve, “What a good Ao Huang ah. You are so daring to let a human be the Dragon King? I see that you are sick of living?”

He was unhappy and now he finally found an opportunity to let out his anger thus he will not let go of the chance.

As for the conversation between the two of them, it causes everyone in the Dragon Palace to become nervous.

Liu Yi is indeed human…this is River Song Dragon Palace undeclared secret…now that other people know of it, what should we do?

If this was transmitted to the immortal world…perhaps River Song Dragon Palace might really become part of history!

Even Ao Susu secretly clenches her fist not knowing what to do.

At this moment Liu Yi finally says, “Hey who says that I am not a dragon?”

As he speaks, he stood up from the golden throne and walks down.

“Do you think that I am unable to determine if you are human or dragon?”

Liao Wang sneers, “You don’t even have any dragon aura and you still wish to lie to me?”

“That’s right, you are not a dragon!”

Ao Na also sneers, “Didn’t expect that when I came out to take a walk, I would meet this kind of troublesome matter. Really is troublesome. Liao Wang, settle this matter properly. This princess wants to eat, bath and rest!”

“Understood. Nana, let me deal with this matter.”

Liao Wang turns around as he smiles widely. He gives Old Dragon King a malicious look as he says, “Ao Huang. This time you cannot blame me for being unreasonable. Wait for judgment from the heavenly courts!”

Liu Yi sighs, “Do you think what you say count? Why is your IQ so low?”

“What do you mean? You dare to look down on me you fake?”

Liu Yi did not say anything as he sighs deeply.

Golden light exploded out from his body before his Dragon Emperor armour covers his body.

Powerful dragon aura exploded out from all directions from his body and engulfs the entire Dragon Palace!

Strong dragon aura spread out like this makes everyone unable to endure it!

A dragon’s body is quite good. Dragon aura is ineffective towards their own people.

This is…dragon aura? How is it possible? Why did I not sense it earlier?

Liao Wang is in disbelief as he stands there looking at the guy in Dragon Emperor Armour.

This is Dragon Emperor Armour ah. The real Dragon Emperor Armour!

Even if it is a dragon king, maybe one in ten thousand would be able to summon this armour!

The legends say that only the real emperor of the dragon race is fit to possess dragon emperor armour!

Even my Black Dragon River Dragon Palace also does not have anyone with Dragon Emperor Armour! Even in the four seas, there are only three people who possess Dragon Emperor Armour!

Right now this small River Song Dragon Palac has a person who possesses Dragon Emperor Armour? How…how is this possible!

“How could it be Dragon Emperor Armour?”

Ao Na’s eyebrow raises, “I know, it must be a counterfeit product. My East Sea also has a lot of this counterfeit product. A lot of crown princes in the four seas like to wear it. Did not expect that River Song also has a counterfeit product.”

So it is a counterfeit product?

Liao Wang let’s out a sigh of relief and feels more comfortable in his heart.

“Right now you are no longer suspecting my identity, right?”

Liu Yi does not bicker with them about the Dragon Emperor Armour’s matter. Instead, he only wished to send away this 2nd Princess who is passing by.

As for that fiance of her’s, he will be settled when I deal with the Black Dragon River!

“This way is also good. Save the inconvenience.”

2nd Princess walks over and sits on Liu Yi’s golden throne and orders, “Immediately prepare good food for this princess! Hurry up, this princess is about to starve!”

That 2nd princess acts like she is the master which makes a lot of the people in the Dragon Palace unhappy.

Liu Yi is also unhappy but he has to give Old Dragon King face.

He looks around before saying, “Didn’t you hear what the 2nd princess said? Still not preparing the food?”

“Duan Feng come over.”

“Yes, Commander.”

A member of the Scarlet Cloth Guard that was demoted under Military Blade’s request immediately steps forward and respectfully waits by the side.

Liu Yi had quite a deep impression of this fellow called Duan Feng. As he is the most rarest butler type talent in Scarlet Cloth Guards.

Originally Chen Dahai wished to leave him at Hongxin to be the second in command and manage the company together with him. But Military Blade using the reason that Hongxin is too dispersed and stubbornly transferred him over.

The reason why River Song Dragon Palace is so orderly, other than Old Dragon King, it is mostly because of Duan Feng’s contributions.

“Go and arrange food for 2nd princess as well as a room. Oh…prepare this crown prince a room as well.”


Duan Feng immediately turns around and deal with it while Liao Wang is slightly unhappy.

Why am I like a person who is cadging a meal, furthermore, it is also all thanks to the 2nd princess?

Do I look like a fucking gigolo? I am clearly very black, okay?

Liao Wang is unhappy as he snorts, “I want to eat deep river crab! Still not going to prepare it for me!”

By the side, Old Dragon King hurriedly says, “Really am sorry! But our Dragon Palace does not eat our own people! We have other food which is not bad. Does crown prince want to try?”

Liao Wang says unreasonably, “Nonsense! This prince only eats deep river crab! I don’t eat anything else! If you don’t take out deep river crab then do not blame me for getting angry!”

Old Dragon King hurriedly makes peace with Liao Wang, “Crown prince calm down, calm down ah! Deep river crab right, I will immediately send people to arrange it now now! I am going now!”

Laio Wang berates, “Get going then! Don’t make this crown prince wait too long! Or this crown prince will get mad!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I am going now, I am going now!”

Ao Na says arrogantly, “Don’t forget to send up this princess first! If you send it up late, then do not blame my East Sea for falling out!”

“Immediately handle it, immediately handle it! The two of you rest here for now! Quickly fan the 2nd princess! Also, Xiao Cui come over and massage crown prince’s leg!”

Dragon nature **. Even if a person already has a fiance, as a male dragon, he can still be intimate with other girls. Female dragons also would not care about this kind of matters. So much that sometimes they themselves might also have an affair with other males.

Thus even when two palace maids stick to Liao Wang’s body and intimately massage him Ao Na does not mind.

Liao Wang placed a hand on one of the palace maids’ butt and squeezes and she does not mind. Her gaze is placed on the males swimming about in the hall, seeking those guys that she is interested in.

As for coming out to see ice sculptures, it is just saying.

Actually, the other reason why Ao Na came out is to find a suitable guy to **with.

Liao Wang is too disappointing already. Sometimes he even makes Ao Na feels like he is not a dragon!

Capability is too weak and did not give her enough pleasure! A lot of times, before she cums, this shit had already fired his gun already!

This makes Ao Na really unhappy. Especially when her younger sister returned and keep bragging about how powerful her man is, Ao Ma is even more uncomfortable!

Her gaze keeps looking around as she looks at Liu Yi, Military Blade and even that Old Dragon King.

Liu Yi appears to be very ordinary and seems to be like a stone placed there unable to attract anyone’s attention at all. Thus Ao Na only looks at him a few times before no longer paying any attention to him anymore.

On the other hand, she glances at Military Blade and Duan Feng a few more times.

Their vigor seems to be quite good. Don’t know how good is their strength in that area?

Hope that they are not like Liao Wang which is a quick shot.

“Where is this crown prince’s and 2nd princess’s feast? How long will it take?”

Liao Wang shouts from time to time, presenting his might. While Liu Yi did not say anything as he stands there while watching the anime that Little Jade is playing. What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve.

Old Dragon King and Duan Feng keep busying by the side attending to these two ‘honored guest’.

Liao Wang is sick of the two palace maids when his gaze suddenly lands on Ao Susu who is standing by the side like a post and his eyes instantly brightens up. “That woman! Come over and massage my leg!”

Ao Susu instantly got startled before clenching her fist.

Old Dragon King is also shocked as he hurriedly says, “Crown prince, crown prince. She is not a palace maid. She is my daughter ah…”

“Rubbish, this crown prince had already sensed the dragon aura on her!”

Liao Wang glares at Old Dragon King, “If it was not your daughter I would then not call her over! Letting her massage my legs is thinking highly of her! Hurry and come over! This crown prince is calling you! Why are you taking so long?”

Liao Wang calls out again but Ao Susu still did not move.

Liao Wang scolds, “Are you deaf? Could it be that you want this crown prince to personally invite you over?”

Liu Yi suddenly walks over, “Crown prince, really am sorry. This one is this king’s wife. Let’s not call her to do this kind of thing. There are still a lot of palace maids in my palace. Crown prince can slowly take your pick.”

“Your wife?”

Liao Wang glance at Liu Yi before looking at the pretty Ao Susu by the side before snorting, “What ability do you have to marry such a pretty dragon female as wife!”

As he speaks he waves Ao Susu over, “You following him has what prospects? I am the Crown Prince of Black Dragon River! You come and be my concubine! Guarantee that you will have glory! Following this fellow in this remote and desolate place, what is there to stay for!”

When Liu Yi heard this, he instantly clenches his fist letting out cracking sounds.

His anger had finally reached an extreme point.

Old Dragon King immediately stands up and says, “Crown Prince you cannot make such jokes!”

He immediately says, My daughter has never wished to be a concubine for others! She is already married!”


Chapter 742     [Be my 2nd lady]

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