MKW Chapter 741

Chapter 741   [Title below]

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Recently Ao Na’s mood is not that good. In the East Sea, there is a total of three princesses and she is ranked number two. Originally she needed to accept the bullying of her big sister and now she also needs to accept the bullying from her younger sister!

There is no other reason but because her younger sister is going to marry the South Sea Imperial Crown Prince!

Of the four sea Dragon Palace, the South Sea Dragon Palace is the strongest! This connection by marriage with the South Sea had pleased her royal father to no end!

Thus my younger sister no longer the same. Everything she returns to the East Sea, her eyes are about to rise up to the Southern Heaven Gates! In the past when she met me, she will respectfully call me second sister. But now she actually dares to call me by my name!

She also keeps ordering me about like I am not her older sister but a maid in the East Sea!

How that her 3rd sister is coming back again, Ao Na is no longer able to tolerate it and thus hides away.

Hmph isn’t it just marrying a rich fellow! What is there to be proud of?

Every time Ao Na thought of this, she would look at her own fiance.

She is marrying to the Imperial Crown Prince of the South Sea while I am marrying this tiny crown prince of the Black Dragon River!

Take a look at his appearance. His skin is also so black, don’t even look like a handsome guy!

She also wishes to have a handsome guy with a huge background ah! Why are gods so unfair!

The crown prince of Black Dragon River stretches out his hand and points at a Dragon Palace that is covered with a barrier and says, “Nana, in front, is the River Song Dragon Palace.”

“Hmph, the Dragon Palace of such a small place will definitely be worn out .”

Ao Na sneers and says, “If it was not because I came out to relieve my boredom and wished to take a look at this famous North Dragon City’s famous ice sculptures of birds of prey, this princess would never have come to this kind of broken place!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Let that old dragon king receive us properly.”

Liao Wang hurriedly comforts his Ms. Perfect fiance, “River Song’s Dragon King is a spineless coward. Perhaps when he had heard that I am coming he will definitely run over and kneel down to receive us! Hahaha, come, at that time you can humiliate him and take your anger out on him!”

“What is there to take my anger out on an old thing.”

Ao Na says unhappily, “Hurry and make him scram out and receive us. Walking such a long way, this princess is tired. This princess wants to eat and bathe! Damn it! Hope that this place has things that can be eaten!”

“Okay, okay, okay. Nana calm down, I will go and shout them out!”

As Liao Wang speaks, he takes a deep breath before standing in front of the dragon palace and yells, “Ao Huang! East Sea 2nd Princess and Black Dragon River Crown Prince have arrived! Still not coming out!”

This shout contains dragon qi which swiftly spread throughout the entire dragon palace.

Liao Wang says in delight, “Take a look. Very quickly he will run out groveling!”

Ao Na says impatiently. “Better be quick. This princess does not have time to waste with this old thing.”

Liao Wang laughs, “Relax. How would that old thing dare to slight you or me? He still needs to rely on our influence to support himself!”

River Song Dragon Palace is too small and they do not have any powerful soldiers or general. If it is not for the protection of Black Dragon River Dragon Palace and East Sea Dragon Palace, perhaps it might have already been flipped over by other people!

Thus when I bring Ao Na here to relieve our boredom, he must immediately come and receive us!

But after the two of them waited for a while, no one came and care about them.

Ao Na starts to frown deeply, “How long must this princess wait? This princess is already very impatient!”

“That old thing’s ears must be deaf already! I’ll call out for him again, Nana don’t be anxious.”

Liao Wang shouts again, “Ao Huang! How dare you not come out! Are you asking for death?”

A black carp in armor walks out and shouts, “Shut up!”

“This is the territory of River Song Dragon palace! What are you shouting for, where did the two of you come from?”

“Who are you?”

Seeing that the Old Dragon King did not come out, instead, it is a black fish that came out, Liao Wang’s eyes in instantly filled with anger, “Where is Ao Na?”

“Is our Old Dragon King’s name something that you can call as you wish?”

Seeing that the other party have the attitude of an arrogant emperor, 6257 becomes unhappy.

No wonder Dragon King wanted to send me out to handle these two fellows!

“Old Dragon King?”

Hearing this term, Liao Wang is clearly startled, “He retired?”

“Of course. Right now the Dragon King was already replaced by another person!”

Liao Wang berates, “Who is it? Ao Lie? No matter who is it immediately ask him to scram out and receive me!”

“Hey, who do you think you are to speak so unreasonably!”

When Liao Wang shouts like this, 6257 becomes even more unhappy. He rubs his stomach as he looks at the two of them.

Ao Na says dissatisfied. “Are you capable or not! Didn’t you say that when they hear your name, they will immediately scram out to meet you? You are not capable of this as well!”

“Damn it, that new Dragon King has huge courage!”

Being looked down by his fiance, Liao Wang instantly become angry as he clenches his teeth and bellows, “Where is your Dragon King! Immediately make him scram out!”

“If you wish to see the Dragon King. Go in yourself!”

6257 had followed Military Blade for a long time and gotten infected by his temper. These two people think that they are the emperor ah! Even if they are the emperor in River Song, you still have to lie down for me!

Speaking finish 6257 turns around and walks off.

“Oi! You!”

Liao Wang is so mad that he has the urge to kill people.

“Forget it. Let’s enter then look for him to settle this account. This princess does not wish to wait anymore!”

Ao Na heads for the Dragon Palace.

“Wait for me! Nana, wait for me!”

Liao Wang hurried behind.


“Dragon King ah, this way cannot ah…”

Currently, in the Dragon Palace, Old Dragon King is pacing up and down apprehensively. “Let’s not mention Black Dragon River’s aunt…that Ao Na is the South Sea’s 2nd Princess ah! We did not even go and receive them, is that okay?”

“Old Dragon King you have too much apprehension.”

Liu Yi sits on the dragon throne and waves his hand saying, “Even if I agree to put up with that 2nd princesses temper but it does not mean that I can step on the dignity of the Dragon Palace!”

“This…this also did not relate to the matter of dignity…”

Liu Yi chuckles, “Old Dragon King you cannot say it like this. Just now how did he shout for you, I believe that you also heard it. I have a small face while the entire River Song has a huge face. So first giving them a show of strength is my baseline!”

Old Dragon King advises, “Fine then…but after this no matter what, I hope that Old Dragon king can endure a bit…you must not blow your temper ah…”

“Royal father, you are too long-winded.”

By the side, Ao Susu’s mouth twitches, “Based on what should be put up with their temper! worst come to worst, we can just do them in! I will be the vanguard!”

“Nonsense! We are doing proper business here, what are you butting in for!”

Knowing that he had spoiled his daughter, Old Dragon King is remorseful in his heart.

Being berated by her father, Ao Susu no longer says anything as she stands by the side in with dissatisfaction all over her face.

“Dragon King. Just treat it as this old subject is begging you. You must endure it ah.”

“I will do my best Old Dragon king. There is no need for you to think so much. How is your injury?”

“Thank you for your concern Dragon King, this subject has applied medication, it will be fine.”

Old Dragon King does not mind his cut off arm, after all, it will grow back out sooner or later.

What he is most concerned about is Liu Yi starting a fight against the South Sea in a fit of anger!

Youngster ah, the temper will not be good…

Seeing that worried gaze of Old Dragon King, Liu Yi smiles, “Relax Old Dragon King. My temper is not that bad. It is just an unruly young girl l, I will not stoop to her level. As long as she does not touch my bottom line, she can do as she wishes.”

“Thank you Dragon King! Dragon King is wise!”

Old Dragon King can be considered as comforted.

At this moment 6257 had already walked in with two figures following him.

Before they had seen the person, they had already heard his voice.

As Liao Wang walks in, he roars, “Ah Huang! What are you doing! To actually not come out and receive me! Does River Song Dragon Palace no longer wish to live anymore?”

“Aiyah, Crown Prince, please excuse me for not meeting you ah!”

At this moment Old Dragon King growingly runs over as he says, “It is not that I didn’t want to receive you, it is just that I had just come out from my seclusion ah! A few days ago, I had received an injury thus I was recuperating. Hearing that Crown Prince had come, didn’t I rush out!”

“Hmph that is more like it.”

Seeing Old Dragon King’s cut off arm, he finally has a way of stepping down, thus his expression became better and calmer.

“Hmph, as long as you did not die then you ought to immediately scram out!”

The arrogant South Sea 2nd princess says, “Slighting me will only make things difficult for you!”

“Yes, yes!”

Old Dragon King keeps bowing making Ao Susu who is watching by the side clenches her fist.

“Then what are you staring blankly for, still not arranging a place for this princess to rest!”

Ao Na’s is full of impatience, “This journey tired me out! Why is your River Song Dragon Palace so desolated! Really!”

“I am sorry for slighting 2nd princess…”

“Still blanking out for what! Still not hurrying and preparing good room as well as bath water! Still need this princess to prompt you is it?”

“This…right now the owner of the Dragon Palace is not me… please wait for me to ask for instructions…”

Old Dragon King is afraid of this 2nd princess temper. He hurried back to Liu Yi’s side and ask, “Dragon King you see…shouldn’t we properly receive the East Sea 2nd Princess?”

Seeing Old Dragon king inquire a stranger respectfully, Liao Wang glares over.

“Ao Huang, who is he?”

Old Dragon King introduces Liu Yi who is sitting. “ Crown prince, he is the current Dragon King of my River Song Dragon Palace, Liu Yi.”

“Wait a minute…”

Liao Wang suddenly knit his brows, “He is a human!”

Liu Yi finally raises his eyelid and glance at the two uninvited guests below him.

Actually able to see that I am a human? Is it a special ability of the dragon race?

“Human? A human can become a Dragon King?”

Ao Na also questions Old Dragon King, “Ao Huang, is your River Song Dragon Palace wishing to disobey the heaven law?”


Chapter 741     [He is a human]

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