MKW Chapter 740

Chapter 740   [Title below]

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“What, what is going on!”

Seeing this scene, the chief’s heart starts shuddering.

The powerful Drawf Crayfish tribe had been so badly defeated by some ordinary shrimp soldiers and crab generals!

How is this possible! This can only be a nightmare!

“Not possible…this is impossible…”

He also transforms into an enormous Drawf Crayfish. He is indeed the chief of Drawf Crayfish being over 10 meters long!

That enormous Drawf Crayfish chief smashes down his enormous claw onto the sound instantly sending a lot of the shrimp soldiers and crab generals flying.

On the contrary, Liu Yi stands on his original spot steadily. He crosses his arms as he watches the chief display his might.

I must say this race has quite a large strength. Furthermore, his movement is also not slow. Indeed can be considered a steamroller level of cavalry.

After subduing them, I believe that when dealing with other Dragon Palace forces it will be even easier.

“Long-range attackers prepare! Target is the chief of Drawf Crayfish!”

Military Blade shouts an order and the frog corp immediately squat down before opening their mouths. They aim at the Drawf Crayfish chief that is displaying his might and spits out green **.

Streams on green ** accurately fly out in a parabola before landing on that Drawf Crayfish chief.

“What can this bit of venom do to my formidable armor!”

Drawf Crayfish chief is conceit about the defensive ability of his armor. What their Drawf Crayfish race is most intensely proud of is this solid carapace of theirs. Even the scales of the dragon race are unable to compare to their carapace!

This is the gift that God had given them! This is also the weapon that was bestowed upon them!

But soon the Drawf Crayfish chief realized that the carapace that he was proud of unable to resist any more!

With so much venom landing on him, covering him up more and more! Black holes start to be corroded into the top of the carapace and expose the flesh inside!

“How could this be!”

Drawf Crayfish chief immediately wishes to shake away the venom on his body. But those long-range frogs keep spitting making him unable to prevent it!

Very quickly he is no longer able to support his enormous body and crashes into the ground causing a large dust cloud to rise.

“Chief…chief was defeated!”

“Gods…our higher Drawf Crayfish tribe was defeated by these shrimp soldiers and crab generals…”

The Drawf Crayfishes are unable to take this kind of blow. They are the tyrants of the water, second only to the dragon race. While the dragon race’s reproducing is very bad. It is already not bad for a single water body to have a few dragons. Drawf Crayfish tribes originally has a very large ambition, wishing to rely on their robust population to conquer this water body. But unexpectedly their status today had received an intense provocation!

The chief only has one last breath of life left as he lies there. His mouth is trembling as he says, “Not possible…how could this happen…”

“My Drawf Crayfish race should be the overlord of the water…why would it becomes like this…”

Liu Yi waves his hand “Arrogance will only ruin you and your race.”

Liu Yi waves his hand indicating for them to stop.

The River Song Dragon Palace army immediately stops attacking and retreats to the side. Their movement is very uniform like it is a real standing army.

Old Dragon King nods his head in gratified when he sees this scene.

Back then when I was ruling River Song Dragon Palace, below me are basically a sheet of loose sand. Now, handing it over to Liu Yi, it became different.

Perhaps this man might be able to unify the four seas…

The chief roars in anger, “I am not convinced! This body of water belongs to us! We are the real overlords!”

“Now it is mine.”

Towards this guy who chopped off one of Old Dragon King and also tried to cook him, Liu Yi will not be polite.

He stretches out his hand on the Drawf Crayfish chief’s ugly face.

This Drawf Crayfish enormous body trembles violently before dark red blood pillar spurts out from his body and finally softens into a pulp and sprays there without any sign of life.

“Your boss had already died, how about you guys? Are you going to resist or die.”

Liu Yi stands up and sticks his hands into his pocket while he looks at those stunned enormous Drawf Crayfish in front of him.

All of the Drawf Crayfish tribe members were shocked. What are we supposed to do?

Chief got instantly killed! And we are unable to defeat those remaining shrimp soldiers and crab general!

Is this the River Song dragon race that was always bullied back then?

Their current combat strength…perhaps even the Black Dragon River Dragon Palace would not be their opponent…

“I, I surrender…”

One of the Drawf Crayfish is already in despair. Not surrendering means death, since that is the case then let’s live on.

“I also surrender…”

“I, I also…”

With one surrendering, the rest of start to raise their hand and surrender.

Drawf Crayfish tribe had always respected the strong. Now that Liu Yi is even stronger! In the past, Black Dragon River Dragon Palace had their hands tied about them and can only choose to cooperate with them.

While River Song Dragon River instantly destroyed them…this fighting strength… cannot be measured!

“Very good!”

Seeing that the remaining Drawf Crayfish tribe members surrendering and paying allegiance to them, he nods his head in satisfaction and says loudly, “Just nice. Let’s strike while the iron is hot. Military Blade! Go back and muster the troops! We are killing our way into Black Dragon River Dragon Palace and taking over this entire water body in one stroke!”

-roaring sounds!-

The River Song Dragon Palace troops were very delighted. They are completely different from the previous soldiers who would pee in their pants when hearing the words fight and war.

Being able to conquer the entire Black Dragon River, shouldn’t this matter be good?

Just as Liu Yi prepares to continue to raise the spirit, a River Song sentinel swiftly swims over before jumping into the barrier and shouts, “Report! Lord Dragon King! Report!”

Liu Yi takes a look at the sentinel whose forehead is covered in sweat and ask, “What matter makes you so panicky?”


That sentinel kneels in front of Liu Yi and says, “East Sea Dragon Palace 2nd princess had come to River Song Dragon Palace as a guest…that, can Dragon King please swiftly return..”

Old Dragon King had just stood up. Upon hearing this, he is startled, “What? East Sea 2nd princess came? Why did she run to our River Song Dragon Palace for?”


At this moment Ao Susu also shakes her head as she wakes up.

Earlier she had ingested an unknown medicine which caused her to fall asleep. Only after the battle ended did she wakes up.

“My head is in pain…what is going on…”

She rubs her temple before looking at the Drawf Crayfish tribe members before instantly understanding what is going on.

“Damn it! What did you guys drug me with! Damn Drawf Crayfish…royal father, your, your arm…ahhhhhh! Damn all of you! I am going to kill you guys!”

Seeing Old Dragon King standing there with just an arm, Ao Susu understood what is going on and roars as flames exploded out.

The strength of Earth Realm is not something that these Drawf Crayfish are able to withstand!

Especially this kind of earth realm pressure makes them unable to raise their head.

“Susu. It is already over.”

Liu Yi stretches out a hand and gently pats her on her shoulder.

Ao Susu trembles for a while for the might that she gathers slowly dissipates.

“Liu Yi? What…”

“They have already surrendered to us. In the future, Drawf Crayfish shall be one of our corps. That person who drugged you as well ask took action against your father has already been killed by me.”

Ao Susu snorts in dissatisfaction, “Damn it, why did you act so quickly! This kind of fellow should be left to me to deal with!”

Liu Yi pats her shoulder, “Forget it. It is already in the past. Right now we have an even more important matter to handle…”

“What matter?”

“East Sea 2nd princess has come.”

Liu Yi’s sentence instantly causes Ao Susu’s eyes to widen.

“Ah? What did she come here for? Then did big brother also return?”

The sentinel shakes his head and says, “No. 2nd prince did not return…only the East Sea 2nd princess as well as her fiance…”

Old Dragon King wrinkles his brows, “East Sea 2nd princess as well as her fiance…I remember that her fiance…isn’t it the crown prince of Black Dragon River Dragon Palace…”

“Right I remember that fellow!”

Ao Susu sneers, “Back then he also chased me for a while. After which he got rejected by me. Hmph, who would have thought that later on, he would get together with the East Sea 2nd princess? That 2nd princess’s taste is rather heavy ah. Because that fellow is basically a weirdo!”

Liu Yi waves his hand and says, “There is also such matters? Let’s go then. We shall recall our troops back and meet this 2nd princess.”

“Lord Dragon King!”

Old Dragon King hurriedly reminds, “That, East Sea 2nd princess’s temper might not be that good…that woman, everyone in the four seas knows of her character. For the peace of our River Song, Lord Dragon King, you must endure ah!”


Liu Yi stretches out a thumb and points at his army behind him, “Old Dragon King. What is the reason why I recruited this army?”

Old Dragon King hurriedly says, “No, no, no. Just treat it as me begging Dragon King! East Sea’s strength is too humongous…their army is endless. Their strength and grades are not weaker than the Drawf Crayfish tribe ah! Some more there are those even stronger tiger shark soldiers, whale soldiers…with our River Song’s current strength we are unable to resist ah! Furthermore, that second son of mine is also the son-in-law of the East Sea. Right now, it is still not the moment to flip our face with the East Sea yet so, Dragon King. Just treat it as giving this old subject as well as Susu face and try your best to endure!”


Liu Yi did not say anything. He only wrinkled his brows slightly.

“For the time being, let’s endure and take a look.”

Military Blade also says softly by Liu Yi’s side. “Fighting a war now with the East Sea is not beneficial for us. We had just recruited the Drawf Crayfish tribe. Before we had completely transformed them, it is best to not use force for now.”

“I know.”

Liu Yi nods his head and says, “Then let’s go back first and take a look at how this 2nd princess is. Hope that she would not make me angry.”

Liu Yi leads Ao Susu and flies back towards River Song.

“Nothing must happen ah…”

Old Dragon King also follows behind them. Although his arm had been cut off, dragon race’s regeneration strength is very powerful. After half a month, his arm would grow back out.

What he is worried about is not his arm but the safety of River Song.

Must not have any conflict with East Sea ah!


Chapter 740     [Friends from far away arrived?]

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