MKW Chapter 732

Chapter 732   [Title below]

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The two of them clashed against each other before an enormous shock wave spread out in all directions.

The window of the entire building scatters from this shockwave!

Liu Yi and Zhang Yunyun were forced back by this shockwave and crashed into the wall behind them.

Zhang Yunyun walks down from the wall and glances at Liu Yi before saying, “You are able to maintain your Heaven Realm standard, big brother you really shock me!”

Liu Yi exercises his joints and breaks the surrounding wall before landing on the ground and says, “You were also not idling during these 1300 years.”

“Let’s end the warm up here. Big brother, I am going to use my true strength now!”

As Zhang Yunyun speaks, she takes a deep breath. Following which dense black light emits from her body!

A surge of power spreads out battering the surrounding pressuring Liu Yi!

From Zhang Yunyun’s forehead, a dragon horn grew out! While a pair of dragon wings flap out from the back!

Dragon Transformation four!

Did not expect that after 1300 years of time, she had actually cultivated to Dragon Transformation four!

After Dragon Transformation four, her strength had raised all the way to 20 starjade mid-stage. Which is one stage higher than Liu Yi’s God transformation!

Liu Yi’s God Transformation is currently at 20 starjades beginning-stage!

But Nine Yang God Qi is incomparably powerful which can allow him to fight back!

It is a pity that God Transformation cannot be superimposed with Dragon Transformation. Otherwise, after using God Transformation then entering Dragon Transformation four, wouldn’t he completely oppress Demon Emperor!

But all of this is just a fantasy. Cannot be superimposed means cannot be superimposed!

“Do you see this? My good big brother?”

After Demon Emperor enter Dragon Transformation four, her strength increases greatly as did her self confidence.

She gently straightens the crown that was crooked on her hair before giving Liu Yi neither a warm or cold smile, “Right now, are you trembling because of my strength? All of this is all thanks to you!”

“All of this should end.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as Nine Yang God Qi starts revolving in his body.

“I will end all of this. My mistake shall be made right by me.”

Zhang Yunyun sneers, “Don’t say such beautiful words, big brother. I am already fed up of hearing your beautiful words. I am fed up with that righteous expression of yours! You! Shall be responsible for your actions!”

She raises her hand as a black dragon suddenly flies out from her palm before twisting its body and bites towards Liu Yi.

“Break for me!”

Liu Yi swings out his lance as his Nine Yang God Qi gathers in the lance and directly destroy this ferocious black dragon.

Liu Yi says, “Our strength is around the same. Although your strength is a bit higher than mine, you are also unable to do anything to me as I am wearing Monarch Armour!”

Zhang Yunyun puts on her Nine Yin Demon Armour, “So what about that? I have Nine Yin Demon Armour. If you hit me wouldn’t you be that one who is injured?”

“Yunyun, after 1300 years, your vision is still stuck in that era.”

Liu Yi chuckles, “I have the gods’ Nine Yang God Qi which is specialized in dealing with your Nine Yin God Qi. Your Nine Yin Demon Armour’s reflective ability is of no use against me!”

As he speaks he kicks his Through Heaven Sword up.

Through Heaven Sword instantly transforms into a 3 meters long greatsword before flying towards Zhang Yunyun.

“How is it possible for there to be a power that is able to break by Nine Yin Demon Qi?”

Zhang Yunyun is very confident about her strength. She opens her arms welcoming the attack from Through Heaven Sword.

Through Heaven Sword chops down at her and instantly leaving a sword scar on her shoulder armor!

While Zhang Yunyun also takes a few steps back as she got jolted away by Through Heaven Sword.


Sensing the attacking force that Through Heaven Sword had on her, Zhang Yunyun’s pretty eyes widen in shock, “It can injure me!”

Through Heaven Sword rotates as it flies back. Liu Yi stabs out with his lance and Through Heaven Sword once again chops at Zhang Yunyun.

“Damn it! Do you think that I will be hit by that again?”

After being hit once, Zhang Yunyun is angered as she stretches out her right hand and a cluster of black gas appears in front of her and seal the Through Heaven Sword in midair!

At the same time, her other hand swings out with her demon sword as she uses Wine Sword Technique.

“At the borders of Qin and Han dynasty, the war at the endless borders never ends!”

The demon sword instantly disappears from her hand and when it appears again, it stabs into Liu Yi’s chest plate.

Liu Yi was forced a step back from the force of the sword. Luckily the defense of Monarch Armour is incomparably powerful. Along with the fact that a large portion of the force was diverted to the earth, otherwise, he would be sent flying away.

1300 years. Indeed Zhang Yunyun did not idle around and had actually raised her strength to such a horrifying state.

I originally thought that after I had broken her starjades she would give up her cultivation and abandon herself in despair and the like.

With missing starjades, the path of cultivation would be incomparably difficult. In the past one might need to put in one fold of effort. But if the starjade were damaged then the effort that needs to be put in would be 3 to 4 more!

I must admire this girl. For revenge, she actually has such enormous willpower!

“I will definitely kill you, big brother. let me bring back your corpse!”

From behind Zhang Yunyun, an enormous black dragon flies out and smashes through a few layers of the ceiling before roaring and once against bites at Liu Yi.

Although Monarch Armour is able to resolve a lot of force but facing such an expert, it will not be able to display 100% of its capability.

Especially when it reaches the heaven realm, a lot of forces starts to carry some attributes that can ignore defense.

Otherwise, if an ordinary people put on Monarch Armour, wouldn’t they become unparallel?

That black dragon contains Zhang Yunyun’s strongest Nine Yin Demon Qi. If I really got hit head-on by it, perhaps I would also not feel very good!

“Fire God Dragon!”

Liu Yi stabs the Scorpion Tail Lance onto the ground and following which two golden-red fire dragons fly out from his body!

One is rather thick while the other is slightly slender. The two fire dragons coil together before tearing at the black dragon in the air in a messy ball.

Zhang Yunyun smiles, “Really did not expect that after not meeting for so long, your techniques would be improved by quite a bit. But all of this shall be contributed to me!”

As she speaks, she tries to mimic the god fire dragon and use it to attack Liu Yi.

But as she revolves her technique she is unable to summon out even half a fire dragon which finally makes Zhang Yunyun’s complexion turn pale.

“Did you realize that your Nine Yin Demon Qi which had always succeed had lost effect on me?”

Liu Yi reminds Zhang Yunyun, “I had already said before that my Nine Yang God Qi is specialized in restraining your Nine Yin Demon Qi. Yunyun, I am your natural nemesis. Back then I had sent you onto the wrong path. Now, I will do my best to pull you back.”

“No one is able to restrain Nine Yin Demon Qi, no one!”

Zhang Yunyun roars as the enormous black dragon in the sky also lets out an enormous dragon roar!

Instantly, the shockwave of the dragon roar spreads out and breaks the surrounding walls!

“What the heck, this is going to collapse!”

As the building trembles, Zhang Meixin hugs Xiao Mi and shouts loudly, “We must leave this place!”

As Chen Cai fights against Ao Ri, he says, “You take Xiao Mi and leave first! I and boss can still continue to fight!”

It is just the building collapsing. To them heaven realm experts, it is of no influence.

“Ah lei…where am I meow~”

At this moment Xiao Mi leisurely wakes up as she rubs her eyes and looks at the surrounding at a loss.

Zhang Meixin immediately says, “Don’t speak, leave this place with me now!”


But Xiao Mi sniffs the air before her eyes brighten up, “There is master’s smell meow~!! Master is here meow~~~~!!! Xiao Mi can have breakfast meow~~”

Although she does not know what is the breakfast that Xiao Mi is mentioning, Zhang Meixin did not forget to her head, “Foodie! What time is it already and you are still concerned about eating! Hurry and leave with me first! After which then you go and ask your master for food!”

Clearly, Zhang Meixin had thought too clearly of the meaning of this breakfast.

“Fine then, meow…”

Xiao Mi rubs her head while feeling wronged.

Ao Ri roars, “No one is allowed to leave!” and lets out a dragon roar!

Following which, a lot of LOST demon warriors jumps to the top of the building and attempt to block Zhang Yunyun and Xiao Mi’s escape path.

Zhang Meixin placed down Xiao Mi and asked, “What the heck…. so many people. It seems like my illusion technique will not be able to deal with them…Damn it, Jade Rabbit Roar is also not nearby…Xiao Mi how about your Heaven Dog Roar?”

“Always carrying it on me meow!!”

As Xiao Mi speaks she stucks both her hands under her skirt before scoping outwards.

A three meters tall mechanical egg immediately appears in front of everyone, scaring Chen Cai into nearly tumbling on the floor.

Bullshit…where did Xiao Mi pull out such an enormous egg!

Zhang Meixin knew about Xiao Mi’s ability thus she is not shocked. Instead, she directly orders, “Quickly let Heaven Dog Roar transform and let us leave this place!”

“Understood meow!”

Xiao Mi immediately claps her hands, “Heaven Dog Roar, come out and exercise your body meow~”

The mechanical egg suddenly starts to let out mechanical sounds as it changes irregularly. The mechanical body on it starts to continuously unfold and recombine!

Very quickly a nearly 5 meters long enormous mechanical wolfdog appears there before letting out a bark!

“Let us go up meow!”

Xiao Mi brings Zhang Meixin and directly jumps into the mecha from the cabin door.

“What the heck so the zodiac group toy is high tech!”

Seeing this mechanical wolfdog, Chen Cai becomes a bit envious.

“A pile of broken copper and soft iron that’s all!”

Ao Ri snorts coldly before shouting, “Attack, break that thing!”

Several tens of demon warriors immediately surge up and prepare to break this Heaven Dog Roar.

From the body of the Heaven Dog Roar, two rows of missiles pop out and start shooting missiles which flies into the air before exploding on those LOST soldiers!

The soldiers’ strength seems to be not that strong and instantly were exploded into wailing like ghosts.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xiao Mi pilots Heaven Dog Roar and leaps from the top of the building into the air.

Reaching the air, the four limbs of Heaven Dog Roar retracts and following which from the waist, a pair of wings stretch out. It actually transforms into the shape of a fighter jet!


Chapter 732     [Heaven Dog Roar]

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