MKW Chapter 730

Chapter 730   [Title below]

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“My emperor. The rise of our demons is just around the corner.”

Ao Ri kneels by Demon Emperor’s side as he says he says joyously, “As long as we are able to grasp the gene map, the demon race’s strength will greatly increase! The injury on your majesty’s body can also be cured!”

The Demon Emperor sits there as she touches the handrail with a hand while her other hand raises up to the front of her eyes as she looks at her five slender fingers.

She did not reply to Ao Ri’s question, instead, she asked, “Ri. Tell me, how many years have passed?”

“Your majesty it have been 1300 years.”

“1300 years….”

Demon Emperor nods her head. Her loli’s face and loftily figure, the black crown on her head, gives off a Queen Loli’s aura.

“1300 years ah…it is already time for the agreement we had back then…but, he is no longer here.”

She mutters, “Suddenly forgetting, what is the reason why did I want to invade the Human Realm r…Ri, you tell me, why did I want to invade the human realm?”

“Isn’t it to let our demon race unify the six realms?”

Ao Ri raises his head and looks at Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun who is sitting there.

“Unify the six realms?”

Demon Emperor smiles faintly, “Ri. You are putting me on too high of a pedestal. Although I am the Demon Emperor, I am still a woman ah. All of this, to be honest, is just to take revenge against that guy…for revenge, I am willing to offer everything. So much so as to offer up his life…”

“Your majesty, Sword Emperor might not die like this. Wait till his disciple comes then everything shall naturally be made known. At that time, if we capture his disciple, I do not believe that his master will not appear!”


Demon Emperor recalls the guy whose face is covered with dragon scales. Talking about this, those martial arts of his is precisely the same as Sword Emperor.

It is only a pity that his strength was too weak. Sword Emperor’s strength is way beyond his. If he is really alive, after 1300 years perhaps he had already become even stronger right?

As for me, I had merely recovered back to my standard back then. The starjades in my body was damaged. If they are not restored, I will never be able to advance a single bit.

Demon Emperor looks at the petite girl who was tossed in front of her. Are the secrets of the gene map really hidden in her body?

“Since that is the case, then let me take a look!”

Demon Emperor stretches out a finger and points at the fainted Xiao Mi.

Instantly two streams of blood fly out from Xiao Mi’s ear and spurt into the air before forming into a ball shape form.

She no longer speaks. Instead, her gaze is very heavy like she is comprehending the secrets of this ball of blood.

Ao Ri stands by the side not daring to disturb Demon Emperor.

Suddenly he frowns and says, “Your Majesty, a few rats seem to have come.”

“Such a hidden place was discovered?”

Demon Emperor snorts coldly, “Since they have come to die, chase them away.”

“Understood Your Majesty!”

Ao Ri nods his head before walking forward and stands in front of the door.


The firm door was suddenly kicked open as three figures walk in.

Chen Cai and Zhang Meixin are standing by Liu Yi’s side while Liu Yi’s face is covered with Blood Emperor’s mask hiding his identity.

When his gaze lands on the Demon Emperor in the hall, it becomes heavy.

It is her….

Indeed is Zhang Yunyun…

Liu Yi suddenly feels that fate is very mysterious. The first time we meet, I did not know Demon Emperor at all while the Demon Emperor treated me as my own master and let me off.

The second time, Demon Emperor was still not Demon Emperor yet while I was also not Sword Emperor. Because of me who catalyzed her turning her into the Demon Emperor who unified the demon realm!

The third time we meet, she is the Demon Emperor while I am Sword Emperor. The two of us start a war while I personally broke her starjades and sealed her back into the demon realm!

The fourth time we meet, it is 1300 years later. Things have remained the same while people have changed. She still has the appearance from back then while I had changed a lot.

Same as little girl Ai Ling, she had experienced an entire 1300 years while I had only experienced a sec…

Perhaps on some side, this is very unfair to them?

But these are not the choice that I wish to make. Fate dictates it. Fate ah, fate, really is a hateful thing.

“It is you?”

Seeing Liu Yi who is dressed up as Blood Emperor, Ao Ri’s eyes narrow, “Really cannot speak about a person in the day and cannot speak about a ghost at night ah. Just mentioned you and you appear. You came here just in time. After we take you down, we shall force your master to come out.”

“You guys wish to find Sword Emperor right?”

Liu Yi did not even look at Ao Ri. He is looking at Zhang Yunyun.

Hearing Sword Emperor, Zhang Yunyun trembles slightly as her gaze withdraws from the blood ball and lands on Liu Yi.

“Where is he?”

Even after 1300 years had passed, there is still no change in the mood that Demon Emperor wishing to see Sword Emperor!

“Right now is still not the time for you to meet each other.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “You have already waited for 1300 years why do you still mind waiting for a while more?”

“What do you know?”

Demon Emperor roars in anger causing the entire room to tremble, “Do you even know what my mood is?! Do you know how much I wish to see him? I want to tell him how much I hate him! I shall slice of the flesh on his body bit by bit! I want to hear him scream in pain! Only this way would I be able to alleviate the pain in my heart!”

This mad woman…

When Liu Yi heard all of this he becomes even more unwilling to expose his identity.

“Boss, why are you wasting time talking to them for? Let’s take action and save Xiao Mi!”

As Chen Cai speaks, a purple glow starts to emit from his body as asura qi appears.

While on the other side, Zhang Meixin also becomes nervous and prepares to use her illusion technique.

“Wish to take action? Good? Ri!”

[TL: Ri in chinese can also mean fuck you]

“Alas, boss why is this girl so vulgar ah!”

“To insult my emperor! You deserve death!”

Demon Emperor’s position in Ao Ri’s heart is like a god! Thus upon hearing what Chen Cai said, he instantly exploded!

This fellow directly swallows the Sea Flipping God Lamp and exploded out with Heaven Realm’s might. After which he instantly appears behind Chen Cai and slaps down on his head!

Dense lightning gathers in the palm that he slaps down emitting blue radiance!


Sensing the huge strength, Chen Cai got a huge shock. At the same time, he did not forget to slap up as well.

An enormous asura hand stretches out and does the same action as Chen Cai and clashes against Ao Ri’s palm!


The wandering lightning and boiling asura qi directly attack this weak room.

-rumbling sounds.-

The is the penthouse of a LOST building. The walls and ceiling were sent flying away as the dark night appears in their vision.

“This is the power of heaven realm?”

Ao Ri takes two step backs as looks at Chen Cai in shock who takes two steps back as well.

“Good fellow. LOST indeed has some talented people ah!”

Chen Cai also shakes his hand before saying in shock, “Boss, this fellow is quite fierce ah!”

“He is called Ao Ri, who is the left and right hand of Demon Emperor.”

Liu Yi reminds Chen Cai, “Beginning stage of Heaven Realm. His body strength should be in the peak of earth realm. But he had swallowed the Sea Flipping God Lamp which forcibly promotes his strength”

“So that is the case!”

Chen Cai nods his head, “Boss you really know a lot ah, you can be called small Baidu!”

Liu Yi recalls how he had already known Ao Ri 1300 years ago and mutters, “What I know is way more than this.”

After tossing Ao Ri to Chen Cai to deal with, Liu Yi walks towards Demon Emperor and says to her, “Let go of Xiao Mi, if you got anything just bring it up to me.”


Demon Emperor looks at Liu Yi, “Why would I want you ?”

Liu Yi arrogantly raises his head and says, “Didn’t you want the gene map? I have the strongest dragon gene. If you have the strength then come and take!”

Demon Emperor says coldly, “What a strange fellow. To actually take the initiative to send himself to death.”

As she speaks, she raises her palm and slaps out at Liu Yi.

“Since that is the case then I shall fulfill you!”

Glorious Sun Palm: Illusion Extermination!

This is the technique that the Demon Emperor learned from Liu Yi!

“Glorious Sun Palm: Unbreakable!”

Liu Yi slaps out as well and breaks the Demon Emperor’s palm qi!

“Indeed is his disciple! Indeed have some skills.”

Demon Emperor smiles faintly, “But your strength is too weak. I have used less than 10% in that palm move.”

She had already restored herself to Heaven Realm standard and is currently at 19 starjade mid-grade standard. Thus she does not place Liu Yi in her eyes.

“You cannot look down on people ah!”

Liu Yi plans to hide his real capability from the Demon Emperor, thus he revolves Vacuum Cleaner’s dark power and mimics someone’s ability.

“Transform!” [TL: Kamen Riders?]

His hand slides past his waist and instantly, black sakura flowers descend and flutter in the night sky.

The black sakura armor covers Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi’s left hand is holding a black shield while his right hand is holding a black lance. He is a black version of Sakura Lancer!

“What is this move?”

Zhang Meixin’s eyes widen. She remembered that Liu Yi’s ability should be related to the dragon gene, how did it turn into this kind of armor set?

“Gaudy gadgets.”

Demon Emperor snorts in disdain and slaps out again!

Illusion Extermination!

Liu Yi immediately raises the shield in this left hand protecting in front of him. With a -boom- he blocks the force behind the palm!


This time Demon Emperor was shocked. This time I had used 30% of my strength and it was still blocked?

“Be serious Demon Emperor. Otherwise, you will be defeated by me!”

Liu Yi uses spirit fox steps and reaches in front of the Demon Emperor. The lance in his hand stabs towards her stomach.

“Hmph! Very well. Then I shall use 50% of my strength to deal with you!”

I have the strength of 19 starjade mid-grade. With 50% of my strength, it is enough to defeat this fellow!

Demon Emperor disregards the lancer piercing towards her stomach and slaps out with her right hand towards Liu Yi’s head.


Chapter 730     [Meet again]

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