MKW Chapter 729

Chapter 729   [Title below]

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Zhang Meixin asks, “They escaped in which direction?”

The guard points. “The backdoor…”

The back door of the laboratory leads to the underground training area!

“Okay. Go and heal up. Leave the rest to us!”

Liu Yi and Zhang Meixin glances at each other before swiftly rushing to the underground training area!

They are very quick and Liu Yi is slightly faster. In almost a blink of an eye, he passed through the walkway, opened the back door and reached this spacious underground training area place that links to the lake water.

In the large underground arena, there stands a man wearing a black windbreaker. He is propping up his spectacles in his hand while the other hand is holding a book which he is reading it with gusto.

“Oh? Someone came?”

The sound of the back door crashing open is not soft. That fellow raises his head as his blue eyes look at Liu Yi, “I had thought that there was no one protecting this place. Looks like the rumored tight defense KeDa’s laboratory is nothing much.”

After the important material was shifted away, the defense in this area had become a lot weaker.

Liu Yi raises his eyebrows and asked coldly, “Where did you bring that girl to?”

“Aiyah this way of speaking is too impatient, not a single bit gentlemanly.”

The guy dusts off his windbreaker before keeping away the book in the pocket of his windbreaker and says, “Furthermore, you had come too late. That girl had already been sent back to the general headquarters.”

“General headquarters?”

Liu Yi suddenly smell a bit of demon qi from that guy thus he creased his eyebrows and ask, “You are from LOST?”

“Oh, you guessed it?”

The guy is slightly shocked, “Did I expose anything?”

He looks at his own clothes, don’t seem to have anything marking that symbolize LOST ah?

“From very far away I am able to see that stink on your body!”

Liu Yi snorts coldly, “Demons with this kind of stink, who else but LOST have it? Tell me where was that girl sent to and I will let you live.”

Liu Yi is most concerned about Xiao Mi’s safety.

“Although your request is not that much but this I cannot ah…”

The guy shrugs his shoulders, “That girl is something crucial to the rise of our demon race. How can we give it to you when you demand it. How about we fight instead and help me pass the time?”

“Looks like you must be a demon that joined LOST afterward right?”

Liu Yi’s lips curl up.

“Oh? How did you know, could it be that you know fortune telling?”

The guy is interested.

“Because it is impossible for the older generation members not to know me ah!”

Liu Yi raises his strength and just as he plans to deal with this fellow another person rushes in from the back door.

“Liu Yi, did you capture them?”

“Aiyah! In this place where birds don’t even shit, I would actually meet this kind of beauty!”

The guy’s gaze lands of Zhang Meixin that had just arrived, “Beautiful big sister, don’t know if you are willing to have dinner with me?”

“This person is a demon?”

As a zodiac beast, she is somewhat sensitive to demon qi thus Zhang Meixin is able to immediately determine his identity.

“Very good! I wish to examine the anatomy of a demon! I want to see after they transform into humans, just what is different between their composition and ours!”

Zhang Meixin becomes excited as she licks her lips. She pulls out two surgical knives from her coat and twirls it in her hand, causing the guy’s forehead to be covered in cold sweat.

“Fine then…it is a beauty with a lot of character…”

The guy pulls out a handkerchief and wipes away his cold sweat, “Let us chat about fighting then.”

“I don’t have time to waste with you.”

Liu Yi is concerned about Xiao Mi’s safety. He raises his strength as an eye-catching golden light emits from his palm, “Either you speak, or die!”

“Human’s temper indeed is not that good ah.”

The guy shrugs his shoulders, “You ought to cultivate your mentality more ah. Otherwise wouldn’t you be inferior to demons?”

“There are both bad and good humans while demons also are the same.”

Killing intent flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, “But demons that play kidnapping definitely is not anything good! Go and die!”

“Since that is the case then let me show you guys the power of our LOST.”

As the guy speaks he takes off his windbreaker, “After all, I am a new ordinary member ah. If I do not perform well, how would the Demon Emperor appreciate me?”

Just as Liu Yi is preparing to instant kill his brother, from behind him comes a family voice.

“Boss, there is no need for you to take action against this kind of small character. Leave it to me.”

Following which with a purple flash shoots over and a person jumps out from it and lands between Liu Yi and that guy in a windbreaker.

Liu Yi is very familiar with this person. It is none other than Chen Cai!

Good gods. How long had it been since I last saw Chen Cai?

Ever since I went back to the future till now, it was over 3 years ah!

But seeing Chen Cai’s currently, look, it seems like he had become more mature!

He is wearing black armour which looks slightly tattered and his hair is very long which reaches all the way to his waist. Those who do not know just seeing his back view might have thought that he was a girl!

“And who are you?”

Seeing the sudden appearance of Chen Cai, the guy in windbreaker is alarmed. Because he had never sensed this third person.

“Me ah, I am just a minor character that’s all.”

Chen Cai stretches out a hand and grabs hold of the long hair behind him. His other hand slices towards the hair covered with purple light.

Instantly the long hair turns into short hair making Liu Yi much more comfortable looking at it. But at the same time his heart is also confused, it seems like Chen Cai’s strength has increased by quite a bit.

I had only left for two money only. Furthermore, there are no asuras in this place. If an asura wishes to improve, they can only rely on continuously absorbing the strength of other asuras.

Could it be that…Chen Cai returned to the Aura Realm?

Chen Cai toss away the cut off hair casually and says, “You can call me passer-by A!”

“I do not appreciate your humor.”

The guy takes off his spectacles and says, “But I do not mind ripping you into shreds.”

Liu Yi says, “Chen Cai, don’t waste time speaking with him. Question him for Xiao Mi’s location!”

“Relax boss. I am able to smell Xiao Mi’s scent. I am very clear on where she is located at!”

Chen Cai comforts Liu Yi, “Don’t look down on the nose of an asura.”

What the heck it is not like asuras are dogs.

Liu Yi roasts in his heart but still believes in Chen Cai.

I sense that this time round Chen Cai had become quite a bit stronger…it seems like he had already exceeded Asura God …

Especially that returning to ordinary aura from Chen Cai, starts to make Liu Yi have suspicions. Could it be that he had already entered Heaven Realm?!

“Then let me have some enjoyment!”

The guy’s fingernails start to grow longer like several sets of sharp daggers while at the same time his pupils start to lengthen.

“So it is actually a cat demon ah.”

Chen Cai sneers, “I wondered kind of powerful opponent it was. LOST is looking down on us 12 zodiacs.”

“Whether or not am I strong very soon you shall know!”

The guy suddenly disappears. His speed had reached the limit.

Chen Cai is indifferent as he pulls out a hand from his pocket before punching downwards!

An enormous asura hand immediately descends from the sky and smacks into that guy, punching him out from the air into the ground.

The earth trembles as a few cracks appears.

That guy is lying there with his spectacles broken.

His inner heart had received an enormous shock.

I am a 12 starjade expert ah!

Originally he came here full of confidence wishing to find a bit of superior feeling! But in just one move he was defeated by a passerby A fellow, furthermore, it is without any chance of fighting back!

“Too weak, LOST is only merely so-so.”

Chen Hai shakes his hand before standing up and says casually, “Looks like that so-called Demon Emperor is nothing much.”

When the guy heard it, he instantly exploded, “You actually dare to insult Demon Emperor!”

He climbs up from the ground as blood trickles out from his mouth. His hands are carrying 10 chilling light like sharp knives which he tosses at Chen Cai.

Chen Cai only raises an arm and asura qi gathers in front of him and condense into a purple shield which blocks those chilling light.

At the same time, Chen Cai’s other hand is holding an enormous Asura Blade which he slashes out horizontally through the waist of the guy.

The guy’s upper body slowly slides off. He relies on his powerful demon vitality and asks,  “What…what is this strength…”

“It is also fine to let you die with understanding.”

Chen Cai withdraws his asura blade before saying indifferently, “This is the strength of an Asura Emperor.”

Hearing this Liu Yi is shocked.

Asura Emperor?

Chen Cai actually cultivated to being an Asura Emperor?

Doesn’t this mean that he had killed off Shan Honghe who resided deep in the Asura Realm?

This fellow…why did he run to Asura Realm again and take such a big risk?!

“Hehe, boss how is it. Aren’t you awed by my strength!”

After killing that guy he delightfully says to Liu Yi, “Right now I am a Heaven Realm expert! Boss, I’m afraid that even you are not my opponent already!”

“I was a Heaven Realm expert a long time ago…”

Liu Yi covers his forehead, “Just that right now my strength had changed and I need to recultivate again from scratch.”

“What the heck, this is impossible!”

Chen Cai gives Liu Yi a disbelieving look, “I had cultivated in Asura Realm for a thousand year, a thousand years ah boss!”

Liu Yi calculated the time and says, “Although I did not cultivate for a thousand years….but I had also cultivated for three years plus. But right now my cultivation is still recovering. With you protecting me it is not bad.”

“This is not fair!”

Recalling his bitter 1000 years cultivation which had only allowed him to catch up to his boss, Chen Cai has an urge to cry.

“The two of you are perverts! Both of you are actually heaven realm experts!”

Zhang Meixin by the side becomes speechless when she heard what they say. I seem to only be considered as Earth Realm strength right? The difference from Heaven Realm…is cannot be compared at all!!!

Liu Yi comforts Zhang Meixin. “It is also impossible for you to comprehend what we had experienced. Come, right now let us go and find Xiao Mi.”


Chapter 729     [Little brother coming back]

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