MKW Chapter 728

Chapter 728   [Title below]

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Liu Yi is cultivating his second sun jade in his spiritual world when he suddenly senses someone lying down on him.

He immediately opens his eyes only to realize that Zhang Meixin is lying on him as her pair of eyes stares at him.

That thin nightgown of hers is basically nonexistent as her overflowing breasts pressed against his chest. That wonderful feeling makes Liu Yi’s little brother start standing up!

Along with her body fragrant, it penetrates deeply into the heart drilling into his nose. It is basically like some kind of powerful aphrodisiac drug which is too fatal towards guys!

What is this beauty doing? After coming to an agreement, she climbs into my bed in the middle of the night?

Liu Yi subconsciously ask, “What, what are you doing?”


Zhang Meixin thought that what LiuYi is looking at is an ugly granny. Thus she endures her urge to laugh and says seriously into Liu Yi’s ear, “Actually…this is my real appearance ah…”

Bullshit! So your original appearance is a thirsty beauty?

At that moment Liu Yi wishes to shout but he is afraid of breaking this charming atmosphere, thus he does not dare to speak.

“I am very exhausted….I had never dared to appear like this in front of outsiders….I had endured it arduously ah…”

As Zhang Meixin continues to speak, Liu Yi thinks in his heart.

Rubbish. Who dares to show such a craving side to strangers ah! Isn’t that asking for trouble!

But this…there is also no need for you to show me ah. I Liu Yi am also not any benevolent person ah…

This kind of enticement….the killing power is really too strong ah…

“So I beg you to help me…other than you, I do not know who I can find to help me….”

Zhang Meixin hooks her arms around Liu Yi’s neck and is basically sticking to his face as she exhales, “You are a good person, I believe that only you are able to save me…”

She feels that saying all of this in an ugly granny appearance, she would definitely frighten Liu Yi badly!

But Liu Yi’s thought is different. Bullshit, thirsty until this?

From the looks of it, this might not be her first-time right….

Under such extreme enticement, Liu Yi also finds it hard to not have the desire to commit a crime.

One of his hands starts to be dishonest and grabs Zhang Meixin’s perky butt and starts kneading softly.

Zhang Meixin nearly moans out loud as her body shivers slightly. Her heart is alarmed as her eyes widen.

Bullshit! This guy is resisting me?

Right, he knows that I know illusion techniques! Hmph, he definitely must have realized that I had used an illusion technique to lie to him! Cannot. I must continue to act to the end. I do not believe that this guy is so valiant that he is able to do it with an ugly granny whose face is covered with pus-filled pimples!

If it is an ordinary guy, perhaps he would not even have the will to make it stand!

Who is afraid of who! Bring it on!

Zhang Meixin gathers her courage and moves her lips towards Liu Yi’s lips.

Such a disgusting face, I do not believe that it will not cause your death!

While in Liu Yi’s eyes, Zhang Meixin is like a thirsty woman who had just been through a drought. Forget it. I shall lose out and sacrifice a bit and satisfy her…

This can also be considered as serving the people right…

Liu Yi stretches one of his hands to the back of her head and holds on to her head before taking the initiative to kiss her.


Zhang Meixin’s jaw loosens as her tongue got invaded by Liu Yi. For a moment she has a feeling that her soul had flown away!

How….how did this happen…

He kissed me….could it be that he is not nauseated?

Gods…Liu Yi, really has too heavy taste ah…

Ah….what is that below, so hard, poking between my legs….wu, why is it rubbing back and forth ah…there is actually a comfortable feeling…

Although Zhang Meixin has a child body with large breasts, she had also been unmarried all along. But she also has the age of a young married woman around the late twenties and her needs for the other sex is already starting to form.

With Liu Yi teasing her like this she about to be defeated first.

While Liu Yi who is originally being pressed down by Zhang Meixin had already withdrawn his hand. His hand immediately shot under her nightgown and starts moving all over the place, kneading that ample zone which Zhang Meixin is very proud of.

“Ah…don’t,…don’t be like this…”

Zhang Meixin is about to lose control. If this goes on, perhaps I might really lose my virginity today here!

She is unable to comprehend who Liu Yi is able to do it with an ugly granny…does he really have such a heavy taste?

Or could it be that he is still competing against me in endurance and wishes to make me admit defeat?

Cannot….Zhang Meixin you cannot yield to a man! Who is afraid of who! I don’t believe that he really dares to do it!

Zhang Meixin shouts in her heart, cannot, definitely cannot like this!

If this goes on I must lose my virginity!

But my body is subconsciously not willing to shout stop and seems to be wishing to continue!

This kind of thought is like when a person wishes to wake up in the morning, although the mind is telling oneself that it is time to wake up, but the body still wishes to lazily curls up under the blanket and is unwilling to come out!

Zhang Meixin feels like she is going to be finished!

But at this moment an alarm starts ringing in her room!


This alarm causes Zhang Meixin to completely wake up. She immediately pushes away Liu Yi and jumps up like a frightened deer and runs back to her bedroom.

What the heck?!

Liu Yi is stunned. He lies on the sofa and blinks his eyes. What is this situation?

The duck that was gifted into my mouth flew away just like this?!

“It, it is an alarm from the laboratory….”

Zhang Meixin walks out from the bedroom with a red face. She is holding a signal receiver like thing in her hand and says, “Something happened in the laboratory….you, you head over with me…”

“What happened ah?”

Liu Yi had put on his pant and sit up from the sofa as he gives Zhang Meixin a confused look, “Didn’t you want it? Why did you run away?”

“It is you who has a heavy taste okay….”

Zhang Meixin’s face is red as she grinds her teeth and says, “Who would know that you ….would not even let off an ugly granny whose face is covered with pus-filled pimples…”

“What ugly granny whose face is covered with pus-filled pimples?”

Liu Yi is confused, “There are other people in this room?”


Zhang Meixin is very shocked. Could it be that this fellow is unable to see my illusion?

Or is he pretending on purpose?

“Ah, fire!”

She suddenly points at carpet by the sofa and uses her illusion technique to create an illusion of fire wishing to see Liu Yi’s reaction.

Normally a person would run away in shock or try to put out the fire right?

But Liu Yi tilts his head curiously and gives her a confused look.

“Fire? What fire? Teacher Zhang are you confused from your sleep?”

“You, you are actually unable to see my illusions?”

Zhang Meixin stares at Liu Yi in shock.

“Illusion technique? Ah! I know!”

Liu Yi laughs as he points at his eyes. “My eyes can automatically see through some small illusions. Naturally, I am unable to see your illusions.”


Zhang Meixin massages her hair as she screams.

She is about to go mad!

I was still delighted and thought that my plan is flawless!

But unexpectedly I actually sent myself to him and let him take advantage!

Ahh!!! In the future, how am I going to face him ah!!!

Gods, my earlier words….finished, finished, in his ears, he will definitely think that I am a young woman with unsatisfied desire! Wuwuwuwu…

“Teacher Zhang, what is the matter with you?”

Liu Yi still does not understand what had happened as he looks at Zhang Meixin, who is ventilating there, curiously.

“You, you must forget what happened earlier! Otherwise, I shall bite you to death!”

Zhang Meixin clenches his teeth and glares at Liu Yi as she says, “Right now follow me to the laboratory. I shall explain to you on the way!”

She enters the bedroom to change her clothes.

Liu Yi does not understand, what is going on with her.

Zhang Meixin’s speed in changing her speed is very quick. She directly puts on pants before draping a white gown over her shoulders before walking out.

Liu Yi says in his heart, this girl also do not know to dress up a bit is it, no wonder she never had a boyfriend!

Same as Xiao Mi’s aunt Maki, no wonder they are such good besties!

There are certain aspects which are precisely the same!

“Let’s go quickly! It is an emergency alarm so we must not tarry!”

As Zhang Meixin speaks, she opens the window before bending her knees and jumps out of the window.

Liu Yi says in his heart, just now also do not know who is the one who wasted time.

He also jumps out of the window and chases after Zhang Meixin.

On the way, Liu Yi listens to her explanation and finally understands what is going on.

He really wishes to laugh out loud but upon seeing Zhang Meixin’s hate-filled gaze, he can only endure it!

This girl is too much of a joke to think of using this kind of minor illusion to scare me! This is called giving a bride and lose one’s army on top of it!

“If you dare to laugh today I shall risk my life and take you down with me!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s expression, Zhang Meixin clenches her teeth and has the urge to kill people.

But recalling that back then Liu Yi single-handedly flips over an important US camp, she can only give up!

Alas, I can only swallow down this grievance.

The two of them hurry to the laboratory and in the end, they realize that everything is in a mess,

“What went wrong! Didn’t we say that we had shifted away the things?”

Seeing the messy laboratory, he raises his eyebrow and ask, “How come this would happen?”

“I also do not know…”

Zhang Meixin bends down and presses her hand on an unconscious guard.

Rabbit’s ability is not just illusion techniques, it also has some healing ability.

Very quickly, that guard woke up and blinks his eyes before saying in a daze, “D-Dr. Zhang…”

Zhang Meixin ask in a hurry, “What happened to the laboratory? Why did this happen?”

“En-enemy invasion….” The guard finds it strenuous to speak, “Fi-fighter Xiao Mi….got captured by them….”

“What?!” x2

Liu Yi and Zhang Meixin exclaim at the same time, Xiao Mi got captured? Why did the enemy capture her?

“So it is like this. They plan to directly extract out the beast gene DNA!”

As a professional member, Zhang Meixin instantly understands what is going on and ferociously clenches her fist!


Chapter 728     [Serve you right for doing something so stupid]

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