MKW Chapter 727

Chapter 727   [Title below]

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Zhang Meixin is also a bit of an airhead. She clearly does not know of her unintentional position which nearly causes Liu Yi to commit a crime.

“Okay, found it!”

Zhang Meixian takes out a piece of paper and a pen from the cabinet before sitting onto the table and spread the paper out.

“What do you want to do?”

Liu Yi is a bit confused.

“Of course it is to make rules!”

Zhang Meixin gives Liu Yi a harsh look, “You think that you are capable of living in harmony with a girl? Of course, there needs to be some rules!”

As she speaks she twirls the pen as she ponders, “Ah, firstly it is the problem of using the toilet…when I am not in the house, you can use it wherever you like. But when I am home, before you use the toilet, you must report to me!”

“What the heck are you crazy, I still need to report when I want to use the toilet?!”

Although cultivators do not need to use the toilet, Liu Yi felt like his human rights got thoroughly insulted!

“Of course! There is only one toilet in the house. What if when I want to use it and you also wish to use the toilet? After you are done and I am unable to use it for half a day, how vexed would I feel ah!”

“What the…”

“Furthermore, every night from 8 to 10, it is my bath time which I adhere strictly to. During this period of time, you are forbidden from using the toilet! If you dare to come in, don’t say that I will be impolite towards you!”

Zhang Meixin stands up and stamps on the chair with a leg while both her hands press against the table and gangster glares at Liu Yi.

But what she does not know is that her panty is slightly tight. When she spread open her legs, a strand of black hair slip out from her panty.

Liu Yi hurriedly withdraws his sight and start chanting Buddhist sutras.

Sarira sex is no different from emptiness, emptiness is no different from sex, sex is emptiness, emptiness is sex…..

Zhang Meixin looks at Liu Yi and asks, “After which, the kitchen, you know how to cook?”


“That is good then. Every week, one, three, five you cook!”

“What the, why do I cook one extra day! You are in-charged of two, four, six?”

“No. Two, four six we eat at the canteen.”

“What the, you are asking for it is it! This is unfair treatment is it, I resolutely do not accept!”

Liu Yi starts to protect his human rights.

“Did I ask for your opinion? This is the terms that you must comply with since you live there! Little fellow, what else do you wish to do. Living together with a beauty like me, you ought to be smiling when you dream!”

“Right now I wish to resign ah!”

“Is it so exaggerated? Fine then, the term cooking shall be abolished then!”

Zhang Meixin unwillingly strikes off this term from the paper, “But the canteen’s food is  too greasy  ah…”

“Every week I will cook a big meal once for you to eat, let’s treat it as a thank you for living together with you. How about it?”

“Hmph, considered as you having a conscience!”

Only then did Zhang Meixin nods her head in satisfaction as she presses her breasts on the table. They are so full like watermelons making Liu Yi drool.

Bullshit…how did her’s grow so big ah, even Lele is not her opponent!

Not scientific ah, just what did she eat to grow so big!

Just as Liu Yi is thinking about the question, Zhang Meixian start writing again.

“The bedroom is mine while the sofa is yours. Without my permission, you are not allowed to enter the bedroom!”

Zhang Meixin continues to write.

“Relax…I will definitely not enter your room for fun!”

Liu Yi hurriedly says, “It is not like your bedroom has gold. Why would I go to your bedroom!”

Zhang Meixin says seriously, “Who would know. Towards you, this kind of adolescence boy, a girl’s panties and the likes are your masturbating treasure!”

“What the, this is pure nonsense!”

Liu Yi immediately refutes this kind of baseless saying, “Teacher Zhang, you are insulting all of us men! I want to sue you for slander!”

“I read it on a novel online! Can’t be wrong !”

“What the, what lacking moral integrity novel is it ah!”

“Called <Fake Doctor> or around there…anyways you go ahead and sue ah you! Anyways I need to be on guard against you! I am a girl. Although I know a few illusion techniques I am unable to be compared to this China’s Law Enforcer!”

Recalling Liu Yi’s current bullish identity, Zhang Meixin is in despair.

It can be said that if Liu Yi wishes to use force on her, she can only cry and accept it.

Not saying his identity, just the dragon gene in his body is the strongest within the 12 zodiac beast!

Alas, back then is it right or wrong to pull him into the 12 zodiacs. If something happens, Zhang Meixin ah, isn’t this considered as doing myself in?

Zhang Meixin wishes to give herself a slap but she is afraid of pain, thus she bears with it.

“Anyways let’s end it here for now. If I thought of anything more, I will add it at any moment.”

As Zhang Meixian speak she pastes the paper on her bedroom door. “If you do not abide by the rules, then you shall be shall be chased out by me!”

“Fine then, I shall abide by it okay!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders. Did not expect that living together would be so troublesome. What are the higher-ups doing to put me and Zhang Meixin together? Isn’t this just asking for trouble?!

Although it is very ** to live together with a beauty there are also a lot of troubles that come along with it ah.

Right now I  hate so many annoying matters. Originally I planned that when there is nothing to do while being a coach, I can properly cultivate.

The sooner my Nine Yang God qi reaches 9th stage, the sooner I will be able to fight against that damn Great God Sect Sect Leader.

Right now Liu Yi is only curious about a matter and that is how did Great God Sect Sect Leader know his techniques?

Could it be that this fellow had cultivated to the highest realm of Buddhism, the Six Remarkable Ability?

The so-called 6 Remarkable Ability are the Six Supernatural Powers. Firstly is the Teleportation, second is the Heavenly Vision, third is the Heavenly Hearing, fourth is the Mind Reading, the fifth is the Knowledge of Past Life, and last is the Destruction of all Affliction.

This Great God Sect Leader is able to grasp the Mind Reading otherwise it is the even stronger Knowledge of Past Life!

Mind Reading is able to know what everyone in the six realms is thinking about while Knowledge of Past Life is able to know self’s fate as well as the predestined fate of the all of the zillions of life if the six realms as well as what they had done.

Since Great God Sect Sect Leader is able to everything about me…it is most likely to be either of these two links.

After Liu Yi had made his decision, he prepares to gather a complete Buddhist Qi and then properly cultivate a bit of Buddhist sutra. Perhaps I might be able to comprehend one of the six links.

Teleportation is able to allow one to appear as one pleases anywhere, it can be said to be a teleportation ability. Heavenly Vision is able to allow one to see through all living beings suffering and looking up through the nine layers of heaven, looking down through the 18 layers of hell nothing is able to escape from his sight. Heavenly Hearing is able to hear everything of the four human emotions.

As for the final Supernatural Power, it is even more powerful!

Destruction of all Affliction is able to break all of the three realm thinking and will not be affected by the life or death of the three realms. But he will lose the ability to cultivate!

“Oi, oi, what are you thinking about?”

Zhang Meixin had said a whole bunch of things only to realize that Liu Yi is not listening. She is constantly dissatisfied, “Chatting with a beauty and you are able to doze off, serves you right for masturbating for your entire lifetime!”


Only then did Liu Yi awaken. Hearing Zhang Meixin’s mocking he chuckles.

“I have a girlfriend okay?”

Liu Yi pats his chest.

“Stop showing off! Making a public display of affection must die!”

Zhang Meixin snorts as Liu Yi’s words had indeed made her heartache.

Growing up so big, she still has not had a boyfriend before!

As said in the past, Zhang Meixin had dated a few times but all failed. Not a single guy is able to accept some of her huge mental matters.

Especially the manner she is smiling brightly as she eats while discussing the anatomy of a corpse.

“It is quite late. I am going to sleep! Today I have bathed so you can use the toilet .”

Zhang Meixin also seems to be slightly tired. She stretches her waist before walking into her bedroom. Upon entering she did not forget to lock her door properly.

Liu Yi is speechless, sweat, did she think that I would rape her?

Although I am fickle-minded, I am definitely not a pervert! Those kinds of shameless things, I would definitely not do.

After busting for an entire day, it is time for him to rest. Liu Yi did not think of anything else and lies on the sofa and closes his eyes. He enters his spiritual world and starts cultivating in his spiritual world.

Liu Yi sits in a lotus form in this spiritual world as nine small suns float out behind him.

The light from the second sun is slowly becoming stronger and stronger. In less than half a month, Liu Yi will be able to completely light up his second sun jade.

At that time his God Transformation will become stronger and the duration will be even longer.

A real man must persevere!

When Liu Yi starts cultivating, Zhang Meixin is tossing around on her bed and finds it hard to fall asleep.

She feels that she ought to take the initiative to show Liu Yi that fellow just how difficult she is to deal with!

Otherwise, when he bullies over her head, then it will be too late!

After Zhang Meixin had decided, she claps her hands and starts to wait for midnight to come.

Until 12 am, only then did Zhang Meixin silently get off her bed. She is only wearing a nightgown as she tiptoes over and opens the bedroom door before slipping into the living room.

Liu Yi is lying on the sofa which is rather honest.

If this fellow is able to keep being so honest, there is also no need for me to scare him right?

Cannot….man this thing….will be able to endure it in the beginning. Who knows what would he turn into in the future?

Me scaring him a bit is for his good!

After Zhang Meixin decided, she stretches out her hand and places an illusion on herself and changes into the appearance of an ugly granny.

Zhang Meixin’s thinking is very simple. She wishes to disguise herself as an ugly granny and then sleep beside him. When Liu Yi walks up and realizes that he is sleeping together with an ugly granny, perhaps he might be so afraid that he withers!

Hahaha, after which I  shall tell him that this is my real appearance!

At that time, Liu Yi will no longer have any thoughts about me hahaha!

Too awesome  Zhang Meixin, you are a genius!

Zhang Meixin covers her mouth and giggles secretly before climbing onto the sofa and her hot body presses against Liu Yi.

Her thinking is not bad but she does not know that normally Liu Yi’s pair of eyes would have the Truth Eye activated. As long as it is not any super complex illusion technique or illusion technique that will directly affect the mind of a person, it will all be useless against him.


Chapter 727     [Strike first and gain the upper hand]

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