MKW Chapter 726

Chapter 726   [Title below]

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Mentioning the toilet Wang Lele cannot help but recall clearly what happened last time. Her face instantly turns deep red from shyness as the seductive look in her eyes deepens by quite a bit making Liu Yi slightly aroused seeing it.

Haiz cannot execute this girl on the spot. Really too vexing!

This girl…how did she develop so well? Just what did she eat growing up?

Even if she drinks holy milk daily, it should not be so exaggerated!

Wang Lele’s figure makes every girl envious and makes guys crazy over it!

Huge boobs that paired with a slim waist.

Talking about this, China’s women are very strange. Those who are very pretty are slightly weak in the breast department.

While those with big boobs, their figure is definitely will be well-rounded.

Occasionally there will be an individual with a child’s body while having huge boobs, it is truly a top grade!

Lele is a top grade, that is why the guys that are chasing after her can line up from Qingbei to KeDa!

“Big brother Xiao Yi, right now we cannot…”

Wang Lele also knows what her big brother Xiao Yi is thinking. She mutters softly, “Last time was too shameful ….furthermore big sister Xiao Die found out, it will be bad…wait till next month okay….”

“Why next month ah?”

Liu Yi’s heart is on fire and it is very hard to extinguish it.

“Next month…is big brother Xiao Yi’s birthday ah…”

Wang Lele’s sentence causes Liu Yi to be shocked.

What the heck, my birthday?

It seems like I had forgotten about this matter ….after living for too long, birthday and the likes, I no longer remember then.

Especially the 500 years in the Asura Realm, no day or night, who would still remember these?

Liu Yi had never thought of celebrating a birthday and the likes, thus he did not ask Little Jade to set an alarm for himself.

While Wang Lele, she actually still remembers my birthday….

How could this not make Liu Yi emotional?

“Big brother Xiao Yi’s birthday and Christmas day are very close. Thus Lele remembered.”

Liu Yi licks his lips and asks, “This…of course…but can I tear open the present in advance?”

“Aiyah…big brother Xiao Yi don’t mess around….don’t be so anxious ah, …sooner or later would be yours…”

Lele hammers Liu Yi lightly before pushing him away.

“In a while, big sister Xiao Die will be back. We cannot be too ambiguous!”

This lass….clearly it is her who is fooling around with me but in the end, she says serious things!

“Hmph! Next month I shall make you unable to get off the bed!”

Liu Yi snorts making Wang Lele shy again.

Very quickly Murong Die returned. The three of them eat for a while. Seeing that it is no longer earlier, Liu Yi sends the two of them back to rest.

Looking at the school entrance of KeDa, Murong Die’s sight turns blurred.

Perhaps she is thinking about the matter that happened last time. Back then she kissed Liu Yi at this school entrance but in the end, got found by Wang Yuzheng.

“Liu Yi, in this lifetime, don’t leave me okay?”

Taking advantage that she had drunk too much, Murong Die gathers her courage and says heartfelt wishes.

Usually, she is a person who hides her heartfelt wishes very deep in her heart.

“Relax. I will love you for a thousand years, two thousand years until the end of time.”

“Hehe, only know how to sweet talk. How can we live for so long ah, it is not like we are turtles!”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, what the, she actually compare cultivators into turtles.

In the future, I will definitely teach them cultivation. At that time we shall be together enduring while the world lasts, only envy the mandarin duck but not the immortal.

That is the life that I am pursuing!

Otherwise, if I alone cultivate longevity,  what is the use of living a long life?

Liu Yi sends the two girls back to their dormitory before walking back in the darkness.

Right now he is KeDa’s coach thus the higher-ups had arranged a coach dormitory for him.

In the past in KeDa, I stayed in the same dormitory as Lai Junwei and the rest. Now, I am staying in a teacher’s dormitory. Is this treatment considered as improved?

Liu Yi chuckles. Seeing that it is quite late he did not call them out.

Let me give them a surprise tomorrow.

Liu YI walks to the dormitory building holding the key that Liu Hongxian gave him, he walks to the third-floor room 302 and uses the key to open the room door.

Upon pulling open the door, Liu Yi raises his head and his expression instantly turned into shock.

A beauty who is only wearing panties is currently standing in the room. Her upper body is naked as a pair of breasts jumps slightly from its owner shock.

Her figure is the same as Wang Lele as a white panty covers the beauty of her lower body. Her two long legs are very eye-catching and her naked pair of feet is stepping on the carpet.

Her hair is damp and she is currently holding a towel wiping her hair dry. It is clear that she had just finished taking her bath.

Seeing a grown man standing at her doorway, she is also stupefied and did not react for a while.

“Te-teacher Zhang…”

Liu Yi’s brain also shorted for two seconds before reacting.

Bullshit isn’t this Zhang Meixin!

My biology teacher back then as well as a person on the school flower board! Furthermore, she is also a rabbit genetic warrior of the 12 zodiac beast!

What the heck…why would she be in my dorm room ah! Most importantly is that….she is not wearing anything?!


Only at this moment, Zhang Meixin remembers to shriek. Her hand grabs a flower pot by the side and tossed it at Liu Yi!

Indeed is a zodiac beast! This flower pot throwing is very accurate ah!

As Liu Yi roast he stretches out his hand and catches the flower pot from the air.

“I say, Teacher Zhang, you are too much of a wastrel! Such a good flower pot why did you throw it!”

After catching the flower pot, Liu Yi did not forget to mock.

“You scumbag! Why are you here!”

Zhang Meixin swiftly wraps her towel around her breasts. But her breasts are a bit too large and it is unable to cover everything. It can only block the important places but still reveals a large patch of whiteness outside which attracted Liu Yi’s gaze.

“If I say that I’m staying here would Teacher Zhang believe?”

Liu Yi coughs drily. He also does not know how to explain just that he is cursing Liu Hongxian do death.

Your sister, in the end, she still messes with me? To arrange me to live together with a female teacher in the same dorm room?

Although the dormitory’s stand-alone rooms….but male and female staying in the same residence, more or less this is too irrational!

Especially a swift and fierce beautiful woman like Zhang Meixin…

Staying together how long can I live? Can it exceed 30 seconds?

Zhang Meixin huffs as she glares at Liu Yi and scolds, “I believe your head! How would the school arrange a male and female to inhibit together! This is school, not a love hotel ah!”

“But I  live here…”

Liu Yi is very wrong as he stretches out his index finger which a bundle key is hanging from, “You see…”

“How do you have the key!”

Zhang Meixin’s eyes are emitting fire, “This is the teacher’s dormitory ah! Weren’t you fired by KeDa? Even if you were not expelled you ought to be staying in the student dormitory!”

“That…I am now a coach…”

Liu Yi takes out his worker ID and shows Zhang Meixin.

“What the heck! This, this not possible!”

Zhang Meixin nearly bites her tongue, “Did you bribe all of the higher-ups?”

“Oi, oi, oi. Teacher Zhang, you are too much!”

Liu Yi is very wronged as he says, “Back then I got splashed dirty water by the Dragon Group’s superior and got chased out of KeDa. Now that I have returned, you say such words….”

“Fine, fine, fine. This is my wrong. But even if you become a coach you also cannot live together with me ah!”

Zhang Meixin picks up a white shirt and drapes it over her shoulders. She turns around and pulls away her towel before buttoning the shirt up.

Liu Yi says in his heart, it is no use sister…your breasts are too big and are about to burst open the shirt. The two nipples are even more obvious ah!

But Zhang Meixin did not notice this point. She is only thinking about the living quarter’s matter, “Is the school crazy? Why did they arrange the two of us to live together?”

“I also do not know about this….I had thought that it was a single person room….”

“Of course this is a single person room!”

Zhang Meixin grinds her teeth and says, “This is the entire dormitory’s single person room. Originally there was only me who stay here! Damn it! I am going to find the school leadership to ask!”

Zhang Meixin picks up the handphone on the table and angrily stares making the call.

“Hello, Director Zhang what is going on here ah, why am I staying together with a male teacher…what? There is no longer enough school dormitory rooms? Then you also cannot arrange a man and woman to inhabit together right? What? You believe in our characters? What the, even if you can believe that Liu Yi is an upright gentleman you also need to believe that I am able to hold myself back ah!”

What the, this girl is too open right, she can say anything…

But it seems like this phone call does not have any results. Zhang Meixin angrily hangs up before glaring at Liu Yi.

“You are sleeping in the living room while I sleep in the bedroom!”

Liu Yi takes a look. Luckily there is still a sofa in the living room. At least sleeping would not be too uncomfortable.

Alas, who ask me to be tricked and live together with a beauty.

Forget it. So be it if I lose out a bit.

Liu Yi sighs gently.

“What the, looks like you feel very wronged is it?”

Seeing that Liu Yi also dares to sigh, Zhang Meixin instantly becomes angry but is unable to let it out.

“Living together with me is wronging you?”

Liu Yi hurriedly say, “How is that so! I am so happy that I am about to die!”

“Damn, Ambition of wild wolves, indeed got rapacious designs! Let me tell you that if you dare to do anything to me at night you shall be dead! I am going to cast an illusion technique on you to make you fuck ten thousand beauties and die from excessive ejaculation!”

“Oi, Teacher Zhang, there is no need to be so poisonous right!”

Liu Yi instead starts sweating, this is too fucking scary!

“Hmph! Good that you know fear! My methods are very cruel !”

Zhang Meixian threatening waves her small fist before she had thought of something. She turns around and bends over a cabinet rummaging for something.

What the…is she a natural airhead!!

She is only wearing a small panty, stooping over like this her butt is sticking up. That plump butt nearly floods Liu Yi’s eyes.

Bullshit….isn’t this just making me create the scene of a crime!

There is no need to trap me like this ah! AHHHH!!!!!


Chapter 726     [Days while living together]

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