MKW Chapter 724

Chapter 724   [Title below]

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Qiao Jiahui was originally very confident. I am Old man Qiao whose might shakes the south! Even Murong Hong this kind of north dragon head can only bow before me, when had I feared anyone before?

Even if there is fear, I only fear some of the official bigwigs.

Qiao Jiahui understands clearly in his heart. Although he is the richest man in a region he cannot be compared to the officials. China is officials as leaders country. Different from the west where gold and capitals are leaders, through the use of financial they control the government. China is different. No matter how much money you have, as long as you provoked the government, you will be finished. In the past, Huang Guang’yu’s matter is also the same. Such a large capitalist went behind bars the moment the government says he be behind bars. In the west, this is basically impossible.

Thus in China, the rich always have a kind of panicky feeling. Large amounts of their capital are in the overseas bank. This way, to them, is safe.

Otherwise in China, if the government want to confiscate, they are unable to do anything.

Qiao Jiahui is also the same. He is very clear. Although his wealth is equivalent to the entire nation, in front of the government, he is nothing. While Hongxing is a company that has the support of the government which he, Qiao Jiahui loses out on this point!

“Good. I admit. This time around I admits defeat.”

Qiao Jiahui clenches his teeth and says, “Murong Hong what a good method of yours to actually found such a son-in-law! I, Qiao Jiahui, for the first time admire you.”

“Old man Qiao, being able to hear this sentence is really not easy.”

Murong Hong cannot hold back his smile, “Ever since I married your daughter, you keep looking down on me. Afterward, when I build up from nothing and established the Murong Financial Group that can shake the entire north, you still look down on me. Can, you look down on me, right now my son-in-law makes you submissive?”

“What are you delighted for? This is also not considered as your capability!”

Qiao Jiahui glares, “Your son-in-law is your son-in-law. At most, it is you who is lucky!”

“How can it not be considered as my capability? Let me tell you Old man Qiao, my capability is that I have a better taste than you! Back then you look down on me because I am poor. Back then when I get to know my son-in-law, he was also impoverished! Take a look at now, he had become the boss of Hongxing! While you, Old man Qiao, you are already past your prime.”

“Talking rubbish. You two unworthy of respect. Do you really think that you had won?”

Old man Qiao suddenly sneers, “Although the two of you can be considered as young and promising you guys are still too tender. Do you really think that I, Qiao Jiahui do not have any methods of retaliation?”

“Ah? What other move does Old man Qiao have? Go ahead and display them, I Liu Yi shall receive them.”

“You are so young, don’t be too arrogant.”

Old man Qiao sits down again as he claps his hand, “In this world, there are some powers that you guys had never seen before. Today consider yourself lucky, let me show them to you.”

Following which he calls out, “Xiao Wei, Old Nine. The rest shall be left to the two of you.”

“Understood Boss Qiao.”

“Big brother this time around we can play again.”

“Little brother don’t be too much and leave them alive.”

“Understood big brother then can I make then handicapped for life?”

“Of course.”

The men walk out as they speak weirdly.

Murong Hong sense a trace of something is wrong and asked, “Who are they?”

“Hehe. This two are helpers that I had spent a large amount of money to hire. Don’t think of using even more money to turn them because they have a reputation. Betraying their employer is a behavior that is absolutely not allowed.”

Old man Qiao chuckles, “Right. I can tell you about their identity. Had you heard before of Hunter?”

“They are actually Hunter! You hired two hunters!”

Murong Hong actually knows of this group and instantly becomes alarmed.

Liu Yi is also shocked, good fellow. So it is actually Hunter’s organization?

Qiao Jiahui is so awesome ah, to be able to hire these people! But the current Hunter’s organization is becoming more and more degraded already to actually be willing to be bodyguards!

Tsk tsk.

“Big brother, you take action or I take action?”

The white attire tall guy chuckles and says, “You go ahead than little brother. I am a big brother, I need to yield to you.”

“Okay big brother, then I shall not be polite. Let me first deal with that little kid first. I feel uncomfortable when I look at him.”

The slightly plump guy looks at Liu Yi as he suddenly uses shadow step.

His body instantly disappears causing Murong Hong to get a huge shock. Where did that guy go?

While at the same time, he suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi as his hand made a grab towards Liu Yi’s neck.

Liu Yi smiles calmly and did not dodge. He only stands on the original spot as he slaps out a palm at that black attire guy.

Liu Yi’s palm lands on that black attire guy instantly sending him flying out. He crashed into a car by the side and collapsed onto the ground is a sorry figure.

“Just this bit of spiritual qi, don’t come out to disgrace yourself.”

Liu Yi smiles merrily in front of their shocked gaze.

Qiao Jiahui shouts, “How is that possible, Old Nine what are you doing?!”

“Little brother, are you joking around?”

The white attire guy also stares at his little brother who is lying on the ground in disbelief.

“Big brother…I am not…this guy…is no ordinary guy.”

The black attire man climbs to his feet with his face completely red, “His strength…very powerful.”

“Who are you?” shouts the white attire man at Liu Yi.

“What does who I am have anything to do with you?”

Liu Yi sticks both his hands into his pocket and gives him a look of disdain. “Honestly go back to your Hunter’s organization, otherwise I shall beat you up until you are no longer a person!”

“You are too arrogant! I am a Grade B hunter!”

“The one who is arrogant is you right?”

Liu Yi chuckles, “Don’t say you’re a Grade B hunter. Even if Li Biyue came, I would also
not be afraid.”

“How, how do you know Li Biyue?”

The white attire guy had a huge shocked, There are only a few Grade A hunter in Hunter’s organization and Li Biyue is the most famous one!

Her strength is almost getting close to Grade S already. Perhaps in just two years time, she will break through and become one of the legendary Grade S hunters!

Other than people in the hunter’s organization, no one else should know of her name, why does he know?

“Why would I not know?”

Liu Yi smiles, “Li Biyue is my elder sister.”


Hearing that Li Biyue is his elder sister, the two hunters instantly tremble. The white attire guy seems to recall something and berates, “When had Li Biyue had a little brother!”

“Big brother, wait, wait a minute…”

The black attire guy’s expression suddenly changes and whisper to his big brother causing the white attire guy’s face to turn pale.

The two hunter’s head is covered in cold sweat as their leg trembles.

“You….it is actually you…”

Li Biyue’s little brother…she indeed has a little brother…and that is the rumored Blood Emperor!

A person who had destroyed the entire North Dragon City’s branch, Blood Emperor. The Hunter’s Organization Grade S fugitive!

“Looks like you guys understand!”

Liu Yi gives the two hunters a mocking look, “Since you guys understand already, then I cannot let the two of you live.”

As his real-life identity cannot be revealed, thus Liu Yi already had the intent to kill the two hunters.

Hunter’s organization formal law is becoming more and more evil. Liu Yi had already heard of some news that they are already no longer that organization that merely kills devils anymore.

Right now Hunter’s organization is basically doing all kind of jobs as long as it can make money. Even if it is to take money for killing people.

“Don’t be too arrogant!”

The white attire guy calms down and berates, “We are the new generation hunters who are way stronger than the past hunters! Right now is no longer your era already! Your legend had already passed!”

“I don’t mind using the two of you to create another record.”

Liu Yi’s desire to kill is already ignited. He also needs to take action against these two hunters to intimidate Qiao Jiahui a bit.

“Too looking down on us brothers already! Little brother let him know what is called the new generation hunters!”

“Understood big brother!”

The black and white attires guys stand together before releasing their own summon beast!

A 4 meters long black back crocodile and a three meters tall crab flies out from the void and lands on the ground scaring Murong Hong.

“What is this thing!”

“Summoned beast. Hunter’s ace technique.”

Liu Yi smiles. It is a pity that my summon beast Little Black is helping me maintaining the Dragon Palace. Otherwise, I would have summoned him out to widen their horizon.

Murong Hong asks with some worry, “Liu Yi….are you able to deal with it?”

“Father-in-law. Relax, without this diamond drill how would I dare to take on this chinaware work.”

Liu Yi exercises his joints, “I can exercise a bit. It had been a long time since I last exercise. My body is about to rust.”

“Fine then, then everything shall be on you.”

Murong Hong nods his head before apprehensively stand by the side.


The two hunters suddenly shouted. Following which they actually combine body with their summon beast!

This does make Liu Yi slightly shocked. The hunters had already learned to assimilate their summoned beast together? No wonder they have confidence in challenging me.

When the white attire guy combines with his crocodile, his body swells until he is over two meters. Black crocodile scales appear on his face as a pair of yellow eyes rove around while he holds two curved blades.

While the black attire guy who had combined with his crab, a crab carapace cover his body. Both his hands had turned into pincers and is snapping.

“Right now we possess the strength of a Grade A hunter! Let’s see how you can still deal with us!”

The white attire hunter roars, “Today I shall kill you here and Hunter’s organization will greatly reward the two of us!”

“That’s right. Big brother, this is a good opportunity for us to gain merit!”

Because of the increase in strength, the black attire hunter’s self-confidence rises dramatically as he snaps his pincers.

“That’s right little brother, let us attack!”

“Understood big brother!”

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh, “You guys really can speak ah.”

“Very quickly you will not be able to hear.”

“That’s a right big brother. Let the two of us send him up to heaven!”

While they are speaking the white attire hunter uses shadow step and instantly appears by Liu Yi’s side as his pincers snap towards Liu Yi’s waist.


Chapter 724     [So it is Hunter]

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