MKW Chapter 723

Chapter 723   [Title below]

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Liu Yi calls out ‘nice to meet you Lao-ye’ which causes Old man Qiao’s expression to change while Gu Yuchen’s legs to turn soft and makes Murong Hong secretly gives a thumbs up.

This fellow is indeed awesome!

“Who are you anyhow, who is your Lao-ye!”

Old man Qiao roars in anger before staring at Murong Hong in anger. “Murong Hong, what is your meaning? Are you here to checkmate my army is it?”

“How can you say so. Old man Qian, didn’t you wish to find someone for Xiao Die? I had brought him over to let you have a look! Doesn’t this fit your intention, why are you still angry?”

“I see that you are doing it on purpose!”

Old man Qiao says coldly, “Murong Hong do not forget what is your current identity! You are no longer the chairman of Murong Financial Group who is able to shake the entire north with a stomp of your foot! Disobeying me will only make you become even miserable!”

“Uncle you better don’t be too stubborn already. Old man Qiao is also doing it for your good!”

By the side, Gu Yuchen promptly cut in, “You see, letting Xiao Die join to Qiao family is not anything bad right? This way, Xiao Die would be able to return back to her rich lifestyle while you will also return to your original identity. Your current down and out days are not that easy, right? Just now I heard uncle say that you took the subway here? Aiyah, how can you live like that? Uncle ah, even if you are able to take hardship you must think of Xiao Die. Could it be that you still wish to let Xiao Die suffer along with you?”

“You are rather concerned about Xiao Die ah.”

Murong Hong smiles, “But there is no need for you to worry. Even if I, Murong Hong am not capable, I still have my son-in-law.”

“Your son-in-law? What does your son-in-law count as?”

Old man Qiao laughs, “I can even cause you, Murong Hong, to collapse would I be afraid of your son-in-law? Which family does he belong to? Do you believe that I am able to collapse his company with a phone call?”

Liu Yi is finally unable to endure it and mocks, “Old man, on this cold day, aren’t you afraid that talking big will cause your tongue to sprain.”

“Hahaha, little fellow. I’m afraid that you have no idea who I am right?”

Old man Qiao laughs loudly, “Let me tell you, I call Qiao Jiahui. The entire north is basically in the control of my hands! Murong Hong’s family business is big right? Didn’t it fall apart because of me? Let me tell you, if I wish to cause your family property to fall apart, it is really something too easy!”

“Okay then. Let us make a bet!”

Liu Yi snaps his fingers and says, “If you are unable to cause my family property to collapse with a phone call what are you going to do?”

“Hahaha, who do you think you are?”

Before Old man Qiao is able to speak, Gu Yuchen by the side butts in, “In China, no one dares to speak like this to Old man Qiao! Old man Qiao is the head of the economy, pinching a small character like you to death is a piece of cake do you know?”

Old man Qiao also nods his head and did not disagree.

Liu Yi stands there with a maturity that someone of his age should not have and ask, “I do not care about this. I only care if you dare to bet with me.”

“So young and you are rather arrogant eh!”

Old man Qiao instantly cannot hold back his cold laugh, “Say it then. How do you wish to bet?”

“If I lose I shall bark like a dog and crawl out of this club. If you lose then you shall immediately subsidize my father-in-law two billion for free, how about it?”

Liu Yi’s words cause Old man Qiao and Gu Yuchen to laugh loudly at the same time, “Interesting. Really interesting. Looks like you wish to invite disgrace to yourself!”

“Good, good, good. I shall let you know what is genuine cruelty of society! Let you understand what kind of person you cannot provoke !”

As Old man Qiao speaks, he picks up his handphone, “Say it. Who on earth are you?”

“Before I tell you, I wish to confirm a matter.”

Liu Yi is calm as he says, “I believe that our Old man Qiao promise will be kept and accept your loss if you lose and will not renege right?”

“What a joke, when have I Qiao Jiahui reneged on what I had said!”

“That is best then!”

Liu Yi nods his head before clapping his hands, “Brothers of Red Scarf Army you guys can come out.”

The moment he claps, a lot of men wearing black suits with a red scarfs tied around their arm walks out from the surrounding, completely surrounding the golf course of this club.

The bodyguards from Qiao Family were immediately started. They immediately pull out their police truncheons and eye the surrounding burly fellows vigilantly.

“Hehe, looks like they are all professional special soldiers. Just nice we can have some fun.”

The Red Scarf Army members were retired soldiers. Normal they find settling those gangsters to simple already. Right now they had finally seen some opponent, their hands are starting to itch.

“Don’t take action!”

Old man Qiao is very smart and immediately see through the identity of the men with red scarf.

“Red Scarf Army….Hongxing Group?”

His gaze is filled with shock as he looks around before finally landing at Liu Yi.

Just what is the background of this fellow?

“Commander please sit.”

Two Red Scarf Army members carry a chair over and place it behind Liu Yi.

“You are really outrageous!”

Commander this word had already caused Jiao Jiahui’s to be scared witless already while the attitude of the Red Scarf Army members towards Liu Yi makes his heart even more chilled.

“My father-in-law is still standing and you let me sit? Father-in-law, take a seat first.”

Today Liu Yi can be considered to have given Murong Hong sufficient face. This causes Murong Hong to be very delighted in his heart but he pretentiously says, “Mm, you sit as well.”

By the side, a Red Scarf Army member had already compliantly carries a chair over and place it behind Liu Yi.

Only then did Liu Yi takes a sit. A burly guy stands by the side and starts fanning Liu Yi with a fan.

“What the heck, are for you real? This is winter what the fuck are you fanning for!”

Liu Yi glares at that member.

“Er….Commander, I watch TV and this is what they do …”

“You watch too much TV! Stand at the back and don’t throw your face!”


“How is it. Old man Qiao it is time for you to make your phone call.”

As Liu Yi sits on the chair, a little brother takes out a cigarette and wish to offer it to Liu Yi when a person by the side gave him a slap.

“Idiot, don’t you know that Commander does not smoke!”

“Ah, really did not know…”

Liu Yi covers his forehead, these fellows are really throwing away my face…

“What is this meaning of yours…”

Although the opponent is Red Scarf Army, Qiao Jiahui is still arrogant. After all, he is a big shot in the economy of a region!

“You are showing off your might in my territory?”

“Your territory?”

Liu Yi chuckles, “Old man Qiao, you see what this is.”

Liu Yi claps his hand and a Red Scarf Army member immediately walks over with a contract in his hands.

“This is the territory lease contract. Right now this territory is my Hongxing Group’s. You have a day to carry away all of your things, otherwise, do not blame me for chasing you out ah!”

“What?! Territory lease contract? How is that possible?!”

Qiao Jiahui instantly says in disbelief, “I have 10 years lease rights to this place! Right now it has not expired yet!”

“Don’t believe it, then Old man Qiao make a call ah!”

Before Liu Yi enters this place, he had already dispatch Chen Dahai to do something. He originally wishes to make a show of strength to the person who has thoughts about Xiao Die but he did not expect that it would be Xiao Die’s maternal grandfather.

But it is also him who is asking for it. Who asked him to wish to marry Xiao Die away?

Want to touch my woman, then you better be prepared to face my anger!

“Breach of contract? How, how can this be? Even if you compensate, it is not enough to make up for my economic loss. Your this kind of action is really…..hello, hello?”

Qiao Jiahui had already made finish the call and his expression is very ugly.

He really did not expect that Hongxing Group would actually have such a big capability and is able to influence the opinion of the government and even make the authorities not hesitate to break their promise and compensate and insist on leasing out the territory to Hongxing!

Although he is able to get some compensation but to this club’s economic harm, the value is unable to be estimated ah!

After all, those who come to this club are people who were really rich. The way they spend money is truly like flowing water!

Furthermore such a huge club, carrying away within a day….this is too outrageous!

“Just what do you guys want!”

This is the first time Qiao Jiahui felt horror. He had been in this business for so long, working hard in the business world for so many years, this is the first time he had experience horror!

The opponent had the capability. Furthermore, Red Scarf Army eats both black and white. Murong Hong actually found an awesome person as a son-in-law!

Compared to that fellow, Gu Yuchen is truly nothing much at all…

“You guys are too much! Do you really think that you are the Son of Heaven?”

Gu Yuchen is unable to control his state of mind as he shouts, “I am Jingcheng’s Gu Family’s young master! Let me tell you guys, what you are doing is considered as forcibly seizing!”

“Shut him up.”

Liu Yi claps his hands and a Red Scarf Army member immediately appears behind Gu Yuchen and give him a knife hand on the neck, knocking him out.

“Now it is much quieter.”

Liu Yi claps his hand, “Talk about forcibly seizing, Old man Qiao, this brother is hitting your face ah.”

Liu Yi is indicating something which makes Old man Qiao’s face turn red as he says, “Hmph, the business world is like a battlefield. There can never be too much deception in war. He, Murong Hong also fallen to his current state because of being too greedy. It cannot be blamed on me.”

“That’s right. That Old man Qiao is also because of conceit that is why you become like this.”

Liu Yi retorted making Qiao Jiahui unable to say anything.

“Right, let’s talk about our earlier matter. Didn’t Old man Qiao said that you wish to cause my business to fall apart?”

Liu Yi claps his hands, “Right now my business is placed in front of you. Old man Qiao, now it is your turn.”

My turn your sister! Red Scarf Army ah! Like I can cause it to fall apart!

The matter of Hongxing Group is wearing the same pants as the government, basically, everyone in the business world knows about it! Who is able to cause them to collapse? It is basically impossible!

For the first time in his life, Qiao Jiahui wished to slap himself for the things that he said!

He fucking regrets ah!

Two billion ah! Not 200 dollars!

Although his Qiao Jiahui’s business is huge, money does not appear magically. His heart is in pain ah!


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