MKW Chapter 722

Chapter 722   [Title below]

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Luckily there is still quite some time to the end of the auditorium activity. Before leaving Liu Yi had asked the girls. Murong Die said that they will only finish packing up the booth around 8 pm.

Right now it is still 3 in the afternoon which gives him plenty of time to settle other things.

After the two of them and squeezed out from the subway, it is already 4+. Just taking the subway took an hour.

Sometimes one cannot help but sigh in sorrow that transportation in Jingdou is indeed a problem. But Liu Yi also admires Murong Hong. His forehead is covered with sweat as he squeezes into the subway along with him.

Being able to be flexible. This brother in future will be extraordinary…

That the, it should be uncle. Calling brother is wronging the generation already!

“We are here. We are here. It is here.”

Murong Hong leads Liu Yi to a high-class club. Within Jingdou this place being able to open something similar to a private manor is really rich and overbearing, furthermore, his background is definitely out of the ordinary.

In front of the door stands a group of bodyguards who wore high-class attires. Liu Yi’s Hongxian Company also has bodyguard services. Although their bodyguard attire is not bad, compared to these people, they are quite lacking.

Seeing Liu Yi and Murong Hong walking over, the bodyguards immediately block them politely.

“Sorry, this is a private club. Can the two of you please display your membership card.”

Liu Yi originally thought that Murong Hong would handsomely take out his golden membership card but unexpectedly he shrugs his shoulder and says like a rogue, “Don’t have!”

What the! Don’t have then you brought me here for what!

At that time Liu Yi has an urge to scold, are you playing with me?!

Treat me as Sunday and pass? What is Murong Hong trying to do?

“Really sorry. If you do not have a membership card then you are not able to enter this club. Please understand.”

The bodyguards of this high-class club are rather polite. But if it is not for them expelling outsiders, Liu Yi would see them with better light.

“Oh, you go and tell your Director Qiao that I, Murong Hong have come. If he wishes to see me then see me. If not I shall go. I will only wait for 5 minutes.”

Murong Hong is not in a rush not did he leave. He only crosses his arms as he waits there.

Liu Yi does not have any other choice but to wait along with him. Who knows what this old fox is playing?

Murong Hong turns around and asks Liu Yi with deep meaning, “The one we are going to meet is a big figure. Would you be uncertain in your heart?”

“Big figure? Uncle, to be honest, I have seen a number of big figures.”

Liu Yi chuckles, “I have seen the Emperor.”

Murong Hong would not understand the feeling of a person who went back 1300 years into the past. Thus he smiles and says, “You are speaking blindly. In this era, how is there an Emperor? From another country?”

“Genuine domestic emperor. Authentic one, some more there was also marquis and the likes…”

Liu Yi cannot help but recall that period of time where he was in the Tang Dynasty. Recalling the sweet life with Little Girl, his lips curls up.

“You are trying to make me smile.”

Murong Hong laughs, “You saw it on the history book right?”

“Hehe, so be it if uncle does not believe. Anyways, in senior high I had no pleasure meeting you, now seeing a person who is slightly more impressive than you, it will be equally relaxing.”

“Good. In a while continue to maintain this kind of tempo.”

Murong Hong really appreciates Liu Yi’s spirit. Right now this fellow is also a hegemon of a region. The Commander of the\Red Scarf Army can be considered as covering the sky with a hand right.

But in front of that person….even I will also have some short of breath…hope that he can continue to maintain his current state.

Seeing Murong Hong’s aura is not ordinary, one of the two bodyguards by the side do not dare to be slow and quickly report to his higher-up.

“So it is Mr. Murong. Please enter, please enter.”

The two bodyguards’ attitude towards Murong Hong clearly changed as they respectfully invite the two of them in.

“Let’s go. Let us go and meet that big figure together.”

Murong Hong gently pats Liu Yi’s shoulder and the two of them follow the two bodyguards into the high-class club.

The two of them walk through the walkway, hall and finally came to a lawn.

It is clearly in the deep winter already but they have no idea what method they use, this place is not cold at all. Furthermore, the lawn is still as green like new.

This lawn is very extensive like it is a golf course.

“Sirs please enter the car.”

Two mini-car parks there. Liu Yi and Murong Hong board separately. After which they start to drive far away and finally stop in front of some men wearing casual attire while playing golf.

Among them is an old man who attracted most of Liu Yi’s attention.

It is clear with a glance that that old man is no ordinary person. That bigwig’s temperament on him, Liu Yi had only seen it on Murong Hong before.

He stands there as he held a golf club in this hands. He has a calm smile on his face, those that do not know would have thought that this fellow is a local tyrant from somewhere.

Poverty stunts ambition, rich an imposing!

Liu Yi is able to clearly sense it from this old man!

That air of arrogance from on that old man is too blatant.

So blatant that it makes Liu Yi slightly loathing.

Two men stand behind the old man like the left and right door gods.

Liu Yi narrows his eyes as he senses a different kind of aura from the two men, like there is a trace of…..spiritual qi!

This two men, one is tall and burly, wearing white attire, while the other is slightly plump, wearing a black gown. The baleful look on their faces is very strong. If they went out, they would be able to scare a child into peeing!

The old man energetically swings and hits the gold ball high into the air before it lands in the distant lawn.

“Nice hit!”

By the side, a handsome youngster wearing white exercise clothing claps his hand and praises, “Old man Qiao is indeed old but vigorous ah. This hit is really wonderful. I think I would never be able to hit out such a beautiful ball in my entire lifetime.”

Liu Yi nearly vomits out from being grossed out. What the heck, is there really a need to bootlick like this, when I hear it, I am unable to take it!

Unable to comprehend the world of these rich people ah.

That old man is actually enjoying it as he smiles merrily as he withdraws his club and says, “Alas, I am old already, did not hit as well as when I was younger. Talking about this little friend Gu also plays quite well ah.”

“Let you see a mockery. In front of Old man Qiao, I can only be displaying my slight skills before an expert!”

The youngster surname Gu waves his hand while the old man Qiao seems to still wish to say something when a secretary like person steps forward and says softly. “Director Qian, Mr. Murong is here.”

“Mm. I know.”

Old man Qiao nods his head before slowly turning around. He glances at Murong Hong but completely ignores Liu Yi.

Indeed Liu Yi’s strength had already entered returning to natural state stage. In the past when he stands there, he will show off his ability. But the current him is like a drifting wind like he is fusing with nature making it hard to attract the attention of people.

Very clearly that Old man Qiao treats Liu Yi as Murong Hong’s secretary or the likes.

“You finally came?”

Old man Qiao sits on a chair by the side as he drinks some medical wine placed by the side and slowly says, “Changed your mind?”

That youngster ask carefully by the side, “Old man Qiao, this one is?”

“Ah, right. Let me introduce you first. This little friend calls Gu Yucheng, a person from Gu Family. A little friend who is rather good, very outstanding.”

After Old man Qiao speaks he points at Murong Hong, “This one is Murong Hong.”

“Aiyah, so you are in-charge of Murong Financial Group ah. Nice to meet you, nice to meet you. I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time ah!”

That Gu Yuchen immediately smiles as he steps forward and brimming with enthusiasm as he shakes Murong Hong’s hand.

“Chuckle, you have .”

Murong Hong is not startled as he says, “Don’t elevate me. Right now, where is there Murong Financial Group anymore.”

“Ah, I had also heard of Murong Family’s debt crisis. But in future we are all one family, uncle’s matter is my matter. If you need any help you can just put it forward.”

That Gu Yuchen’s sentence seems to carry other meaning which made Liu Yi rather unhappy as he clenches his fist.

It seems like they had sensed a bit of killing intent as the two black and white attire bodyguards immediately turn their head and glance at Liu Yi before raising their eyebrow. Thus they are unable to sense any threat from these two fellows.

What is going on? Could it be that I had sensed wrongly?

Where did that surge of killing intent come from earlier?

A trace of craftiness flashes across Murong Hong’s eyes as he smiles and asks, “I really have a request to make, don’t know of young nephew Gu is willing to help?”

Gu Yuchen continues to display a selfless manner and says, “Uncle do not hesitate and ask!”

“Lend me two billion.”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Gu Yuchen did not breath properly and starts coughing until his face turns red.

“Murong Hong ah, why is there a need to scare our little friend Gu.”

Old man Qiao is slightly unhappy as he says, “Just two billion, if you agree to my terms, I can lend it to you. Furthermore, regarding the bank, I will also help you placate them.”

“Hand Xiao Die over to you guys right?”

Murong Hong smiles again, “I say, Old man Qiao. At the very least let me introduce the person I brought along first before we talk about that. We took the subway and came over from far away, not too meet your little friend.”

“Oh? This one is?”

Only then did Old man Qiao glance at Liu Yi but is unable to see any clues.

“Liu Yi, let me introduce to you first. This one is Old man Qiao who is my father-in-law. At the same time, he is Xiao Die’s maternal grandfather. He is the leader of the South’s economy!”

What the heck!

In the end, this old fox brought me here to meet Murong Die’s maternal grandfather?

Liu Yi suddenly feels a surge of faint anxiety….as well as a feeling that he got tricked!

“While this one is the son-in-law that I, Murong Hong had chosen, our Xiao Die’s boyfriend Liu Yi. Liu Yi, come, quickly call, Lao-ye!”

What the heck Murong Hong, you are ruthless!

But Liu Yi is also not slow in the uptake. He immediately takes a step forward and does what he feel like is the most simple and naive smiles and bows to Old man Qiao and says loudly, “Nice to meet you Lao-ye!”

This call causes Old man Qiao’s expression to greatly change!


Chapter 722     [Maternal Grandfather nice to meet you!]

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