MKW Chapter 719

Chapter 719   [Title below]

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“Is that so? Even if Blood Emperor come you are also not afraid?”

Liu Yi finally cannot talk it and walks forward. He stares at Chen Jianbo coldly before saying coldly, “You can speak big.”

“Who the fuck are you ah?”

Chen Jianbo was showing off in front of Murong Die and Wang Lele when a person cosplaying as Blood Emperor shows up, he immediately becomes very unhappy.

“You think that dressing up like this you are Blood Emperor? Hahaha, a person like you your brain is only filled with YY right?”

“Remember to retain kindness when speaking.”

Liu Yi sticks his hands into his pants pockets as he looks at Chen Jianbo and says, “How would you know if I am not Blood Emperor?”

When he is speaking he purposefully changes his voice, thus Murong Die and Wang Lele were unable to hear his real identity.

Thus that Chen Jianbo does not even know more and curses at Liu Yi.

“What the, who do you think you are pretending to be a hero? Did you watch too many cartoons? Let me tell you this is the reality. Being a hero will die very badly! Do you believe that this young master’s powers will be able to pinch you to death with one hand!”

Liu Yi instantly cannot help but laugh, just a rich young master and so arrogant.

All of the cultivators in the world who would submit to money? In this world, cultivators are above money and authority! Don’t know how many rich and powerful people pursue immortals wishing that they can use their fortunes to live longer! Aren’t those ancient emperors the same? How many emperors did not hesitate to waste manpower and resources to seek longevity?

“This student…there is no need for you to help us out!”

Wang Lele is worried that Liu Yi might be in a disadvantage and thus she advises, “We will be able to solve it…”

“That’s right. Perhaps you are doing it out of goodwill, but my matter still does not need outsiders to care!”

What the, this lass is still so unyielding! Liu Yi snorts and changes his voice back, “I am definitely going to care about your two matters!”


Hearing this voice, Wang Lele instantly covers her mouth as her eyes widen!

While Murong Die stands there blankly. After which her eyes seem to turn slightly red like she is forcibly holding back her tears.

By the side, Zhang Xin is slightly curious. Why did the two group leaders have such a large reaction?

“Damn it! You are just asking for a lesson!”

Chen Jianbo steps forward with his Fangtian Ji, “Let me tell you this young master is a black belt in karate! Today even if I beat you to death, nothing will happen to me at all! You poor loser, dying will only stink the ground!”

Fangtian Ji strikes at Liu Yi’s head making Zhang Xin exclaim in shock!

Although Fangtian Ji does not have a blade, it is forged from steel. If it hits a person on the head, it will cause that person to bleed from his head!

While Liu Yi only stretches out a finger and uses his finger to block the Fangtian Ji.

After which he raises his right hand which is holding a taiji sword from out of nowhere which is whirling in his hands.

“Go, Little Taiji!”

Liu Yi’s hand trembles as the taiji sword immediately skewer the crown on Chen Jianbo’s head onto the wall behind!

Chen Jianbo falls on his butt and felt his trousers becoming wet.

Bullshit…what, what is this ah….just now, just now that sword…really flew up?

“If you wish to provoke me, I do not mind.”

As Liu Yi speaks he raises both his hands and those taiji sword hanging on the wall instantly fly out of their scabbard before floating by Liu Yi’s back like devoted soldiers waiting for his orders!

“What, what is this!”

Chen Jianbo was badly frightened. When had he seen such kind of scene. He screams as he runs away.

Zhang Xin by the side also covers her mouth in shock as she stares at this scene in disbelief.

While Liu Yi waves his hand and those taiji swords immediately return to their scabbards.

Zhang Xin is slightly excited as she looks at Liu Yi and asks, “You, you are really Blood Emperor?”

“I am not Blood Emperor. I am only using a few magic tricks.”

Liu Yi muddles through as he says, “But I am indeed Blood Emperor’s zealotry fan. I really cannot watch it anymore and used my minor tricks to scare off that rich young master.”

When Liu Yi speaks he pushes up his mask.

“Ah! it is you!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s face, Zhang Xin instantly understands!

No wonder he would come and fine group leader…isn’t this group leader’s rumored boyfriend?!

I had seen the previous video before. He beat Tetsuya Ichi as well as sing <I am sorry>. The click-through rate is super high ah….

“Wuwuwu, Big brother Xiao Yi, you returned!”

Wang Lele is not polite as she leaps forward and hugs Liu Yi before crying loudly as she wipes her tears on Liu Yi’s shoulder.

“Be good Lele, I made you wait for a long time..”.

Liu Yi hugs Wang Lele tightly as he smells that unique milk scent of hers and becomes very moved.

After experience her death once and being able to hug her right now, it is really good…

Zhang Xin by the side widens her eyes in shock, gods, isn’t he group leader’s boyfriend, how come he is such so close to vice-group leader ah?

Looking at group leader again, it seems like…she is not that jealous ah…what is this situation ah!

After Liu Yi comforts Wang Lele did he turn around and looks at Murong Die emotionally.

“You still know to come back?”

Murong Die’s eyes are very red but she holds back her tears. She rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “I had thought that you had already forgotten about me and Lele already.”

“How is that possible! I am also very busy ah!”

Liu Yi hurriedly said, “If it is not for an urgent matter, I would definitely have come back to look for you girls.”

Murong Die sneers and says with a bit of anger, “Hmph, who know after such a long time where did you went to be romantic. Give you a call but you are not in service region.”

These two months, Liu Yi indeed was never is a service region.

He went 1300 years in the past then the moment he came back he went straight for Japan. To prevent being wiretapped, his earlier handphone number was temporarily canceled and was recently restored.

Alas….during this period of time where I had left, I had indeed experienced quite a number of things ah.

Wang Lele steps forward and tugs Murong Die’s hand and swings it lightly while saying, “Big sister Xiao Die, Big brother Xiao Yi had finally returned, don’t blame him any more lah…”

“Damn it, you lass. Helping outsiders and only know how to speak for him! Compared to  me, you are more like his girlfriend!”

When Wang Lele heard this, she panics in her heart but very quickly she smiles and says, “Hehe, that’s right. The two of you are my girlfriends! Why don’t we have a threesome tonight!”

Murong Die glares at her again, “Go and die! Didn’t pay attention to the situation and speak! Damn Lele!”

Wang Lele continues to throw a tantrum. Seeing this Liu Yi’s heart turn soft.

Lele this lass keeps thinking for me…

Although Murong Die and Wang Yuzheng know that I do not only have one woman, Wang Lele had never once exposed her identity.

There is no other reason other than she is Murong Die’s bestie.

Girls can allow her man to occasionally cheat on her but she will definitely not allow him to be together with her bestie!

[TL: erm a completely wrong logic]

This point is definitely a forbidden region.

Lele was like this as well. She keeps following by Liu Yi’s side and secretly loves him.

Such a beautiful lass, how would Liu Yi not like.

“Right. Since you had come then don’t stay idle. Come over and help us be a mascot!”

As Murong Die speaks, she walks forward and pulls down his mask. She then stuffs a taiji sword into his hand, “From now on, you are the cosplayer of Blood Emperor! Put in more energy for me!”

Liu Yi immediately says in anger, “What the, I came back from far away not to be your coolie okay!”

With Liu Yi by her side, Murong Die becomes happy. Her earlier worried frown had disappeared as she smiles merrily and says to him, “Grumbling is invalid. Work properly. Afterward, big sister will give you a red packet.”

“Red packet? It is not like I am lacking money, change it to another one!”

“Then what do you want? Right now this miss is already completely impoverished….you do as you see fit!”

“Oh, how about giving me a kiss?”

“Go and die!”

In front of so many familiar people, Murong Die is not that daring!

Although when she was chasing after Liu Yi, she was indeed damn daring…but right now….is not then …

It cannot be mentioned in the same breath…

“Hehehe…no matter, this is the prize then. Right now there are a lot of people. Later when there are lesser people than give me. I’ll lose out a bit.”

“Scram! It is you lose out or this miss loses out!”

Murong Die smiles in anger, “If you want benefits then work hard for me! If your performance is not good then I shall let Chen Jianbo kiss you!”

“You lass, pitting me!”

“Hahaha, that right I am pitting you! Hurry and do your work!”

After which Zhang Xin went back to going around to publicize while Wang Lele and Murong Die are by the booth chatting while selling the products.

Liu Yi stops posing and sends off the girl that had just taken a group photo with him before turning around and looks at Murong Die and ask her curiously, “Right why did you lass suddenly think of creating a fan group?”

“Because of this miss worships…”

Murong Die’s face is red as she speaks when Wang Lele butts in while laughing by the side.

“Of course it is because Big brother Xiao Yi’s name can earn a lot of money!”

As there are no other people in the surrounding, thus Wang Lele did not refrain from speaking, “After establishing the fan group, setting up the specialized website, those that wish to enter the fan group must pay a certain amount of fee, hehe…”


Liu Yi wipes off his sweat and says, “How much per person?”

“10 dollars a month….”

“What the, then wouldn’t you earn a million a month!”

Liu Yi exclaims in shock, “This is basically a tempo to become a rich person ah! Rich person, let us be ***….ah not, a friend then!”

“Go and die ah you!”

Murong Die glares at LiuYi before saying in anger, “Do you think that website security and those group activities do not need to spend money? Furthermore…”

“Furthermore Big sister Xiao Die still need to help her family pay back the debt, otherwise uncle might be locked up in prison!”

Wang Lele butted in again provoking Murong Die’s glare of anger scaring her to immediately hide behind Liu Yi.


Chapter 719     [Turning into Cinderella within a night]

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