MKW Chapter 718

Chapter 718   [Blood Emperor’s fan group]

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A handsome tall guy is standing there. He is wearing a golden armor while holding a Fangtian Ji. He should be cosplaying as Lu Bu.

Lu Bu along with his handsome face, instantly attracting the attention of a lot of girls.

That guy smiles as he asks Murong Die, “Xiao Die, about the matter, have you thought it through?”

“Apologises. This kind of matter, I will definitely not agree to it. You better give up.”

As Murong Die records something, she did not even raise her head and says, “Some more, I call Murong Die not Xiao Die.”


The expression of that guy’s face changes. Just as he is about to say something, someone by the side shouted at him, “Young master Chen! The delegation wishes to find you to take a group photo!”

“I shall leave here first. Later I’ll find you again to chat about this matter.”

The guy cosplaying as Lu Bu left behind sentence before turning around and leaves.

Liu Yi purse his brows and ask Zhang Xin who is also sporting a somewhat similarly worried frown, “Zhang Xin, who is that guy?”

“He ah…he calls Chen Jianbo, he is a rich young master who is powerful and influential”

Zhang Xin lets out a sigh and says, “Although he is rather popular among girls I don’t really like him. Because he keeps bothering our group leader and is especially loathsome!”

“Group leader? Doesn’t you group leader have a boyfriend? Furthermore, with Murong Family financial power she does not need fear this rich young master right?”

“Looks like you really do not know anything!”

Zhang Xin rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Right now Murong Family is no longer like it was in the past…I heard that a while back, the group leader’s father made a very large investment but got cheated by someone. After which due to cash-flow problems a lot of businesses under his banner had gone bankrupt. Right now, group leader….house already got taken away. I heard that the villa of hers in North Dragon City was collected away by other people.”


Liu Yi got a huge shock. During the days when I leave, such a large shocking thing had happened to the Murong family?!

Why am I unable to see any clues on Murong Die’s face? She had gone from Big miss to utterly nothing in just one night ah!

“That Young master Chen seems to be the creditor of her family currently. Thus, she does not dare to offend him. Our group leader’s temper had become a lot better…”

No wonder….when I saw Murong Die, I realize that she had become somewhat reserved. I had thought that she had started to become more mature of the matter in Keda auditorium.

Seeing Murong Die standing there seeing those items, Liu Yi suddenly has some heartache.

This lass…why did she not give me an SMS ah!

Just asking for it! I definitely must smack her butt fiercely!

Thinking to here Liu Yi immediately walks over to the booth.

Seeing Liu Yi walking over, as Liu Yi is wearing a mask, Wang Lele did not recognize him as Big brother Xiao Yi and immediately greets, “This handsome brother what do you need?”

“Ah seeing this attire of yours is quite good. You must be Blood Emperor’s devoted fan right. Why don’t you buy a Xiao Taiji that never left Blood Emperor’s hand? Original price is 300 but right now as a promotion, it is only 250!”

Lele”s mouth had become a lot nimbler.

“This thing….is it really that expensive?”

Liu Yi pretends to be no that interested as he glances at the taiji swords hanging on the wall.

“If you buy now, you can take a joint photo with our beauty Lele.”

Murong Die winks at Liu Yi and uses her killer move.

“Big sister Xiao Die!”

Wang Lele instantly stomps her feet indicating her dissatisfaction.

Murong Die stretches out her hand and rubs Wang Lele’s head and placate, “Calm down, calm down. Everything for the business ah!”

“Fine the….but why does Big sister Xiao Die not take a photo?”

“Oh…that is because 250 a taiji sword as a present take a group photo with Murong Die once sounds really unpleasant.”

“That is right ah…wrong! I also feel that it sound unpleasant!”

“I am a big sister! I have the final say!”

“Wuwuwu….with Big brother Xiao Yi not here you bully me…later I shall go and find big brother Xiao Yi to complain and make him beat your butt!”

“What a joke!”

Murong Die places her hands on her waist and says in delight, “When has it been his turn to hit this miss butt? It is already quite good that this miss did not beat his!”

Watching the two of them, Liu Yi feels a surge of warmth in his heart.

Recalling in the illusion realm Murong Die followed Young master Lan while Lele passed away because of illness….

Right now the two of them are right in front of me, messing around, frolicking, I suddenly feel…really warm…

I am willing to sacrifice everything to protect this kind of warmth.

If that Great God Sect Sect Leader wishes to destroy all of this, even if I sacrifice everything, I must stop him!

“Cough…. group leaders, you guys had diverted from the topic already…the guest is still here ah…”

Seeing the two girls start quarreling with each other, Zhang Xin hurriedly mediates before pointing at Liu Yi and says, “He is here to find group leader to discuss some matter.”

“Find me to discuss matters? Discuss what?”

Murong Die turns around with some curiosity in her eyes but her expression is very calm. Those that do not know would have been frightened away by her ice mountain nature.

“It is like this. What do you think about this clothing that I am wearing?”

“Looks like the workmanship is not bad, have a bit of using fake to pass off as genuine.”

Murong Die nods her head. She also at an earlier time was curious about this cosplayer costume, “Where did you make this, can you tell us?”

“Can. But I have a term.”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and says, “Just one.”

“Aiyah? You dare to come up with terms with our Blood Emperor’s fan group ah?”

By the side, Lele smiles, “Are you not afraid that Blood Emperor would find trouble for you! Our big sister Xiao Die has an affair with Blood Emperor!”

“Got lost! Damn Lele if you speak nonsense again I shall burst your breasts!”

Murong Die’s face turns red as she turns her head around and gives Wang Lele a glare.

Liu Yi hurriedly says, “That…my term is also not too much ah…”

“That what term is it. you say first!”

“I wish to join the fan group!”

The moment Liu Yi says this out, it immediately attracted the curious gaze of the three girls.

“So your objective is this!”

Zhang Xin exclaims, “Aiyah! Isn’t this considered as me leading a wolf into the house?!”

Wang Lele blinks, “Why don’t I gift you a signed photograph of big sister Xiao Die and let’s forget about this matter. We never have the precedent of letting a man join our fan group one!”

“That’s right. This matter cannot be discussed.”

Murong Die nods her head, “So, I am sorry.”

“Oi, oi the two of you, don’t be in such a hurry to reject ah!”

Liu Yi continues to work hard, “Your fan group really needs me. Without me, it cannot continue!”

“Hahaha, what a joke!”

Zhang Xin laughs, “Isn’t it just a few articles of clothing, at most we do not do it, really!”

“That’s right, you can forget about this term!”

Wang Lele nods her head heavily as her breasts clearly shake along!

“There is nothing for us to discuss anymore.”

Murong Die waves her hand, “If you are not going to buy then please leave.”

What the, this big miss temper never changed ah! This is showing me to the door ah!

“That, the two of you listen to me…”

Just as Liu Yi wishes to say something, Zhang Xin grabs hold of him and drags him out, “Let’s go! Don’t disgrace yourself! Really! I got implicated by you to actually bring you this fellow here, later group leader will definitely blame me!”

Just as the two of them are pulling each other, that Chen Jianbo suddenly walks over again and stands in front of Murong Die.

Seeing him Murong Die’s expression changes as she turns around and prepares to walk into the booth.

Chen Jianbo stretches out his hand and grabs hold of her arm.

“Xiao Die are you really not giving me face? You do not care about that sum of money anymore?”

Hearing this Murong Die turns sluggish before turning around and glares at Chen Jianbo coldly, “Other than using that sum of money to threaten me, what else do you know?”

“Hahaha, so what about that. That is also my money ah.”

Chen Jianbo laughs and says, “Murong Die ah, in the past I could not do anything because your father is my family’s customer thus I can only worship you like a Buddha. But now you think that you are still that rich big miss? Don’t make people laugh. Right nor your family is in debt and you can’t even be considered as a Cinderella. You can reject me now, no worries. But you know better than me the end result. As long as my family sues you in court, your father shall squat in prison.”


Murong Die’s expression is very ugly as she bites her lips.

While Wang Lele by the side stomp forward angrily and pushes Chen Jianbo away and blocks in front of her Big sister Xiao Die and says loudly, “Chen Jianbo fewer tricks! Whatever she owes you, my Wang Family will help to pay!”

“Hahaha, Wang Lele. Do you really think that your family is super rich?”

Chen Jianbo laughs, “Although your family has some business, it is only several ten million worth of assets only. Murong Family owe my Chen Family 200 million how can you pay for her? Sell your body? If you are really willing I am willing to pay 1 million to buy you. Any higher is not possible! This young master really does not lack big breasts girls.”


Wang Lele nearly cries from anger, “Chen Jiaobo you are so arrogant. Be careful that Blood Emperor will come and beat you up like a dog!”

“Blood Emperor? What trash does Blood Emperor count as!”

Chen Jiaobo is rude, “I, Young master Chen had lived for so many years. What had I never seen before, I have never seen any Blood Emperor! Perhaps it is just some fellows who know a bit of acrobatics only and was taken by you guys as a hero. What is a hero, take a look. This young master is a hero!”

As he speaks he waves the Fangtian Ji in his hands in the way which he thought as handsome!

“Hero? Just you henchman from three kingdoms?”

Wang Lele curls her lips. She had also watched the Three Kingdoms. “I see that you are cosplaying Lu Bu. You are just envious that other people are able to ride Scarlet Rabbit in the morning and ride Diao Chan at night right? Young master Chen ah. Although you cannot ride Diao Chan you can masturbate to the Diao Chan ah!”


This sentence causes Zhang Xin by the side to laugh while Murong Die is also unable to restrain her smile.

“Wang Lele, I see that you are seeking a beating!”

Chen Jianbo immediately becomes indignant as he raises his Fangtian Ji and walks forward.

“You dare to hit a girl? I am the vice-group leader of Blood Emperor’s fan group!”

“Bah, even if Blood Emperor comes here personally, this young master is also not afraid!”


Chapter 718     [Blood Emperor’s fan group]

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