MKW Chapter 716

Chapter 716  [Reparation work]

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“This is your new identity. You must keep it properly.”

Liu Yi is sitting in that Language Education Agency in Jingdou. He looks at Liu Hongxian who is sitting in front of him taking out an identity card.

“The previous one is already invalid because of the change of identity. Right now the Military Intelligence department made a new identity for you. You better not lose it again.”

“Will not. Without identity, it is hard to move a single step ah.”

Liu Yi received the identity card before keeping it into his storage technique.

Since the last time he causes havoc in Japan, after stopping Emperor of Japan and their plans, a week had passed.

After Liu Yi handled some handover procedures did he follow Liu Hongxian back to Jingdou’s military intelligence branch office.

After the new prime minister rose to power, he directly declared surrender.

While due to the fact that the US did not take part in the war, their agreement becomes invalid and the US has no choice but to start withdrawing their stationed troops.

After this war, the US lost its credibility and also lost Japan.

While Japan and China start to enter a real honeymoon period and start to become intimate. After which they establish the East Asia economic circle and rebooted East Asia trade organization.

This time the US can only watch helplessly and cannot do anything to incite the conflicting views of both countries!

[TL: there is a line here which I will not translate because it is too much. This is just informing you guys.]

A lot of right-wing members committed harakiri because of the failure of the Beheading Dragon plan. For a while, the general mood in Japan becomes purer.

Wakabayashi Rika had already formally established herself as the 9th generation head of Yamaguchi Group. Current, she is as busy as a dog. Even when Liu Yi left, she does not have time to send him off. But Wakabayashi Rika told him that after everything in Yamaguchi Group was settled she will come to China to look for her uncle to play.

Choshunior Susukino as before did not announce that she was an illegitimate daughter. Perhaps after announcing it, it will be a scandal. Right now, she is tantamount to officially taking over Glorious Sun Conglomerate, after which she gets rid of all of the anti-Chinese people inside Glorious Sun Conglomerate.

Yunsen Akemi told Liu Yi that next year she is preparing to enter China’s Jingdou University and come to Liu Yi’s side.

“Teacher only in the place where you are is there any significance in my existence.”

Towards her Glorious Sun Conglomerate’s family business, Yunsen Akemi completely does not care. She wholeheartedly chases after Liu Yi and plans to accompany by his side.

Towards this point, Liu Yi naturally claps his hand and welcomes it.

As for Anna, after the matter on the artificial island was over, she has never shown herself again.

Liu Yi feels that she would not give up so easily, thus he did not place down his vigilance.

While Yoko Nishikawa who originally wished to return to China together with Liu Yi, but because Choshunior Susukino’s side was lacking manpower, in the end, she still decided to remain first and assist Choshunior Susukino.

“Husband, although I really wish to accompany by your side but Miss Choshunior Susukino had helped me. Right now is precisely the time where I need to repay her thus I cannot leave.”

Liu Yi knows very well that Yoko Nishikawa is a person who is regard comradeship as important thus he did not say anything.

After all, right now he still has even more important things to do and does not have the spirit to go and deal with these female love affair.

“Did not expect that the task would end like this.”

Liu Hongxian arranges the documents in her hands before looking at Liu Yi before saying ruefully, “Right now you can be considered as someone famous in Japan.”

“Haiz…anyways they did not see my face.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “Those who had seen my face are not that much. Anyways in future, I would also not go over to Japan for nothing. It will be fine.”

Liu Hongxian suddenly covers her mouth and smiles as she says with deeper meaning, “Who is able to believe that the perverted guy in the lift back then is actually the big hero who saved China?”

“What the! When had I become a perverted guy!”

Liu Yi is very dissatisfied as he says, “Who among you guys understand that I am pure ah?”

“Anyways I don’t understand.”

Liu Hongxian shrugs her shoulders and says, “Anyways even if you are perverted…I do have goodwill toward you.”

Towards these, Liu Hongxian did not admit. She and Liu Yi already trust each other fully, thus there is nothing to hide from each other already.

“What the, interact with me more then you will understand!”

“Perhaps your this interaction…is in the precondition that we are not wearing clothing right?”

Liu Hongxian directly exposes Liu Yi’s thoughts making Liu Yi embarrassed.

Communicating with a smart woman is really too tiring…

It is still Lele who I can trick…

“Let us put aside our matter first…”

Liu Hongxian’s word causes Liu Yi to become nervous, “What is the matter, you regret already?”


Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “You can just pat your butt and leave while we still have to deal with the aftermath okay? Especially on the side of the US, I still need to personally go and carry out a mission.”

“Dangerous or not? Do you need me to help you? How about I send some people to help you?”

Liu Yi’s Scarlet Cloth Guard is quite formidable. Especially Hunter who is able to control the mind of people. He can be said to be a qualified helper ah!

“Are you teasing me?”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes, “As an agent that the government trained I would actually need you to send people to help me carry out my task? Are you slapping my face or slapping the government’s face?”

“This…I was being inconsiderate.”

Then I better secretly send Scarlet Cloth Guards to protect you properly then.

Liu Hongxiang’s self-esteem is too strong already. She will definitely not accept my protection. Doing it in secret is the way of the king!

“Good that you understand. In the future, do not mention this kind of foolish matter again. Otherwise, I will look down on your IQ!”

Liu Hongxian’s curls her lips, “The man that I Liu Hongxian took a fancy will not have a low IQ!”

“Hahaha… naturally will not .”

Liu Yi cough drily, that right, my IQ is not low, I have changed profession to outwardly kind but inwardly evil.

“Enough already, there is no need to bother about US matters. Nothing will happen to me. Don’t forget that I was the female who was going to be the youngest department head of the 12th military intelligence branch.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Department head Liu is formidable! Department Head Liu is wise!”

“Scram to the side. Right, I still need to ask your leaving or staying question.”

Liu Hongxian stares at Liu Yi’s eyes and asks, “After leaving the group where do you wish to go. The higher-ups had said to use our full strength to arrange for you. As long as it is not to enter the standing committee, not entering the State Council, the rest is can all be arranged for you.”

Liu Yi blinks his eyes, “Really?”

“That’s right. The higher-ups had given word. Said it, anything is okay!”

“Then let me be the department head of the 12th military intelligence branch!”

“Scram for this miss!”

Liu Hongxian really wishes to stomp on Liu Yi’s face with her high heels. Seeing that evil looking smile, she really wishes to curses.

Damn it! This damn scumbag, purposely teasing me!

Later after I am done with the US matter, I shall come back and sort him out!

Mm, at that time, I’ll fool around with him, arousing him then do not let him eat, making him choke to death!

This method is really good! Let’s do it like this!

Liu Yi suddenly has a chill feeling, which enemy is thinking of a method to plot against me!

He looks around but the surrounding of the office is metal which is quite well protected.

Liu Hongxian asked again, “Tell me seriously, what do you want to do?”

Liu Yi thinks for a bit before finally saying, “That….then let me go back to Keda”

“Oh? You want to go back to being a student?”

Liu Hongxian recalls that Liu Yi had told her before that he previously was studying in Keda. Later on because of the problem of the official who handled Dragon Group, he was expelled.

“No. Who wishes to go back to being a student ah?”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches as he says, “I want to go back and be a teacher!”


Liu Hongxian who was drinking coffee instantly sprays it out when she heard what Liu Yi says. She nearly sprays it into Liu Yi’s face.

“Be a teacher? Are you joking?”

Liu Hongxian wipes her mouth as she asked with a red face, “It seems like you did not even finish university what are you going to go back to Keda to teach ah?”

“I shall completely listen to the organization then!”

Liu Yi waves his hands and says honestly, “I am a very realistic person ah. I shall listen to the organization’s arrangement.”

“Listen to the organization’s arrangement your sister ah, then if I let you go and be a cleaner in Keda would you go?”

“Oi, oi, oi. After all, I am still considered to be a person who walks out from the 12th military intelligence branch right? A person who came out from here but becomes a cleaner in Keda, I believe that if this is spread out, it will throw away the face of this future department head right?”

Liu Yi smiles mischievously but what he said indeed stabbed into Liu Hongxian’s heart.

Indeed if I let this fellow go and be a cleaner, it indeed is a bit unsuitable. Not mentioning using a talented person in an insignificant position, it is also harmful to the reputation of our military intelligence!

“Fine then…”

[TL: although not stated…but time lapse of a few hours/minutes ]

“I had checked the data, there is indeed still a post that is currently hiring people….en, I shall let you take it then.”

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, “What position ah?”

“Right now they are just nice lacking a tour guide. You go and take it then”


Liu Yi instantly glares with his eyes wide open, “I waited for half a day and in the end, it is a tour guide? What the heck, mother ah! I Liu Yi worked so hard for the organization and when I retire, I am only just a tour guide?”

“What retire! Don’t say it so tragically. You did not retire yet. The tour guide is just a temporary job arranged for you.”

Liu Hongxian says it word by word, sentence by sentence to Liu Yi, “Be at ease and do it first. We will not mistreat you.”

“What the, no matter what you at least arrange me to be a headmaster and the likes ah!”

“Scram why don’t you go and be the dean!”

Liu Yi thinks a bit before saying, “Ah, if the higher-ups do not mind, I can reluctantly do it.”

“Go to the side and play! Although your martial arts is very powerful, playing with academics is out of the question!”

Liu Hongxian shakes her head, “This is not a joke. After all, Keda is one of the important universities in the country. It is also the countries important experiment base. It cannot bear with you messing around do you understand?”

“Fine then. Tour guide then tour guide! Then do I go and report?”

Taking advantage that it is still not the new year yet, Liu Yi wishes to hurry and go and meet Murong Die and Wang Lele.

“Any time. We will inform Keda. You can report anytime you wish!”

“Then what time you return from the US?”

“I will contact you, idiot!”

Liu Yi nods his head. Then I shall go and take the official appointment immediately!


Chapter 716     [Reparation work]

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