MKW Chapter 715

Chapter 715  [Still love him?]

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“I am already very curious just who are you?”

That woman’s face is blocked by the mask and is unable to see who is it.

She stretches out her hand and slaps that missile that Great God Sect Sect Leader is stepping on.

The missile seems to be corroded and instantly turned into nothingness and disappears completely!

Seeing this scene Liu Yi cannot help but be shocked. What cultivation is this to actually have such an effect!

This is basically like a kind of ‘nothing’ power!

“Who I am is not important. The important thing is that you guys must submit to me!”

Great God Sect Sect Leader suddenly roars. After which a fire dragon flies out from his body and forms a flame twister which knocks both Liu Yi and that girl flying away.

The two of them directly fall before crashing into an island below!

While an enormous fire dragon descends from the sky. As it roars, it stretches out it’s two enormous fire dragon claws before pressing against Liu Yi’s and that girl’s body making it impossible for them to stand up!

Liu Yi feels like a mountain is pressing down on him! Perhaps this is how Sun Wukong feel when he was under Buddha Five Finger Mountains….

Liu Yi wishes to get up but is unable to.

While the woman on the other side also seems to be the same. Although her strength seems to be a lot stronger than me, under this kind of suppression, she cant get up!

Great God Sect Sect Leader….is too powerful…

Liu Yi’s God Transformation is about to run out as well. At that time, I will not be Great God Sect Sect Leader’s opponent at all.

Could it be that today I am going to die here?

“No one can stop me!”

An eye-catching fire starts burning in front of them before condensing into the form of Great God Sect Sect Leader.

His right hand once again lights up with green light, “Obediently become trash for me!”

Following which his palm starts descending.

“I will not let you have your way!”

At this moment fire god dragon wails. It’s claw pressing down on that girl suddenly starts corroding while the girl had already stood up. She once against is holding that red greatsword before flashing forward and chops towards Great God Sect Sect Leader’s waist!

Great God Sect Sect Leader raises a finger and uses that finger and blocks the sword of that girl.

“Alas….why are you doing this ah…”

Great God Sect Sect Leader actually did not retaliate. Instead, he sighs gently, “This karma cycle, is it irreversible?”

“Karma cycle? What do you know about karma cycle?”

The woman retreats and looks at Great God Sect Sect Leader in vigilance, “Who on earth are you, why do you keep appearing again and again. What is your objective?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, what the, aren’t these what I also wish to ask, why did this lass ask all of it?

Could it be that she is a roundworm in my stomach?!

“There are some matters that you do not understand nor is there a need for you to understand. I, will make everything right.”

As Great God Sect Sect Leader speaks he walks towards Liu Yi again.

“I said stop!”

The girl suddenly stabs the sword in front of her before forming some seals with her hands.

“You….. want to use this move?”

Seeing the seals that girl made, Great God Sect Sect Leader retreats in shock.

The woman snorts, “Hmph, you know this move?”

“In this world, there is nothing that I do not know!”

Great God Sect Sect Leader roars in anger, “Stop!”

“Hehe, die together with me.”

The girl says coldly without any trace of emotion in her voice.

“Today consider yourself lucky!”

Great God Sect Sect Leader roars at Liu Yi in anger before turning into a nine fire god dragon before dispersing in all directions.

Great God Sect Sect Leader came fast and left even faster. In a blink of an eye, he had completely disappeared and left to gods know where.

While the girl also stops her hand movement and let out a long sigh of relief. After tidying her cloak she turns around and prepares to leave.

“Wait a minute!”

Liu Yi, who is no longer suppressed by the fire dragon immediately leaps up from the ground before stretching his hand towards the girl and ask, “Little girl…is it you?”

Other than Ai Ling, Liu Yi really cannot imagine who else would have this kind of temper and courage, furthermore, is willing to risk her life to save him.

The girl did not say anything, just that her body trembled slightly.

It is little girl! Definitely my little girl!

Liu Yi instantly becomes emotionally moved as he immediately rushes forward wishing to hug her!

But her figure suddenly turns into the breeze and dissipates in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi turns his head around and she is already standing several tens of meters away from him on a tree.

“Who I am is not important.”

The girl imitates Great God Sect Sect Leader’s way of speaking, “What is important is that you must know the road that you need to walk.”

“Little girl, I tried going back to find you!”

Liu Yi no longer cares so much anymore as he explains to the girl, “I was unable to go back at all ah…”

“I do not understand what you are saying.”

The girl waves her hand, “Do not be eyed by that scary man again. Otherwise, even I am unable to save you.”

Her body evaporates from the spot and disappears completely.

“Ai Ling!”

Liu Yi shouts towards the sky, his voice hearts his heart and lungs.

He is somewhat lifeless. With that woman disappearing, it is like something was taken away in his heart.

Little girl left, she disappeared just like this again.

Alas, she is indeed still angry with me, right?

That’s right ah. If it was me, perhaps I would be both mad and angered.

A person whom I deeply loved tossed me aside for a thousand years…

Ai Ling as well as Demon Emperor Zhang Yunyun, perhaps both hate me to death.

But I am such so weak. Clearly, I had already cultivated to Heaven Realm standard but in front of Great God Sect Sect Leader, I don’t even have any ability to retaliate….

Alas, he is a 28-star Realm Crossing Guardian ah!

{Big idiot, I feel that you should not be so discouraged!}

At this moment Lin Tong flies out from Liu Yi’s body and sits on his shoulder and comforts gently, {Although the opponent is a Realm Crossing Guardian but you are a person who possesses Nine Yang God Qi which can let you become a god! Right now you had only opened one sun jade and the second sun jade is about to light up. Wait till your 9th sun jade lights up, then under this world who else could be your opponent?}

“Right…I still have Nine Yang God Qi…”

Liu Yi’s gaze becomes resolute. “Since the past, I had never made a firm resolution to become strong. Looks like I must open all of the nine sunjades!”

Ye Hanshuang, Mo Lan, An Qi, Ai Ling, these girls are the targets that I must push down!

But what about that Ghost Qi…could it be that I need to push down Ma Yixuan?

Liu Yi clenches his teeth, damn it what is there to be afraid of! Isn’t it just fucking her it is not like there is a need to go steady!

For the time being, let’s put Ma Yixuan as the last one. The first target to push down…mm, lets start from my Little girl first!

As for Ye Hanshuang, An Qi as well as Ma Lan this to lass….let’s decided when we are going to push them down later.

Moreover, I don’t even know where did An Qi lass run to. That little angel appears and disappears unpredictably all day long!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and made his decision. After which he stands up and looks in the direction where Ai Ling left in.

Although she did not admit Liu Yi is sure that she is not other people but his Little girl.

Even though 1300 years had passed…even if the two of them keep changing, the feeling between the two of them will not change.

Very familiar….too familiar…

So familiar that it makes Liu Yi wish to cry.

But no matter what little girl, I will chase you back, just wait for me.


At this moment the female figure reappears in a side palace hall in Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

She hides in the shadows as she sits on the chair as her chest undulates lightly.

I had clearly made my preparations why….am I unable to control my mood?

Xue Luo is half kneeling by the side. Seeing the girl sitting on the chair she asks, “Master….you…saw him?”

“This is not something you should be concerned about.”

Her voice carries a surge of coldness. But it is not hard to sense that she is using this coldness to cover up the franticness in her heart.

Because there is still a bit of tremble in her voice.

Xue Luo sighs secretly. Indeed master’s feeling towards him is still hard to place down.

Could it be that there is really that kind of feeling that is able to preserve being in love with each other for over a thousand of years?

Especially it is this kind of painful bitter love.

During these thousand years, I can be considered as personally witnessing it.

She had watched her master from expectation to despair. Then from despair to suffering.

Master had endured it and I originally thought that she only had hatred towards Liu Yi and no love…but from the current looks of it, it does not seem to be the case…

Even I am able to sense that dense unchanging love…alas, from the looks of it, master is perhaps just an ordinary girl .

If she is able to give up her feelings she will definitely be the strongest queen in this world!

So much so that she might be able to dominate the six realms!

She sighs in her heart, when would this God race leader be able to awaken and understand that boy and girl feeling are nothing but child’s play. Dominating the six realms is the great cause of our God race?

The girl gently uses her hand to cover her forehead before waving with her other hand and orders Xue Luo, “Go and prepare the next matter…”

“Yes master. Xue Luo is going to do it now.”

Xue Luo nods her head before her figure disappears from the spot.


“She is still thinking of Liu Yi.”

Liu Haisheng waves her hand letting the mirror in front of him lose the scene of the palace hall.

He says coldly, “This way is also good. Later during the Five spirit gathering, I shall use my Sky Demon technique and capture both of them at the same time and refine their souls as my food!”

Li Heqiang is kneeling by the side as he says in fear, “Sect Leader is wise!”

“Hehehe, I sensed your fear.”

“So-sorry….sect leader…”

Li Heqiang is very afraid. The matter of him getting into a conflict with Liu Yi had gotten known by Sect Leader…going against the order of Sect Leader, perhaps the end will not be very good…

“Relax. I will not kill you. If I wish to kill you, would I take the risk of exposing myself and save you.”

Liu Haisheng waves his hand and says, “But there is a matter that you need to go and do for me immediately!”

“Sect Leader please instruct! This subordinate will risk my life and limb to help!”

“I need you to go to the western God realm in my place!”


Chapter 715     [Still love him?]

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