MKW Chapter 714

Chapter 714  [Cheng Yaojin]

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Yang Lingyu had just entered the navy. Back then he gave up entering university and directly joined the armor to be a glorious navy.

Back then the surrounding people opposed strongly, so much so that even his father is so mad that he wanted to sever their father and son relationship.

The reason is that Yang Lingyu’s results were quite good. If he takes the entrance exams, it would have been easy for him to enter a good key university.

But he had given up this chance and signed up for the army.

From what Cheng Yaojin sees, there is a good saying. Being a soldier regret for 2 years. Not being a soldier, regret for one’s lifetime!

Since he started schooling, he had already like reading all kind of military magazine! He adores these, furthermore, he adores the army life!

When he finished senior high, he firmly selected this path that he really wished to take.

To be honest, life on the seas is more or less a bit dull. Although at the beginning when he boarded the warship, seeing those weapons that he had been yearning for in the magazine, that kind of excitement in his heart is hard to erase.

But when he continuously floats in the sea for two months, he starts to find this kind of life dry and dull.

Indeed being a soldier, especially a marine. There needs to be a certain amount of patience.

Yang Lingyu is not only a military enthusiast, but he is also mad about war. Originally he was bored to death. But later on, he received his superior’s orders and let all of them be on standby by the coast of Japan, he finally becomes excited!

Yang Lingyu is really looking forward to starting the war against Japan and then properly teach them a lesson!

Most importantly, he hopes that he is able to keep gaining merits during the war. The so-called heroes emerging in troubled times, Yang Lingyu has this hope!

But when the warships of Japan appear opposite him, when they start firing their cruise missiles, Yang Lingyu’s fired up heart becomes fearful.

It seems like…war is not as simple as what I thought ah…

Japan initiated an unexpected attack! For a moment a lot of the surrounding warship interception failed and those warships that were hit start burning in raging flames.

Seeing those comrades who had fallen into the sea screaming, Yang Lingyu starts trembling.

Fear and horror start emerging in his heart for the first time.

He had finally entered!

But he might face death any moment!

Death seems to have stopped by his shoulder. Not knowing when would he slice off his head!

The other side has weaved together two maritime self-defense forces in total, which launched a surprise attack together. For a moment it causes a mess on this side!

But China’s warships are not to be trifled with. Very quickly they start to organize a counterattack.

For a while, both sides let out artillery barrages as missiles explode on each other. Warships continuously went up in flames before sinking into the sea.

Yang Lingyu is afraid. His earlier plan for all circumstances, all heroic show-off scene, currently had all turned into bubbles!

At that instant, he even wishes to become a deserter!

It is not that he is a coward….but, he really fears death….

“Attack, surprise attack!”

“Keep pressuring!”

The artillery barrage of both sides fires at each other, mutually damaging each other!

But because they were surprise attacked by the other side, China’s side is in a disadvantage. For a moment, their tempo is in a mess!

Japan’s navy commander stands on a flagship. Seeing the opponent warships keep sinking, he lets out gloomy laughter.

“Hehehe…the victory of this war belongs to us!”

He had already received the order to create a missile barrage to hide the three Virus-X missiles from people’s eyes!

Didn’t expect that I suddenly would be so successful. Yamato army’s might indeed cannot be looked down on ah!

But China’s army is indeed impressive to be able to react in time and group up very swiftly as well. Otherwise, if it was changed into other countries navy they would have already been scattered by me! Perhaps in a few minutes, they would turn the situation around and start suppressing my forces. But no matter, they only have these few minutes to struggle!

But at this moment a thunder-like roar suddenly came from the sky.

“All of you scram for me!”

Following which an enormous palm falls from the sky. This palm is over a hundred meters wide. It is covered with fierce flames as it comes down on Japan’s side!

Like exploding an atomic bomb, the seawater instantly exploded out a very high mushroom cloud!

Before the navy commander is able to understand what is going on, he had already turned into ashes.

China’s army stares at the guy in black armor floating in the sky and exclaims.

“Gods…who is that person…”

“Seems, seems like it is Blood Emperor!”

Relying on his own strength to destroy the two maritime armed forces of Japan….this is basically like a god! No wonder Blood Emperor’s fame in China so big. Looks like he really has a well-deserved reputation!

Yang Lingyu also stares blankly at Blood Emperor in the sky. This, this is the real hero ah…alas, I only have hot-blooded but did not have the real awareness of becoming a hero!

Liu Yi’s eyes turn red as he floats in the sky seeking traces of those three missiles!

Because the warships of Japan were destroyed, all the missiles were also cleared up. A missile immediately shows up on the map several hundred meters away from where he is currently!

Liu Yi immediately uses shadow steps in the sky and instantly appears by the side of that missile.

Flames are emitting from the back of the missiles as it rumbles towards China.

“Turn into ice for me!”

Liu Yi closes his hands together and instantly freezing white aura exploded out from his body and attacks that missile.

In a blink of an eye, the missile transforms into a white ice sculpture.

Liu Yi directly kicks that missile turning it into a shooting star as it flies towards the atmosphere!

After exiting the atmosphere, it starts to burn with flames, but it is unable to burn through the ice covering it.

How could Liu Yi’s current Nine Yin Heart Sutra thaw to an ordinary flame!

At the very least it needs to be around Samadhi fire grade to be able to do it!

Finally, the missile got sent into space before becoming trash of the cosmos as it floats in space.

Space is cold enough and this thing will get colder and colder. Even if there is an accident and exploded, it is fine because this kind of atmosphere does not allow the virus to survive.

Using the same methods, the same moves, he found another missile and sent it to space as well.

This way, there is only one last missile left.

Liu Yi uses Little Jade’s ability and very quickly found it’s a location which is getting closer and closer to China!

Liu Yi uses shadow step and with a few flashes, he instantly appears in front of that missile.

He once against place his hands together preparing to freeze this toy!

But at this moment a red fire wave surges out from the rocket turning into a fire circle and spread out.

Liu Yi’s body was attacked by this fire circle and was sent nearly 100 meters away!

While Liu Yi is greatly shocked, he is stunned to discover that on top of that missile is standing a man wearing a black and red robe with nine golden dragons embroidered on it.

Great God Sect Sect Leader!

At that instant, Liu Yi’s heart chills immediately!

Bullshit how did this fellow get provoked!

Did I not check the yellow calendar before stepping out of the house?

Before Liu Yi is able to react, Great God Sect Sect Leader stretches out his hand and instantly a flame arm emerges from the void and grabs Liu Yi by the throat and raises him into the sky, flying along with the missile.


Liu Yi had clearly entered God Transformation but in front of Great God Sect Sect leader, he is still as weak as a child!

He uses all of his strength but is unable to escape from Great God Sect Sect Leader’s bind.

“Nine Yang God Qi….”

Great God Sect Sect Leader stares at the Nine Suns behind Liu Yi as red flames exploded out from his eyes.

“You were still able to go back to the past? How is this possible, I killed Wine Sword Immortal!”

“It was you?”

When Liu Yi heard this, his eyes turn red as he roars, “You damn fellow, why did you want to stop me from going back in time. Are you afraid that after I had obtained strength I will come back and kill you?”

“Kill me?”

Great God Sect Sect Leader suddenly laughs, “Are you really too naive. Based on your strength and you still, wish to kill me? Let me tell you. I am destined to forever be stronger than you. Even if you had cultivated till the peak of the cosmos standard, you will also not be my opponent!”

“Then why did you want to stop me?”

“Because I get upset when I see you!”

The reply made Liu Yi scratch his head, how is this answer ah? Joking with me?

I don’t look like I attract hate right? Why does he get upset when he sees me?

“I had already warned you before to not continue cultivating strength! Otherwise, I will personally destroy you. Looks like you do not have a good memory. Very well, then I shall personally handle you to prevent leaving behind the next disaster!”

As Great God Sect Sect Leader speaks he pulls back his flame arm and pulls Liu Yi in front of him.

At the same time, he slowly raises his right hand as a green light condenses on it!

Seeing this light, Liu Yi’s eyes abruptly shrink back!

Star Breaking Han!

Motherfucker….could it be that this fellow is the Realm Crossing Guardian?

What the heck, how is my current strength able to go against the Realm Crossing Guardian?

No wonder I am unable to defeat this fellow at all…so he is actually a 28 star Realm Crossing Guardian!

Fucking bullshit day ah!

Of all people to provoke why did I provoke such a fiend star ah!

If I really eat this star breaker hand, then I would be finished…my strength would be completely wasted. Even if there are a few sun jades left, I would no longer grow to become the strongest.

Could it be that….I Liu Yi, shall stop here?

“Unhand him!”

At this moment, a graceful figure suddenly descends from the sky!

The figure is wearing a black robe as well as a mask unable to make out her face.

Her voice is clearly fake and hoarse. If her figure was not seen, it is really hard to determine that she is a girl.

She leaps down without using any technique. She only waves a red greatsword with both her hands towards Great God Sect Sect Leader.

“It’s you?”

Seeing this woman Great God Sect Sect Leader actually did not attack. Instead, he raises his green palm which in the hollow of his palm turn into a dazzling red color!

A red fire dragon revolves in front of him and blocks that woman’s sword!

As the girl flies she says coldly, “Let him go!”

“You should not block me.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader seems to be hesitating while Liu Yi is shocked, what the, who is this girl?


Chapter 714     [Cheng Yaojin]

Cheng Yaojin is a Chinese Tang general

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