MKW Chapter 713

Chapter 713  [Race against time]

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Snowflakes fall in a large amount. A lot of ninjas are unable to dodge in time and were immediately frozen into ice sculptures like putting on an exhibition with the ice and snow on top of the roof of the surroundings.

Liu Yi clenches his fist and those ice sculptures scatter covering the entire ground with ice.

“So, so scary…”

“Could this fellow be a devil?”

When had the ninjas seen before such an overbearing technique as all of them became stunned?

“Quickly don’t be distracted, use long-range attack!”

One of the ninjas takes the lead and pull up his mask and breathed out a fireball towards Liu Yi.

The rest of the surviving ninjas also follow along. Each of them breathes out a red fireball towards Liu Yi from all directions.

Each of the fireball’s might is equivalent to a missile. The explosive force is able to send an armored car flying away!

While Liu Yi stands there and stretches out his right hand and revolves Scarlet Blood Sutra!

All of the fireballs coming from all directions immediately start revolving like they are stars revolving around a sun as they start revolving around Liu Yi in a cycle.

The rest of the ninjas were stunned seeing this, what the, what technique is this why is it so weird!

The fireballs are revolving around and with a snort from Liu Yi, they suddenly transform into small red phoenixes and fly out in all directions.

The speed of the fire phoenixes is very quick. As they cut through the wind they pierce through the body of a ninja!

Instantly those ninjas were all burned into ashes by the fire phoenix. This scene is like purgatory, very terrifying!

Right now, how is there still any dignified aura from the palace? Instantly it is like it had entered hell on earth!

“Save me ah!”

“Ah, yamate!”

These ninjas no longer have any intention to fight as they start escaping.

But how are their speed faster than the flying fire phoenix? It swiftly catches up and burns them into ashes.

Even more corpses appear in the palace. Although so many people had died in the palace, there is not a single drop of blood. Either they were frozen into ice or burned into ashes.

{Master, I had picked up the radar of a helicopter in the distance!}

Little Jade suddenly alerts Liu Yi.


After dealing with the ninjas, Liu Yi looks at the map and sees a little red dot on the map.

He flashes and uses shadow step, instantly appearing at the apron of the palace!

A military helicopter is slowly swaying its propeller like it is going to take off any moment.

An old man wearing white robes and a man in a black suit is in a flurry as they prepare to board the helicopter. Seeing Liu Yi appearing, both of them were frightened until their legs turned soft.

Bullshit, weren’t there so many ninjas? Why can’t they even block for a minute?

“Emperor of Japan as well as Japan’s Prime Minister?”

Seeing them, Liu Yi chuckles, “ I can settle the two of you together here.”

“Sir, please do not ignore my existence.”

The Ise Mizuko in female shaman attire is standing there calmly like she does not place Liu Yi’s strength in her heart.

“Mizuko quickly hold this guy up!”

The Emperor of Japan shouts, “Yamato citizens will not forget about your sacrifice!”

“Leave everything to me, Your Majesty.”

Ise Mizuko finally raises her head. Liu Yi is able to see the determination in her eyes as well as the resolution to die!

This woman…is actually willing to die for the Emperor of Japan?

She calls Mizuko…could it be that Big sister Mizuko that Rika mentioned?

From the looks of it, she is a person from the Ise Family. The final biggest power in Japan.

Talking about this, Ise Family and China have enmity. Their family people had killed a number of people in China just for the Gene map!

“Offering my life to summon the most sinister ghost god from hell!”

As she speaks, she pulls out a dagger and stabs it into her heart.

Blood immediately spray out as Ise Mizuko charming body collapsed onto the ground.

Blood flow on top of the apron and actually strangely forms a weird circle on the ground!

This weird circle is around 5 meters in radius and is very enormous!

Following which Ise Mizuko’s soul flies out from her body and floats in the air.

Very quickly a red arm stretches out from the weird circle and grabs hold of the soul!

The head of an ugly devil stretches out and then stuffs the soul into its mouth before chewing!

Liu Yi’s heart is chill, this Ise Mizuko is too stupidly loyal!

Not only did she offer her life, she even offers her soul!

“Hahaha with Ghost God here how are you still going to stop us?”

Seeing the 3 meters tall Ghost God climbing out from the ground roaring, delight immediately appears on the face of Emperor of Japan as well as Anzareno San, “Before China gets destroyed, you shall first become the food for this Ghost God! Hahaha!”

When the Ghost God enters the human realm, it becomes delighted as it slaps its chest and roars!

Instantly a shockwave spread out and pulls out the surrounding trees by their roots!

The helicopter also rocks in the air and flies upwards far away.

“Hahaha, this is the strength of Ghost God! Who is able to block ah!”

Emperor of Japan also smiles and says, “We can calmly go and implement the final plan already.”

There is still a final plan?

This group of psychos!

That Ghost God suddenly jumps in front of Liu Yi and roars loudly at him as a surge of stink immediately assaults Liu Yi’s nose.

As a Ghost God from hell, it had a bad temper furthermore, its strength is also unreasonable.

Regarding the little bug in front of it, it does not place it in its eyes and prepares to use its roaring sound to jolt him into bleeding from 7 apertures and bleed to death!

But unexpectedly that human is perfectly fine, instead, he raises his right and grabs at it.

Instantly an enormous asura hand emerges and grabs the head of the ghost god before grasping tightly!

Just like pinching an egg to explode, that ghost god’s head also burst just like that!

Black smoke flies out from the ghost god’s neck before dispersing in the sky.

This ghost god still had not become happy in the human world yet before being dealt with by Liu Yi.

Emperor of Japan and Anzareno San nearly fell off the helicopter, what the, such a powerful ghost god, how could it be defeated in just one face!

This is too impossible already!

“No worries Your Majesty, we have already flown so high up, he will not be able to catch up to us!”

Anzareno San takes a look at Liu Yi who is like a match on the apron and consoles Emperor of Japan.

While at this moment, Liu Yi once against stretches out his hand towards the sky!

The asura hand directly flies out hundreds of miles away before grabbing the tail of the helicopter and starts pulling it down!

The helicopter starts letting out warning sounds. Emperor of Japan and Anzareno San’s faces turn pale as they grab the surrounding object and fall along as well.

“Quick, quickly pull up, pull up ah!”

Anzareno San shouts while the helicopter pilot is almost about to cry.

“I, I am already doing my best. I have lost control!”


Anzareno San curses. He holds the cabin door with one hand while pulling out a pistol with another. He aims towards Liu Yi below and fires.

Over ten bullets in a row are fired towards Liu Yi but he does not place them in his eyes.

Sky Flipping Seal automatically appears above his head and releases its barrier blocking those bullets.

“Damn it how could this be!”

Anzareno San and Emperor of Japan were both stunned. All of their methods were useless against that China devil!

The helicopter was pull down to the ground just like this. After which with a wave of Liu Yi’s hand, the propellor above was broken off!

The propeller whistle as it flies away and cut the side of a house by the side before pounding inside.

“Tell me what is your plan?”

Liu Yi walks over as he lifts up the prime minister while stepping on the Emperor of Japan who is struggling to climb to his feet.

“Baka! You Shina pig who deserves death!”

Anzareno San curses and Liu Yi is not polite. He stretches out his hand before ripping off his head and blood sprays out. He tosses the head and the corpse to the side.

That head rolls on the ground a few times before stopping in front of Emperor of Japan who is lying on the ground.

Seeing the wide eyes, Emperor of Japan nearly peed from fear.

Liu Yi withdraws his leg. That Emperor of Japan had already been scared soft. He did not even have the strength to climb to his feet.

He squats down and looks at Emperor of Japan and ask, “Are you going to speak?”

“Eve-everything is too late already…”

Emperor of Japan starts blankly for a while before suddenly smiling, “Everything is too late already! Even if you kill me, it is useless! In just 30 seconds three cruise missiles carrying Virus-X will be fired from three different underwater bases and fly towards your beloved China! Hahaha! No one will be able to stop the rise of my Yamato citizens! Even if you kill me, China shall also go extinct! Hahahahahaha….”

“Even if it is possible, you will also not be able to see it!”

LiuYi stretches out his hand and points at Emperor of Japan. Instantly he starts screaming as his body start twisting. Quickly his flesh exploded out as a white bone sword drops onto the ground, stabbing into the ground.

“This kind of ambition is absolutely not worthy of being a human.”

At the same time, Liu Yi grabs hold of his struggling soul and feeds Little Taiji.

Little Jade also starts counting down. The remaining time is 25 seconds.

Liu Yi flashes and flies into the sky. At the same time, he instructs Little Jade.

{Little Jade, trace the missile signal in the sky of Japan. You must find those three missiles!}

{Understood master. Right now I had already deployed surveillance with satellites!}

Little Jade immediately pulls out Japan’s coastal map. After which on it appears several little red dots.

{What the, why are there so many red dots?}

{Currently China and Japan had both announced that they are entering war status. The warship of both sides are confronting each other!}

{Do not care about them. Trace the news of the missiles!}


From now on, it is a race against time!


Chapter 713     [Race against time]

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