MKW Chapter 712

Chapter 712  [Emperor of Japan’s conspiracy]

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“Lord Azareno why do you want to kneel in front of me.”

In the residence of Emperor of Japan, the Emperor of Japan is wearing a white robe as he seiza in front of his table while sipping the cup of tea in his hand.

A guy wearing a black suit is kneeling in front of him with his face covered with cold sweat.

While behind the Emperor of Japan, a dainty girl seiza there. She is wearing a traditional Japanese kimono, upper body white, lower body red. She appears to have a very classical appearance, like those kinds of shamans that were recorded in Japanese history.

“Your Majesty….I, our plan failed…”

Azareno San is the current Prime Minister of Japan but he is very unlucky.

Right now Japan’s situation is very lousy. They were being suppressed by their adoptive father US. YS is classified under the style of plundering economy and very frequently they go about plundering other peoples economy to satisfy their country’s need. Later on, Europe countries were snatched until they are almost crying and are done with the US. Finally, there is only Japan this adopted son left.

When the stepfather cannot take it anymore, it came and snatched from adopted son, causing  Japan to be snatched until it starts crying for father and mother.

Their economic best method is to link together with China. Especially back then they nearly establish the China, Japan, Korea trade circle. If this can be done, the US cannot do anything about this patch of Asia.

But how can stepfather watch this happen? They immediately controlled this stepson. Stepson cannot take it and made stepfather happy he can only go and bite China. Finally, it caused the trade union to break up in discord.

Japan changes prime minister quite frequently. The reason is also very simple. When a pro-US prime minister steps up, he will compete against China. But competing against China is not beneficial to their economic development. After a few years Japan’s economy starts to go downhill and being unable to do what he had promised, he can only step down dejectedly.

If the one who steps up is a pro-China, he will step down even faster as stepfather is not happy!

Azareno San is also the case. Back then when he first stepped up, he was actually pro-China one. But he got forced to step down in just a few days. This shit starts to ponder over his mistakes. Finally, he arrives at the understanding, if he wants to be prime minister for a long-term, he must follow after stepfather.

Confronting China, furthermore, not only must he confront China, he also needs to make China collapse!

Right now Japan’s situation is hiding the truth from the mass with stepfather US. Wishing to use stepfather’s influence to thoroughly kick China out. Thus they can only start a war with China.

While stepfather’s behavior still not starting fighting against China! Considering that both sides have a peace treaty and Japan does not have its own army, stepfather garrisons their troops to protect Japan. When Japan enters a conflict, stepfather must help Japan go to war! If they do not go to war, that means that they had ripped apart the peace treaty and in the future, Japan will no longer be under the control of stepfather!

But this way they would start a feud with China. Right now China’s military strength is not something that Japan can contend against. The moment they really start fighting, the one who will feel pain will definitely be Japan.

That is why Azareno San under the hint of Emperor of Japan, decided to secretly conspire and wage war against China, furthermore, destroy China in one go!

First, they declare war against China and enter war mode. This way stepfather will tear apart the treaty.

After which with Virus-X, in China’s tap water which is also the source of water, will start breaking out. Within two months it will cause China’s ‘game over’!

At that time, Japan will invade China again and unify China’s territory! Originally everything had been planned perfectly but they did not expect that halfway through a ‘Liu Dabo’ would appear and disintegrate their experiment in the artificial island. Furthermore, he had also killed the mother body that they are using to do the experiment!

This way, their Dragon Head Beheading plans got destroyed!

While Azareno San had already announced to enter a combat state against China! If there is not Virus X, if they really start a war against China, they would be badly beaten!

Over hundreds of China’s warships as well as an aircraft carrier had already stopped near their seas making a lot of Japanese citizens to be fearful.

Seeing that the two sides are about to ignite the fire about war, now at this moment, the Virus X had a hiccupped.

Azareno San seiza in front of Emperor of Japan hesitating if he should commit seppuku to apologize for his crime.

“I already have known about it.”

The Emperor of Japan is a 50+ years old man. Currently, he is sipping his tea while his face looks very calm. But the slight trembling of his finger betrays his inner heart’s fear.

“Just now I had seen it through the Ishi 8-sided Mirror…”

Within the arms of the Japanese girl, she is hugging a black mirror.

This mirror is one of Japan’s strongest god weapon, 8-side Mirror.

“Your Majesty….what…should we do not?”

“How are the Yamato Unit?”

“They, they are still recuperating….”

Azareno San’s forehead is covered with cold sweat. Who would at known that at this crucial moment, Yamato Unit would also be crippled?

“Oh, looks like this time round Amaterasu did not protect us ah.”

Emperor of Japan’s hand is trembling even harder. His voice contains a bit of despair.

“At this moment, there is only one method left…”

“What method?”


Emperor of Japan spit out this word causing Azareno San to tremble.

“How…how can we do this….how can my Yamato people say the word defeat…”

“Can our military strength defeat China?”

As the Emperor of Japan drinks his tea he says, “You think is it possible?”

Azareno San is a bit emotional, “We must always give it a try….without fighting and admitting defeat, what about our reputation?”

Emperor of Japan suddenly ask, “Lord Azareno do you know why are we able to keep confronting China?”

Azareno San thinks for a bit before saying, “Because of our Yamato citizens’ unflinching righteousness, because of our Yamato citizens’ honor! Because of our strongest nation’s power!”

“Hehe, these are all said to other people one. You as the prime minister, could it be that you still need me to pick you apart before you say?”

Emperor of Japan smiles, “There are no outsiders here. Say it, why is that so?”

“Because although we are the country that lost the war, the one who defeated us was the US.”

Azareno San’s expression turns heavy, “It is US’s two atomic bomb….that hit us until it hurt…hit us until we were convinced…”

“Right, that is why we always are not convinced by China. But you have also known in your heart, this time around without the Virus-X, the moment we start the war, in the end, we will completely be beaten until we are convinced by China. This time around, China will also not let go of this chance. They also need to be occupied with changing the domestic conflicting views as well as conveniently beat us until we vomit blood. From then on we will completely be convinced by China’s strength. In the future, how are we going to go against China?”

“Your Majesty instructed correctly…looks like surrendering is the only option is it?”

“Actually I also do not wish to surrender. The moment we surrender, Yamato citizens will become a joke…”

The so-called right-wing members are all of the high-rank members of the Nationalism Group.

No matter if it is Azareno San, or Emperor of Japan, they are all the same!

“Luckily I am worried that Yunsen Ameki might fail and thus prepared another hand….this hand is our final trump card. If it succeeds, we can flip the boat. Just that if that is the case, we need to assume a very large pressure from society and public opinion.”

Azareno San cannot help but ask, “What is it? May your Majesty indicate clearly!”

“Under Japan coastal, I had sent people to construct three secret bases. There is our second attacking place.”

A trace of vicious flashes across Emperor of Japan’s eyes as he says fiercely, “Inside there hidden three intercontinental ballistic missiles that are loaded with Virus X. As long as we fire them towards China, even if they were intercepted halfway, the diffused Virus X would also be able to reach their coast. From there, it can start tormenting them from the coastal! But if that happens everyone will know that this missile was released by us. At that time, perhaps the pressure we face from the society will not be small ah!”

“Your majesty anyways, either way, is death, why don’t we stake it all!”

Azareno San clenches his hands and says, “There is only discussion about the ending, there is no discussion about the process! As long as we win and take down China’s territory, we will be the King of Asia! At that time, who would dare to say anything about us?”

“You did say this point correctly.”

Emperor of Japan nods his head, “Then let us take action then….for the rise of Yamato citizens, for the blooming of East Asia!”

Just as the two of them had discussed this malicious plan, Ise Mizuko suddenly says softly, “Your majesty, Lord, that guy is already coming towards us.”

When she speaks, it is like she is singing, very moving and nice to listen.


Hearing what Ise Mizuko had said, both of them were shocked at the same time.

What! That China person is actually coming towards here. Could it be that he wishes to do something harmful to the most authoritative people in Japan?

“Send people to block him!”


Azareno San bows before immediately taking out his handphone and starts instructing his subordinates.

At this moment Liu Yi is in the sky emitting golden rays of light. He is like golden lightning as he lands within the palace of the Emperor of Japan!

A building is turned into ruins from the falling Liu Yi. Golden lightning swims about his body as he looks around.

According to Little Jade’s directions, the Emperor of Japan should be here, just that they do not know which room he is in.

“Baka! How dare to break into my imperial palace, you don’t want your life!”

A row of ninjas suddenly appears on the surrounding roofs as they berate Liu Yi.

Liu Yi places his hands behind his back and says faintly, “Useless troops.”

Liu Yi advises with a trace of benevolence, “You guys are not the main instigator. I will not kill you guys, you guys can escape.”

“Hahaha, you really know how to talk big!”

The ninjas do not care about Liu Yi’s kindness and instead mock and ridicule, “Standing here is the entire Yamato most elite ninjas! Even if an entire squadron came they can only obediently retreat in front of us!”

“Alas, since that is the case then do not blame me for being  merciless.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out his right hand and points towards the sky.

Instantly the black clouds cover the entire sky. Following which snowflakes start falling down.

The snow is very white and very beautiful as well. These ninjas do not understand what attacking power do these snowflakes have?

One of the ninjas cannot help but stretches out his hand and grabs hold of a falling snowflake.

At that instant, his body was instantly frozen into an ice sculpture!


Chapter 712     [Emperor of Japan’s conspiracy]

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Let’s leave aside the bias and comment other things.
    “This mirror is one of Japan’s strongest god weapon, 8-side Mirror.”<-you sure it’s “side”; it should be the Yata no Kagami, or 8-ata Mirror, where an ata is a measure of length similar to a span, but a bit shorter (due it it being from thumb to middle finger on a pre-War japanese hand instead of from thumb to little finger on an european hand). 8 ata are approximatley 144 centimeters or 6.3 spans (56.6 inches). The Yata no Kagami (or more like a reproduction made from the remains of a reproduction made from the remains fo the original) is said to be kept at the Grand Shrine of Ise (unconfirmed common knowledge).

    As an aside, the mirror is one of the three Imperial Regalia, being the other two the Ama-no-Murakumo no Tsurugi (Heavenly Cloud-Gathering Sword), also known as Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Weed-Mowing Sword), and the Yasakani no Magatama (8-shaku Crimson Jewelled Magatama, where a magatama is a comma-shaped ornament with a hole in the thick part, or a string of such things, and a shaku being a japanese measure unit equivalent to a foot, but shorter due to body size standards). Going by name, the last one must have been an about 242.4 cm long string of red precious or semiprecious stone magatamas and is the only oe said to still be the original one (though due to unfortunate events may have lost parts of it, being entirely possible that only one piece was currently conserved), while the first one should be an iron sword, but is a blind reproduction of blind reproductions, since it was lost many times throughout history; also, it replaced the original sword regalia, the copper or bronze Totsuka no Tsurugi (10-tsuka Sword, where a tsuka is a japanese fist, similar to a handsbreadth; it technically is a denominator for any sword of such making, while they individually have their own names), which may have been originally a replaceable piece of regalia.

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    • Side note: I said “may” because the Regalia can only bee seen by very few people: the head priest of the temple each one is kept at (under certain circumstances, which temples they are is technically a secret), the people responsible for their cleansing and maintenance (who not necessarily are aware of their identity) and the emperor (only on the day of the enthronement ceremony).

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  2. Holy cow that is some bad economic analysis.

    Is this reflective of how China teaches Macroeconomics or just the author trying to write something.


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