MKW Chapter 711

Chapter 711  [Why am I inferior to you]

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Almost in a blink of an eye, streams of eye-catching flames rise in the surrounding. The entire world seems to be burned by the flames!

Those bugs in the sky directly got burnt into ashes, not leaving behind any residues at all!

“Not possible…my, my strength…”

Seeing the bugs that she had used her full strength to create got exterminated in such a second, the girl’s eyes are filled with despair.

“Let me say something very melodramatic. Evil, in the end, will never win against the righteous.”

After cleaning up the bugs, Liu Yi withdraws the flame giant and crosses his arms again as he looks at the girl, “Reaching this point you ought to understand already.”

“What do I understand, why should I understand!”

The girl shouts, “I ought to have everything! But because of you, all because you destroyed all of these!”

“It’s not me who destroyed. It is you, as well as your own father.”

Liu Yi says loudly, “Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction. You had never reflected on your wrongs, and are so delusional and presumptuous. To be able to make yourself more beautiful, you actually want to sacrifice the lives of others.”

“She is a clone! She ought not to exist!”

The girl roars, “What is wrong to use her life to contribute to my existence!”

“She is not your imitation good. She is my Yunsen Akemi!”

Liu Yi tells her loudly. His words cause her face to turn pale and shudders as cold sweat start appearing on her forehead. Her eyes are filled with even more despair.

“I will not..”

The girl mutters as her voice becomes louder and louder, “I am the real heavenly daughter…no one can replace my existence…I am the real Yunsen Akemi…”

“You can be anyone, but there is no longer anyone who acknowledge you.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand as a green light gathers in the center of his palm. “I will cripple all of your strength and then you can live incognito and go to another place and start afresh.”

“I do not want!”

Hearing that Liu Yi is going to cripple her strength, she instantly exploded.

She screams as golden light emits from her body, “I do not want to lose my strength. I want to kill all of you, I am the strongest!”

Her body suddenly starts expanding. The speed is very quick!

Almost in a blink of an eye, her body had become over ten meters large. Furthermore, she is no longer the shape of a human, instead, she had become an enormous bug lying on the artificial island!

Her hard carapace on her body, the pairs of wings flapping on her back letting out a buzzing sound.

“What the…if this is not a monster then what is it?”

Liu Yi looks at the enormous bug-like creature and cannot help but feel a bit disgusted.

While the beetle suddenly lifts up a leg and stomps towards Liu Yi.

“Asura Hang!”

Liu Yi snorts, do you think that being big is amazing?

He waves his hand as an enormous asura hand flies out immediately and grabs hold of the bug’s enormous leg before tugging.

-tearing sound-

Among green blood, one of the bug’s leg got torn off!

After Liu Yi had entered God Transformation, his strength is not something that the bug girl is able to block.

All of her strength were all plundered one which did not go through systematic cultivation. Thus even if she is of the same rank as Liu Yi, Liu Yi is able to use his abundant fighting experience to kill her!

The enormous beetle roars before charging towards Liu Yi madly.

“Through Heaven Sword!”

Liu Yi’s right hand push down towards the enormous bug. Instantly Through Heaven Sword appears in the sky. It instantly turns into an over 10-meter long sword. After which it let out a dragon roar before breaking through space and drops.

The enormous Through Heaven Sword directly pierce through the beetle’s body nailing it firmly onto the deck!

The enormous beetle scream as its blood sprays into the sky before turning into green rain as it falls.

This Green rain is like the girl’s tears of despair.

After eating this heart-piercing sword from Liu Yi, perhaps the girl is no longer able to survive. Liu Yi stands on top of his Through Heaven Sword as he looks at the unmoving giant bug below him and mutters, “These are your tears?”

“Hope that in your next life, you can choose to be an ordinary girl.”

Liu Yi prays for the girl.

If you can choose, definitely do not choose this kind of life again. It is really too tragic.

“Really did not think…even if it is like this, it is still not possible to defeat you.”

Out of nowhere, the white mask man appears again as he floats above a half-destroyed building far away as he says faintly, “Indeed you have a cockroach life. Your life is very big!”

“Who are you?”

Liu Yi looks at the white mask guy coldly, “Why are you going against me?”

“I said before I am from Solo Sect, I am your enemy.”

White mask man laughs coldly as he says, “Alas, that’s why I say you are indeed a bold but not very astute fellow. If those women had not helped you, without that Ai Ling by your side you would have already died countless times!”

“You know about Ai Ling?”

Hearing about news regard his lass Liu Yi stares at him and roars, “Where is she!”

“Aiyah, mentioned your sore spot already?”

The masked guy laughs weirdly, “Indeed your weak point is forever on women! Wish to see Ai Ling, why don’t you dream on. If the current her does not kill you, it is already considered to be benevolent!”

“Tell me where is she!”

Liu Yi lets out a roar from his mouth like thunder. This roar exploded out and jolted the building under the masked man into crumbling.

“Indeed you have some strength but what can this prove?”

The masked man shudders slightly but quickly calms down. He floats there and sneers, “Wait till my sect leader’s martial arts had major accomplishment then exterminating you will be like pinching an ant to death! You better enjoy the little bit of life you currently have, because very soon you shall die!”

“The one who is going to die is you!”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and slaps out at the masked man!

Asura Hand also flies out supporting Liu Yi’s attack!

Glorious Sun Palm: Illusion Extermination!

The air lets out distorting sound while the masked man immediately uses two hands to protect in front of him as a white light shield gathers in front of him!

Illusion Extermination power slaps onto the light shield and directly carries the masked man body and slams onto the deck of the artificial island.

How huge is Liu Yi’s strength?

The might of this palm directly breaks off a small part of the artificial island!

The masked man’s body carries large pieces of concrete and metal as he dropped into the sea.

“You think that you will be able to hide like this?”

Liu Yi snorts as he raises his right hand!

An enormous icicle directly raises from the sea forming an enormous ice lotus flower!

While the white masked man is frozen within the center of the ice lotus flower!

Liu Yi’s Scarlet Blood Sutra, Nine Yin Heart Sutra had already been raised to the peak!

This kind of strength really makes that white masked man who thought that he was already very powerful unable to block.

The white masked man is also none other than Li Heqiang from Solo Sect.

Being sealed in the ice, his heart is very horrified.

No wonder Sect Leader does not let me have a head-on conflict with this fellow…his strength is actually so swift and fierce. I seem to not be his opponent ah…

Damn it, I had obviously fused with the powers of the angel why am I still unable to defeat him!

Damn it…could it be that I, Li Heqiang am destined to be unable to defeat him?

Is this why my junior sister Bai Xiaowei likes him?

Cannot…I must become even stronger than him!

I must think of a method to cultivate the Sky Demon Great technique! This way I will finally have a day where I am able to defeat him!

At that time, junior sister will naturally jump into my embrace!

But…can he survive until then?

“Little Taiji!”

Liu Yi waves his hand and the Taiji sword float above the ice lotus flower before starting to revolve!

“Since you do not wish to say then you can just go and die!”

While he is speaking, Little Taiji starts piercing towards the ice lotus with a green light!

I do not wish to die ah!

At that instant, Li Heqiang wails in his heart.

At that instant, the void suddenly tore apart! An enormous black hand emerges from the torn voice and slaps Xiao Taiji!

That palm is 10 meters wide as humungous strength slaps Little Taiji!


Seeing the demon claw flying out Liu Yi’s heart jolts, which expert is this running over to create trouble?

“Which expert is it, if you got guts to come out to meet!”

“Don’t be anxious. Sooner or later we will meet!”

From the sky comes an oppressive voice which exploded in Liu Yi’s ear.

“This is my person, I shall bring him away first.”

The demon claw grabs the ice lotus and breaks the ice pillar below before grabbing the ice lotus flower and withdraws back.

“Want to escape? Not that easy!”

Flames of anger emit from Liu Yi’s eyes, bullshit really looking down on me to actually dare to snatch people in front of me like this!

He steps on Through Heaven Sword and calls back Little Taiji. Grabbing in his hand he drinks another mouth of immortal wine before swinging his sword!

“Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands!”

A stream of white sword qi instantly flies out forming a horizontal straight line chopping the wrist of the demon claw.

Liu Yi originally thought that this wrist will be chopped into two but unexpectedly surges of dense demon qi suddenly emit out forming black pythons as they open their mouths wide and charge forward.

The sword qi chops the black pythons into two but because it had received some obstructions, it’s speed slowed down slightly.

Experts exchanging blows is a race against time one. The gap between the sword qi being slowed down, the demon claw had already grabbed the ice lotus flower and disappeared into the void together.

“Absolutely disgraceful!”

Liu Yi steps on Through Heaven Sword and the sword directly descends a few meters. The sword edge penetrates through the artificial island and came out from the bottom.

I, let them escape!

Solo Sect. Just what kind of power is this!

Sooner or later I shall exterminate this damn Solo Sect!

But right now, I still have more important matters to do!


Chapter 711     [Why am I inferior to you]

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