MKW Chapter 710

Chapter 710  [God fire cleansing world]

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“Do you see this, hahaha!”

Her strength had hit out a crack on the Sky Flipping Seal making the girl laughs in delight.

I am then the real god, no one will be able to block me!

Definitely, definitely no one!

The explosive power along with the fact that the artificial island is already quite badly wrecked. This time round, it shakes even harder and a lot of sea water also poured in. From the looks of it, the artificial islands seem to be able to sink into the sea.

“Wuwuwuwu….I do not wish to die ah….”

“Quickly save us ah!”

Realizing that the artificial island is sinking down, the people on the stage are no longer able to keep calm as they start crying.

Choshunior Susukino is also badly frightened but she turns around to see Wang Yuzheng standing by the side calmly, making her ask in shock, “Why are you not afraid?”

“Why do I need to be afraid?”

Wang Yuzheng looks at Choshunior Susukino strangely.

“We are about to die why would we not be afraid?!”

“How would we die?” Wang Yuzheng smiles, “With him around, we will not die one.”

“He is not god ah! Furthermore, he had already been defeated, did not you realize?”

Choshunior Susukino feel that Wang Yuzheng definitely must be crazy, “We don’t even know if he is alive or not, how can he save us?”

“You do not understand him.” Wang Yuzheng is slightly proud of herself.

“Then you understand him very well?”

“There is no need to tell you this. Anyways, believe in him.”

After Wang Yuzheng shows off, Choshunior Susukino clenches her teeth in anger. Already at this point of time, you still want to show off! It is a matter of life and death!

But she is a smart woman. Thinking about it, could it be that the two of them had already known on each other before this?

Can’t say for sure…..they two of them are from China while Dabo-san is also a special agent. He had hidden a lot of things quite well….seeing Wang Yuzheng’s current manner, as well as the concern and car that Dabo-san had for her…perhaps the two of them had already known each other a long time ago!

Damn it….this damn Liu Dabo just how many more things had he hidden from me!

Hmph, a man covered in riddle!

Choshunior Susukino feels like Liu Dabo is harder and harder to see through. Especially now that his life or death is unknown, she is quite concern in her heart.

Would it be like what Wang Yuzheng says, he will come out and save us?

Dabo-san ah….if you really have that ability then hurry and come out…because, this miss is about to die from fear ah!!!!

“Split open for me! And then become one with me!”

The girl is already on the brink of madness. Her strength also strengthen to the extreme point wish to use the shortest amount of time to break open the Sky Flipping Seal’s barrier!

At this moment the surrounding seawater of the artificial island suddenly turns into an eye-catching golden color!

Rays of golden light fly out from the sea water and shine on the surrounding. Causing half of the sky to turn into a brilliant golden color!

Under this kind of radiance, everyone’s heart slowly starts to be filled with warmth. That kind of fearful feeling had weakened a lot.

While the girl starts to panic from being shined at…what is this situation?

The five swords floating in the sky flies up again before entering the sea water.

Very quickly the artificial island slowly starts to float into the sky. Astonishingly below it near the edge, the five swords are pushing up the artificial island and raises it like this into midair!

The owner of the five swords is Liu Yi. Currently, they were controlled by him to prop up the artificial island. Wang Yuzheng says Choshunior Susukino whose eyes were wide in surprise, “See, I had already said that he is fine right?”

“Inconceivable…really is inconceivable….are all these real….”

The weird things that Choshunior Susukino had seen today are much for them during her lifetime.

“How could this be?”

While the girl steady her body as she looks at the surrounding golden light, “Could it be that he had not died yet?”

Yunsen Ameki smiles, “He promises me that he will accompany me, how could he die?”

“You think that you are very fortunate?”

The girl retreats a few steps before the wings on her back open up and she flies into the sky.

At this moment from outside of the artificial island, a figure also flies up. It is none other than Liu Yi.

The mark of god shines between his brow as nine little suns revolve behind his back. But only four of them were lighted up, the other 5 were dimmed.

Above his head is the brightest the most dazzling. Like it is able to fight against the sun in the sky!

In the sea water, Liu Yi had already completed his God transformation!

He wants to use his strongest strength and deal with this china, no world biggest danger.

“Isn’t it good if you just die obediently?”

The girl flaps her wings as she asks Liu Yi in front of her, “Why do you want to come and die another time?”

Liu Yi is wearing a golden changpao as he stands on red color clouds with his arms crossed as he smiles towards the girl and says, “I this person naturally like to join in the fun.”

“The fun still had not ended, how can I leave in advance?”

“Really is a stupid human. Since that is the case then let me kill you once more in front of the imitation good!”

The girl sneers, “I shall let her know the pain of losing!”

As she speaks she stretches out her hand and points towards the sky.

Instantly an enormous silver light sword condenses in her hand.

This blade is very shocking, almost 20 meters long 5 meters wide as it slices down towards Liu Yi’s head.

This sword is able to slice the artificial island into two but to Liu Yi it is nothing.

Liu Yi only stretches out his hand and uses two fingers to grab the blade firmly.

An enormous shockwave instantly spreads out from Liu Yi’s fingers jolting the surrounding buildings to once again shatter into small pieces. This shows just how powerful is the girl’s sword.

“How is this possible…to actually do it such so easily…”

The girl is unable to imagine how she is still unable to deal with this guy in front with her current god-like strength.

“There is a sky above another sky. There are so many capable people that you are unable to image.”

As Liu Yi speaks his fingers exert strength and break the eye-catch light sword.

The light turns into many stars and speck by speck disperse as they descend.

“You think that you had obtained the strength similar to a god? Actually, you are still lacking too much!”

“Nonsense! This is the strength of god! I can sense it!”

The girl roars. Following which the light on her body gathers together and form an enormous 100 meters tall enormous silver angel!

That angel uses a single hand to grab attempt to grab Liu Yi!

“Scarlet Blood Sutra!”

The small sun above Liu Yi becomes even more eye-catching. At the same time, a golden red dragon roars as it flies out from his body!

This finger long little fire dragon grew bigger as it flies out and turns into a hundred meters long dragon. It twists it’s body before knocking into the angel with it’s head.

Such an enormous angel is also unable to stop the attack of the Fire God Dragon!

His body tilts before falling into the seawater.

With the sound of a detonating bomb, that angel’s enormous body crashes into the sea creating an astonishing tall spray!

“My angel…will not be defeated like this!”

Realizing that the angel she condensed got such so easily defeated the girl becomes so anxious at her face starts sweating!

She hurriedly urges her strength and control that angel to stand up once again. Half of the leg is still standing in the sea water.

The angel’s body is really too big, but there is no harm standing in the sea.

While the Fire God Dragon roars as it once against charges over and coils around the enormous angel. After which it lowers it’s dragon head and sprays a stream of red hot fire at the struggling angel!

The angel is unable to withstand the heat from the flames and lets out a miserable shriek.

“How is this possible…my strength is actually unable to withstand a single blow….”

The girl’s face turns pale, not believing in this matter.

“I had already told you that there is always someone better. In this world, there are countless of experts. Even if it is me, I also do not dare to call myself the strongest in the world. Because there are a lot of people stronger than me.”

“What? There are still a lot who is stronger than you? Then, then just what do I count as…”

Originally thought that he is without any rival in the whole world and can be considered as a god. Unexpectedly the opponent tells her that he is also so insignificant…

The girl is unable to accept this in such a short period of time…

So scary….how could it be like this…

“You originally is only an ordinary girl only. Now you simply had turned yourself into a monster. You are not any god, you are a monster.”

“I am not a monster! I am not!”

The girl once again falls apart. She feels like there is no longer any need to exist in this world.

“Since that is the case, why don’t this world…perish along with me…”

As she speaks, she stretches out her hands as the clouds in the sky suddenly starts fluctuating!

Within this fluctuation, even Liu Yi who had completed his God Transformation also sense a trace of pressure!

Following which he realises in shock that a densely packed amount of golden bugs are flying down from the sky!

There are such a large amount of small bugs as they rapidly spread out in all directions!

Bullshit if these bugs really fly out, perhaps the entire world will really be infected into zombies!

Deranged! This woman had really become deranged!

Definitely cannot let this bugs fly out otherwise, it will really be finished. At that time, everyone can only real a real-life version of biochemistry crisis already!

“Hahahahaha! Perish together, let’s all perish together!”


Liu Yi suddenly snorts as two streams of flames blow out from his nose!

At that instantly Scarlet Blood Sutra’s strength was revolved to the extreme by him!

After God Transformation, all of the techniques that he knows had raised to the highest stage! Liu Yi suddenly open his arm as enormous scarlet flames burst out from his body!

These flames swiftly gather behind his back and instantly a 100 meters tall enormous flame giant wearing flame armor is standing among the sea like a god!

It’s blazing body keep evaporating the sea water. The surging steam forms a wide expanse of vapor pervading the surrounding.

“God fire cleansing the world!”

God Fire Dragon suddenly flies in front of the enormous flame giant before transforming into an enormous pike which the giant grabs it before stabbing it on the surface of the seawater!


Chapter 710     [God fire cleansing world]

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