MKW Chapter 709

Chapter 709  [I pity you]

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“What I love is her soul.”

Liu Yi told the so-called god, “You think that you are Yunsen Ameki? But the Yunsen Ameki that I love has her own soul, her own path. I like her shy manner, her kind-hearted appearance. Like the way she is worried about me, the way she looks when she is considering about me. You think that you are Yunsen Ameki? You merely possess the same name as her. Even if there is no you in this world, I will still like her. Because she is a unique existence, she is not your clone. She is, my Yunsen Ameki. As for you, you are nothing but a virus’s mother body.”

“Nonsense! What you are saying is nonsense!”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, the girl seems to be about to collapse as she shouts, “I am the real Yunsen Ameki! I am!”

“You are not.”

Liu Yi smiles, “The only person who is willing to admit that you are Yunsen Ameki has already been killed by you. Take a look. Right now who still think that you are Yunsen Ameki?”

Liu Yi turns around and asks the people standing on the stage.

“Tell me, who is the real Yunsen Ameki?”

“It is her!”

The crowd does not hesitate as they point towards the young girl who had just saved all of them earlier with her lance.

She was originally that weak. But for them, she stood out and fought against her father…

She is a real person, also the Yunsen Ameki that everyone knows.

“No! I am the real one, you guys are lying, liars! All of you deserve death!”

The girl’s inner world keeps collapsing as she finally came to the edge of despair.

So this world is actually grey in color?

Since that is the case, then that is the point of it? Why don’t I destroy it…

“You deserve death!”

In the girl’s eyes is filled with horror as well as an even scarier thing.

She glances at Liu Yi when suddenly a large number of golden bugs fly out from her body, like a golden storm, it strikes Liu Yi and actually knocks Liu Yi back two steps!


Liu Yi waves his hand as Asura Hand flies out and slaps the group of bugs in front!

While at this moment the girl’s hand transformed into two long tentacles which fly very far away and enter the mouth of the redhead youngster as well as the Heavenly General angel!


The two of them let out horrified wailing before instantly transforming into dried corpses as their powers and nourishment were also sucked into the girl’s body!

The heavenly general’s soul was also unable to escape and was dragged in and consumed into nothing under his unwilling wailing!

A tentacle also flies out from the girl’s mouth trying to fly towards Liu Yi but was burst with a slap from Liu Yi!

Bullshit you still dare to treat me as nourishment do you think that I am fast food?


After absorbing the strength of another two people, the girl screams as her body instantly transforms!

The earlier bug wings were replaced by the angel wings. These wing wings are countless of times stronger looking than the ones that the redhead youngster had earlier. When it completely unfolds, it is 3-4 meters long!

While her earlier face had also turned ugly, similar to the redhead youngster earlier, half her face looks very sinister like bones had grown out!

Her body also becomes slightly muscular and lost the slender look that a girl should have!

Right now, she had also completely turned into a monster…

Furthermore, she…seems to be very powerful!


She roars towards the sky as a beam of golden light descended from the sky striking her forehead!

The golden halo above her head becomes even clearer and more real as holy power filled it!

The pair of white wings behind also starts emitting a layer of golden light making it look very eye-catching!

“God, right now I am god!”

The young girl shouts with a thunderous voice, “Being Yunsen Ameki is no longer important to me because I am god. I do not need a name, you guy just need to worship and fear me!”

The enormous strength that her body reveals causes Anna who is hiding to start trembling and dread.

Is, is this really the strength of god…


Liu Yi sneers as he stretches out his hand and gathers out a white shield reflecting the girl’s appearance.

“Take a look at your current inhuman appearance how can you still be called god? You can only be called a monster by people!”

“My, my face…my appearance…”

Seeing her own reflection, the girl is instantly stunned.

No girl dislikes beauty even if it is her, it is the same.

Although she chases after strength, she also chases after beauty.


Her gaze lands on Yunsen Ameki who is hiding under the Sky Flipping Seal.

“As long as I absorb her…after absorbing her, I can turn back to my original form…that’s right…hahaha, imitation goods, right now you have the value of existing!”

As the girl speaks she suddenly opens her mouth and a tentacle shoots out!

Bullshit, right now you had already become a fucking monster what is the point of transforming back into a beauty!

While Liu Yi is roasting, that tentacle had already swiftly landed on the Sky Flipping Seal.

What kind of existence is Sky Flipping Seal, it is the peak grade magic tool!

Its defensive capability is directly proportional to Liu Yi’s strength. As long as Liu Yi is still alive and has qi in his body, Sky Flipping Seal will continue to raise its defensive barrier!

Thus when that tentacle lands on it, it lets out a heavy sound!

A sky blue translucent air wall appears, blocking the attack of the tentacle!

“Still wish to sneak attack?”

As Liu Yi speaks he stretches out his hand and Through Heaven Sword land in his hand. He then swings the sword and slashes at the tentacle!

What shocked Liu Yi is that the tentacle did not get cut. Instead, a soft strength surges up and resolves his sword qi!


When Liu Yi exclaims in shock, that tentacle had already wrapped around his body before lifting him up and smashes him onto the deck!

Liu Yi’s body pierces through the deck all the way, through the laboratory underground until finally, he breaks through the lowest layer and into the icy cold sea!

Upon entering the sea, on the contrary, Liu Yi becomes slightly more awake.

He has the body of a dragon thus to him sea is like home…

At that instant, Liu Yi’s brain becomes very active!

This girl had already evolved to an even higher stage already…my dragon transformation four seems to be unable to defeat her…

As for that mysterious guy from the so-called Solo Sect, also do not know where he went….that fellow is like a maggot attached to the bone, he definitely must have hidden for a long time!

Wait till I had settled this matter, I must definitely think of a method to find him!

Otherwise, with him hidden by my side, it is like burying a timebomb by my side.

It is like a fishbone stuck in the throat making Liu Yi very uncomfortable.

Solo sect, what bullshit is this damn sect!


After smashing Liu Yi into the seawater, the girl starts laughing. Her voice is slightly weird but it is not hard to hear the delight within.

She is indeed very happy because her strength had finally exceeded that damn China person!

Right now in this world who else is able to block me?


Yunsen Ameki thought that Liu Yi had gotten heavily injured and immediately started crying until her eyes turn red. She keeps using her lance to attack the Sky Flipping Seal but is unable to open the barrier.

The girl withdraws her tentacle before laughing and says, “Hehehe…right now no one can save you. Obediently become part of my body!”

As the girl speaks she slowly walks towards Yunsen Ameki, “Being able to be absorbed by me and used by me can also be considered as glory for this imitation good! Father creating you was not a waste ah…come, contribute your worth!”

As she speaks, she stretches out her right hand which sticks onto the Sky Flipping Seal’s barrier.

Holy power directly starts working on the barrier causing it to tremble violently!

“Very quickly this thing will break! Imitation good, it is time for your end! Things that originally should not exist should return to nothing!”

“No, I do not want to return to nothing!”

As Yunsen Ameki cries, she shakes her head, “I already have friends, have a lover…teacher loves me, his love, makes me sense my existence…so, I do not want to die, I want to live on!”

“What a joke just an imitation good how can you have the rights to talk about love with me!”

The girl laughs loudly, “Do you know what is called love? Let me tell you, love is selfish! Love is dominating and possessing! If you cannot obtain it then destroy it! Furthermore, you do not have any rights to have love! Return this privilege!”

As she speaks her strength her palm exerts becomes more violent and ferocious!

The entire artificial island also starts shaking due to this strength causing a lot of people on the stage to sway and fall onto the stage crying out in pain!

“Save me ah…”

“So scary…I want to go home…”

“Who can save us ah….”

These people are begging to be saved with all their might but they do not know who is able to hear their pleas for help.

If there is really a god, then come and save us…

“Do you see this? There is no longer anyone who is able to block my strength!”

The girl cannot help but laugh in delight, “No one! I am god ah, becoming part of God shouldn’t you be so happy that are you crying tears of joy?”

“I only wish to cry in pity for you ah.”

On the contrary Yunsen Ameki says, “You are really pitiful!”

“Me? Pitiful? What a joke, I am god, how am I pitiful!”

The girl roars, “The one who is pitiful is you, you parentless imitation good!”

“I am parentless, I am an imitation good. But I have a lover!”

Yunsen Ameki says firmly, “While you, no one admits your existence. You are too pitiful, way too pitiful!”

“DIE! Go and die! You cheap imitation!”

The girl is about to go mad. She increases her strength and a crack actually appears on the impregnable Sky Flipping Seal’s barrier.


Chapter 709     [I pity you]

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