MKW Chapter 708

Chapter 708  [What I love is not you]

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After entering the fourth stage of dragon transformation, Liu Yi’s strength had firmly entered the beginning of 18 stars!

Thus Liu Yi is able to instant kill those so-called experts.

But only 15 starjades would be the real unparalleled under the world! When Liu Yi looks at them, he feels like that is how Great God Sect Sect Leader was looking at him.

Perhaps this should be the disparity between their strength.

An enormous hole appears on the ground while Liu Yi’s brow did not loosen.

Because the white masked guy was not slapped to death by him and had run off to gods know where!

While at this moment an arm grabbed the edge of the hole and is slowly climbing out.

A pair of white wings are flapping on this figure’s back. He is naked but is unable to attract Liu Yi’s attention.

Because this shit is a guy. Liu Yi is not interested in a man’s naked butt!

This pervert is none other than the redhead youngster who was wailing earlier.

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow lightly, this brother seems to have evolved again!

Good fellow, talking about this, this brother is quite pitiful. Two days in a row, he had gotten sabotaged all the way…

But along with the suffering, he indeed had obtained strength.

“Kill you…this time around I must kill you…”

The redhead youngster who had grown out a pair of wings stares at Liu Yi, who is floating in the sky, with killing intent.

Although he had grown a pair of angel wings half of this youngster’s face had become extremely weird. That half side of his face is like hardened skin, scarlet red eyes looking very malevolent!

The originally charming youngster has now turned into something similar to a devil!

The Heavenly General Angel who was kneeling on the ground exclaims when he saw the appearance of the redhead youngster, “It is actually…the power of an angel!”

“How is this…how is it like this! Why can a mortal be able to possess the holy powers of an angel!”

Without a doubt holy power, this thing is the specialty of an angel!

It is the gift that God bestowed on angels it is the symbol of the strength of angels taking the place of God to carry out his will!

Only the noble angels can possess and use this kind of strength! How can an ordinary human possess holy powers?!

The Heavenly General angel is unable to understand!

“I am very upset….”

The redhead youngster covers that half of his face as a painful expression appears in his eyes, “I am very upset…I….I want to kill you….”

“What is the relationship between you being upset and me?”

Liu Yi stares at that youngster coldly without any trace of pity on his face, “You becoming like this is because you caused it! Blindly chasing after strength will end up like this!”

“Right now…I am….very powerful…”

The redhead youngster pants coarsely and shouts lowly, “I am able to kill you now…”

As he speaks the wings on his back tremble and they spread open before starting to roar!


His roar is like thunder causing the entire artificial island to trembles!

“Gods….what kind of strength is this…”

“Monster, this is a monster!”

The people hiding on the stage were horrified in their hearts as their faces turn green.

One must say that the changes of the redhead youngster had really badly frightened them.

Today they were originally all kinds of startling things happening today. First is zombies, later on, it is these monsters….

Even angel had also appeared, furthermore, it is this kind of variation angel….

Could it be that gods want to destroy my Japan?

A lot of people had already started praying silently to the gods that they believe in to save them.

Only Wang Yuzheng knows that the real person who is able to save them is only one person and that is Liu Yi!

“Dabo-san…who on earth are you…”

While Choshunior Susukino who is standing by the side keeps staring at Liu Yi in the sky with a slightly blurred looked.

Seeing her gaze, Wang Yuzheng starts to become jealous in her heart.

But she also looks at the worried looking Yunsen Akemi who was standing far away with even stronger jealousy.

Liu Yi this fellow…why did he able to pick up girls wherever he goes ah!

Really!! Just not watching him for a day and he will attract a lot of women back home…

Looks like sooner or later the harem will be very big….hey, hey I originally wished to follow a guy and stay together throughout one life and in the end, it became like this.

Could it be that my fate is destined to be different from the rest…

Wang Yuzheng’s final gaze lands on the blue sword floating in the sky. That sword really came out from my body?

Sometimes she feels like she is dreaming. The Liu Yi who used to be quite bad in his studies, right now had become a hero like character….

Really had changed very quickly ah…

I had also turned from a good student who likes studying into a singer idol.

Perhaps, this is fate I guess…

-wailing sounds!-

At the same time, the redhead youngster standing by the side lets out a few more roars as that faint silver radiance emits from his body like he had put on a silver clothing.

The wings on his back keep flapping emitting a kind of holy aura.


He suddenly bugles his mouth and takes a deep breath as his stomach rapidly expands.

Liu Yi creases his eyebrow and sensed that something is wrong.


At this moment the redhead youngster opens his mouth and breath out a stream of silver light beam!

This light beam is very narrow around the mouth area but after coming out and reaching Liu Yi, it is 2 meters thick!

“Vacuum Cleaner!”

Liu Yi did not panic as he immediately revolves Vacuum Cleaner’s power as dark attribute gathers in front of him forming an enormous shield blocking that beam of light!

When the power hits the shield it actually makes Liu Yi feel a bit of pressure!

Good fellow how is this guy any angel, he is basically a monster that had obtained holy powers!

Angel would not have such a barbaric attack ah!


While Liu Yi is bitterly blocking the attack of the light beam, his back suddenly feels slightly numb.

The redhead youngster had without him knowing appeared behind him. Furthermore, black and white world was unable to slow down the detection.

The redhead youngster had placed his hands together before smashing against Liu Yi’s back heavily, turning Liu Yi into a black light and then crashing into the ground!

The artificial island keeps trembling as the sea water starts to pour out.

An enormous hole was created from the crash, it can be seen how much the redhead youngster’s strength had increased!

“Damn it!”

Because of the protection of the Dragon Emperor Armour, Liu Yi did not receive too much damage. The only minor internal injury also swiftly heal up because of the half-dragon body.

“Right now this fellow is like a wild beast that knows combat technique!”

Liu Yi recalls the first time he had entered the first stage of dragon transformation, there seems like there is not much difference!

Furthermore, after obtaining the angel gene, this fellow’s strength had also raised to 18 stars standard which is similar to me!

The redhead youngster once again puffs up his cheek and take a deep breath before spraying out a silver light beam at Liu Yi!

He is wishing to strike while the iron is hot to kill Liu Yi!

“Dream on!”

Liu Yi also takes a deep breath and changes into Pikachu to combine with him. Aiming at the redhead youngster he sprays out lightning dragon breath!

This black twister and the light beam coming down from the sky clash against each other!

The two powers are evenly matched and keep clashing against each other!

While Liu Yi’s move is not just this!

As he stands there, while breathing out his dragon breath he is doing two things at the same time. His right-hand points at the redhead youngster in the sky!

The five swords instantly fly out and keep piercing through redhead youngster’s body as silver blood sprays out!


Because of the pain, the redhead youngster is unable to control his power and got grand slammed by the black dragon breath of Liu Yi’s!

His body is instantly swallowed up within as the power frantically tears apart his body causing him to wail in anguish!


After breathing out for a while, Liu Yi finally withdraws his dragon breath.

The redhead youngster’s body is badly broken and finally, with a plop, he falls from the sky and crashes onto the ground.

“Luckily what I know is not just brute force.”

Liu Yi looks at the redhead youngster who had lost his ability to move and lets out a breath of relief.

“He got defeated…”

The Heavenly General angel who is kneeling by the side stares at this scene blankly, “As a fellow who possesses the strength of a Heavenly King….he actually got defeated…gods, my Lord Father. Tell me just what is the background of this China person!”

Anna is also blanked out in her hiding spot unable to say anything as she looks at Liu Yi’s back view.

This China guy is really very scary…when he said that he possesses the strength of a Heavenly King he was not lying to me….

“Okay, now the irksome person seems to be dealt with.”

Liu Yi flashes and directly appears in front of the girl who is seiza on the ground.

Her expression is somewhat sluggish currently. Noticing Liu Yi appearing in front of her, her gaze finally seems to clear up before turning horrified.

“Do…don’t kill me…don’t…. I do not wish to die…”

“You originally would not die.”

Liu Yi looks at the young girl begging for mercy and sighs, “But you are the mother body of the virus. If I do not kill you, I will not be able to be relieved. China would also be unable to be relieved.”

Let me carry the sin of killing. As long as China is able to continue to exist, as long as my parents are able to stay alive healthily.

Japan is really too much. Especially this Yunsen Oishi as well as that Emperor of Japan hiding in the corner.

This is the Beheading Dragon Plan that they came up with! After I kill Yunsen Oishi, I shall go can do that Emperor of Japan in!

[TL: Eh….isn’t Yunsen Oishi dead already???]

All of the militarism, right-wing party members all deserve death!

Those who offend my China’s prestige shall all be killed no matter how far are they!

Thinking to here, Liu Yi no longer hesitates as he stretches out a hand towards her.

“Why! Don’t you like me? Why do you want to kill me!”

The shout of the girl causes Liu Yi to raises his eyebrow.

“When had I like you before?”

“Don’t you like her?”

The girl points at Yunsen Akemi standing by the side, “She is a clone, you also like her! I am the real one, I am the real Yunsen Akemi! You should like me even more, a thousand times more ah!”

“You are wrong. What I like is not the name Yunsen Akemi.”

Liu Yi looks at the stunned girl in front of him and says faintly, “What I love is her soul.”


Chapter 708     [What I love is not you]

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