MKW Chapter 706

Chapter 706  [Joining hands]

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I had always been a big miss, since young I had been pampered and spoiled by my family.

But the way father brought me up was somewhat different. Father is very abnormal. Who he loved the most is not me but the Emperor of Japan.

That’s right, father is actually a homosexual. His love towards the Emperor of Japan had already transcended the love towards Emperor furthermore, it is an obsession toward men.

Thus when the contradiction between China and Japan became more and more intense, my father actually contributed me and tossed me into the laboratory.

When my lover found me, father actually gave me the command to make me kill that guy who I loved the most….

All to make me give up all of my emotions.

<Yunsen Akemi, you are my daughter, you are a god! God does not need emotions do you understand? You only need to be devoted to me, be devoted to the Emperor of Japan!>

Father stepped on that man’s corpse and told me so.

Since I want to become god…then let’s be a god that had completely and thoroughly heartless god…

What father, what China, what Emperor of Japan! All of you just go and die!

I am the highest existence, the rest are all ants!

But why is it, right now I am being beaten by this China guy until I cannot retaliate ah!

“I do not believe, I am god!”

The girl once again calls out the strength in her body! Those golden bugs revolve around her body as they keep revolving fluttering. After which they converge into a large cloud and throws themselves at Liu Yi like a dark cloud.

Liu Yi glances at the golden cloud like a group of bugs in front of him and does not have any trace of fear, instead, he reveals a smile.

The girl does not understand why Liu Yi would smile thus she asks, “What are you smiling at, my bug group is enough to kill you!”

“Laughing at you for overestimating your capability.”

Liu Yi laughs, “Do you really think that this strength that you had plundered from others is really very powerful?”

“Then you use your body to experience it!”

As the girl speaks she waves her hand and let the bugs charge at Liu Yi.


Liu Yi laughs as he points at the sky!

Instantly the black cloud in the sky fluctuates, that Little Taiji revolves around Liu Yi as it gathers sword qi keeping those bugs away allowing them to be unable to get close to Liu Yi.

At the same time from the black clouds in the sky descends a completely golden red sword.

“Old friend it had been a long time since we last met!”

Liu Yi looks at that over ten meters long enormous sword, with ‘Through Heaven’ carved onto it, as he greets it full of myriad ruefulness.

Through Heaven Sword also excitedly let out a dragon cry. Clearly, after separating from it’s owner for so long it already misses him very anxiously!


While at the same time, Liu Haisheng who was in Through Heaven Palace Hall of Raising Immortal Palace Hall does not know what he should say.

Through Heaven Sword…actually cut open the main hall on its own and flew off…

“Looks like he is finally summoning his past strength.”

Ai Ling who is sitting in a remote palace hall in Raising Immortal Palace Hall, hiding in the shadows, looks at the vast sky, “Looks like I ought to pay special attention to the 5 spiritual gathering ah…Lord, are you looking forward to meeting with the little girl? Little girl…. prepared a surprise for you ah…”


“What is this damn thing?”

Seeing the enormous sword floating in the sky, the girl starts to panic in her heart.


Liu Yi mutters and Through Heaven Sword’s body immediately starts to shrink and instantly transform into a 1.3m long sharp sword and lands in Liu Yi’s hand.

Liu Yi holds his sword with his right hand while his left-hand takes out Immortal Wind Gourd and takes a large mouthful.

Tipsy feeling surges forth transforming into Liu Yi’s strength.

“Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through nine lands!”

He tilts his sword and instantly a stream of white sword qi instantly slice out instantly grinding all of the bugs in front into fragments!

These bugs are basically unable to resist and in a short period of time, a number of them had died or gotten injured.

“This….just what strength is this ah!”

The girl flew out several miles. She is looking at Liu Yi in disbelief.

“If you are considered as god, then this is the slaughtering god’s strength!”

As Liu Yi speaks, Through Heaven Sword in his hand draws a sword flower before floating with Little Taiji in front of him.

“Immortal Fox sister, Akemi, Yuzheng, come and help me!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he pulls out their Emotion Sword from the respective body of the three girls!

As they lost their voices **, Liu Yi pulls out the three Emotion Swords!

Immortal Fox sister’s Charm Fox Sword, Yunsen Akemi’s is a white attributeless sword as well as Wang Yuzheng’s….it is actually a blue longsword and seems to also have some kind of indescribable strength!

The three swords fly up and float to the same height as Little Taiji and Through Heaven Sword. They float in front of Liu Yi like five resolute valiant protectors!

“Prepare to say goodbye to your strength…”

Liu Yi will not let this virus mother’s body off. Otherwise, if it really infects others, then that would be the end of the world!

The 5 swords start to whirl and revolve as Liu Yi pours his qi into them!

As long as he has a thought, the five swords would immediately kill that girl!

The girl seems to sense the scariness of Liu Yi as she recalls all of the bugs in a flurry and transforms them into a golden shield and blocks in front of him!

“No use. Your shield is as weak as paper in front of my Emotion Swords!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he prepares to activate his technique.

But at this moment, he felt his scalp turn numb!

Liu Yi immediately raises his head while from the sky a bolt of white lightning strikes down towards him!

“Soul technique no.1: Sudden thunder!”

Liu Yi hurriedly put on the black armor form from Vacuum Cleaner and temporary block this white lightning!

But the current white lightning actually possess the power of around 15 stars!

Liu Yi got struck down from the sky by this lightning and smashes into the ground, creating a hole on the metal ground of the artificial island!

“Hahaha, I finally found you!”

The redhead youngster who is wearing white battle armor flies down from the sky slowly before laughing madly at Liu Yi, “You fellow weren’t you very arrogant? Have a taste of my strength.”

Seeing the redhead youngster, the girl immediately asks vigilantly, “Who are you?”

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend. You and he are enemies thus I am a friend.”

The redhead youngster says proudly, “I am the leader of Japan’s Yamato Unit, the most worthy in the entire world! Stand by the side and watch. This guy is mine!”

The girl cannot help but ask, “He is yours? Are you gay?”

Black lines immediately appear on the redhead youngster, “Hey, hey! You are thinking too much! This guy is a person that I must defeat! Don’t come and bother me!”

“Defeat him? Based on you?”

The girl laughs coldly, “Your strength is around the same as mine. Just now that move only worked because it was a sneak attack. If you wish to defeat him, you better work together with me.”

“Work together? Are you mocking me?”

“I am only warning you!”

“The two of you, don’t quarrel already. I feel it would be even better if we work together.”

At this moment Little Cherrisosu suddenly appears on the scene making the redhead youngster shock.

“Little Cherrisosu why did you come?”

“I am not Little Cherrisosu. This body’s soul had already ascended to heaven.”

Little Cherrisosu smiles, that smile gives everyone a chill.

“Damn it…”

Anna who had concealed her body appears by Liu Yi’s side and exclaims, “It is the aura of a Heavenly General…Heaven Realm Army….actually deployed a Heavenly General!”

Liu Yi climbs up from the ground and looks at the three 14-15 star experts gathering in the sky without any bit of fearful expression.

“Finished, these three people all possess the strength of a Heavenly General….mortal, looks like you are really in danger.”

“Why do you always keep looking down on me?”

Liu Yi pats off the dust on his body, “I never even used half of my strength so far.”

“How is that possible…where did you find this confidence from!”

Anna exclaims, “I followed you for several days and your strongest strength had only reached around Heavenly General! Right now three Heavenly General grade people working together, how can you win? You better immediately sign a contract with me and I will find even more helpers to bring you out from this place!”

“Hahaha, I never thought of escaping ah.”

As Liu Yi speaks he waves his hand letting the five swords to descend and float by his side again.”If they wish to fight then let us fight”

The moment he finished, the five swords immediately shoot towards the three people in the sky.

“Holy Shield!”

Little Cherrisosu who was possessed by a Heavenly General angel immediately stretches out her hand. In front of everyone, a silver shield was immediately gathered and actually blocked the attack of the swords!

“Leave the attack to me!”

With the help of an expert, the girl becomes delighted.

I must kill this China guy!

She waves her hand and releases a large group of bug mist which sweeps towards Liu Yi below!

While the redhead youngster also unwillingly take action. He   seals before pointing at Liu Yi, “Soul Technique No 2: Soul Lock!”

This soul technique can only stop Liu Yi for a moment!

Those bug mist instantly surround Liu Yi’s body and instantly bury him!

“Hahaha, this time around he will definitely be dead!”

The girl claps her hand and says in delight, “My bugs will definitely take his life!”


Seeing Liu Yi being swallowed up by the bugs, Yunsen Akemi’s heart nearly stops beating and is about to leap forward when she got blocked by the Sky Flipping Seal.

“Alas…if he died, it is also good.”

Anna looks at the group of black bugs, “This way….perhaps the Heaven Realm Army will be unable to borrow your strength…”

“You actually killed him?”

Little Cherrisosu seems to be slightly angered, “He is a very important chess piece ah! Looks like I can only think of a method of reviving his soul!”

The girl says in delight, “My bug mist is able to corrode everything! Perhaps his soul might be incapable of surviving.”

The redhead youngster looks at the bug mist below and is regretful as he says, “Anyways he can be considered as losing in my hands right…”

Just as the three of them thought that Liu Yi is definitely dead, layers of golden light suddenly emit from below!


Chapter 706     [Joining hands]


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