MKW Chapter 705

Chapter 705  [Evolution]

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“My daughter is the god that I created!”

Yunsen Oishi does not dare to believe in what he was seeing. He roars, “Damn Shina pig, I shall let you know what is real strength! This strength was created by me and I will use it to destroy China!”

Yunsen Oishi cultivated his own daughter into the mother body of the X-virus. As long as she had reached the tap water source and releases the X-virus, then all of the living beings in China will turn into zombies!

At that time, China will no longer exist!

As for me, by controlling the mother’s body, I can control the enormous zombie army through the mother’s body!

How many people are there in China? A total of 13 billion people ah! All of them shall become my undying army! At that time, not to mention China, even the entire world shall be mine!

I am god! The god that created everything!

“My darling daughter ah, take out all of your strength!”

Yunsen Oishi lets out a shout. His voice is filled with confidence in his product.

“You are my most perfect product ah!”

“I will not let you down father!”

The white dress girl slowly pulls herself out from the wall. As the mother body of virus-X her flesh body had been transformed before. Although it is a female body it is very strong. After being beaten such so badly, she did not get many injuries.

After she pulls herself out from the wall, her body actually floats into the sky like the floating technique in Dragonball!

“You have the ability to fly?”

This point makes Liu Yi a bit surprised as he did not expect that Japan would cultivate out a variation human that is actually able to fly.

One must know that when they cultivators fly, they use their immortal qi to wrap around their entire body before making their qi repel the attraction forces from the world. Only then could they float as they wish in the sky.

What ability does that white dress girl rely on? Liu Yi gathers his qi into his eyes and activates his Golden Eyes to see through all illusion!

At this moment, Liu Yi realizes that behind the white dress girl there are some transparent bugs. These bugs link together and form a pair of wings, around 2 meters long as it flaps gently allowing the white dress woman to float in the sky.

Good fellow, there is actually this method ah!

These transparent bugs seem to not be anything good! Earlier those black bugs are already able to make the zombies even more violent, while these transparent bugs, perhaps they also have special abilities….

Liu Yi’s golden eyes continue to deepen in skill. Suddenly he realizes that within the girl’s body hidden under the surface, is a dense number of transparent bugs!

Liu Yi suddenly understands. These are not any bugs, they are the virus!

It is this virus which is able to infect mankind!

Good fellow, so this woman is the main source of the virus!

Liu Yi finally understood!

Yunsen Oishi indeed is really vicious to actually use his biological daughter to turn her into the virus’s mother body!

Perhaps he is controlling these crazy zombies through his daughter!

Today I must destroy this vile plan!

“Evolve my darling daughter. Use your strength to subdue everything!”

Yunsen Oishi continues to shout loudly as the girl in the sky suddenly move. Over hundreds of black tentacles emerge from her body and shoots to the bodies of the zombies on the ground!

[TL: ermmm wait a sec…didn’t all of them turn into ashes and powders???]

“What the, what is this situation?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, an originally beautiful girl, right now she actually becomes a tentacle monster!

Failing the family! Luckily that is not my Yunsen Akemi. It is still my Akemi which is the cutest…

Liu Yi protects Yunsen Akemi behind him to prevent her from getting injured by those tentacles!

The tentacles keep shooting out withdrawing and shooting out again like it is raining. After piercing through all of the zombies once it will also swiftly absorbs all of their strength!

Very quickly the body of the zombies shriveled down and becomes stiff dried corpse son the ground.

Looking at the girl in the sky, her skin becomes even whiter as those originally transparent bugs behind her back and transform into golden color, forming a pair of golden wings as it flaps.

A golden halo formed from those bugs also appears above her head.

This girl…really think that she is a god?

“My strength had increased by a lot…”

The girl plays with her fingers as the wind blows on her long black hair, “To become a real god….I must personally kill my most fond person…no one can obstruct my footsteps to become a god…”

Yunsen Oishi starts laughing loudly, “Right, no one will be able to obstruct you, you are father’s obedient daughter ah!”

“Go, kill that shina! Today I did so much for Emperor of Japan, I will with His Majesty rule the entire world!”

Emperor of Japan?

Liu Yi’s heart becomes heavy, is still someone else behind this?

“No one can obstruct me…including daddy…”

As the girl speaks, she stretches out a finger and aims at Yunsen Oishi standing there.

Instantly a black fingernail stretches out and instantly extend over hundreds of meter and pierce through Yunsen Oishi’s forehead.

Yunsen Oishi stands there blankly not moving.

He seems to be unable to believe it until he dies. His darling daughter whom he loved dearly, in the end, would actually kill him.

“Hahahaha, hahaha!”

After the young girl kills her father, she starts laughing loudly, “Now there is no one who is able to obstruct me ah. I am the real god! God does not need any emotions ah, as long as god controls everything it will be fine! You stupid humans, all of you are the ants under my feet! Those who wish to live, why are you still not kneeling down to me and worshipping my strength! Then I will let you guys live, hahaha!”


Liu Yi snorts, “Do you think you are worthy to be called a god? I kneel to heaven and earth, kneel to my parents, why would I kneel to you retard?”

“You are seeking death!”

The young girl instantly becomes angered, “Dare to anger god, let me crush you!”

As she speaks, she points with her finger and aims at Liu Yi below.

A black fingernail immediately pierces through space and seems to want to kill Liu Yi like how she had killed Yunsen Oishi.

While Liu Yi only stretches out his right hand and instantly grabs hold of the fingernail that is stretching over making the fingernail stop in mid-air.


When the young girl saw that her technique was so easily broken, she is in disbelief!

Liu Yi breaks that fingernail before shouting, “Just this strength you still got the face to call yourself a god? What a joke!”

“Damn it! To actually look down on me!”

The girl is about to explode in anger. She raises her hands up and roars.

Her golden wings instantly transform ten meters big before flapping fiercely.

Streams of golden bug mist instantly spread out. Seeing this, Liu Yi got a huge shock and immediately stands in front of Yunsen Akemi and uses his body to block the attack of this bug mist.

The ground keeps trembling as the surrounding buildings start to break up and collapse, turning into a floor of broken rocks.

All of the buildings in the artificial island instantly become ruins.

The tall buildings all collapse from the middle, only left with half of it standing there.

All of the buildings had turned into broken rocks, only the stage remains under the protection of the Monarch Shield.

Choshunior Susukino and the rest were hiding in the barrier as they watch everything in shock.

This….is real?

This young girl…is she still a human?

Could it be that she had really become a god?

This kind of strength is only possessed by god, right?

Yunsen Akemi who is hiding behind Liu Yi did not get injured at all but her heart is trembling very badly.

What, what a scary strength….so I, just a clone…the real me, is actually so powerful…

Everything is because teacher is protecting me…

“Be good and stand here and don’t move. I will settle this delusional person.”

Liu Yi tosses out Sky Flipping Seal to protect Yunsen Akemi.

Yunsen Akemi who is holding her evolved lance says, “No….teacher….I want to be together with you…”

“No. This place is not your battlefield.”

Liu Yi pats Yunsen Akemi’s shoulder gently and says, “Leave this to me. My woman just   to obediently watch me fight.”

Liu Yi leaps into the sky and flies up from the ground and floats until he is level to the young girl.

“You can fly?”

The girl is even more astonished. The earlier attack actually had no effect on this man, furthermore, he is also able to fly, where did this guy come from?

“This bit of trickery, who can not do it?”

Liu Yi’s mouth twitched, “You really take yourself too seriously already right? Even if you had absorbed all of this strength and evolved, you had only just increase your strength by one layer that’s all, right now at 15-star strength. It is harder and harder to increase your strength as you go up. Even if you absorb another 10 artificial islands worth of zombies, you will not be able to enter 16 stars.”

“What 15 stars, 16 stars, I do not understand what are you saying!”

The girl snorts, “Right now I shall let you have a look at the strength of a real god!”

As she speaks she opens her right hand and releases a stream of golden bug mist that flies towards Liu Yi.

“Little Taiji! Come!”

Liu Yi stretches out his right hand and uses one hand to cast the Imperial Sword technique. That Little Taiji immediately flies over as the sword point aims towards the bug group and shoots over!

After swallowing countless of souls, Little Taiji’s strength is very scary, it is covered with green light as it revolves, battering against the bug group!

These bug groups were ravaged, they are completely not Little Taiji’s opponent and were torn apart into fragments!

While Little Taiji continues to shot forward and pierced through the girl’s right shoulder!

Little Taiji’s strength destroys half of the girl’s body. That girl floats in the air as half of her body under her head had been destroyed. She looks very frightening!

But the golden bugs immediately flies in and swiftly mend her body back to normal, it even mends her clothing back as well!

“Why…is your strength…. so much…”

After eating Liu Yi’s sword, she immediately senses the difference between Liu Yi and her!

This china man….very powerful….facing such a powerful man….am I really considered as a god?

Or could it be that he is a much more powerful real god?


Chapter 705     [Evolution]


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    A total of 13 billion people ah! <- I once again ask if mayhaps have you not made a mistake in translation by a decimal place, or perhaps an issue with the scale used (下數, 萬進, 中數 or 上數), since the correct number is 1.3 billion people. From what I see, in both 萬進 (the standard) and 中數, the character 億/亿 means “hundred millions”, so if what it says is 一十三億 (or 十三億, 一十三亿 or 十三亿), the value is 13 hundred million = 1.3 billion (the correct value).

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