MKW Chapter 703

Chapter 703  [Should have told you earlier]

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Among the white smoke, those jar-like elevators split open. After which from inside jumps out zombies of different shapes!

These zombies are all 2 meters tall and are wearing copper skin and iron clothing. They did not run crazily like the rest of the zombies, instead, they stand on the spot as their red eyes stare at Yunsen Ameki.

“These little pets are slightly different ah.”

Yunsen Oishi laughs weirdly, “They are the elite zombie unit that I had cultivated, copper skin and iron bones. My daughter ah, you need to take care ah.”

When he finished, these elite zombies had already lifted up their legs slowly as they walk towards Yunsen Ameki.

In the beginning, it is a slow walk, after which they slowly increase speed until it became a sprint.

A few zombies that were blocking in front of them were instantly punched out over ten meters by the elite zombies or directly torn apart into two halves!

“These fellows’ grade seems to be different ah…”

Liu Yi narrows his eyes. Within these zombies, they seem to have been assimilated with some beast gene, furthermore, they are also emitting some peculiar ghost qi!

They had truly turned into elite zombies ah, how many types of powers were converged in them ah!

An elite zombie had already arrived in front of Yunsen Ameki as it opens its arms and roars.

“Go and die!”

Yunsen Ameki immediately brandishes her lance and sweep her lance ferociously at that elite zombie.

But only a spark was produced as the lance did not manage to injure the zombie’s flesh body.

Not only did it not injure the elite zombie, but it also raises its ferocious nature!

The elite zombie’s arm extended and actually stretched over 4 meters and grabbed ahold of Yunsen Ameki. After which it raises her into the air before spinning her a few rounds and finally ruthlessly smashed her into the ground.

Cracks appear on the ground as Yunsen Ameki is pounded until she sees stars!

This elite zombie…what huge strength!

“Good fellow! It is actually so fierce!”

Liu Yi is greatly shocked. If this goes on, perhaps Yunsen Ameki will eat a loss!

“Dragon Riding Form!”

While Yunsen Ameki swiftly climbs to her feet and directly enters dragon riding form. She flips around and mounted up, preparing to use dragon riding form to kill these elite zombies.

She rides the dinosaur and dashes through and fro the zombies as she keeps killing and sends that elite zombie flying.

Under the dragon riding form, Yunsen Ameki’s strength increased by a lot.

The elite zombies were sent flying with her combination with her using the dinosaur. Although she is unable to kill them, they are unable to affect her temporarily.

But at this moment over hundred of zombies disregard their lives and leap onto Yunsen Ameki and were all killed by her!

An elite zombie had, without Yunsen Ameki knowing, reached her side and extend its fist and smashes that dinosaur’s neck fiercely.

The mechanical dinosaur wail in anguish and got flipped over.

Yunsen Ameki also falls off and tumbles on the ground before lifting her lance and climbs to her feet.

In front of her are even more zombies as well as those elite zombies who surrounded her.

“Sakura chaotic dance!”

Yunsen Ameki’s lance brandish as she instantly uses her strongest AOE killing technique!

Large metal sakura petals fly out and fight the zombies in close combat.

Countless of zombies were directly torn apart into fragments and lies in the pool of blood.

While the elite zombies did not get any injuries. Among which a few time even blocks those sakura and reach in front of Yunsen Ameki.

An elite zombie punches Yunsen Ameki causing her to fly out before collapsing onto the ground.

Even more zombies leap onto her but were swept away by her lance.

“Damn it…”

Right now, Yunsen Ameki is very wretched looking. She climbs to her feet as she raises her lance. Her gaze is very heavy as she looks at those elite zombies.

“Hahaha, dear daughter ah, you will not be able to deal with these elite zombies one! Of course, I had already expected it already. After all, you are also a failed work, hahaha…”

Failed work?

What does Yunsen Oishi mean by what he just said?

While Yunsen Ameki did not think much about it at this moment. She takes a deep breath as she raises her lance and says, “Since that is the case…I can only take out the move that I trained for…originally I planned to use this to deal with that hateful warrior..”

A move that was meant to deal with me?

Liu Yi feels weird in his heart, aren’t you attacking your own people?

Yunsen Ameki raises her lance and mutters, “Evolve…sakura…”

Following which the silver armor on her body starts to split apart and transforms into sakura before gathering on her lance!

The lance immediately transforms into helix-shaped, even more refined and even more destructive power!

On top, there are even more rows of blood grooves surrounding the lance body making the entire pike look even more violent.

A lethal weapon, this toy had really become a lethal weapon now!

But now that Yunsen Ameki does not have any protection…this causes Liu Yi to be worried.

An elite zombie charges in front of Yunsen Ameki and once again prepares to attack her.

While Yunsen Ameki grabs her lance with both hands before stabbing forward ferociously. She instantly pierced through the elite zombie’s head and raises it into the air!


Seeing this scene, Yunsen Oishi cannot hold back his shock. “You are actually able to pierce through the defense of the elite zombies!”

“Father you are belittling me….after all, I am from the Yunsen Family…”

After Yunsen Ameki finishes muttering she turns around and dashes into the zombie group and starts slaughtering.

Every time she brandished her lance, she will carry along a storm of sakura which attacks the surrounding zombies, carrying along blood and flesh!

This fellow right now basically a human form meat grinder!

“Yunsen Ameki…she actually possessed such strength…”

Choshunior Susukino sits there blankly as she watches.

The Yunsen Ameki that had associated with me all the time…why did I not notice this side of her?

“You are my daughter, why are you going against me?”

Seeing his experimental products being killed continuously, Yunsen Oishi finally seems to be unable to sit still.

“I am only righting your wrongs father.”

As Yunsen Ameki kills the zombies she says, “The mistakes of Yunsen Family, let me correct it, let me make up for it!”

Yunsen Oishi clenches his teeth and says, “Really an egotistical daughter ah! Since that is the case, then let me gift you my most favorite pet to you!”

A 2m tall container suddenly shot out from the ground and instantly shoot into mid-air before breaking open!

With the surging white smoke, black bugs fly out from inside.

The densely pack little bugs are like black smoke. They circles the air once before charging towards the zombies like they were attracted to them.

Very quickly the bugs squeeze into the body of the zombies causing the zombies to shudder and wails.

Instantly the bodies of the zombies start to change! A pair of flesh wings start emerging from their back and help them jump even higher and seems to allow them to be able to glide a distance.

While the similar bugs also crawled into the elite zombies which directly cause them to transform even more ferocious as horrifying bone spurs grew out from their body!

“What are these?”

“It, it seems to be very scary…”

The people on the stage were all shocked while the zombies no longer place the 3m tall stage in their eyes.

“Nothing will happen…Yuzheng ah, very quickly the police will come and save us…”

Seeing Wang Yuzheng hiding behind Liu Yi, Douchi Tatsuru felt unhappy in his heart and tries to attract her attention.

While at this moment a zombie had already jumped up. It opens it’s bloody mouth and with shocking speed and jumping power, it bites away Douchi Tatsuru’s head before crossing over the stage and lands on the other side.

Blood sprayed out from Douchi Tatsuru’s neck as his body powerlessly walks forward a few steps before kneeling onto the ground.


“Save us ah, save us ah!”

The stage is no longer safe causing the people to panic.

“Damn it!”

Yunsen Ameki got a huge shock. She turns around wishing to go back onto the stage. Behind her, the bellies of two elite zombies split open as the intestines inside fly out and twine around her body!

At this moment yet another zombie jumps up to the stage from below, biting towards Wang Yuzheng!

Everyone cannot help but turn their head away, not willing to see the bloody scene!

At this moment Liu Yi finally moved.

He raises his fist and blasts the head of the zombie apart in mid-air!

After the head of the zombie got exploded its body continues to flies out and crashes into a few Japanese scaring them into screaming.


Yunsen Ameki who had just cut away the intestine and was preparing to assist was shocked when she saw this scene.

My teacher…my boyfriend….actually bare-handedly exploded the head of a zombie?

“Everyone does not leave this stage.”

As Liu Yi speaks he takes out his Monarch Shield before with a dang, pounds it into the center of the stage.

Monarch Barrier was released to protect the safety of this place.

When the zombies jump up, they crash into an invisible wall before bouncing away crashing back onto the ground.

“As long as you are here, this place is safe.”

Choshunior Susukino is a smart woman and immediately asks, “Where are you going?”

“I am going to help Yunsen Ameki.”

Liu Yi no longer has any consideration. He stretches out his hand and rubs Wang Yuzheng head, “Be good and wait here for me to come back.”


Wang Yuzheng nods her head obediently. She is already used to the days of standing behind Liu Yi.


Seeing this scene Yunsen Ameki feels that her heart is slightly sour.

She seems to have a feeling that at that moment, teacher who had always accompanied by her side….is suddenly very far away.

“Sorry, Ameki. I also have been hiding something from you so the two of us are equal.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he leaps up into the sky.

At the same time, a golden red armor slowly appears on his body.

Two katanas are grabbed by him after which golden red flames cover the blades!

“It…it was you…”

[ED: If he had acted sooner he could have prevented a lot of people dying.]


Chapter 703    [Should have told you earlier]

Let this damn arc end please… anyways just a piece of good news, it should be ending within 2 weeks time… so just bear with me for a while more. If you cannot take it anymore, there are two other novels that I am translating that can hopefully tide you over this waiting period.

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  1. Agreed with ED, it’s become more and more mind blowing how the Author write the plot, from good action to “stand by till last minute right winged racist irony MC” cliche.


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