MKW Chapter 702

Chapter 702  [Finally appear]

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Liu Yi is unable to comprehend just how demented Yunsen Oishi had become!

What is this considered aa? Loving country?

Doesn’t even love his own family, how to love country!

Like the ancient says, cultivation one’s moral character to regulate the family and rule the state and pacify the country.

If a person is able to give up on his own family…then how high can his love for the country be?

Anyways Liu Yi does not the belief that it will be high at all!

Yunsen Ameki is his daughter while Choshunior Susukino is his wife. And Yunsen Oishi actually places both of his important people in such a scary and dangerous place?!

Is this fellow still a person?

Liu Yi looks at the tide of zombie in the surrounding that is pouncing over not knowing what he should say.

It is already too late for a lot of people to react already as they were pounced onto the ground by the zombies and got bitten.

Choshunior Susukino’s reaction is very quick as she immediately takes the microphone and shouts, “Everyone quickly retreats up to the stage! Hurry!”

The stage is very eye-catching, almost 3 meters tall thus the zombies find it hard to climb up for a while.

There is only a wooden flight of steps is able to allow access up. At this moment a large number of people rush up in a frenzy. Luckily the stage is big enough to accommodate all of them.

However, those who run slow met with a calamity. Those zombies running speed is even faster than Usain Bolt and pounced on then onto the ground like a wild beast hunting prey!

At this moment everyone runs like crazy, hating that they do not have four legs as they use all of their strength and only sprint forward!

If they are able to run over, they will be able to live…if they are unable to, then they can only wait for death!

Right now on the stage, it is filled with people and a lot of people were squeezed down.

The zombies had already run over as well and a lot rushed towards the steps.

“This cannot do!”

Choshunior Susukino points at a few bodyguards and says, “Immediately smash the steps into pieces!”

“But, but…”

There are still a lot of people under the stage as they struggle to squeeze up.

Seeing the zombies rushing towards the stage, Choshunior Susukino berates, “If you don’t smash then everyone shall die!”

“Okay then….”

Those bodyguards are also worried about the zombies rushing over. They can only pull out their katana and smash the steps as a group of people wail.

A lot of people dropped down and those whose hands are fast, they manage to grab hold of the side. But before they can become happy, they were pulled down by the zombies below!

In just a few minutes the modern era artificial island which was in a cheerful atmosphere earlier has now turned into hell!

The three meters tall stage has now turn into the only safe guarantee.

The surrounding area under the stage is zombie tide. All of the zombies are staring up the stage greedily falling over each other to jump up. But they are unable to reach.

“Wuwuwu…why would it becomes like this…”

“So scary…I want to return home…”

“All of the communications were cut off, damn it!”

Everyone starts panicking and a lot of students also start scolding Yunsen Ameki.

“Yunsen Ameki, what is your father doing!”

“Is he trying to kill us? Then we shall first push you down!”

“Everyone calm down first.”

Liu Yi placate the students, “It is useless even if you guys get angry at Yunsen Ameki, can’t you see that she is also trapped in here as well? Yunsen Oishi has already turned deranged. It is useless even if you guys blame Yunsen Ameki. It is best to think about how to survive!”

“Damn it! Yunsen Oishi that bastard!”

Choshunior Susukino is about to go mad. Right now she is in imminent peril. Even if she is the business queen, she is unable to do anything in such a situation!

Could it be that I am really going to die here?

Looking around, the entire artificial island had been sealed and everywhere is filled with zombies. The moment they go down the stage, it is only death.

While a person needs to drink 3, need to eat one. Such a large stage, these people will not be able to persevere for a few days and will starve to death!

After losing all of the communication methods there also would not be anyone who will come and save them!

It also means that either way is death! Going down will die, staying up here will die sooner or later! But it is a question of either dying earlier or starting to die later!

“Wuwuwuwu….are we really going to die here…”

“I do not want to die…I want my mommy…”

Everyone starts losing their head and someone already started weeping mournfully.

Yunsen Ameki stands there as she looks at everything. An unbearable expression flashes across her eyes.

While Wang Yuzheng withdraws behind Liu Yi’s back. Seeing this hell-like scene, she is also afraid.

But she is still considerably better. After all back then in a pub in Jingdou, she had also seen a similar scene.

At that time Liu Yi protected them, now he can also.

As long as Liu Yi is here, all problems are not a problem.

“Think of a method President!”

A few people beg Choshunior Susukino, “How can we get out? We do not wish to die here!”

“I am currently thinking of a method!”

Choshunior Susukino’s mind is about to explode. Even the satellite handphone is also not working at this time making her really not know what to do.

Can we survive?

Just as she is at wit’s end, the zombies suddenly start to change their attacking methods.

Earlier they anyhow run and jump, right now they are lying down under the stage. And then the zombie behind step on their body. it is like a human pyramid! This situation makes the people on the stage feel despair!

If this goes on. In less than a minute, they will be able to rush up the stage!

“Are….we going to die?”


Everyone is in despair as death is looming over them.

Liu Yi raises his eyebrows as he considers if he should take action.

Little Jade had already informed me that based on the signal origin, she had already determined that Yunsen Oishi is in the artificial island. As long as I put in some effort I will be able to flush this fellow out!

But he originally plans to observe a bit but now he is hesitating.

Should I save these Japanese people?

[TL: as I don’t really like the following sentences I had them in white. If you want to read them highlight them.]

Recently the relationship between China and Japan is unprecedentedly strained. Japan’s character is really the attitude of a vile person. They are starting to deny the fact of the Tokyo trial and plan to revise the result of the WW2.

They are only going to admit that they are ‘country that lost a war’. Tokyo trial is only a trial of the losing country to the winning country!

Furthermore, when China’s navy is having an exercise, they would also send their forces to follow and even charge in but refuse to apologize!

The two country’s relationship once against become strained like a war is going to start any moment!

Thus Liu Yi is starting to hesitate if he should save these people…although starting a war is the will of the country and should not implicate ordinary people…but, the right-wing that is dominating Japan is really make Liu Yi annoyed!

Just as he is at a loss, Yunsen Ameki steps forward and stands by the side of the stage before giving turning around and give Liu Yi a cold look.

“Teacher…sorry…there is a matter that I had lied to you…”


At this moment hearing Yunsen Ameki saying such things, it really makes Liu Yi shocked.

Could it be that because death is near, Yunsen Ameki wishes to make clear her emotions?

She really loved other people before? Or perhaps like a certain someone?

“Teacher…I love you, only love you only…but, I am not an ordinary girl…”

As Yunsen Ameki speaks, she takes out a silver metal belt. Her face carries sorrow, “I wish to save these people…please, you must forgive me…”

She buckles the metal belt around her waist before shouting, “Transform!”

Pink Sakura instantly starts descending from the sky.

A silver armor starts to cover Yunsen Ameki’s body. The sakura engraving is very eye-catching.

Sakura lancer…

Liu Yi is shocked. He had absolutely not thought that Yunsen Ameki would actually be the Sakura Lancer…

This kind-hearted girl who cannot bear to kill an ant….would actually be that violent Sakura lancer!

How is this possible?

“Let me be the one to make right my father’s mistake!”

Yunsen Ameki stretches out her right hand as a cavalry lance appears in her hand.

“For justice!”

Now that Yunsen Ameki is the sakura lancer, how would she be afraid of these monsters!

She shouts as the shield on her left-hand bumps forward knocking down a few zombies which are charging over. At the same time, the lance in her right-hand sweeps out in all direction cleaving a large number of zombies into two!

It seems likes she feels that the shield is a bit of a hindrance, finally Yunsen Ameki pounds the shield into the ground before lifting the lance and kills her way through the zombies like she is chopping vegetables!

She is like a patron saint guarding the surrounding of the stage not letting the zombies get close.

“So, so impressive ah…”

“Student Ameki….is actually so cool!”

“Savior, a savior had finally appeared! The gods bless us ah!”

The people on the stage rejoice while Yunsen Ameki who is wearing the sakura armor is weaving around the surrounding of the stage as she kills the remaining zombies.

“My daughter ah, your performance really let father feel shocked!”

The screen on the building brightens up again. Yunsen Oishi is clapping his hand like he had seen everything through a surveillance camera as he says, “Putting aside this sakura armor for you is indeed using everything to the fullest.”

“Father stop all of this!”

Yunsen Ameki shouts towards the screen, “I know that you are able to hear what I say! Don’t continue to commit your mistake anymore. Both Choshunior and I are very pained ah!”

“Hahaha, for the noble Emperor, to conquer China, what does this bit of sacrifice count as!”

Yunsen Oishi starts laughing loudly, “Using you guys as an experiment is a contribution to our country! You guys ought to be greatly thankful to me ah!”

“Mad man!”

“The perverted one is you!”

“You murderer! Quickly let us out!”

As the crowd starts shouting, Yunsen Oishi does not care about their shouts. Instead, he slowly says, “The game had only just started only, you guys are too anxious already. My daughter ah, let dad see if this sakura armor that I had left for you is able to defeat a few of dad’s small pets!”

While he is speaking, several more elevator emerges from underground before spraying out white smoke as they slowly open up.


Chapter 702  [Finally appear]

Let this damn arc end

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2 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 702

  1. Seriously, I’m really fed up with CN authors inserting Japan and Japanese characters in their stories just so they can shit all over the Japanese. I’m not very knowledgable about the history between China and Japan and frankly I don’t really care, I’m just here to read an story and don’t wanna have this propaganda constantly thrown at my face.
    So he’s just gonna stand there and watch a class full of innocent youths be unjustly murdered by zombies because of some shit that happened before they were even born?
    Literally every modern CN novel I’ve read to date has had a “Let’s shit on Japan” arc and I’m getting real tired of this shit.

    Also thanks for the chapter and pardon my language.

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    • I don’t blame you, it does get annoying to see all these “we’re better than you” things in stories
      I know you don’t care but I do know China and Japan don’t have a good relationship so to say
      they both do pull this elitist thing and its annoying at times.

      would be nice if we could just have a story without it as much. . .but it was a bit expected in this story after the whole patriotism that has been in it for a while


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