MKW Chapter 701

Chapter 701  [Experimental field]

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“Gods, this place is the artificial island? Too high-tech ah!”

“No wonder Glorious Sun Conglomerate is the leader of science and technology ah!”

On the artificial island, Sakura High’s students are standing on a magnetic levitation escalator as they look at the high tech buildings on the wide artificial island below them as they let out exclamations of delight.

“Akemi, your father is very impressive ah!”

“That’s right, that’s right. To develop an awesome artificial island!”

The envious gaze of the crowd lands on Yunsen Akemi making her only able to dry laugh.

Although she had always been proud of her father…but it had been a long, long time since she saw her father.

Sometimes, she almost forgot how her father looks like….which makes her slightly afraid.

Wakabayashi Rika is also unable to come and accompany me. After all, her father had died and right now is the 9th head, thus she is busy handling the matters of Yamaguchi Group.

As for things like touring the artificial island she definitely does not have time to come.

After thinking about all of these, Yunsen Akemi thoughts are in a whirl.

All of those high-tech beautiful sceneries are all unable to attract her attention.

But Yunsen Akemi faintly feels that this artificial island is slightly familiar…like she had seen it before.

Strange…it is obviously the first time I came here. Why do I feel that it is familiar?

Yunsen Akemi does not understand. While at this moment, the student by the sides starts chattering non-stop making her unable to calm down and think.

So annoying…really very annoying…

This is the first time Yunsen Akemi felt so annoyed.

At this moment, their escalator had finally reached the desk of the artificial island.

At the same time, a familiar figure is standing there.


Seeing this man, Yunsen Akemi’s heart finally calms down. Perhaps as long as he is by my side…all of the worries will be easily solved.

“Student Akemi.”

A student and teacher relationship will definitely not be allowed. Thus in front of the rest of the students, Liu Yi is very low-profile and only smiles at her warmly.

“Teacher also came as well?”

“You also came to tour the artificial island?”

When the students see Liu Yi, all of them crowded forward.

Liu Yi’s Chinese lesson is not bad and would frequently tell them interesting tales which other teachers had never done before.

Thus everyone likes to attend Liu Yi’s lesson. After a long time, he became a rather popular male teacher.

On his office desk, he would frequently receive the love letters from girls which he keeps after smiling a bit.

There are already 3 girls in Japan, Liu Hongxian, Yunsen Akemi, and Wakabayashi Rika, he does not wish to have even more lovers.

[TL: somehow he had forgotten about our ninja girl…]

Seeing the black formal attire that Liu Yi is wearing a number of girls exclaims, “Today teacher is very handsome ah!”

“That’s right, that’s right. This is the first time we’ve seen a teacher wear such formal clothes! So handsome!”

Most of the Japanese girls express themselves very frankly, thus they speak very directly.

“There is an opening performance in the artificial island. Do you guys want to watch it?”

Liu Yi’s gaze cannot always stay on Yunsen Akemi. Although he has a lot of things that he wishes to ask Yunsen Akemi, now is not the time.


“Go! Let us all go!”

When the students heard that there is a performance for them to watch, they immediately become happy and follows Liu Yi as they walk to the public square of the artificial island.

Choshunior Susukino had already finished, currently, Douchi Tatsuru is singing emotionally on the stage.

With the national idol stepping up, it indeed attracted the gaze of a lot of young girls.

“So sweet ah, it is Douchi Tatsuru!”

“Are we able to get his signature later ah…”

The students’ gaze lands on the stage. Especially later on when Wang Yuzheng also stepped onto the stage, her voice attracted most of the people’s attention.

As for Liu Yi and Yunsen Akemi, they are at the very back as they start chatting softly.

“Teacher…why did you come here?”

“I was invited by your sis….your step-mother.”

Liu Yi nearly let it slip but immediately changes his words.

“Choshunior? Invited you?”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Yunsen Akemi is shocked.

The two of them shouldn’t have any interaction, why would they know each other?

“When did you and Choshunior….get to know each other?”

Yunsen Akemi does not know why but out of nowhere she suddenly feels somewhat worried.

“I have something to tell you.”

Liu Yi pretends to look at the stage while he says softly, “But before this, I have some matters that I want to ask you.”

“What matter? Please ask, teacher.”

Yunsen Akemi does not know what Liu Yi is trying to do. This is the first time she saw him being such so serious. It seems like…it is some very heavy matter…

Liu Yi takes out his handphone and pulls out the photo that Choshunior Susukino passed him and shows Yunsen Akemi.

“Tell me. Who is that guy in the picture?”

“What…what is this photo!”

Liu Yi had thought of a lot of a number of situation, for example, Yunsen Akemi’s expression would have a great change or keep saying sorry to him.

Perhaps she will start sneering and say that she is just playing around.

But Yunsen Akemi’s current reaction makes Liu Yi surprised.

Because Yunsen Akemi’s expression is very weird, “Teacher who photoshopped this out one?”

“Photoshopped out? How is that possible. This is taken in reality.”

“How is that possible!”

Yunsen Akemi shakes her head, “I’ve never known such a guy before ah! Not to mention taking such an intimate picture with him.”

“You do not know this guy?”

When Liu Yi hears this he does not understand, bullshit what is this situation?

“That’s a right teacher. You must believe me. I really do not know him.”

Yunsen Akemi is so anxious that she is almost crying. Her eyes are red as she says, “You need to believe me ah, it is someone who is purposely harming me ah…”

“Don’t cry, don’t car…it should really be a photoshop..”

Seeing Yunsen Akemi’s wronged look, Liu Yi’s heart turns soft.

She does not look like she is lying then could it be that Choshunior Susukino is causing mischief?

Hmph, it definitely must be that lass who is purposefully using a fake photo to spoil my relationship with Yunsen Akemi! What a good Choshunior Susukino, really too much!

“Wuwu…just who on earth is this…”

Yunsen Akemi is also very upset, “To actually harm me like this, it is not like I had provoked anyone..”

Liu Yi wishes to pull Yunsen Akemi into his embrace but in front of so many people, he is unable to do so.

He is so ashamed about his doubt regarding Yunsen Akemi.

I single-minded like my woman why would I suspect her? Liu Yi ah Liu Yi, you had actually gotten tricked by Choshunior Susukino!

Hmph, later I shall go and find that damn woman and calculate this account with her!

Yunsen Akemi also knows that this is not the place to cry, thus she wipes away her tears and asks, “Teacher… do you have anything that you want to tell me?”

“Akemi, actually I…”

Just as Liu Yi is about to say something the artificial island starts trembling.

“Ah, what is the matter?”

“Earthquake is it?”

“What are you joking about, how can an artificial island have an earthquake. Could it be a tsunami?”

The students start to be flustered. While at this moment ten meters long pillars start extending out from the coast of the artificial island. After which blue lightning connects the pillars together and seals off the entire artificial island just like this.

“What is this situation?”

“What happened why are we blockaded off?”

A bird in the sky seems to want to fly out, but in the end, it crashed into the lightning net and turn into ashes.

“So, so scary…”

“Why are we involved ah…” -crying sounds-

The students instantly start panicking and a few scary cat ones had already kneeled down and started crying.

Liu Yi also frowns and immediately pulls Yunsen Akemi along as he walks up to the stage on the public square.

Choshunior Susukino is standing there as she is making a call on her handphone.

Wang Yuzheng is also standing there bewildered. Realizing that a pretty girl is followed by Liu Yi’s side, her gaze becomes complicated.

At this moment Liu Yi does not care anymore as he asks Choshunior Susukino.

“What the heck are you doing? What is this for?”

“I also do not know. Don’t come and ask me!”

Choshunior Susukino also does not know what is going on. Why would such a situation happen!

While at this moment, the tallest building on the artificial island, all of its glass changed into a large screen as a familiar face appears on it.

“Friends, don’t panic. The reason why I had sealed up this island is to play a very interesting game with everyone.”

Yunsen Oishi!

A gleam flashes Liu Yi’s eyes, it is actually this fellow?

Good, he finally revealed himself!

I’ve been looking for you so bitterly ah!


Seeing that familiar face, Yunsen Akemi is stunned. It is actually my father…but…why would he also close me inside as well?

“Yunsen Oishi, what are you doing!”

Choshunior Susukino starts scolding, “Why did you lock us up on this island?”

While Yunsen Oishi ignores his ‘wife’ as he minds his own business and says, “On this island, there are a lot of interesting pets. Today the game you guys shall be playing is to survive on this island. The one who survives until the end will get a prize ah, hahahaha…”

Survival game?

Liu Yi is shocked, could it be that Yunsen Oishi does not care about his own daughter?

“What game ah?”

“What on earth is that guy saying?”

The students and the rest of the guest do not understand what is going on.

At this moment, a sealed elevator suddenly rose from the deck.

The lift doors open one after the other. Following which groups of zombies run out. Different from the tv, these zombies are not slow at all, instead, they roar as they swiftly run towards the rest of the people like they are athletes who had just been doped.


“What are these ah!”

Before the people are able to react, a lot of people had already been pounced on and pressed onto the ground and gotten bitten!

Their arms, legs and even faces got bitten. As for those people who got bitten. Swiftly they also became part of the zombie army!


Liu Yi suddenly understands, Yunsen Oishi is clearly treating this place as an experimental field!

Fuck him! Does he no longer care about his wife and daughter!


Chapter 701  [Experimental field]

Damn sadistic father…

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  1. Thanks for your work.

    There are already 3 girls in Japan, Liu Hongxian, Yunsen Akemi, and Wakabayashi Rika, he does not wish to have even more lovers.

    [TL: somehow he had forgotten about our ninja girl…] <- Given that he doesn’t mention Wang Yuzheng either, I think he means the country where he wooed them (since Hongxian is chinese and will return once her work is done with or without him).

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