MKW Chapter 700

Chapter 700  [Tyrannical Type]

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-crackling sounds-

The white lightning comes from all direction and instantly surrounds Liu Yi in the center and strikes his body at the same time.

“Let see how you are going to die!”

Redhead lets out a delighted smile, with so many people attacking together, that mysterious person will be blasted into smithereens!

After the lightning had dispersed, everyone was shocked and a few of them even kneeled down onto the ground.

The mysterious guy is actually standing there perfectly fine. As the same time, he raises his right hand which has black lightning gathering on his fingers.

“Just a puny Yin-Yang technique and you dare to take it out to display?”

As Liu Yi speaks his right hand suddenly slaps the ground.

Glorious Sun Palm: Destroy Army!

This move Destroy Army also contains the black lightning of Pikachu!

[TL: one of the four demon king]

The moment this palm strikes the ground, instantly the entire museum rocks violently while the ground instantly turns into fine powder and sinks down.

Blacking lightning spreads out in all direction attacks the surrounding.

None of the Japanese youngsters managed to escape. At the same time while they are falling down they were struck by the black lightning.

Those who were weaker instantly vomited out foam from the lightning and fainted.

Those with stronger physiques scream in pain. Their combat armor and Yin-Yang symbols are as weak as paper currently and are unable to protect them at all.

“Damn it! Just what is this strength!”

The redhead is the most powerful. The greatsword in his hand keeps striking away the black lightning coming towards him.

The entire museum instantly turns into ruins as Liu Yi steps on top of the ruins and dust off his body.

“Just…just who on earth are you…”

The redhead looks at the surrounding ruins as well as his fainted comrades. Currently, he is sincerely in despair.

Why….aren’t we the elite of Japan!

Why would….why would I lose to this mysterious person…furthermore, I don’t even have any ability to resist at all….

“Who I am is not important. The important thing is that you guys are not soldiers.”

Liu Yi’s tone is merciless, “Little students should go back and study. Fighting does not suit you guys!”


But Liu Yi is able to capture a trace of delight in Redhead’s eyes.

Liu Yi chuckles and did not even turn around as he slaps out a palm.

The enormous asura arm smashes into Little Cherisosu’s body behind Liu Yi sending her flying and crashing into a building behind.

A hole instantly appears on the building while the redhead is stunned.

“How did you…notice…”

Originally he planned to let Little Cherisosu who had luckily sobered up to sneak attack but unexpectedly she actually got noticed!

“I had already said that kids are kids.”

Liu Yi looks at those haughty youngsters and thinks about how much he had experienced…500 years in asura realm. 3 years in the great war between humans and demons which created the current me.

Sword Emperor!

This glorious name, don’t know how many people can still remember it!

It is a pity that I cannot use sword techniques in Japan, otherwise dealing with these little ghosts will be super easy!

“Damn it! Then I shall show you our true power!”

The redhead forms Yin-Yang Seals before patting himself.

“Soul technique no.6: God!”

Streams of silver light immediately fly out from his heart and flow into the combat armor he is wearing.

The combat armor actually starts transforming as sinister devil faces start revealing itself on the combat armor which is very terrifying.

While the youngster’s expression seems to start becoming in pain as he keeps shrieking making Liu Yi very curious.

What is this ability? His strength seems to have increased slightly but along with it is unbearable pain?

Japanese things….are indeed strange. They are more like a devil power…with a trace of ghost qi curling around.

-roaring sound-

The redhead’s eyes turn red as his combat armor is completely covered with sinister ghost faces! A lot of places where it is joined together, screws and the likes had broken apart as a red radiance replaces the screw joining the entire combat armor together.

Ghost qi coils around the redhead while each of the ghost faces is wailing.

Bullshit…right now this fellow is damn weird!


The redhead’s figure suddenly flashes and instantly appears behind Liu Yi as his greatsword points at the sky.

An eye-catching spark exploded out in front of Liu Yi’s chest. It is clear that just now that youngster had slashed at his chest earlier!

His speed had increased by quite a bit! Liu Yi did not activate Black and White world, thus the youngster managed to sneak attack him!

Luckily he is wearing armor which blocks this sword. Otherwise, he would definitely be chopped into half at the waist. Although I can rely on my flesh body and will not die, I would definitely have been injured.


He activated Black and white world and is able to clearly capture the figure of the redhead youngster who had ghostified at last.

“Today you shall die here!”

The redhead is still able to maintain a bit of his rationality. The red eyes glare at Liu Yi, his gaze is very ferocious like he wants to swallow up Liu Yi!

“Your expression is not bad.”

Liu Yi exercises his arm, “Should be able to let me exercise a bit.”


The redhead instantly arrives in front of Liu Yi as his greatsword once again slashes at Liu Yi’s heart.

Liu Yi stretches out two fingers and easily pinches the edge of the greatsword.


The redhead’s greatsword was instantly stopped by Liu Yi’s two fingers which shock him until his forehead is covered in cold sweat.

How, how is this possible?

There is actually someone who is able to grab my greatsword? Currently, I had already transformed into a ghost, my strength and speed had increased by countless of times!

Just who is this guy!

“It is no longer earlier. I am not going to accompany you anymore. Go and have a good nap!”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and taps that redhead on his forehead.

His body instantly went flying away like a cannonball and instantly crashed into an armored vehicle behind him. He tumbles along with the armored vehicle and directly fainted.

“This kind of strength is a bit threatening to China.”

Liu Yi narrows his eyes, “But no worries. Other than Dragon race and 12 zodiacs, China still has me this Law Enforcement Official here. As long as I am still around, no barbarians will be allowed to encroach on my China’s prestige.”

After talking to himself, Liu Yi’s knees slightly bend and in front of everyone’s shocked gaze he leaps into the sky and transforms into a shooting star disappearing from the sky.

“Monster…this person is definitely a monster…”

“So scary…gods…just who on earth is he…”

Everyone present is frightened to the extreme.

Redhead is dizzy as he lies there. Currently, he had already regained conscious but his heart is in unprecedented despair and dread.

I failed, failed….

As a proud son of heaven, the team leader of Yamato Unit, right now I so easily lost to an unknown person!

Could it be that the instructors are lying to me?

Could it be that my strength is really so weak?

Unwilling…really unwilling…I received professional training and obtained the strongest strength of Japan. But why am I weak in front of that guy?

Strength….I need strength ah!

He shouts soundlessly.

“Do you need strength?”

A guy wearing a white mask suddenly appears in front of him and squats down as he looks at the redhead who is sitting among the ruins.

“I….need it….”

The redhead stretches out his hand like he is trying to grab something.

“If you want strength, then I can bestow it to you.”

The white masked man laughs as he opens a box in his hands.

From the box jumps out a piece of meat. This meat is like a wild beast that had smelt some delicious food and instantly leaps onto the redhead.


A surge of acute pain overwhelms the inside of redhead’s body causing him to start trembling as he screams in pain.

“Come! Release your strength!”

The masked man seems to have some expectation in his heart as he waits for the redhead to bloat up into a meatball. Instead red light shoots out from the redhead’s eyes.

“This strengths….is mine….all mine!”

The skin on his body keeps rupturing before new flesh grew out.

“Interesting, really interesting…”

The eyes of the masked man hidden behind the mask flash in delight, “This time around is not a bad toy…hahaha…Liu Yi, I made a very good toy for you. You must play with it properly ah, don’t let me down…”

His figure flashes and disappears from the spot.

That youngster’s body keeps being remodeled as he lets out roars of anger.

Only after around 4 minutes did he gradually calm down. The ground is entirely covered with blood while his body is like it had changed beyond recognition.

He stretches out his right hand and gazes at his palm.

“This is my new strength? No bad…the next time we meet, it will be the death date of that guy.”

Little Cherisosu had also flown over. She is in a sorry figure as she worriedly asks the youngster, “Senior are you fine?”

“I am fine. Go and check on the injuries of the rest. I am going to investigate just who is that fellow.”

The youngster’s expression is cold. Right now he does not have any other thoughts. He only wishes to kill that guy who nearly causes him to lose self-confidence.

Right now he is my heart devil! Only by winning against him could I really become an expert!

In this world only I am the strongest! The rest of the people ought to crawl under my feet while shuddering!

Thinking to here, the engine on his back sprays out white flames and pushes his body, flying into the clouds.

“Understood senior, leave this place to me!”

The young girl nods her head as she watches him fly away.

When he flies out of the line of sight, a smile appears on the young girl’s face as a pair of white wings emerge from her back.

“Looks like this situation is getting more and more interesting. Did not expect that this human girl is a disciple from the light. China man, let’s see how are you able to escape this time around.”


Author’s note: Tomorrow shall the start of Japan arc highest peak ~ all of the related questions will start to be to disclosed here~


Chapter 700  [Tyrannical Type]

Yes the peak is coming soon and questions shall be answered

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