MKW Chapter 7

Chapter 7 [Running alongside the bus]


Liu Yi complains causing the people in the bus stop to give him weird look.

“Fanfan you see, that big brother seems to be a madman ah!”

“Wifey, I have met an idiot while waiting for the bus!”

“Woah, today’s blog will have a new update!”

The group of people starts giving all kind of comments.

Liu Yi’s face instantly turns red as he recalls that other people are unable to see the little fox in his right hand.

“All is your fault. Now everyone is treating me like a crazy person!”

Liu Yi hides his face in his collar as he says in anger.

{Why are you blaming this lady for? It is you who is being stupid and does not know how to speak softly!}

The little fox rolls her eyes before saying, “Furthermore cultivating is a big matter, it is a major event that transcends mortal affairs. These mortals do not able to comprehend it so what is important! Wait till you are able to form wings and transform into an immortal, they will envy you to death!”

“If I do not rush to school on time then I would not be able to transform into an immortal…I am afraid that I am going to reach the top of bliss….”

Liu Yi scoops around his empty pocket sullenly.

{Oh? Reach the top of bliss? You want to cultivate Buddhism? That is not possible ah…I am a Fox Immortal, thus I only have the ability to teach you how to cultivate into an immortal ah…you want to cultivate into a Buddha…you need to find….oi, oi why are you running!}

Seeing Liu Yi suddenly chasing away a public bus, Lin Tong cannot help but ask.

“Don’t run? If I don’t run then I will definitely be dead!”

At this moment, Liu Yi feels that his strength is boundless, running alongside the public bus he actually does not feel tired!

Usually, after running for 50 meters, I would be as tired as a dog but today is really weird!

This way in the future I can just run alongside the public bus, I can also save the money to go to the internet cafe to play DOTA…

Right, right, I am really the smartest!

Also, know how to live your life. Liu Yi ah, you are basically the standard for an economic guy ah!

Perhaps in the future, the girls who want to marry you will line up from Shanghai to BeiDou!

Indeed it is only within dreams.

Haiz, thinking of the dream that I had of Ma Yixuan today. Why did that damn aunty walk me up in the middle of it! If it happens again I shall fight it out with you!

Liu Yi shouts in his heart.

At this moment, Liu Yi does not know that he has already attracted the gaze of a lot of people, making then turn around and look back.

The people on the road, passengers on the bus as well as the bus driver is staring at him.

An unremarkable looking youngster is carrying his bag and wearing school uniform is using his two legs and chases after a public bus by running.

What the hell, when were the youngsters nowadays so heaven-defying!

Two legs are actually faster than 4 wheels!

“Quickly look! There is a person racing with the public bus! Damn cool!”

“Stop speaking blindly, perhaps he is an athlete who is training for his running!”

“Who cares about him, anyway this youngster is damn cool! Weibo, Weibo I must go and Weibo it!”

“Idiot who posts on Weibo nowadays! I post on Qiubai!”

Liu Yi does not know that he has become the focal point of the crowd as he concentrates on running so as to not be late. His legs just keep running.

Lin Tong floats beside Liu Yi as she says in heart pain, {Youngster you have used this bit of dem…immortal qi that I have left for you for running!}

{Aiyah! You leave a bit for this miss! Otherwise, how am I supposed to help you open your first star jade!}

[TL: so illogical… since Lin Tong could control him earlier why don’t she just forcefully stop him…]

“What star jade, moon jade! If I do not reach school on time then my life will end!”

Liu Yi shouts as he feels that his blood within his body boiling!

He had never run this way before!

From young to now, Liu Yi has always been a trash in sports.

At most he watches NBA on TV, watches Kobi or Jordan slam dunk and the likes to have his blood racing for a bit!

As for the yearly sports competition and the likes, he is only a passer-by. Holding mineral bottles and banging drums for those cool sportsmen cheers.

Ai, high school sportsmen are very popular ah. It seems like Ma Yixuan is interested in those muscular guys.

Liu Yi personally is thin and weak, as well as lacking exercise. Sports and the likes are really not his forte!

But now his entire body feels fired up!

This feeling is very enjoyable and comfortable! And very manly!

His blood pumps around his body rapidly like a lighter’s flames.

All of the muscles in his body are tensed up, like they are clenched fist, giving Liu Yi a feeling that he currently has a lot of strength and only wishing to run, keep running!

What does this public bus count as! It has passed me!

Liu Yi starts to speed up, like a gust of wind he instantly speeds past the public bus.

At this moment, all of the passenger on the public bus are stunned.

“Xiao Die, isn’t that Liu Yi from our class?!”

By the side of the public bus, window sits two beauties wearing school uniforms.

One of them has a slightly dyed golden hair, a pair of charming large eyes and has some baby fats which completely did not affect her beautiful appearance.

Perhaps it is because of her baby fats that make her breasts larger than other girl students.

An ordinary looking school uniform is being forced up like two little mountains, attracting the peeping of the surrounding guys.

But because she is a student, what she wears is not revealing. Inside is a high collar white T-shirt which did not reveal the deep, deep cleavage making the guys disappointed.

The beauty beside her is also very beautiful. Different from the first girl, her figure is not as good as the large-breast girl, her breasts are only slightly protruding out.

But her facial features are way better than the other girl. Her face is prettier than the beautiful stars on the tv, her expression contains an unhidable nobleness and is completely like a female goddess!

The beauty who was called Xiao Die only sneers and says without any impression, “Who is Liu Yi? I do not know and never heard of them before.”


Chapter 7 [Running alongside the bus]


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