MKW Chapter 698

Chapter 698  [Ultimate Monarch Armour]

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Tokyo is even more flourishing than in Kawasaki City. Liu Yi takes advantage of the dim night and stands by the window of the hotel.

He is wearing a pair of combat boots which makes this much more comfortable and convenient.

Under the hotel, there are cars coming and going. Although it is already night time, this place is still a city that does not have night.

But no one will stare at the 14th floor of the hotel in the middle of the night. Especially since Liu Yi is also wearing black clothing and is hiding in the shadows, he is unremarkable.

{Little Jade help me mark the location of the museum.}

{Understood master! Leave it to Little Jade!}

It is indeed convenient with an AI. Very quickly in Liu Yi’s eyes, the map appears.

On top, the fastest route had already been indicated. A large arrowhead also established in front of Liu Yi pointing the direction.

Liu Yi stands on the balcony and leaps into the sky.

His figure is like an enormous black bat soaring in the night sky crossing over tens of miles before gently landing on the rooftop of another large building.


A 13-years old Ishaki is shouting at his father

Ishaki points at the Batman shuttling across buildings on the tv and shouts, “I definitely must become a superhero, just, just like Batman!”

“You fellow! Only thinking about those superheroes! Those are all nonsense you know?”

His father is holding a report card and looks at the eye-catching numbers on it and becomes unhappy, “Those does not exist! You better study properly for me! I spend money every month to let you study and you actually dare to give me these kinds of results?”

“I do not wish to study!”

Ishaki is very resolute, “I want to be a superhero!”

“Baka! Those do not exist! There are no superheroes, in reality, only office workers!”

His father scolds, “If you do not study properly you can only become a tramp!”

“Not possible! There definitely must be a superhero in this world!”

“Baka! Then find one for me to see! As long as there is a superhero, I will go and drink pee!”

While they are speaking the window suddenly made a sound making the two of them turn they head and look at the window.

Only to see a man wearing black landing on the window. 20 stories high, to him, is like a level ground.

His leg pushes off the window and he leaps up like he is stepping on the window to run upwards!

“My, my gods ah…”

The father covers his mouth and is unable to say anything.

Our house is on the 20th-floor ah! Is that person Spiderman?!

The obedient son is silent for a while before asking, “Father…what flavor pee do you prefer?”


Liu Yi does not know that he had caused a tragedy. Currently, he is rushing all out towards the museum.

The night wind blows by his ears. His speed is very swift as he moves to and from the buildings.

Those who do not know might really think that he is Spiderman!

Finally, he lands on top of a large business building. He crouches on the rooftop as he looks at the enormous museum in front of him.

What surprised Liu Yi is that the museum which ought to be closed and silence is currently brightly lighted up!

In the surrounding of the museum is a number of SDF soldiers carrying arms as they patrol the surrounding.

“What the heck, what is this situation?”

Seeing this scene, he cannot help but curse!

Just a museum only why is there a need to have the SDF guard it?

What is that over there? Bullshit it is actually Japan’s 96 Armored personnel carrier!

What the heck, are you for real!

Could it be that my stealing matters got noticed? That is why Japan sent massive military force to protect here?

Not possible right? The reason why I want to steal the armor is because I suddenly got interested in it and no one knows of it ah!

Liu Yi looks at those SDF and feels that it is getting fisher and fishier.

{Little Jade help me check the latest news in Tokyo which is related to the museum.}

{Yes, master. Please wait, filtering…}

Little Jade starts filtering and soon she displays a few news to Liu Yi.

{What the heck is there a need to be such a coincidence ah!}

Liu Yi takes a look at those news, as he shouts pitting me ah!

So it is because Tokyo and recently invited over an opus of Picasso and is exhibiting in the museum.

This opus is priceless and truly cannot be stolen.

That is why Japan would greatly increase the defensive strength and even dispatch the SDF to guard here.

Especially that God of Sky Armour, it is actually placed in the same exhibition room as the Picasso painting! Isn’t this fucking bullshit!

Forget it, SDF then SDF. Today I am here to take away the God of Sky Armour and no one is able to stop me!

I also easily infiltrated into the US army base and escaped what does the SDF count as!

Think about this, Liu Yi does not care anymore and directly springs forward and drop from the sky.

He whooshes as he descends while the SDF who were guarding strictly had already seen him.

“Someone is getting close!”

“Enemy attack!”

In the middle of the night a guy dressed up as a special agent is descending from the sky, if it is not an enemy attack then are they watching a movie?

The SDF immediately becomes alerted as they aim their guns at Liu YI.

“Immediately leave this place! Otherwise, we will start shooting!”

In the beginning, the SDF is still warning.

But Liu Yi did not stop descending. If I am unable to obtain the God of Sky Armour today, I will not let this matter drop!

“Damn it! It is an enemy, kill him!”

Seeing that Liu Yi does not have any intention of stopping, the person-in-charge immediately gives the command to kill!

Instantly a sea of bullets shoots towards Liu Yi!

Liu Yi did not take out Monarch Armour as it would easily reveal his identity.

He relies on his dark power and gathers out a black battle armor which completely imitates Iron Man’s appearance covering his entire body!

The bullet lands on his armor but is unable to injure him at all!


He lands on the ground and creating a hole instantly!

The surrounding SDF soldiers were also sent flying away falling in the surrounding.

“This fellow is actually wearing armor!”

“Heavy machine guns, fire!”

The SDF squadron reacts very quickly and soon two infantry vehicles drove over and on them is mounted with M2 heavy machine gun which aims at Liu Yi and starts shooting.

The bullets are even more closely packed and brutal!

These heavy machine guns are able to turn a building into ruins! But to Liu Yi who is completely covered by the armor, it is like he is standing within ordinary rain!

The golden bullets hit his body only to create sparks.

“What is this fellow’s armor made of, how is it so powerful!”

“Change into 40mm grenade launcher!”

The SDF starts to be busy again as another armored car drove over and on it is the 40mm grenade launcher. It aims at Liu Yi before shooting out grenades.

These grenades are very mighty. An ordinary car would be blasted into fragments!

While Liu Yi stands within the grenades and got blasted countless of times but is still fine like it is not an explosive shockwave but a spring breeze!

Another grenade lands in front of Liu Yi and this time round Liu Yi finally moves. He raises his leg and kicks that grenade like he is kicking a soccer ball.


The grenade knocks against an armored car, it bounces before falling into the armored car from the roof.


The armored is instantly swallowed up by flames before the car body trembles and become silent. Black smoke starts emitting from inside.

It is very clear that inside had already been blasted into slags!

“Where did this fellow emerge from! So scary!”

The crowd was so badly frightened that they nearly peed in their pants. While Liu Yi does not care about them as he gathers flames in his hand into the shape of a ball before throwing it at the wall above his head.


An enormous hole instantly got blasted out of the wall and Liu Yi flies in.

“He entered!”

“Damn it, he definitely must be going after that famous painting!”

The SDF nearly went mad. If that famous painting went missing, their relationship with US will definitely become strained!

This cannot do ah! Because they are waiting for US to assist them with a batch of arms ah!

The higher-ups had given the command. Disregard the cost to protect that art piece!

The person in charge decisively gave the command, “Dispatch the Yamato Unit!”

Liu Yi enters the museum’s 3rd floor. And that priceless Picasso painting is hanging by the side.

Although this thing is worth a lot, it is a pity that Liu Yi does not know how to appreciate.

To cultivators, these things are fleeting. No matter how beautiful gold and money are, they are unable to be brought into the grave. Strength is the thing that they are pursuing.

Liu Yi withdraws his gaze which then lands on the God of Sky Armour.

The God of Sky Armour which is somewhat moss green in color is displayed over there. As Liu Yi gets closer, the aura of the other four armor spreads out causing the God of Sky Armour in front to start shuddering faintly. Finally, it stands up with a thunderous sound and smashes the glass around it before walking over towards Liu Yi.

Among the five sets of armor, only this God of Sky Armour does not have any weapon. Because the main strength of God of Sky Armour is healing. Thus it does not have any fighting strength.

Liu Yi originally thought that God of Sky Armour will fight against him but unexpectedly it walks in front of him before kneeling down.

At this moment, the soul within it is also slowly dissipating.

“It actually ascended?”

Liu Yi is slightly shocked, “Looks like, among the 5 demon armors, your awareness is the highest.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and touches God of Sky Armour.

Instantly God of Sky Armour transforms into a few rays of green light and enters his body, fusing together with him.

The Monarch Armour starts to gradually assimilate God of Sky Armour’s ability. God of Sky Armour is able to absorb the element in the air and uses it to cure it’s owner. It is also able to restore the armor when it got damaged! It is the best supporting armor!

This also allows Monarch Armour to benefit from it and is good in preserving the Monarch Amours long usage capability!

The five armors allow Monarch Armour to strength by quite a bit. Among which the God of Fire Armour strengthens Monarch Armour’s attacking capability; God of Water Armour allows Monarch Armour to be able to absorb a portion of the damage; God of War Armour allows Monarch Armour to have some reflective effect; God of Earth Armour allows Monarch Armour to maintain an invincible position on ground and now with God of Sky Armour…

Damn, Monarch Armour finally evolved into godly equipment!

Just as Liu Yi is slightly delighted, from outside comes a loud shout, “It is you? The fellow who wishes to steal?”


Chapter 698  [Ultimate Monarch Armour]

Great power-up…just what he needed

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