MKW Chapter 696

Chapter 696  [Are you a man or not]

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“Aren’t you here to discuss with me about the matters regarding Yunsen Oishi?”

Liu Yi looks at the bottle of whiskey in Choshunior Susukino’s hand and asks, “Then why are you holding a bottle of alcohol?”

“Don’t you china people have this kind of culture?”

Choshunior Susukino holds the whiskey with one hand while holding two exquisite tall winecups with the other hand. She waves them in front of Liu Yi and says, “Like to discuss matters while drinking?”

“This is referring to the northern people okay?”

Liu Yi emphasizes, “Furthermore, I do not like to drink!”

As for drinking this kind of matters, Liu Yi will only do it when he is using Wine Sword Technique.

After all, when his body was a demon body, the bad impression that wine gave him was simply too deep!

Thus, if it is possible not to drink, he would not drink. This is Liu Yi’s principles!

“How can a guy not drink!”

Choshunior Susukino had already walked in and placed the wine cups on the table. “Wouldn’t there be a bit of feeling when drinking wine?”

“What feeling?”

“The feeling of discussing business ah.” laughs Choshunior Susukino when she heard Liu Yi’s question, “Otherwise what kind of feeling do you think that it should be?”


Liu Yi clenches his teeth, this woman is really a demoness!

Not only did she scatter my and Yuzheng’s two-person world, but she also teases me!

Damn it!

Liu Yi takes a look at the wardrobe before sitting down and asks, “Say it then, what do you want to discuss with me? Is there news about Yunsen Oishi?”

“Aiyah, you have no tone and mood ah.”

Choshunior Susukino gives Liu Yi a charming glance, “Who immediately goes straight to the subject the moment we sit down. At the very least need to flirt a bit?”

“Flirt your sister! Do we need to flirt?!”

“Need ah, of course, need.”

Choshunior Susukino earnestly nods her head, “Who said discussing business does not need to flirt first? I feel that if everyone flirts first before discussing proper business, the effect will definitely be better.”

“Better your sister! Where did come up with this preposterous argument!”

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and says in anger, “Did you obtain any news regarding Yunsen Oishi or not! Hurry and tell me!”

“That is why you do not attract people’s attraction.”

Choshunior Susukino gives Liu Yi a glance filled with hidden bitterness. “As for the matter regarding Yunsen Oishi ah, it is…”

Speaking halfway Choshunior Susukino suddenly stretches, “Aiyah, I am really tired today after all of the social niceties. This qipao is also very tight….”

She stretches her hand to her back and pulls open the qipao from the side before standing up, causing the entire qipao to fall onto the ground.

Choshunior Susukino is wearing purple playing lingerie inside which makes her looks even more enticing!

“What, what are you doing?!”

Seeing her actually taking off her clothing, Liu Yi instantly starts panicking.

Bullshit, so be it if you take it off usually! But right now Wang Yuzheng is inside my wardrobe ah!

There seems to be a small hole which allows someone inside to see the outside situation clearly!


“Are you nuts?!”

Choshunior Susukino rolls her eyes, “What is there that we had not seen about each other?”

“Oi, oi, oi, can you not say it so ambiguously?”

Liu Yi immediately emphasizes, “There is nothing going on between the two of us okay?!”

“Guys really are creatures who do not take responsibility.”

Choshunior Susukino snorts, “Between you and me, what should be seen has been seen right? What is there to avoid, not to mention I still have not stripped naked!”

“Fine, fine, fine, you are impressive, strong. A single sentence is able to ** right?”

Liu Yi can be considered as thoroughly losing to this woman already, her coolness exploded the heavens!

“What nonsense are you saying?”

As a Japanese, Choshunior Susukino had never heard before the slangs in China thus she was bewildered by what Liu Yi said.

“Nothing much. Since you have stripped, can we talk about the proper matters now?”

Right now Liu Yi only wishes to send Choshunior Susukino away before continues to roll in bed with Wang Yuzheng.

But Choshunior Susukino does not seem to be in a hurry, instead, she sits in front of the table and opens the whiskey cap, “Why is there a need to be so anxious. It is not like I will run away right? Today’s night is very good, we can have a slow chat ah.”

Slowly chat your head, my girlfriend cannot wait that long! You think this is leader meeting, is it? Wrangling without end?

Liu Yi pretends and yawns before saying, “Sorry, I am a bit tired, if you have anything to say hurry up and say it.”

“This way ah, come, drink some whiskey to wake up.”

As Choshunior Susukino speaks, she pours out some whiskey into the two cups.

Liu Yi truly does not like this kind of whiskey. The alcohol content is high, furthermore, it is super unpleasant to drink!

Unexpectedly Choshunior Susukino would actually bring this kind of drink for him, her goals are not pure ah!

Damn it, drink then drink. After all, I do possess Wine Sword Technique, that I am most not afraid of is drinking!

But isn’t this reasoning for drinking a bit weird?

“Drinking can raise the spirits? Where did you hear this from ah?”

“Who cares, lets us have a toast first for our cooperation.”

As Choshunior Susukino speaks, she raises one of the winecups and passes the other to Liu Yi, “After you accompany and drink until I am happy then I will tell you.”

“This is what you say, don’t regret.”

Liu Yi takes the winecup before instantly draining it with a gulp.

This whiskey is very pungent, it is very uncomfortable to drink it down. Luckily Liu Yi is currently immune to alcohol. Within his body, Wine Sword Technique activates and cleansed this body and blood of the alcohol.

After a person drinks too much, the alcohol will start to have some effect and at that time, the feeling will really be unbearable.

Stomach suffering pain, the head also painful, until you can’t control your own thinking.

Don’t how about other people but Liu Yi does not like this kind of feeling.

“Oi, you actually drained it instantly?”

A trace of craftiness flashes across Choshunior Susukino’s eyes, “How can you drink whiskey like this, really ah.”

She stands up and went to the small icebox in the side room and takes out a bottle of iced black tea that was prepared by the hotel. After which she pours it into her winecup and mixed with the whiskey.

Liu Yi nearly sprays out his drink, “What the, are you acting dumb?”

“How am I ah, I still had not clarified and you had already drank it down. You cannot blame me ah.”

Choshunior Susukino smile in delight like she had gotten away with her plan.

“So what, do you think that you are able to make me drunk this way?”

Liu Yi pats his chest and says, “You are looking down on me!”

“How am I looking down. Then let us see who will faint first then.”

Choshunior Susukino smiles merrily as she drains the mixer she had made before starting to pour more alcohol for the two of them. She did not forget to say, “If I really got drunk, you can do whatever you please ah…”

“What the, I would rather go out ***!”

Liu Yi’s words are slightly malicious because he is really angered in his heart.

“Liu Dabo!”

Hearing what he said, Choshunior Susukino finally is unable to stand it and slaps the table as she stands up, “Don’t be too much!”

Her figure is really good, her breasts are around the size of an infant’s head, furthermore, her waist is also rather slender and long which is really hard to come by.

As she stands there, with her 8-head figure, she is as sexy as you want her to be.

[TL: no idea what is the proper term in english so I directly translate it. 8-head figure means her height is 9 times the height of her head]

If it is normal guys, they would have leaped forward and done the deed already.

But Liu Yi endures it as he feels like he is definitely a Liu Xiahui.

[TL: basically means a saint]

“No matter how I am, I am not those that…..can be compared to! In your heart just how lowly are you seeing me?!”

“Nothing, actually you are rather good, just that you are not my type.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he shrugs his shoulders, “The transaction between us does not involve other things.”

“Liu Dabo you don’t think that you are that great.”

Choshunior Susukino clenches her teeth, “Really think that you are high in demand! Let me tell you if it was not because…”

“Because of what?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow and glance at Choshunior Susukino.

“Because….because you are very handsome, then I would not fawn over you like this!”

Choshunior Susukino nearly let it slip but luckily her reaction is very quick and immediately changes her tune.

“Do you think that I would believe this reason of yours?”

Liu Yi feels that when he says this it is a bit strange…why do I not believe that I am handsome!

Oh, it definitely must be because I am too low-profile, too self modest already. Really is a beautiful moral character ah.

Liu Yi comforts himself a bit but Choshunior Susukino says, “Actually I have a heavy taste. Although you look a bit…weirder than other people, but in my eyes, you are really handsome.”

“Your sister ah! You look weird!”

“Anyways you humiliated me, this matter will is not finished!”

Choshunior Susukino changes the topic, “To actually say that I am inferior to a pro….prostitute! Liu Dabo you are too much! How is your current manner a cooperation attitude?!”

“Then is your mannerly cooperation attitude?”

Liu Yi grins, “No matter how I see, it is like conspiring ah.”

“Hmph, I like to drink could it be that I can not drink?!”

Choshunior Susukino snorts, “Could it be that liking to drink is considered conspiring? Doesn’t your father like to drink?”

“Fine, fine, fine, I apologize okay!”

With his own father being brought out, Liu Yi does not wish to implicate his innocent father thus he sacrifices himself a bit.

“Let us discuss the proper matter. What do you wish to say?”

Now Choshunior Susukino plays punk as she crosses her arms and snorts, “Hmph, I came over to find you at night, help you, but you actually give me attitude, right now I do not wish to say anymore.”

“Don’t ah, Miss C, I already apologized what else do you want ah?”

“That is called an apology? No sincerity at all!”

“Then what is call sincerity? Need me to take off my pants?”

“Beat it! I had never lusted after your beauty…ah wrong, why does it sound so inappropriate when saying it…anyways to me I don’t find you attractive at all. Including the thing in your crotch do you understand?”

To turn the tables, Choshunior Susukino goes against her conscience and tells a lie.

The thing in his crotch does make me tempted…I had never tried before such a large fellow.

“Fine then, then what do you wish to do?”

“Drink the entire bottle. If you are a man then drink up!”

Choshunior Susukino pushes the entire whiskey bottle in front of Liu Yi making him swallow his saliva. Bullshit an entire whiskey bottle ah! Are you drinking me to death?

“How is it, do you dare to?”


Chapter 696  [Are you a man or not!]

Lols poor Liu Yi

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  1. The guy can drink while underage, confront the authority, kill, dual cultivate and become the head of a paramilitary crime syndicate, but you better not show any word too “strong”, or else (I’m sick of all those **s).


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